Introduce Yourself Megathread

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Mr Burnz
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Re: Introduce Yourself Megathread

Post by Mr Burnz » Fri Nov 12, 2021 2:32 am

Checking in from the pac norwest

Much love to those who kept the lights on, after all these years. I'm a 46yr old guy that has been through the grind, with lotsa scrapes and slides. Ive never caught a criminal record, and have always had great ideas full of bad intentions.

The posts on the old site taught me ways to see things I'd never thought to look at. That someone took the time to preserve that archive, for years now, and keep those lights on.....

Well, I had to register an account and come pay respect and gratitude. Thank you for keeping that spark dancing.
Much love to you

Respect to those before us, that had questions... and the drive to find answers. Its a trait that has been dead for several generations now. Its crazy that the tech that led us to question more, has developed so much that people dont question anything past a google search now. And like fuck they gonna read all the way to page 3 results to try and see if there is any other info or perspective.

They can pick a lock cause youtube, but never will.
They can host a 3 card monty, cause of reddit, but never will.
They can "hack" a snack machine, cause of youtube, but again, never will.

They live through the screen, with "answers" at their fingertips, so they dont need to ask questions.

It really could be a glorious time for the old guard, if we wanted to fuck with them......

Thanks again y'all. Stay safe.
Mr Burnz
I swear, the place was burning when I got here. I'm carrying this gas can AWAY from the fire, so it doesn't catch.

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Re: Introduce Yourself Megathread

Post by Enigma » Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:28 am

A bonified OG? Niiiiice. Welcome.
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Das Troll
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Re: Introduce Yourself Megathread

Post by Das Troll » Sat Nov 13, 2021 12:56 pm

Wow, there's a face I never thought I'd see again. Mr Burnz

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