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Russian Dispora through South East Asia

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  • Russian Dispora through South East Asia

    Hey Everyone,

    Long time follower, but I wanted to post about this. I don't care where politically you are about the russian war/ukraine war or whatnot, one thing that is interesting is that much of the young population is fleeing the country and taking refuge through South East Asia.

    I've travelled and live through all the cliche places, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc - and between, the not so popular ones like Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, etc.

    What's really interesting is the population has now drifted, there was always a cliche per country.

    Indonesia - Australians and French, mostly in Bali but you could go to many different islands or just hang around Java and find them. Jakarta is the business capital/capital but for the far flung places of Kalimantan to Manado and Timor you could find Aussies. Bogan Aussies but, Not anymore, it's Russians. Many of them under 30, young, avoiding conscription and really stupid. They're great for business and to make money, they don't like to Learn English or such - and they always think less of the locals. It's really funny, they lack the 6th sense, that maybe they should be friends to locals in a country which they don't belong in.

    Philippines - Americans, usually fuck ups from USA. Not so many, because it's so English dependent or because it costs $2000 or so round trip for economy tickets to Manila (from EU/USA), and they can't even keep the airport operational 24/7 - but now russian influence is kicking in. The russians in Manila are of a different breed than Indonesia. Smarter, more crafty and more into smuggling, it was fun to discover. The ones in Indo just try to run illegal business, or prostitution but I haven't heard much of drug use or such, but in Manila, it's mostly drug and import/export.

    Thailand - Pattaya is now little moscow, if Bali is big moscow. They're buying the place, overpaying 20-50% for shit built condos that rent for $300-400/month in the red light area, but to be fair all of Pattaya is a red light area. The money laundering, is probably easier here then Manila or Indonesia if you don't have friends, because bars, girl bars and such are easy to operate. The biggest clubs now in Pattaya are litereally russian sounding, with one called Moscow. Fucking Moscow. The thai police shut them down ,and then a week later their back in business. Each raid always discovers condoms, little bags for drug powders and more.

    It's fucking crazy time, never has partying and such been so bold lately in SEALAND. Bali is pretty conservative but even the drug scene is being fueled by russians pretty well, though I would have to say the drug laws in Indonesia are no joke as compared to Thailand/Philippines - but all three are open to negoations if the worse were to happen. It's really cute how it happens and it depends how you act. If you are nice and calm ,then the ride down becomes one where the police officer asks if you're hungry or want to stop at a restaraunt/mcdonalds, you say sure and then that's how the deal happens - some say the first offer is cheapest, some say the last offer right before the station is cheapest. It just depends how serious it is and what happens - but for some odd reason it's the same in all three countries, but take it from word of a friend of a friend, since I never had that pleasure yet.

    That's it - I don't know, I thought it'd be a fun post. I have nothing against russians or ukranians. I don't even know what the fuck they're fighting about, or care. I just think most east europeans are kinda dicks, but they do pay 3-5x market rate because they simply just don't pick up the local languages or make local friends. So if there's a lesson here, it's to always make local friends and don't be a dick.

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    I'm not a fan of Russians in general. Their entire history is filled with being some of the most hearty and tough people on the planet but also being some of the most disgustingly weak and subservient as well. It's like they're just waiting for a strong leader to step forward so they can die in the worst way for them.


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      This was a good post and I'm glad you made it.
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