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-- The First Amendment
(Part of the U.S. Bill of Rights -- Collect the whole set!)

How to get Free Food from Taco Bell

on 20 Mar 2021  Posted by kingoffrogs  Category: Food  Comments: 0
( I don't condone the use of these methods, this is for education purposes to expose several flaws in the fast-food industry that are prevalent not only in my location, but at other locations and other chains.)

Kind of funny, I'm typing this while getting ready to go work at Taco Bell.

Ok, here I'm gonna talk about how to get free shit from taco bell, some of these might apply to other fast-food places, but others might not. I know all of these methods from working there, and, at least at my location, they all work.
NOTE: pulling ANY of these tricks during rush hour (when the restaurant is busiest.) will greatly heighten your chance of success. for taco bell, rush hours are usually 5-8 pm and 12-3 pm, it can vary, however.


1: Counterfeit Caper

For our coupons, employees don't scan them or anything, we just rip them and put them in our drop-box. you can either snag some coupons and run (they'll probably be behind the register.) and then go to another location and use them, or you can make your own,
NOTE: for our coupons we use a special paper right now, not sure if it changes, but if you can snag a stack of these, you can go to another location and use coupons for 15$ of free food!
NOTE 2: Don't use more than 10 at once, it will make you look suspicious.

2: Ring-Ding-Ding!

Ok, this is easily the 2nd most reliable method, as it doesn't involve face-to-face interaction for the tricky parts. All you have to do is call-in to the restaurant and say that you had hair in your food or something along those lines (Don't call in saying that they missed something, sometimes they remember the food they make really well ngl.) The person on the phone will probably tell you that they are "sorry" and that you can get you're order redone or something like that. they will tell you their name and that when you come back to let the order-taker know that you spoke to (Employee's name). they will just tell you to pull around to the window, and presto! free food!
NOTE: Try to sound disgusted and disappointed
NOTE 2:don't directly ask for coupons or a remake or anything, their response will be to tell you how they will make up for their, "mistake".

3: The "Oops" method

Ok, for this method, all you need is an empty taco bell bag (get a 1$ item idk.) after you get the bag, wait a minute or 2 and then go back into the restaurant. walk up to the counter CONFIDENTLY and look the cashier straight in the eyes. tell them that you are missing an article of food, whether it be a cheese roll or a crunch wrap. they will probably make it for you.
NOTE: if they ask to see the receipt, bolt.
NOTE 2: if you walk in with a receipt for the food you just ordered, you can bluff with it. sometimes, the cashier won't even bother to read the receipt to see if you actually ordered the food you claim to be missing, they just assume that you are telling the truth and that the receipt is proof.
NOTE 3: you can order something, take it outside, plant a hair in it, and take it back in complaining that there was hair in your food. bam. this is much easier, but sometimes managers won't give.

4: Get the fuck out of my drive-thru!

This will vary depending on location and who's working, but what I am going to say next is the foundation for alot of these methods: THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU SPEND IN THE DRIVE-THRU IS TIMED. THE SHORTER THE AVERAGE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO GET SOMEONE OUT OF THE DRIVE-THRU, THE MORE MONEY THE MANAGERS GET.
For this method, you only need yourself (in a car works better.) come through the drive-through and only order a fountain drink(NOT A COFFEE NOT A FREEZIE NOT FOOD ONLY A SINGULAR FOUNTAIN DRINK.) they will probably tell you to pull around, and, if they need their average time to go down, they will give you it for free. This helps both parties, you get a free drink, and they get their Average car time at a lower number!
NOTE: the best chance you have for this to work is during rush hour.
NOTE: This can work if you are ordering inside, too. They'd have to be really busy though.

5: Dumpster Diving.
You won't find much doing this, unless you get in the dumpsters when they close, so probably around 1-3 AM. even then, what you get will be old or mushed in garbage bags.

Alright. laddies, i leave for work in 5, so Ill see you next time! :evil:

TN Explosion

on 26 Dec 2020  Posted by Helladamnleet  Category: Fashion  Comments: 0
The computerized voice coming from the parked white motor home loudly asked people to evacuate and warned that the vehicle would explode in minutes.

