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Abductees / Contactees

Abductees from Wisconsin
 Aliens from other planets have spirited two Menasha women off to space at least seven times each in the past 11 years, according to the pair, who insist "We're not kooks."
Alt.Alien.Visitors: Frequently Asked Questions
 Alt.Alien.Visitors: The FAQ file
Contact of the Fourth Kind by Philip J. Imbrogno
 Over the past five years the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area have been the scene of a massive number of UFO sightings.
Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law
 On October 5, 1982, Dr. Brain T. Clifford of the Pentagon announced at a press conference ("The Star", New York, Oct. 5, 1982) that contact between U.S. citizens and extra-terrestrials or their vehicles is strictly illegal.
My Abduction by Extraterrestrials by Luc D'aubigne
 Back in the August of '87 I was abducted by extraterrestrials from the outskirts of Strasbourg and endured horrible experiments and sexual abuse by these malevolent creatures.
On The Creation of Humankind. by Edgar Wenfuller
 When Edgar was abducted by extraterrestrials he was given this message to transmit to the world, it is about how humankind was created.
Pedestrians exposed to radiation from UFO
 The following is a UFO report supplied by the National Research Council of Canada, a branch of the Canadian Government.
Recollection of Close Encounter by Bryon Smith
 Recollection of Close Encounter
Sex and the UFO
 It seems that sex is "rearing its ugly head" more and more in the flying saucer field, and the time has come for those of us who have been researchers in the field for over twenty years, covering all aspects, to speak out and clarify the situation.
UFOs and Mind Control
 This is a transcript of taped talk given by Martin Cannon via telephone to the UFO Contact Center International group meeting in 1988.
Warships Shot Down UFO
 U.S. warships patrolling Persian gulf shot down a UFO duringa battle with Saddam Hussein's troops during Operation Desert Storm
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