Methamphetamine: Just the Basic Facts by Infrared

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Methamphetamine: Just the Basic Facts by Infrared

Post by Helladamnleet » Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:53 pm

(DISCLAIMER: All information contained herein IS NOT to be put to use, and I do not condone the usage, possession or sale of Methamphetamine or any drug. I present this as INFORMATION ONLY and will not be held responsible if it is applied/used/misused and results in any bodily or financial harm to oneself or others, any criminal activity of any sort, or any other grievance or injury whatsoever, named and unnamed, stated and implied.)

So, you want to try meth, do you? Don't. No, I'm serious: I'm the most pro-drug motherfucker out there, but I never recommend that you get into meth. It's way too powerful and dangerous a thing, no matter what kind of willpower you think you have. Use it even one time, and it'll be the first thing you want when you're tired or depressed. Use it more, and it'll become a part of your life, and you're the only one to blame, as the crystals are inanimate, afterall. Don't fuck with shard. It WILL run your body, mind and eventually your spirit into the ground. It ceases to be fun very shortly.

Having said that...If I can't convince you to stay away from it, I'll at least give you accurate information on what it is, how to use it, what it does, and how it does it, among other things. First off, what is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine, also known as glass, tweak, crank, shard, meth, crystal, yaba, etc. is a CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulant which, to put it simply, induces an artificial "Fight-or-Flight" response in the body, along with quite a strong euphoria (happiness). The methamphetamine available on the street is usually produced in labs using chemicals and equipment which can be found at hardware stores, grocery stores, etc. While the process is not terribly easy, and many chemical precursors are controlled or watched closely, Methamphetamine remains prevalent and problematic (for those irresponsible with it) for this reason. Methamphetamine is usually found either in the form of crystalline powder, or in clear (possibly cloudy) crystal form. Both forms can vary in purity, color, or production method, and can be more or less potent. In general, though, powdery (less-crystalline) meth is more likely to have been cut by other products; to "cut" is to add a similar-looking, cheap substance to the pure drug, in order to make it go further and make the dealer more money. Be aware, though, that crystal can be adulterated as well, and conversely, powdery meth can still be very potent. You never can tell. Also, note that many people will refer to meth as "Ice" - This can cause confusion. "Ice" is actually a different drug known as 4-methylaminorex. If you're confused as to what a slang term means or what it refers to, ask, or look it up. Thinking you're getting "Methamphetamine" when your dealer gives you a bag of "Ice" (4-methylaminorex) could be problematic. Anyway, moving on:

Methamphetamine, and various other Amphetamines (Levo- and Dextroamphetamine, among them) can be found in pill form, and are of clean pharmaceutical quality. They are used to treat ADD/ADHD, for the most part, but can also be prescribed for morbid obesity or narcolepsy. Among them are Desoxyn (Methamphetamine hydrochloride) and Adderall (Various amphetamine salts, in HCl form).

As I said, street methamphetamine can sometimes vary in color, though it's usually white or clear/transleucent. Colors can, however, occur for various reasons. Among them are these:

RED: The product was made from pseudoephedrine, and the red coloring of the tablet was not adequately washed away (it is difficult)

ORANGE: Ephedrine sulfate was used, and some of the sulfate was reduced to sulfur.

PURPLE: Iodine from a phosphorus-iodine reaction was not washed out.

GREEN: Copper (or other metallic) salts somehow made their way in to the mixture, probably due to the reaction vessel used in the manufacture.

BROWN: Oxidized red coloring (see above), or tablating agent was present in the reduction.

(Thanks to KidKelko for providing me with this information)

Now, how does meth work? While the process can be explained down to a very precise and complex level, I'm not a chemist, and thus not qualified to break it down in such a way, but I can tell you that Methamphetamine works by stimulating your body into producing Dopamine (A neurotransmitter which provides pleasurable/rewarding sensations. A "neurotransmitter" is a chemical which is used to convey certain messages between your brain's neurons) and Norepinephrine (Also known as Noradrenaline. This is responsible for most of the effects, such as energy, alertness, increased heart rate, and many more). Also, the Methamphetamine inhibits your body from reabsorbing these chemicals immediately (the reason normal happiness/pleasure and adrenal response is over extremely quickly), so the effects last much longer than would be normally possible, as well. There is more to be said on the subject, but this is adequate knowledge for now.