Then at 6:30 a.m. local time, it did just that.
The RV's explosion in downtown Nashville early Friday morning left at least three people injured, set several other vehicles on fire, destroyed a number of buildings on the block and knocked out wireless service in much of the region.
The how and why of the explosion remain a mystery on Saturday, but officials said they are confident the explosion was "intentional." Still, the Christmas date, the early morning timing and the unusual warnings broadcast on loudspeaker prior to the explosion indicate that this was no attempt at mass murder.
"It was clearly done when nobody was going to be around," Nashville Mayor John Cooper said Friday.
No bystanders died from the blast. However, investigators found tissue that they believe could be human remains near the site of the explosion, Metro Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake said.
The blast tore into at least 41 businesses on 2nd Avenue in Nashville, a street full of historic buildings. Concerned about the structural integrity of the affected buildings, the city cordoned the area off and won't allow anyone in until Sunday afternoon.
"It will be some time before 2nd Ave is back to normal," Cooper said.

Several local residents told CNN they woke to the sound of gunfire early Friday morning. Police said they were called to the location after a report of shots fired around 5:30 a.m.
Once on scene, police found a white RV parked in front of an AT&T transmission building at 166 2nd Avenue North. The RV was repeatedly broadcasting a message warning of an explosion set to occur in 15 minutes, police said.
"This vehicle will explode in 15 minutes," the voice said, according to Betsy Williams, who was staying at an apartment on 2nd Avenue. After repeating that message for a minute, the voice then said the vehicle will explode in 14 minutes, and continued counting down from there.

Six uniformed police officers who heard the message, immediately began knocking on doors and evacuating residents. Mayor Cooper praised them as heroes and said their swift action saved lives.
As the countdown grew closer to its end, the message from the RV changed, according to surveillance video taken from a building across the street.
"If you can hear this message, evacuate now," the voice said at about 6:30 a.m. "If you can hear this message, evacuate now."
The vehicle then exploded in a bright flash of light.
Three civilians were hospitalized and are in stable condition, officials said. The force of the explosion knocked down one officer, police spokesman Don Aaron said, and caused hearing loss in another. But no officers suffered serious injuries.
Officials have no information about whether anyone was inside the RV when it exploded. Police also tweeted a photo of the RV as it was driven into the area at 1:22 a.m. Friday.

Williams, the eyewitness, told CNN she was in her car with her family when the RV exploded into a fireball.
"Everything just, I mean, everything shook. It was quite the blast," she told CNN's Anderson Cooper.
'This vehicle will explode in 15 minutes.' Witnesses describe surviving the Nashville explosion
'This vehicle will explode in 15 minutes.' Witnesses describe surviving the Nashville explosion
Three cars were set afire. Trees were down. Bricks and glass were everywhere. Another resident said the scene of destruction was like an apocalyptic movie.
AT&T spokesman Jim Greer told CNN that the company's network hub in the city was damaged in the explosion and service in the Nashville area was affected. AT&T is the parent company of CNN.
The street is on the edge of Nashville's hospitality and tourist district in a historic part of town.
Technical experts from the FBI lab and evidence response teams have been brought in from around the country to "help process this massive crime scene," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt Foster.
ATF Special Agent in Charge Mickey French said his agency had activated its national response teams and was working alongside the FBI and Nashville police. The agency has explosive specialists, chemists and engineers involved in the evidence recovery process.

Merry Christmas

on 25 Dec 2020  Posted by Helladamnleet  Category: Fashion  Comments: 0
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from everyone at New Totse.

YouTube Preventing Adblocking Software

on 07 Sep 2020  Posted by Helladamnleet  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Recently users have been reporting ads appearing on YouTube videos despite the use of adblocking softwares. In addition to these ads being visible, they are also unable to be skipped, and in some cased the videos are unable to be watched at all.

Personally I feel like this could be the final nail in their coffin, or at least the beginning of the end.
[Submitted by Helladamnleet]

Retroarch "down"

on 16 Aug 2020  Posted by Helladamnleet  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

More details here: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/hacker-vandalised-our-buildbot-and-github-organization/

The short version is that the file hosts for all the core updates & the netplay servers are down thanks to some hackers. Helluva time to have a hankering for new cores :/

R.I.P Grant Imahara

on 20 Jul 2020  Posted by Helladamnleet  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Imahara died on July 13, 2020, at the age of 49 after suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm . He shall be truly missed by many.

