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Ant Man could not crawl up Thanos ass and kill him

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  • Ant Man could not crawl up Thanos ass and kill him

    I argue that the Mad Titans intestine and butt cheeks are so strong that it would crush Ant Man as he turned into Giant Man. With that said, I think it would be arguably worse. Ant Man would use his Pym particles to grow and get forced through Thanos digestive track (assuming he shares the same style as a human) until it came out his mouth and asshole with such force, it would spin him like a pinwheel. Thanos isn't but 8 foot tall, Giant Man is 109 feet tall, so he would be well over 100 tons. So Thanos would have 150 to 200 tons of bones, meat, organs, and skin shooting out of his mouth and ass at a fire hoses pressure. Would this kill Thanos? I don't think it would but he sure would wish he was dead.

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