The Steam Deck

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The Steam Deck

Post by Das Troll » Thu Aug 04, 2022 3:39 am

So I ordered this thing over a year ago by waiting for the count down to happen so I could spend 5 dollars just so I could have a chance to buy the 512GB Steam Deck for about 650 dollars. I wanted the best, the fastest, the most storage ect ect so I dropped the cash on it. You can go read reviews on it so I won't waste your time rehashing the obvious. Here are a few of my own observations.

1. Easy to set up. You already own the games (if you have a steam account) so you don't need to buy anything. Just download the games onto the steam and you can take them anywhere.
2. Steam verification is spotty. Have a favorite game? It may only sort of work or not at all if Steam has no data on it and haven't optimized the game for the deck.
3. It can get... warm. The more powerful the game, the more warm it tends to get. It seems to be best around 60fps if I remember correctly.
4. It is so so hackable. They didn't even try to keep people out of it. They knew what people were going to do and they basically all but gave the green light. You can even go into a desktop mode and download emulators from their file depo. You still have to find the roms, but that shouldn't be too hard for a internet wizard.
5. Find a steam deck dock. The official one isn't out yet, but they have a ton of other ones that even look like the official steam deck dock. I got mine from the Chinese, if you trust their tech. ... ag_organic It allows you to connect it to a TV or monitor much like the Nintendo switch does. It also has enough ports on the back to connect a blue tooth keyboard and official steam controller, assuming you have one. Looks like they don't sell it anymore? I will still get the official dock once it comes out though. This is a viable hold over.
6. It's a bit heavy, if you're a pussy. I keep hearing about how heavy it is and blah blah blah. Only stick armed little bitches can't hold this thing up. My dick weighs more than the Steam Deck.
7. Lastly they update the software a lot. They know people want this thing badly and they're working out kinks in their SteamOS (bit of a turd OS based on Linux).

My opinion: It's pretty good, worth the price as long as they don't ditch the support for it like they did with a bunch of their other hardware.

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