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Off-grid communications for the coming insurrection/zombie apocalypse

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  • Off-grid communications for the coming insurrection/zombie apocalypse

    While trying to find what actually interests me these days I've found myself diving down a rabbit-hole of pretty neat, IP-over-radio projects. Most use fairly cheap ESP32s or similar microcontrollers for LoRA.

    Consider a peaceful protest, under an authoritarian government and controlled tv/radio networks that responds with localised internet/mobile network shutdowns or just a major earthquake or other disaster that takes out power; How could people keep informed or organise to get help where it's needed?

    This one guy's built an interesting ultra-low-bandwidth/high-latency network stack, Reticulum, for secure mesh networks. There's a mobile app, Sideband, that connects to a radio using bluetooth/USB and allows text chat with end-to-end encryption over a meshnet of radio/internet Reticulum nodes. If you're unreachable, messages are re-transmitted later. You can also send a broadcast message.
    Albeit, with a 15 minute login, he managed SSH over a 15 mile radio link with two of these RNodes

    There's also Meshtastic, with similar encrypted text chat over LoRA meshnet. What could be especially fun to play around with is using it with a self-hosted ATAK or CIV ATAK server (a "situational awareness tool for tactical engagements").
    ATAK looks simple enough to add GPS trackers, tag a location with an rstp camera stream (internet needed to watch this, not just radio), or people even seem to use it with drones (military and toys) for waypoints/camera footage and guidance.
    ATAK+Meshtastic video

    Armachat's pretty cool too, for a pure chat device with built-in keyboard.

    Is there any similar tech that peaked some interest for you recently? Not necessarily radio, anything security/privacy/crypto.
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    FASCINATING. The idea of IP over radio has always been very interesting to me because of the eventuality of the world going to shit.
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      It's reassuring and a little concerning that open source tools for it seem to have come a really long way quite recently, but at least it'll be there when NK sends nukes for Christmas.


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        I think part of it is the fascination with off-the-grid living, but I've always tried to keep up on the tech because if shit ever hits the fan I think re-creating the internet is a key part of starting a civilization.

        Good to know I'm not stuck using dial up over CB radio
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          I got into ham because of my belief that one day all of this will go to shit and those with the right knowledge will be the ones that survive.


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            That's the same reason I want to get into HAM. The only downfall is it depends on other people being into HAM
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              Do you have any HAM gear/HAM License (if required in your country)?


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                Nah, I have nowhere to store that kind of shit, which is unfortunate because I'd like to have it.

                Hell, if I had it my way I'd have the HAM radio, a CB home station, a CB in every vehicle, and a hand held HAM in an emergency kit in every trunk
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