Ready Player Two

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Das Troll
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Ready Player Two

Post by Das Troll » Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:06 am

Some of you may remember the love letter that Ernest Cline wrote to the pop culture in the 80s, Ready Player One. There wasn't much to this book besides a ton of pop culture references and a sort of copy of the 80s adventure trope where kids go out and save X by finding treasure, think Goonies. Ready Player Two should have been an easy jump from A to B, just move along in the time line. He did this but in such a horrid, bullshit way that it ruins the story. Don't get me wrong the bones of the story is solid and it's good, but it feels like his editor or publicist decided to force him to write in SJW virtue signaling nonsense. How do I know this you ask? Well if you take out all the times the characters reference to some sort of racial/homosexual/social injustice then the story wouldn't be changed in the slightest. As far as I can remember, he only mentioned something like this twice in his first novel and that was fine.

One of his real sins was making the characters from the first book utterly unlikable in the second book. They treat the main character like shit the entire book and I just find myself wishing that these characters would be killed off or that the main character would just tell them to stop being fucking cunts and shut the fuck up while he does all the work. I suggest skipping this load of fucking horse shit unless you get it for free.

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Re: Ready Player Two

Post by Enigma » Sat Dec 05, 2020 9:09 am

Huh, I'll have to check it out.
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Re: Ready Player Two

Post by bikrap » Thu Apr 07, 2022 1:19 am

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