So, you want to know what meth does? Want to know who was telling the truth and who wasn't, when they told you how meth felt? Ok. I'll present some positive, neutral and negative short-term and long-term effects. Then I will give subjective information as to how the meth experience was for ME, specifically, positive and negative. First:


-Euphoria (happiness) -Mental alertness and efficiency -Physical stimulation and energy -Increased mental focus/multitasking ability

Note: Meth is often used to study, due to it's mentally-stimulating effect and lessened need for sleep.


-Vastly decreased need for sleep -Vastly decreased hunger and thirst -Increased heart and respiratory rates -Dilated pupils -Increased talkativeness (this can get you caught, if you're too glib) -Possible empathetic feelings towards others (this can be positive or negative; one might connect well with somebody, OR accidentally reveal personal information which can be misused later. Both can be controlled; only a little discretion is required.) -Cold hands/feet (this is due to vasoconstriction, or narrowing of the blood vessels)


-Insomnia -Pounding heart (due to vasoconstriction) -Weight loss (can be sought at first, but leads to malnutrition) -Dehydration -Paranoia, anger, irritability, mild auditory/visual hallucination or depression, usually after tweaking for days -"Amphetamine psychosis": As a result of toxic levels of Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the body, a sort of psychosis can develop if one remains on meth for too long, it's symptoms resembling some forms of schizophrenia. The cure is SLEEP, and no more meth. -Twitchiness/shakiness of various body parts, most likely the hands -Heart attack or stroke (in the succeptible, or elderly)


Note: There are pretty much no positive long-term effects.

-Malnutrition, from extended periods without food -Severe/deadly dehydration, from extended periods without fluids -Neurological (brain) damage of Dopamine/Norepinephrine centers which can lead to chronic depression or low energy -Damage to the mouth/veins/nasal passage/muscles/lungs, depending upon method of ingestion (this will be covered). -Damage to the kidneys -Damage to the heart, due to hyperstimulation -Weakened immune system, from chronic lack of sleep and other factors -Permanent nerve damage which can result in twitches or tics that never go away -Many others

This covers the known effects of Methamphetamine that occur in most people. However, each person is different, and reacts differently, and to different dosages. I will try to explain how meth feels for me, a 192-pound, 6'2" male with a sky-high opiate tolerance and building meth tolerance (will be discussed).

The story surrounding where I got my meth isn't relevant, so I'll just tell how the first experience felt. I swallowed some crystals, a fairly low dose, but this was my first time. About 45 minutes later, and out of nowhere, came an intense, happy, "speedy" feeling which was admittedly VERY pleasant, and I suddenly was very talkative with the person I was with. It did feel quite wonderful, and the initial "rush" leveled off into a nice, happy alertness, and the talkativeness remained.

Fast forward 8 hours and 2 doses, and I began to feel very spacy, first. Not anything but that; the alertness remained. The spacy feeling got more profound, and I noticed that road signs had a double image, as did the white lines (I was driving). I felt just a little "dulled", and began to notice that I felt fairly worn-out. The spaciness, burned-out feeling and fuzzy vision increased, and at hour 10, I was feeling fairly bad. A bit depressive, very tired (but not sleepy), and I noticed for the first time how badly I was sweating and how badly I stank (Reason: Meth causes you to sweat much more, elevates body temperature a tiny bit, and thus results in more sweat and oil causing more odor). I made it to my destination, where I had to eat some food to be polite; this was hard. I was not hungry at all, nor had I been since the meth hit me (10 hours before); I hadn't thought about food or water once. I didn't care about anything but the conversation I was having and how great I felt. Eating was doable, though swallowing felt odd, and food was harder to "choke down". Kind of unpleasant. It can be compared simply to eating while not at all hungry. Drinking was a bit easier, and water was nice for my dry mouth, but still not wanted, either.

