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Trying out Stable Diffusion for the first time

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  • Trying out Stable Diffusion for the first time

    Over on the discord one of our most beloved members frequently shares images he's generated using Stable Diffusion, and I finally decided I wanted to join the fun and install it myself.

    Some things to note:
    • It DOES work with Windows, but possibly not as well. No MAC support though, but it's open source so anyone could port it I'd assume
    • It needs to be on the ROOT of the hard drive otherwise you might run into errors
    • It takes up a LOT of space just for the base program
    • It can be trained with a lot of patience
    • It can take a very long time to generate images sometimes.
    • From what I can tell, it prefers Nvidia cards, but MMV
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    Okay, so someone on the Discord turned me on to 'models' which give it for more strict guidance as to what kind of image you want it to generate, which also turned me on to 'Textual Inversions' which give it even MORE guidance (For example there's a bunch of celebrity Textual Inversions which will in a sense force it to generate that specific person using the prompts you gave it).

    One thing to note: it seems to do porn way better than anything else.
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