Hunter Biden and social media

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Hunter Biden and social media

Post by Das Troll » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:58 am

So facebook and Twitter are blocking any and all links to the article written by the New York Post about Hunter Biden and his emails. This is ironic because their excuse has been a list of things ranging from they don't put up stolen/hacked material (like Trumps taxes which they left up along with the Steele dossier) to "it's fake news that we admit we haven't fact checked yet". If there was any doubt of where the political leanings of big tech lies, there isn't anymore.

Currently there are pictures of HB out there with a Meth/crack pipe in his passed out mouth and pictures of him in the tub. Rumor has it that this is the October surprise that will likely sink the Biden presidential run. More rumors are abound because one of the FBI agents that was called in to look at this hard drive is apart of the pedo wing of the FBI. This is causing people to think that some of the videos he has on his computer are of him fucking a under aged Ukrainian hooker and that his dad Joe Biden knew about his disgusting predilections and got the FBI to over look it.

My theory is up until the Trump presidency, there was a unspoken agreement between the parties that you didn't go after someone for the really damaging stuff unless both parties agreed on it. That way the greasy backroom deals could go unchecked on both sides and 95% of it would continue to pass "unnoticed". That all changed when Trump got in office. Some of the Republicans didn't like him but they bit their tongues and went on with it thinking he wasn't going to last and would be a one term president. The Democrats however, they lost their fucking minds. How could this person get into office and off the heels of their messiah Obama as well? This sent them into a rage now known as TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome and they are breaking that unspoken rule I talked about. They're going after Trump for everything they can to get him out of office and much like the nickname of the famous mobster John Gotti, he is the Teflon Don. Not saying Trump is clean as the driven snow, but everything they've tried has come up a big nothing burger. This has activated what the military call M.A.D or mutually assured destruction. The gloves are off on the Republican side and they have dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. They're running out of time so they're going to fire hose the contents of Hunters hard drive into the news to not only try and win, but to quite literally destroy the current incarnation of the Democratic party.

Conspiracy time:

I think there are a lot of Democrats who are in on this to be honest. Some of the smarter Dems likely look at the course their party is taking with its hard lurch left and saw the writing on the wall. The smart thing would be to cut them out like cancer and try to move the party back towards the center. That means people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are going to either be forced to the fringes with the likes of AOC and her crew, or simply forced out. If Trump goes whole hog on this Hunter Biden/Joe Biden email thing then we are likely to see a massive restructuring of the United States government and that my friends, could mean actual, HOT civil war.

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Re: Hunter Biden and social media

Post by Helladamnleet » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:19 am

Dude, if Trump doesn't win this election it's 100% certain that it was tampered with. I can probably count on 3 hands how many Biden signs I've seen TOTAL, and that's including the literal block full I saw two days ago.

As far as Hunter Biden goes: I'm not surprised. Dude looks like fucking Woodhouse heroin and all, and his son being a druggy is no shock. I'm sure the whole Trump family does cocaine, but they at least hide it better and stick to a "classier" speed.
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