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  • Fuck Elden Ring

    I've sank about 10 hours into the game so far and have gotten nowhere. It's constantly getting one-hit-killed by everything, always being way too under leveled, and is in general an extremely un-enjoyable experience that I don't wish upon anyone.

    There's no clear direction other than "follow the glittering light until you hit an unbeatable boss battle, sucker", no real opportunity to grind, and you can only raise stats 1 point per stat per level, so, say, you want to use a certain sword that requires 15 strength and you only have 7: guess what? You need to grind until you have like 7,000 gold to raise those 8 levels, and now you're woefully underpowered in every other stat category because of it.

    It's not even a pretty game either. I was lead to believe it was an extremely visually pleasing game, but the fact is it's really not.

    I gave it like a 4/10. It's playable, but only if you're a fucking masochist
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