Grant Imahara By Gage Skidmore

Jailhouse Burrito

on 14 Jun 2020  Posted by Helladamnleet  Category: Food  Comments: 0

Jailhouse Burritos are a staple in any half-decent jail, because they are easy to make with simple to find ingredients. All you need is a Ramen noodle for a base, and your favorite chip.

Crush up the ramen and your chip of choice. It's important that if you are in jail to not puncture the chip bag, as you'll need it to make the burrito. Most people use cheetos because they swell. Add just enough hot water to stir everything up. Wrap it in a towel, let it set for as long as you can stand to wait, and enjoy. You'll know it's done when it's compressed like the contents of a burrito, hence the name.

Revision 1: Make sure you add 1 noodle per chip used, or the chips will overpower the noodle and make it taste like garbage.

Things I've done that have worked:
- Instant coffee packets will make it spicy
- Cheetos
- Corn chips
- Sour cream and onion chips
- Cheddar chips (they take on a real good sour cream taste

Amateur Taxidermy

on 22 May 2020  Posted by e107  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Ever think to yourself, man I wish I had a skeleton without all that pesky meat on it. Well now you can! Introducing the Dermestid. You've probably seen these little flesh eating beetles around and never given them much thought. And why would you? They don't bother anyone, they don't eat living or wet meat, and are generally harmless. They can do some damage to leather and carpet if they are left unchecked. These little buggers are use by museums and taxidermists to efficiently clean the meat off a skeleton. This skeleton can be anything, human or animal. Some people think bleaching the bones is a good idea and while that creates white bones, it also makes them brittle. Some people like to boil the meat off the bones and while that works, it often creates yellow bones that aren't pleasing to look at.

What you want to do is get a Dermestid colony and set them up. There are charts to see what size colony you need for the size of skeletons you want to clean and how long it will take. A skull for example.

Requires you to remove all the heavy meats such as the tongue, eyes, and brain. Then you have to let the meat dry for a time to get a nice jerky consistency. You can do this artificially with drying rooms or you can just leave it in a warm, dry place. Be warned though, you will attract flies and that's not the kind of crowd you want doing your taxidermy work. After the meat is dry, you just toss it in the colony making sure you don't crush any of your workers. They will go to town on it and within a few days, depending on the size of the object, it will be clean. After that you clean any bits that the bugs didn't and dunk it in peroxide. Leave it there for a few days and it will whiten the skull without making it brittle.

The bigger the carcass, the more bugs you need. The bugs themselves need a few small bones here and there to live in along with some sort of substrate type material. Your best bet is to do this outside away from your home and to lock it down tight. The smell of dead animals will attract all sorts of scavengers to your box.

Side note:

You can feed a lot of chickens cheaply with maggots. Take a bucket and drill a bunch of holes in it and then fill it up with rotten animals. Flies get in and lay eggs and maggots are born. Then dump the maggots out for the chickens.

By Das Troll

2000-2005 Buick Lesabre Window Regulator Repair

on 17 May 2020  Posted by e107  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Just had to put on of these in because the wire came out of mine and broke a bunch of shit. It's really not hard either you just:

  • Remove plastic trim behind door handle, and light in door
  • Remove two screws hidden behind previously mentioned trim
  • Pull the door panel off CAREFULLY as the door tweeters have to be removed separately
  • If driver's door remove door module (10mm socket)
  • Remove plastic sheeting
  • IDEALLY you'll be able to have the glass all the way up to remove the retaining clip bolts (10mm socket)
  • Carefully remove glass
  • Unbolt regulator (10mm socket)
  • Swap window motor onto new regulator (10mm socket)
  • Assemble in reverse order

It's a lot of steps, but they're easy steps other than removing the glass from the regulator if it's already stuck. Otherwise worst case is you might have to just cut the regulator wires so the glass can slide freely. I opted not to because I was hoping to be able to repair the existing regulator.

