translate Enso's Shake n Bake into german

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translate Enso's Shake n Bake into german

Post by thedexter23 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:00 am


years ago I translated a meth shake and bake tutorial from english into german. It was this tutorial by Lord Mighty.

This had some difficulties mostly because of the brands of household chemicals are used. I had to do much research about ingredients of all kind of america only products. But in the end I successfully translated and enhanced a short tutorial into a 14 pages guide to perform the shake and bake synthesis in german speaking countries. It featured everything from chemistry knowledge, how to get the pseudo and all the other chemicals, all preparations and the synthesis in detailed steps (optional gas method or water titration), optional purification and the full source. At the end I was able to perform this synthesis without problems.

Now, years later I am going to translate and enhance a new better version of the shake and bake synthesis - It's this one by Enso:
Shake n Bake METHod Enso’s Story 1.1

I am pretty finished with the whole translation and adaption for german-speaking countries. But there are a few questions left:
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Re: german version of Enso's Shake n Bake by thedexter23

Post by thedexter23 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:03 am

I always used Naphta (here in germany/austria called "Waschbenzin") instead of Diethylether, Hexane and other stuff. Enso uses Hexane and Diethylether as "fuel" in the reaction vessel. He uses Hexane for the crap the synthesis left behind (lithium and all other stuff). I used Naphta for everything: storing the lithium battery guts, as fuel in the reaction vessel and for dispose of the synthesis crap.
1): Can I use Naphta instead of diethylether and hexane?

Also Enso uses "CRC QD Electronics Cleaner" as source of hexane. But as I researched it I found the MSDS (material safety data sheet) and it says this product contains only 5 to 10% of hexane and other ingredients are naphta and oder solvents:
CRC QD Electronics Cleaner MSDS
So if this products is used, the hexane that is referred to in the synthesis guide is a mixture of many solvents because I don't think Enso extracted the hexane from all the other solvents. This questions don't matter that much because I am planning to use naphta instead but:
2) Is there an other "CRC QD Electronics Cleaner" which only contains hexane and which is used here?

Everytime I performed my "old" shake and bake method I had 2 AA Lithium batteries for reducing 2.4g of pseudo. Enso only uses 1 battery. So..
3) Is the .94g Lithium from 1 battery definitively enough to reduce 2.4g pseudo and the 2 batteries are way to much?

When filtering the solution (with the funnel, cotton balls, filters and MgS04) I always used fuel (naphta) to wet the whole filter setup before my solution gets through and after my solution was through i used fuel (naphta) to rinse everything of the honey out.
4) Why Enso does not do that and will it be a problem if I do it this way?

Enso says on step "Water washing the solution" that this step could be skipped if the meth is for i.V. use because the sulfur impurities will cause the "massive head rush" when injected. I am an i.V. user of meth so I personally will skip this step.
5) On the final (optional) step of recrystallisation with hot methanol to get big crystals - will there also be washed out these sulfur impurities?

I thought about the possibility of doing the shake and bake with the double amount of pseudo. So theoretic will it be possible to just double the amounts of the chemical ingredients and use a 1 liter soda stream bottle instead of a 0.5 liter soda stream bottle or will this cause problems? I am not planning to do that because 2.4g pseudo will yield an ideal amount of meth and doing this in a double sized reaction vessel seems to unnecessarily increase the risks.
6) But will it be possible? If yes what adaptions are to make?
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Re: german version of Enso's Shake n Bake by thedexter23

Post by thedexter23 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:09 am

a question is about this part:
3. Add about 100 ml of Ether and around 200 ml of hexane to a baggie.
4. Water Wash this Fuel Mix twice, and the transfer the fuel to the Soda Stream Bottle.
7) What exactly does "water wash" the fuel mix means?

It's logical that getting all the solvents anhydrous with MgSO4 (Epsom) is the more perfect way. On my old method I never used MgSO4 to get my naphta dry/anhydrous before the reaction and I had no problems.
8) What exactly is the benefit of getting the solvents fully anhydrous and what is the worst case of what could happen if I don't do this?

- - -

As said my translation to german is 99% complete and nearly all enhancements are done. I am in addition going to make illustrations for each step for the 1.1 version.

If anyone is interested in my german enhanced version of the shake and bake synth (the old one as well as the new one based on Enso's work) just say it and I will publish it here.

You can contact me direct via mail which you can find here:
Pastebin with my mail

greets from a german-speaking country

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Re: translate Enso's Shake n Bake into german

Post by Helladamnleet » Tue Sep 18, 2018 5:56 am

Thanks. This is all quite informative.

Welcome, by the way. You seem like a legitimate, smart addition to the community.
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