I tried to go to sleep at my destination. I couldn't. I lay there all night, for 9 hours, tossing and turning, feeling my heart pound, my cold feet; I didn't feel so emotionally-bad, but I was a bit distressed because I couldn't sleep. I eventually just got up.

Later on in the day - I felt TERRIBLE. NOW I was sleepy and very depressed, and felt very remorseful for using the drug. The sky was grey, too; this didn't help. I took a Percocet, but it only made me feel spacy at this point. I think the meth was still coursing through my fresh, tolerance-lacking system. I ended up sleeping finally, later that night, and spending even the day after very somnolent and depressed. Eventually, though, this went away. I also discovered through much later uses that a lot of the crash symptoms can be rationalized, and once you know what to expect, they don't feel as terrible. They never stop sucking, but you do get used to them. Overall, I consider meth a good drug WHEN USED IN MODERATION, like most, and very pleasant when I'm sleepy/run-down, depressed, or both. Also, it helps on long road trips. However, I also informed myself of it's dangers and risks, and accepted them. Meth is NOT a substance that should be used more than once a month, at minimum.

Subsequent meth highs all felt just as happy/alert, though different, depending on how I ingested the drug, and with different crashes. Also, if you are on meth, it's very hard to be sad about things, BUT: If something bad/hurtful enough happens to you, it will propel you into a VERY terrible, depressive, angry state. If it's bad enough to hurt you on meth, it's BAD. Also, if you use meth while undergoing intense heartache or personal pain, you will notice that the euphoria is greatly diminished.

So, you have your sack of meth, and know what it is, what it does (positive and negative), and how it does it, and you just wanna fuckin' DO some already? Well, ok. Your life.

First off, there are different methods of ingestion, or different ways of taking the drug into your body, all with different effects, durations and crashes. I will explain each, and how to do each safely.

-INSUFFLATION (snorting up the nose):

To insufflate your meth, you arrange a dose into a small line or pile, insert a straw or rolled-up dollar bill into your nose and inhale. Meth burns, and badly, but not for long. Just expect this, so you don't blow your line/pile away. The high hits faster than oral, yet doesn't last as long (about 4-15 hours, depending on metabolic rate, tolerance and other factors). The crash feels "normal" - there are "baseline" meth crashes, and "bad" meth crashes. This one is mostly normal, and similar to oral, at least for myself. To insufflate properly/safely: Carefully insert bill/straw into your nose, and fairly far, but not TOO far. Then, place the other end over the meth and inhale (sniff) as lightly as possible to get the drug into your sinuses. Try to get the whole line in one go, but if you can't, move away from the pile so you don't cough/sneeze it away. Don't worry about wasting the drug by coughing or sneezing; it's all wet and dissolving in your sinuses by this point. The loss is negligible. A good beginning dose is maybe a line about 1 inch in length and maybe 2/8 inch in width. Thickness should be about 1-2/8ths as well. Don't worry about being EXACT, but always go less before you go more. A stimulant overdose is not pleasant. For a new batch of meth, do a VERY small "test" snort - arrange only a tiny pile of meth, maybe as big as a BB, and snort it, and give it five minutes. If it tweaks you, it's potent shit that's to be used with extreme caution. If it doesn't tweak you, go ahead and make a line, and maybe do it in two parts - give the first part a few minutes, then do the next, if needed. Once you know your batch, line size becomes a non-issue, as you now know how much you need. Know too that insufflation can lead to nasal tissue damage, and a hole in the septum ("Wall" dividing your nasal passages).


