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King Con by Stephen J Carnell

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 11:23 am
by Enigma
Read this one a long time ago, and decided to give it another read after slogging through 'The Stand', and I remember it being.... better. I obviously have the epub version, which is absolutely riddled with spelling errors, which could be because of when it got converted to digital, but I somewhat question if that's the case because I didn't run into this at all with the King books I read.

The basic gist of the plot is notorious con man Beano X Bates accidently scams a mob boss who ends up beating him nearly to death in a parking lot, and DA Victoria "Tricky Vicky" Hart is trying to convict him until he kills the key witness who ends up being Beano's cousin, so Beano seeks out Victoria to get revenge for his cousin (I think her name is Carol?) death.

It's actually a pretty short book, and gets to the main action rather quickly then starts planting seeds of doubt that you can't really predict. I mean, obviously Beano and Vicky come out on top in the end, but the twists and turns are really the reason one reads a book.

All in all, it's not a terrible read, but it does hinge on practically cringey at some times.

Re: King Con by Stephen J Carnell

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2022 5:49 am
by Enigma
So I finished this book finally, and I don't remember the ending being so..... Bad. Basically they wrap up the entire book in the last 15-25 pages, and hit you with quite possibly the most cliche ending ever.

I won't spoil it because I do recommend reading it, but just keep in mind the ending might not be as crazy as you'd think given the rest of the book.

Would I watch it as a movie? Yeah.