How to be happy

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How to be happy

Post by Aub01 » Sat May 14, 2022 7:10 am

Before we start, most of the techniques here that will be mentioned are NLP and buddhist ways, let’s start


To explain this quickly, you must have a viewpoint, now once you have a viewpoint, if it’s negative make it positive, your friend left you? It’s better to have less, your wife is an ass? She isn’t her true her, onwards!


Now you have a bad memory right? Imagine that memory is on the palm of your hand, like a sphere, surround that memory with other happy memories and such, remember, you have a billion of memories that are better, think my friend


Building hobbies like hugging a pillow for relief, complimenting yourself in the mirror, having a doll to talk to, and such like that, do anything that helps you

Warning: i don’t recommend bad habits like smoking but if your gonna kill yourself, do at least bad habits that’ll save your life, they say bad habits are bad, but there are benefits and they’re huge in helping but will destroy your physical health


I’ll make it quick, get a bad memory, then make it funny or more pg kid friendly or like a cartoon


Self talk positively, after every negative event you self talk or self talk regularly


Now when you have a panic attack or psychosis breakdowns like me i want you to look at the environment, nothing there much right? Now think rationally, why would you be scared, your robbing a bank and none of the guards are alive so think rationally!


I’ll make this quick, say you fear heights, practice saying you like it or there’s a huge excitement to it, now you got it


you should be happy for the challenges, me? I’m on death sentence difficulty lol, that’s why i made this post, for people to be happy, i’ll be making more of these kind of posts for more people to be happy

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Re: How to be happy

Post by Enigma » Sat May 14, 2022 7:38 am

Good guide. You can also smoke hella weed
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Re: How to be happy

Post by Vega » Sat May 14, 2022 7:43 pm

I'll light up a bowl right now, Enigma.

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