Smoking meth is accomplished by placing a dose of meth on either a piece of foil or in a glass "stem" (a glass tube with a bulb on the end, and a hole in the bulb), then applying heat and inhaling the vapors. A stem is most recommended, as foil can be wasteful. Smoking meth works very fast, but has much less duration (4-8 hours, without tolerance, depending upon other factors) than other methods, yet provides a very intense rushing high, and also a very bad crash. It's best when you have meth to spare and want to be able to sleep the same night you tweak. It's worth it if you feel like it is. To smoke meth with a stem: Put a small pile of meth into the bulb/bowl and place your lips on the end of the mouthpiece, and your flame underneath the meth. Keep your flame there until the meth liquefies. Keep the flame on. When it begins smoking, move your lighter quickly back and forth under your meth while you inhale the thickening vapors for maybe 3 seconds, and then remove the heat - the meth will continue smoking, so don't stop inhaling for another good 5 seconds, or until the meth stops smoking and recrystallizes in your bowl. Be careful not to apply too much heat for too long, as your meth will catch fire and burn up if you don't watch it.

To smoke from foil: Get a piece of foil and fold it over so it's two layers thick, with the dull side facing up. Shape this into a "V"-shaped trench, and then place your meth at one end of it. Use a drinking straw for your mouthpiece. Again, heat your meth with a lighter, and when it begins to smoke, inhale the smoke through your straw. Take care not to burn up the meth, get your straw too close (it'll melt) or, the worst - accidentally inhale the hot liquid meth. This is generally only done in desperation, and not a preferred method of smoking. Hold your hits in for maybe 10-15 seconds and exhale through the nose, either way.

Also, smoking meth will cause awful lung damage over time.


Eating meth usually requires a bit more of the drug. It provides a long-lasting yet less-intense high that is still quite enjoyable. It works best when you have to be alert for a longer period of time (8-16 hours, with no tolerance), and a bit more meth to spare. The crash feels "baseline". Eating meth will likely keep you up for quite awhile; even after the high wears off, certain physiological effects such as pounding heart, cold hands/feet and insomnia can remain. Bear this in mind. To eat your meth: Start by simply swallowing a pile maybe the circumference AND thickness of a dime. Know that meth is very strong and bitter, though, so if you cannot handle this, it's advised that you "parachute" (put the powder in a tiny piece of napkin and swallow like a pill) or mix into a drink and drink quickly. The high takes a long time to come on, but you will know when it hits. Ingestion of meth can lead to stomach problems over the long term. In the short term, it might cause acid reflux/indisgestion that will go away after awhile.


This is the most dangerous and least-recommended method of doing your meth, yet also the most-intense yet short-lived high. You use a needle and syringe to inject a dose of methamphetamine directly into the bloodstream, via a pronounced vein. The high is EXTREMELY intense, and lasts very shortly (1-4 hours), and comes on almost the instant you inject.

To IV inject, you must first procure a sterile syringe and needle. The best needle to use is a 27-Ga, 1/2 inch long needle. Syringe size doesn't matter, but it should hold at least 2ML of water, and you must be capable of pushing the plunger in and keeping it steady with one hand. Needles can be procured through Needle Exchange, or online; use a search engine and query for "Needle Exchange Program" to find a facility in your area, or to find an online source for needles. Do not trust any needle/syringe that is opened or damaged and not marked sterile, and DO NOT EVER share needles with anyone. Do not use a needle more than ONCE.

Anyway: First, a very small amount of meth is needed, so this method is economical. You'll also need the needle/syringe, a spoon, some clean-as-possible cotton balls (or a wheel filter, which is optimal, but hard to find) and some DISTILLED, preferably STERILE water, or pharmaceutical saline solution (preferable, as it's more natural to your body, but can be hard to find outside of medical circles). Salt can be added to the water and dissolved, but I do not know how much, and wouldn't recommend it anyway, so just go with distilled water. NO TAP WATER!

