Why we have future dreams

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Why we have future dreams

Post by Aub01 » Tue May 24, 2022 10:29 am

Ohhhh where to start let’s start with death


The truth about death is we don’t die, we come back everytime, without remembering, the reason we don’t remember is because all our memory resets because our brain cells are gone, when we die we go to the parallel universe, where everything is the opposite, and we see the future of our lives but we don’t believe in it or we do, it depends on more what you do, if you don’t believe in these, i did this all on math, a math i created with no flaws, besides that, when we die we see the future of our next life, we keep reincarnating because the universe doesn’t know where to put us


Well i’ve explained it, the reason your not always experiencing it is it depends on how many times you haven’t believed it in this parallel universe, but besides that, now you know the most bullshit behind this, now whenever someone calls it a miracle from god now you can retort that bullshit


They’re all bullshit, or it really was *random*, when actually it was really low probability that happened


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Re: Why we have future dreams

Post by Enigma » Tue May 24, 2022 12:38 pm

This is actually an interesting take on things, and I can kind of believe it based on what we know about matter/antimatter and how there's theoretically a finite amount, so the matter we "posses" could easily be the same matter Abe Lincoln possessed.
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