Who Has Hallucinations on Crank/crystal? by Im just a girl

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Who Has Hallucinations on Crank/crystal? by Im just a girl

Post by Helladamnleet » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:04 pm

These are the hallucinations I have seen. If anyone else wants to submit their own stories of crank induced hallucinations, That would be great. I have had people tell me that my type of hallucinations are not possible on crank. I have been called a liar. I have NEVER met anyone who experiences this. It has me very interested in the pysiology and science of how and why and such.

First I will tell how I use the crank. First of all, I have used from the age of 17 to 35.. I did have a 5 year and a two year break in there.. and other times I mostly used once every 3 to 6 months. My most frequent use being monthly.. I have never been a daily user. I have always use the needle. I do not use much nor do I get that very good of stuff. But what I do take, about 50$ bag, I take like all of it within a couple hours and maybe get another 50$ bag for a couple more days before I decide to come down and be sick for over a week. I usually stay up 3 to 5 days, the longest I ever stayed up is 7.

I do not eat, at all. I have been around my fellow cranksters who say they do not eat.. but YES they do.. alittle bit. I do not eat at all. I chew some gum when my throat gets sore and I burp it up like 20 times a peice. In about day three I will drink some sips of pop and I will also burp like 20 times each sip. When I try to eat at the end of my high, my throat has forgotton how to swallow. It takes about 5 to 10 tries to get down one bite of a plain cheeseburger. Sometimes If I am tripping and trying to rest through a night all I can do is concentrate on swallowing my saliva so I dont choke. Once I am coming down I will drink a gallon of applejuice and then have dumping syndrome for two days, which is very harsh cramps and diareah and worst pain ever.

I have seen an entire feild of night of the living dead bodies. I was on a porch and looked out and saw them all moaning and groaning. They are 100% real. They are not see through or shadows or lights playing tricks on my eyes. They look the same as everyone else. I did not see the movie recently, no one was talking about the movie or dead bodies, I just saw them. I do not feel scared, My brain almost always knows whats real and whats not. I just sit there and think to myself "wow, thats cool..i wish others could see this"

There have been times when my brain saw things and wondered whether it was true or not, but this was more out of paranoia and not from actual hallucinations. Like once I got kicked out of a motel by this middle eastern family owners and I fleed to a hot spring resort and I SWORE they followed us just because I saw another middle eastern family swimming in the pool with me, (looking at me! LOL)

I have seen police cars up in trees.. and as soon as I did my hit, they would dissapeer. Only the paranoia hallucinations dissapeer upon doing a hit, like cops in bushes, red and blue lights, people staring at me, and cops in trees.

I once lost the concept of reality.. I was in a yard laying on a blanket. I was looking up into the sky, I saw Robot like 'Iron giants' lumbering about and space ships... but I knew it wasnt real and I was just enjoying the stuff that was so cool, that was so completely real and no one else could see. (I kinda liked seeig things). What I ended up doing was taking on the 'part' of an 8 year old boy, who was being a spy on the neighborhood, I hid behind the fence an spied on cars coming and going, when I felt cold (it was febuary and 3am) I went to the door of the house and wanted in. The only way I could think of to get in the house was to meow like a cat and hope someone inside heard me and let me in. I also lightly scratched on the door like a cat would do. I did this for hours until my high came down alittle and I realized I could simply open the door and go in. That was the only time when a hallucination took me over or messed me up.

I was in a car watching my boyfriend work on his truck. I say little trolls old and evil with cloaks on circling the truck. I say a baby faced like devil in side the truck looking out the window straight at me (something so evil and scary, i couldnt even make it up if I tried and I know how to draw!)THe tail pipe was a snake hissing and writhing toward me.

I have seen countless people standing in hallways, on roofs and in parking lots that were not there. Sometimes its people I know and sometimes its total strangers. Only once did i ever talk to one, he was coming up the driveway and i called him by name before I realized it was not probable that he would be walking up the driveway.

Well I would like to end by saying that although my hallucinations were fun and interesting and very intriguing to me, crank is the DEVIL. In all these years I have never become a daily user and recently I have only used it twice in a year (no hallucinations either time..It was like a two day thing both times) BUT IT HAS STILL DESTROYED VERY MUCH OF WHO I AM. Its a constant srruggle TO NEVER EVER EVER, not even once again use...

Wish me luck!
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