Fonaplats' Tolerant Tuesday 7/24/28

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Fonaplats' Tolerant Tuesday 7/24/28

Post by Fonaplats » Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:24 am

Today will officially make it 3 months I have been at my job.
Im loving every day of it.
Sometimes I overthink things and when stuff doesn't happen for me like I think it should I suddenly feel like everyone is against me but later I find what I am doing is more important than what I want to be doing so I end up wanting to do what I do not want to do.
I have only been there 3 months and I get phone calls from co-workers calling in sick.
I am not even hire there yet. Its kinda neat.
I woke up today needing to piss real bad but thanks to my new found fona-funds my bed is so comfortable and my blankets are so soft and warm I had no choice but to lay there for 2 hours.
Once I got up I took a type 5 shit and smoked a cigarette.
My diet is slowly changing and I am feeling a bit more healthy and energetic even with my alcoholism being in full swing.
When I grabbed a shirt to put on I glimpsed myself in the mirror for a second and then just stood there in complete shock at how sexy and cut I am.
I give all the credit to God who is with me every day and guides me and shows me the way.
Hope everyone is having a great day today.
I got to get ready for work now.
Today I will try and be tolerant of people and situations and I will try to see things from all points of veiw before I make an assumption on why someone or something is the way it is.
I will try not to pass judgement.
Love you guys.
Take care.

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