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Jump to navigation Jump to search is the currently most populated offshoot of Zoklet, and ran by Lanny. So far it has outlived all of it's predecessors, and has had a fairly decent uptime. The only big downfall is no SEO, and no plans on Lanny's part to expand in any way beyond the BBS.

Date Hotel[edit]

At some point NiS managed to capture the members from the failing Date Hotel, giving the community the biggest boost in fresh meat since Zoklet was online.

User Base[edit]

NiS managed to catch almost exclusively dicks, drunks, and drug addicts who manage to all think they are better than everyone else, all while making fun of the handful of members that have more going for them (IE: Fonaplats).

None of them seem particularly knowledgeable about any subject, and will often times continue to feign ignorance long after being proven wrong.

They will often time latch on to one member and "troll" them until they eventually leave, then wonder why there's only 20% as many members as a year ago.