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Post by Enigma » Fri Mar 04, 2022 10:12 pm

I've been working my way back through Shameless after finding out they aired the series finale back in November, and I'm about to season 6 and having a weird nostalgia because I'm getting to the episodes that I remember watching last. I remember enough to kind of know what happens, but don't remember exactly how things got to those places, so it's kind of weird. I think I made it like half way through the 7th season in the original run, and the only real spoiler I know is that Fiona leaves at some point, but don't really know the why of it.

I'm actually kind of bummed out because Shameless was the first series I got really into from episode one during the original airing, and now it's over, and I feel like I failed it as a fan by not watching the last few seasons.

I highly recommend it to anyone into dramedy style TV shows, and it's a Showtime series, so you know they go the extra mile to make sure it's entertaining. I'm just super gutted it fell apart after the contacts came up for renewal and nervous to see how things played out and how they ended it, but I won't be there for another 6 weeks at the rate I'm working through episodes (an average of 1-2 episodes per night).
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