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How to get Free Food from Taco Bell

 kingoffrogs    20 Mar 2021
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( I don't condone the use of these methods, this is for education purposes to expose several flaws in the fast-food industry that are prevalent not only in my location, but at other locations and other chains.)

( I don't condone the use of these methods, this is for education purposes to expose several flaws in the fast-food industry that are prevalent not only in my location, but at other locations and other chains.)

Kind of funny, I'm typing this while getting ready to go work at Taco Bell.

Ok, here I'm gonna talk about how to get free shit from taco bell, some of these might apply to other fast-food places, but others might not. I know all of these methods from working there, and, at least at my location, they all work.
NOTE: pulling ANY of these tricks during rush hour (when the restaurant is busiest.) will greatly heighten your chance of success. for taco bell, rush hours are usually 5-8 pm and 12-3 pm, it can vary, however.


1: Counterfeit Caper

For our coupons, employees don't scan them or anything, we just rip them and put them in our drop-box. you can either snag some coupons and run (they'll probably be behind the register.) and then go to another location and use them, or you can make your own,
NOTE: for our coupons we use a special paper right now, not sure if it changes, but if you can snag a stack of these, you can go to another location and use coupons for 15$ of free food!
NOTE 2: Don't use more than 10 at once, it will make you look suspicious.

2: Ring-Ding-Ding!

Ok, this is easily the 2nd most reliable method, as it doesn't involve face-to-face interaction for the tricky parts. All you have to do is call-in to the restaurant and say that you had hair in your food or something along those lines (Don't call in saying that they missed something, sometimes they remember the food they make really well ngl.) The person on the phone will probably tell you that they are "sorry" and that you can get you're order redone or something like that. they will tell you their name and that when you come back to let the order-taker know that you spoke to (Employee's name). they will just tell you to pull around to the window, and presto! free food!
NOTE: Try to sound disgusted and disappointed
NOTE 2:don't directly ask for coupons or a remake or anything, their response will be to tell you how they will make up for their, "mistake".

3: The "Oops" method

Ok, for this method, all you need is an empty taco bell bag (get a 1$ item idk.) after you get the bag, wait a minute or 2 and then go back into the restaurant. walk up to the counter CONFIDENTLY and look the cashier straight in the eyes. tell them that you are missing an article of food, whether it be a cheese roll or a crunch wrap. they will probably make it for you.
NOTE: if they ask to see the receipt, bolt.
NOTE 2: if you walk in with a receipt for the food you just ordered, you can bluff with it. sometimes, the cashier won't even bother to read the receipt to see if you actually ordered the food you claim to be missing, they just assume that you are telling the truth and that the receipt is proof.
NOTE 3: you can order something, take it outside, plant a hair in it, and take it back in complaining that there was hair in your food. bam. this is much easier, but sometimes managers won't give.

4: Get the fuck out of my drive-thru!

This will vary depending on location and who's working, but what I am going to say next is the foundation for alot of these methods: THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU SPEND IN THE DRIVE-THRU IS TIMED. THE SHORTER THE AVERAGE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO GET SOMEONE OUT OF THE DRIVE-THRU, THE MORE MONEY THE MANAGERS GET.
For this method, you only need yourself (in a car works better.) come through the drive-through and only order a fountain drink(NOT A COFFEE NOT A FREEZIE NOT FOOD ONLY A SINGULAR FOUNTAIN DRINK.) they will probably tell you to pull around, and, if they need their average time to go down, they will give you it for free. This helps both parties, you get a free drink, and they get their Average car time at a lower number!
NOTE: the best chance you have for this to work is during rush hour.
NOTE: This can work if you are ordering inside, too. They'd have to be really busy though.

5: Dumpster Diving.
You won't find much doing this, unless you get in the dumpsters when they close, so probably around 1-3 AM. even then, what you get will be old or mushed in garbage bags.

Alright. laddies, i leave for work in 5, so Ill see you next time! :evil:

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