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So You're Going to Create a New Thread...

by -@OsiriS@-


In my many years here at Totse I've seen a plethora of threads, and through the years there has been a growing trend. Many, Many bad threads, horrible, inconceivable threads that should only be read in the depths of hell. When I first arrived in '00, the threads were still intelligent and understandable with the exception of some of Nihilistic's work; even then, in some weird way it made sense. And so here are some guidelines, which newbs and regs alike should follow if they want a clear, concise thread that will be read.


In a new thread there are many factors that can greatly affect the response you receive, and the clarity in which the topic in the thread is presented.

Generic Thread


The clarity and briefness of the thread title is essential. The title should clearly summarize what you're talking about, while not giving away your view on the topic at hand to leave some curiosity. For example the title "p3nguinz ar3 teh sux0Rz" presents your topic, but gives your take or spin on it which may lead some not to further view the thread. The poor word structure of the title may lead some to believe that you are a Newb and are not capable of any intelligent thought, therefore leading them not to click. "Penguins are really gay, and they should all die, because they came in my yard yesterday and shat all over it." This title, while well written, is extremely long and presents almost your whole topic in the title leading some to believe they have already read the jest of the thread and not read any further. A title according to my guidelines will maximize the amounts of views you get. For example: "Penguins: Good or Evil?" is quite a suitable topic title. The title clearly presents what the topic will be about, but leaves an amount of mystery as to what your view on them will be. It also succeeds in giving the reader the idea that he also may contribute to this discussion by posting his viewpoint, which would lead him to view the topic.

Body Structure

The structure of the body of your argument should essentially be as follows: a clear and concise thesis statement declaring the topic that you are about to write about and your point of view on it. Then for believability you should add some factual statements, quotes from well-known figures and sources of your information


The conclusion should be a wrap-up of the topic, by restating your opinion and leaving an open-ended question or challenge for those who care to respond.

Different types of threads

Of course there is not only one type of thread, they often range from threads that are covering news stories, reviews of games, movies, or weapons, and question and answer threads.

News Stories

With threads of this nature you should start out with a brief summary of the story and then your opinion of the matter. After that you should post the complete story with the hyperlink of the source right after the story. After that you can either offer a question that arose from the story or leave it open for discussion.


Reviews will vary depending on what you're reviewing.

Movie Reviews

As for movie reviews, it is usually best to start out with your opinion of the movie. Then describe why the movie was either good or bad without giving away any spoilers. And if spoilers come into the post, be kind and post a warning before you start. After you're finished with the spoiler and go back to your opinion, it is generally polite to put "End Spoiler" so people will know when they can go back to reading. At the end of the post you can ask whether anyone else has viewed the movie and cares to comment on it.

Game Reviews

Game reviews are a bit different, but not much. With a review of a certain game you should post the accurate title and developers so people know exactly what you're talking about. Then go on to post your opinion of the game and certain perks and problems with it. Then as with most reviews leave it either open to comment, or ask a specific question relating to your opinion of the game.

Weapon Reviews

With weapon reviews you should post accurate information of the weapon: make, model, caliber, and the like. You should include the environment in which it was used and the type of targets being shot at. You should include your opinion of it, and if you choose you can ask whether a variation in models, round, or environment would change its use.

Question and Answer These threads tend to be the most rampant on Totse, and their dizzying array of stupidity should be stopped. In this type of thread the title should be the subject that you will be asking about. Then you should clearly ask a directed question about whatever aspect of the object or idea you're asking about and why you're asking. Yes, it's as simple as that.


Well, I hope this article will help those who have no idea how to start a thread. If you follow these guidelines I can almost assure you that your topic will be clicked upon, read, and replied with in respect, as opposed to many of your peers whose topics will be shun, and they will themselves be smote and flamed as newbies.


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