Now, place a VERY small amount of meth (think the size of one of those colored pinheads) in your sterile spoon (sterilize beforehand by boiling intensely or burning with a CLEAN flame; a lighter won't do), and then double that. NO MORE! Use your clean syringe (minus needle) to draw up about 1/2-1CC (the syringe will have the measurements; if in ML measurments, try to keep it under 1ML) and the slowly, carefully push this into the spoon with your meth. Then, remove the plunger from your syringe, and WITHOUT TOUCHING THE RUBBER, use it to swirl and mix the meth/water, and keep doing this until you see no more meth whatsoever. It can dissolve slowly sometimes, especially if you use crystal. Then, tear off a relatively-small piece of your cotton ball, and place it in the solution - the cotton will absorb it. Now, reinsert the plunger into your syringe, push it all the way down, and then press the barrel (tip) of the syringe, again MINUS NEEDLE, onto the cotton ball and press firmly while you draw the plunger back. About 97% of your solution should make it into the syringe and the cotton ball should be almost dry if you did it right. [IF YOU HAVE A WHEEL FILTER: Place the filter on, suck your meth solution through it and into the syringe, then remove the filter and place your needle on.]

Now, you must check the solution under bright light for any particles whatsoever; solid matter can be very dangerous and can be what kills you if you don't filter right. If you have to filter again, do it. When you see NO particulate, you're ready. Place the cotton balls in your mouth if you desire; they contain miniscule amounts of meth.

Now, peel open your needle package, and WITHOUT TOUCHING IT, place the barrel of your syringe to it and screw it on (if it's that type of needle). If you have a syringe with no threads and just a narrow opening at the end, simply push the barrel into the needle firmly. Now, WITHOUT REMOVING THE SHEATHE, place your needle aside, with the tip pointed upward at an angle so no meth leaks.

Tie your arm off above the elbow with a rubber tourniquet or piece of cloth; not so tight that your blood is cut off, but tight enough to make your veins bulge out. Find a nice, bulging vein on that arm; the one at the area where your elbow bends on the inside is preferred. Do not use the veins on your hand; they are fragile.

Sterilize the area with some rubbing alcohol if you have it, let it dry (it will dry quick), and then pick up your needle, and CAREFULLY remove the sheathe; take care not to drag the needle on the inside of it, as dull needles are painful and can damage veins. Turn it point-to-the-sky, and if you see any bubbles inside the solution, flick the needle until they rise to the top. Once no bubbles remains, push the plunger, needle still straight up, until a tiny drop of liquid comes out of the tip. Shake that off, and prepare for injection. Rest your arm somewhere comfortable and keep it still. Point the needle to your shoulder, bevel up (the angular opening is the bevel; the "hole" should be facing upward away from your skin), and SLOWLY, CAREFULLY insert the needle at a VERY shallow angle (the needle should be almost exactly parallel to your arm), and stop after maybe 1/5th inch penetration (it takes VERY little! Don't insert the whole inch!). Now, WHILE REMAINING VERY VERY STEADY, pull back on the plunger a tiny bit - if blood rushes into the syringe, you're on target. If not, try again with a fresh needle and different site.

Assuming you're on target: Remove the tie with your teeth. Now, SLOWLY, SLOWLY, CAREFULLY, CAREFULLY push the plunger, keeping the needle steady as HELL, until it stops and all solution is out. Now withdraw the needle at the same angle you pushed it in. By now, you should be feeling your meth good if you did it right. If the injection burned, or there is a bubble under your skin, you missed the vein. Don't freak, it happens, and you won't die. You just wasted a little meth. The bump will be gone within 3 days or so. If it is red or inordinately sore in that period, though, GO TO THE ER. You might have an infection. Don't worry, they can't call the cops; just tell them the truth of what you did. You might get some scorn, but you'll be helped, and won't get into any legal trouble. Just don't have any drugs on you.

Also, if you mess up and "blow" the vein by jagging the needle or wounding it too badly, a dark and sore bruise will develop under the skin. Don't worry, yet; the bleeding will stop underneath, but the vein will be swollen and sore for awhile. If after the 2 or 3-day period you notice any oozing from the hole, or any extra pain that wasn't already there, GO TO THE ER. Same rules apply.

