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Joining the Church of satan

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:46 am
by Das Troll
I wanted to post this tripe because I think it's important to see the tom foolery that organizations like the church of satan get up too. These wankers like to use flowery words and costumes to lure in the gullible to part with their money. As you can see, it's 208 dollars to even join. I have the satanic bible and like most books of it's kind, it's junk. Skip it.

We were established in 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, who declared the Year One, thus opening the floodgates to a revolution designed to smash the hypocrisy and unreason which has reigned for the
past 2000 years. Though Dr. LaVey passed away in October of 1997, he instructed Blanche Barton, his longtime consort, to carry on as High Priestess. She appointed Peter H. Gilmore to the position of High Priest on
Walpurgisnacht of 2001. We have, since 1966, stood as a formidable threat to those who would halt progress in
the name of spirituality. We are explorers on the untrodden paths of science, human motivation, and mystery—all
that is most truly “occult.”
Those who proudly carry our cards identifying themselves as members have the strength and dedication to
implement the tools of Satan: the imagination to confound and confuse, the wisdom to recognize the Unseen in
our society, the pragmatism of a skeptic, and the passions of a classical Romantic soul.
We don’t solicit memberships; however, if you wish to join us, to show your support or appreciation, you can
become a Registered Member. For a one-time registration fee of two hundred dollars, you will receive a crimson
card declaring you a member of the Church of Satan. No further dues will be expected. You must be legally an
adult in your nation of residence. You’ll also receive an Active Membership Application (which is also available
as a download from our official site).
Filling out this application indicates your more serious interest in our organization. Once you complete and
return it, your file will be reviewed for further involvement. We have Special Interest Groups of all persuasions
who are working on many fronts toward the fulfillment of our Satanic destiny.
We encourage each Satanist to take it upon himself to clear up misunderstandings of our religion wherever
he sees them. You don’t have to be a member to speak for yourself as a Satanist; you need no authority beyond
being offended by stupidity and hypocrisy. Understand that if you wish to speak as a member of the Church of
Satan, you are legally required to be a Registered Member. In addition, don’t misrepresent yourself as being a
spokesperson for the Church unless you achieve that status. But you can always defend Satanism as an avowed
Satanist, proud of your religion.
Prior to considering joining, we strongly suggest you purchase The Satanic Bible and study it. It is a diabolical book, the basis for our philosophy. Satanism is not for everyone, but if it is for you, we welcome you. We
are not a fan club, a pen-pal society, or a lonely hearts group. We are a group of dynamic individuals who stand
forth as the ultimate underground alternative, the “Alien Elite.” We realize what we have, what we are, and what
we shall become. Our scope is unlimited, and the extent of your involvement is based upon your own potential.
All names and addresses are held in strict confidence and you are under no obligation as a Registered Member,
unless you choose to present yourself for further consideration.
Please use the form below for registration.
Church of Satan
Central Administrative Office
P.O. Box 499, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-0499
If this form was not provided by the Church of Satan or downloaded
® from, it may be invalid.
CHURCH OF SATAN Post Office Box 499, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-0499 USA
Please enroll me as a Registered Member of the Church of Satan. I recognize that failure to practice the principles of the
Church of Satan and/or engaging in illegal activity may result in termination of this membership. I am legally of adult age
in my nation of residence.
___Enclosed is $200.00 in U.S. cash, check or M.O. OR ___I have paid $208.00 in U.S. funds via PayPal

Re: Joining the Church of satan

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:31 am
by Helladamnleet
The Church of Satan is awesome

Re: Joining the Church of satan

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:51 am
by murderman143
satan rules mate, fuck joining offically ,, sell your soulz to the devil for the free my niggga

Re: Joining the Church of satan

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:55 am
by Helladamnleet
Already did, my dude. Don't recall what the context was though.