MDMA Survival Guide

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MDMA Survival Guide

Post by Enigma » Sat Mar 12, 2022 12:09 pm

Warning: [the author] is not legally responsible for what you do with harm reduction information. it is the reader's responsibility for knowing the laws of the place they live. Arrest, sickness or death can result from abuse or misuse if this information. You have been warned.

Based on anonymous conversation between a first time user's inquiries with an experienced Totsean.

Q: We are taking molly tonight for the first time. Do you have any tips?
A: Stay reasonable hydrated¹ pace yourself.

A little can go a long way if you don't know your tolerance for any given substance. If you're allergic to sassafras (or root beer, for US residents)², don't take it. It can lower inhibitions way more that alcohol if you get that effect from it³. It can cause teeth grinding in some people, so gum or something safe to chew on is a good idea⁴. Certain kinds of juices, especially citrus like OJ or Grapefruit, can heighten effects but also effect tolerance⁵

Sunglasses are great to have around if sensitivity to light becomes an issue⁶. Would strongly advise against taking benzos (as well as alcohol in excess) with it, I've seen another person have a bad experience that way⁷. If you have anything like Dancesafe around, or other free to cheap testing methods, that can be helpful⁸. Ecstasy data's website it now drugs data, same library of stuff, new url. It may or may not be relevant to what you're taking, their results are free for all to view, and their testing isn't cheap⁹.

1. Reasonably hydrated as in neither over or under hydrating.

[Under hydrating]

>Signs of hyperthermia, sweating too much because of MDMA use can include:
>Feeling very hot and nauseated
>Being confused, slurred and/or jumbled speech
>Higher than normal heart rate (even when resting)
>Not sweating despite physical activity due to dehydration
>Fainting spells, seizures/seizure like activity

[Over hydrating info]

>A lot of the time user's of MDMA often do not want to eat, due to it being an appetite suppressant.
>Salty snacks tend to be an effective option, but often unwanted option.
>While many userr find that sweet or salty sport drinks unappealing
>Other users actually prefer sport drinks (such as gatorade, powerade, propel, and others)
>These users often that say it's more thirst quenching than water, pre-measured amount in various sizes, and is often higher quality than available drinking water. ... ater.shtml ... ffects.jpg
Rest in peace
2. ... gy_testing


*At this point [author] hasn't finished citing sources due to a personal emergency.
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