With IV injection of methamphetamine, you run the risk of giving yourself an occlusion of a blood vessel with solid matter, which can kill. At best, you'll get a headache from it. Also, you risk blood infection, damaged veins which collapse with too much use, deadly air embolus due to bubbles in the solution, and many other nasties. IV injection is NOT recommended by me or by anyone else who's informed; even doing it as safely as possible, you run risks. Find another method and never try needling so you don't ever have to crave the high. It's NOT worth the risk. If you MUST IV, don't use the same vein each time; find a new one.


This method is also not recommended, but is a degree or two safer than IV injection for various reasons. You use a needle and prepare your meth solution EXACTLY as you did IV, only you can use more meth (use maybe double again what you would IV - that's four "pinheads" of meth in the spoon, with no tolerance), and you need no tie, and you CAN use the same needle, though a slightly wider bore size is recommended; 24 should be optimal. 22 is the limit; any bigger and you risk pain and bruising. After you've pushed the plunger until a small bead of liquid comes out the needle tip, find and alcohol-sterilize the "center" of a muscular area - this can include the center of your arm, higher up; Flex, first, and locate the central part of the muscle, then relax. Also, you can use the top of your thigh - again, flex the muscule, locate the center and bulk of it's mass, then relax and sterilize, BUT TAKE CARE NOT TO PIERCE A VEIN!! Now, remain very still, and SLOWLY insert the needle STRAIGHT DOWN into the muscle, until it's completely inside. Then, keep it steady, and SLOWLY inject the solution. You may feel a sting or burn; DO NOT FLINCH, and keep going: It's never THAT bad. If you fuck up and jerk the needle, you risk injuring or tearing the muscle. Now, when you're done, remove the needle at the same angle, and expect a little blood - the muscle is a rich vascular bed which is going to bleed when you (in essence) stab it.

The high is less-intense than IV, and yet, this is the longest-lasting high there is. It will come on in 5-10 minutes and will remain for 10-36 hours (!), depending on your tolerance, weight, etc.

Using this method, you still run the risk of muscle damage, subdural hematoma (bleeding under the skin/in the muscle), and abcess/infection. DO NOT use too much water - less than a CC is the standard. Use as little as it takes - it's the meth that matters, not the water. You only need enough to liquefy the meth. KEEP IT CLEAN, too! Crashes tend to be long and drawn-out, yet less-noticeable than other methods.

RECTAL (ANAL) ingestion:

Ah, the most ignominious of methods. There are better ways to do your meth, but this one works if you don't want to snort, hate smoking, don't like eating so much and don't want to fuck with needles. What you do is, procure a dropper and some clean water. Tap will work this time, but keep it clean. Use about as much meth as you would snort. Dissolve in a dropper worth of water (usually about 1ML). Suck it up into the dropper. Now, before you go on, you might have to "probe" with your fingers or another (BLUNT!) item, to see if any fecal matter resides within. Note that it's possible to be retaining feces without feeling the need to use the bathroom. If there is feces, wait until you can evacuate (read: shit) first before you do the enema. Otherwise, the feces will inhibit absorbtion and absorb some of the meth as well, thus wasting it.

When the pipes are all clear, drop your pants, get on your knees, face close to the floor, insert the dropper as far-in as possible (lube optional; use if it just hurts too bad), and squeeze the dropper. It may burn a bit, but not too bad. Remove dropper, wait in this very akward position for about two minutes, and stand up, taking care to keep it pinched and not let all the meth run right out. You might even be tweaking by now. The rectum is another rich vascular bed, like muscles and sinus tissue, which readily absorbs the meth and delivers it to the bloodstream. The high will last around the same time as snorting, come on as quick, and crash you all the same. The risks of this method are damage to the sphincter if you're careless, damage to the rectal walls, and a complete loss of dignity and respectability if your friend walks in on you. You can see why this method is generally avoided.