CO2 shortage threatens soft drink industry

on 16 May 2020  Posted by e107  Category: Food  Comments: 0

Original Article on Forbes

Draft beer relies on carbonation, as does anything with bubbles in a can.
Draft beer relies on carbonation, as does anything with bubbles in a can. GETTY
Soft drink and beer makers are scrambling for access to CO2, a key ingredient in the carbonization used to make their products after coronavirus shutdowns have closed off their access to the chemical.

“The supply is rapidly deteriorating,” says Geoff Cooper, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, which represents the ethanol industry. “Absent of some intervention to keep these facilities running, it will further deteriorate. We’re on the verge of something fairly disruptive. It’s going to be hard to come by.”

A coalition of associations from beer and meat packers, which use it for slaughter and refrigeration, sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence on April 7, 2020, expressing “strong concern” about the shortage and asking for government intervention as ethanol plants were forced to close in droves due to the coronavirus crisis. CO2 production at ethanol plants, which produce carbon dioxide as a byproduct from fuel production, was down about 20% at the time.

Production is now down 30%. In the past two weeks suppliers have started breaking contracts and preparing for shortages as five more ethanol plants have either closed or significantly reduced output. Of the 45 U.S. ethanol plants that sell carbon dioxide, 34 are closed, while other sources from ammonia plants and oil refineries are also declining due to the crisis.

A serious crisis will hit in May without government help, says Rich Gottwald, the CEO of the Compressed Gas Association. Within the next four weeks, he expects production to reach a more than 70% shortfall. “It continues to get worse,” Gottwald says, who adds that he is hopeful after recent discussions with the federal government. “There will be shortages. The entire food industry understands the challenge now. Everything is so interconnected.”

The bigger companies will fare better but it has independent producers like Darin Ezra scrambling. The CEO of manufacturer Power Brands has spent 15 years consulting on formulations and ingredient sourcing used for new launches at companies including Pepsi, Starbucks SBUX and Gatorade. For the past few weeks, his time has been spent securing CO2, normally an abundant commodity, from new sources and even overseas markets.

“The main ingredient for most beverages in America is in very bad shape,” says Ezra. “I told my plant managers to fill out every single tank that they can find and try to find new sources because we expect it to go from bad to maybe a serious problem.”

If it gets worse, he says “that means that a lot of carbonated soft drinks will simply not be produced.”

Beer, spiked seltzer and other alcoholic drinks all require CO2.
Beer, spiked seltzer and other alcoholic drinks all require CO2. AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Which means the shortage will threaten some of the hottest parts of the $28 billion carbonated drinks market—including sparkling water and hard seltzers, which have surged in recent years amid a popularity boom. Spindrift and White Claw declined to comment over whether they are planning for a shortage or if production will be impacted in the future. La Croix, owned by a publicly traded company, sources from a number of national suppliers and says it does not anticipate a supply issue.

The beer industry uses 14% of the CO2 produced in the country. Bob Pease, Brewers Association CEO, says they first started worrying about the shortage earlier this month, when a member notified the organization that its CO2 supplier had suddenly broken the contract and would only be able to deliver half of the expected order. Prices went up 25% after that. Now that deal is the norm for most craft brewers, Pease says.

“That certainly got our attention. No CO2, no beer, bottom line,” adds Pease. “This is an issue that has come up really quickly on us. It is the last thing my members need, with the collapse of the hospitality industry.”

Big producers can often recapture some of the CO2 they use with pricey machinery, but 99% of craft brewers don’t have those capabilities, while most independent beverage brands rely on contract manufacturers that are also without the means of a Pepsi or Coca-Cola KO. Because of that, small food and beverage businesses will likely be hit hardest.

Lifeaid Beverage CEO Orion Melehan says he first asked his contract manufacturer earlier this month to find out if they thought it would be a problem for his line of functional drinks, all carbonated. In fact, the factory had decided to breach its exclusive contract with its longtime carbon dioxide supplier to get into business with a back-up. He adds that some industry experts expect there to be “some rationing for brands at our scale and emerging brands.”

“It would have catastrophic implications,” says Melehan, who cofounded Lifeaid in 2011. “There’s already a can shortage that’s been with us for 18 months. Just as we thought we were coming out of that, the CO2 shortage hits us out of left field. We’re dodging so many balls.”
[Submitted by Sysop]

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