That moment you finally let go

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That moment you finally let go

Post by AngryIVer » Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:08 am

Been dealing with sort of a "thing" the last year and a half, and I think it's finally coming to a close. When I first met her I was very unhappy with my life, and had a lot of self image issues, so the self esteem boost was intense, and having someone that, in my mind, was so perfect want so much to interact with me made me happy, but like any other good thing in my life, it eventually came to a close. I had to choose between her and my children, so obviously I chose my children, but she didn't care and moved on, which really hurt the most.

We'd still talk here and there, but her responses became less frequent and more generic, to the point now where she doesn't even message back. Not because she's with anyone, just simply because I'm not important to her anymore and that's just how she is. Last message she immediately left on read, so there won't be another one from me, and if she sends one to me that isn't explicitly trying to see me (not just asking for help with some shit she stole from me) I don't plan on responding.
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Re: That moment you finally let go

Post by Faggotplats » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:57 am

When I read the title I was also thinking about taking a dump but a poop dump and it made me think of when a big turd finally drops out of my ass.

but about what you was talking about...

When you got with this woman did you ever think "would she be good for my kids? and, Would my kids be good for her?"

Either way what went wrong in the relationship.
If you can identify the bad things you are at better chances of not having a repeat.

I know you are all up in your feeling right now.
Ive been in really really bad relationships that I didn't even know could exist.

Make me wonder how anyone gets along and then I remember most people dont get along.

Either way I am here for you man.
Stay off drugs.
Don't let this pull you down.

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