Most Modern Women Have Nothing To Offer But Their Bodies

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Das Troll
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Most Modern Women Have Nothing To Offer But Their Bodies

Post by Das Troll » Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:20 pm

A common complaint that you often hear from modern women is "MEN ONLY WANT ONE THING AND IT'S DISGUSTING". That one thing being sex. But lets take a step back and use a critical eye at modern western women. What do you see when you see young, tight, 20 something women walking around town on a Saturday night? You see yoga pants, cut off shirts, and general drunk behavior. These women spend HOURS putting effort into making themselves look good, not only for the opposite sex, but for their own sex. They have to not only look good for the men they hope to attract, but the females they hope to out do. So where does that leave men? We finally choose a woman to go talk to and she gives us the time of day. "nice" we think as we finally get them back for a night one sexual encounter. But what happens after that? We text them to figure out all they have to talk about it modern pop culture. They no hobbies aside from pop culture celeb talk. No interest aside from YouTube makeup tutorials and drama.

With that said, what exactly does the modern man have interest in? What has the modern western woman offered aside from her body and a host of bland, boring interests that are at best, topical?

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Re: Most Modern Women Have Nothing To Offer But Their Bodies

Post by Helladamnleet » Fri Oct 09, 2020 6:24 am

That's what always got me too. Women talk all this shit because we want a hot girlfriend while simultaneously looking for either one night stands, or a man who is willing to take care of them financially while they stay at home and cheat.

Meanwhile I'm over here wishing I had someone who even appreciates the fact I exist. They could look like Pam Poovey for all I care.
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