The crash: The end of the high, the beginning of some very unpleasant feelings, both physical and emotional. You might feel depressed and tired, or hungry, shaky and have a headache, or you might feel irritable and want to yell at everyone who says a word to you. How to get over it? Well, you can just take it - follow the "Take the crash - it builds character" maxim, and just rationalize your symptoms and wait until you can grab some sleep. Or, you can try these remedies:

Benzodiazepines: They smooth out the crash greatly, because they depress the CNS, and are thus direct Methamphetamine antagonists. The most common you're likely to run into are Xanax (Alprazolam), Klonopin (Clonazepam), and Valium (Diazepam). Xanax is shorter-acting than Klonopin, but for both, 1MG is equal to 20MG of Valium/diazepam, so bear this in mind. When you feel crashy and want to sleep, try to eat and drink first. Then take maybe .50 of Xanax/Klonopin, or 10MG Valium. Give it about 45 minutes. If you need to, take a little (a LITTLE) more; on the order of another .25-.75MG of Xanax or Klonopin, or 5-15MG Valium. This should depress your CNS nicely, relax you some, and let you get some sleep. Also, you might try narcotics - such as Percocet/Vicodin (Oxycodone/Hydrocodone), OxyContin (continuous-release Oxycodone HCl), or MS Contin (Morphine Sulfate continuous-release). If you have no tolerance to opiates, take a couple 15MG MS Contins, a single Percocet or Vicodin, or a single 20MG OxyContin to start. These will get you high, and alleviate the depression, and also allow you to sleep, though the CNS depression is less-profound than benzodiazepines. You CAN mix opiates and benzodiazepines, but you must be VERY CAREFUL! If you do this, the 150-lb. average person who has served as the dosage template so far would want to reduce the benzodiazepine dosage if opiates are to be added. A good cocktail would be a single 20MG OxyContin and maybe half a milligram of Xanax/Klonopin, or an equivalent Valium dose. Not much changes there, but it can, depending on your level of tolerance to both, and your weight. I don't recommend mixing these two if you're at all uncertain.

Booze: Simply put, a good, stiff, warm drink can chase away depression and help you get to sleep. No dosages here - just be careful, of course, not to drink too much.

Marijuana: This can make you shakier than you were if you smoke it by itself. It goes best with booze.

NyQuil: Take a good dose, and hope the Doxylamine in it knocks your ass out. It can work well, but only if other methods are not available.

Food/Fluid: Whatever you do, have some food and some water!! This alone will help you feel better in the long run. If you've been tweaking more than maybe a day and a half, have some Gatorade instead, to replace electrolytes your body has lost through sweat, pissing, etc. As for food, try to have something with a little fat, some sugars, some carbohydrates and some protien. Beef jerky, though a bit low in the sugar department, is very good. Have some with a candy bar or something.


With all methods of ingestion, tolerance to meth will build, which means you need MORE to get you off, you get off for MUCH less time, and you notice that the euphoria lessens and the physiological effects become more-pronounced, mainly the unpleasant ones. This is the time to quit for a month or so and give yourself a break. Fucking with meth too long screws you up on a whole lot of levels, and should never be done. If you use meth, expect to have to stop eventually, and I hope you have the willpower to avoid addiction, though few do.

There: Now you know what meth is, what it does, how it does it, how to use it, and the risks/reasons for each method. I hope this guide covered most all what's needed, but if you still have questions, go look at , and if you STILL have questions, ask here at BLTC or ask me personally; I'm Infrared (obviously), and my email is available to you upon request. This guide is only one guide, and thus you should procure information from other sources as well, and make sure you understand the degree of risk and are willing to accept said risk before you indulge in methamphetamine. Also note that the dosages presented are APPROXIMATELY what a non-tolerant 150-Lb. person would need, and thus you may have to adjust the dosage according to your dimensions. BE CONSERVATIVE! ALWAYS USE LESS BEFORE MORE!

Lady Crystal will be good to you if you're good to her. Abuse her, however, and your life, body and mind will become damaged beyond recognition. I've seen it, others have seen it, and perhaps even experienced it, and will tell you that this is not DARE propaganda or hyperbole, but TRUTH. All things considered, though: Be safe!

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Re: Methamphetamine: Just the Basic Facts by Infrared

Post by Helladamnleet » Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:00 pm

I must have always hit the reset button at the exact right time because I never had a problem making a ball last a week and a half.
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