Fonaplats' Majestic Monday

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big grin Fonaplats' Majestic Monday

Post by Fonaplats » Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:41 am

Good morning everyone.
Fonaplats here.

Boy, has it been a wild few weeks.
Everything has been going good in my life.
Im a little more broke and a lot more hateful.

But I am happy to be hateful because that means I am finally able to not focus on my own flaws so much.

I get respect at my job and I give respect too.
Learning a lot and moving up fast.
Can't wait for the keys.

I rode my bicycle to the liquor store and forgot it had no brakes.
I crashed into the side of the building and walked in all shaky and the owner was there who I have known for 17 or 18 years.
I used to go there and buy/steal candy and random stuff.
He knew who I was and accused me of being high.
I told him I was not high.
Asked for a 12 pack and he rang me up and took my card but before he gave me my card back he took a full 20 minutes to berate me and tell me what a fucking idiot I am/was for all the shit I pull.

The torsion spring on my garage door ripped out of the wall and I am busy with fixing that, putting up a swing set for my niece and working 40 hours a week.

I learned I was an alcoholic this weekend when I was home alone Saturday evening and could not quit thinking about alcohol and was feeling sick. (That is why I rode my bicycle to the liquor store)

I am healthier than ever and feel great!

I have been hesitant to start my Fonaplats' Daily Threads again because when I was on NIS it took up a considerable amount of time.

After being re-re-unpermabanned from and waiting for a week or 2 I finally have decided to start them up again.

My main reason is because I know I will not be sitting at my computer all day hitting the "Latest Threads" button because no one will post here anyways and its quieter than an abandoned library.

And I am meeting a fona-friend for a fona-fuck in the next couple weeks.
I am super excited about that.
Love you Candy <3

Well I got to go guys.
I need to poop now and wash my pants.

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Re: Fonaplats' Majestic Monday

Post by Fonaplats » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:57 pm

I had a really good day.
Before work my anxiety was driving me nuts but once I got to work and remembered I am not told what to do and I kinda just float around and do my own thing I felt like I entered back into my comfortable little world inhabited by friendly people (with less skills).
Now I am home.
I feel great.
Hope everyone has had a great day too.
I love you guys!

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