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Area 51 / Groom Lake / Roswell

22JUL95 S.F. Examiner Article About Roswell Crash
 That's the conclusion of a New Mexico physicist who says the strange object that crashed near Roswell in 1947 was not an alien craft, as many ? including "X-Files" fans believe, but an Air Force research balloon that he launched.
Air Force responce to FOIA query about Aquarius by
Air Force response to Aquarius claims
Area 51 - KLAS TV interview with Bob Lazar
 KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada has been airing a UFO special during the evening news which began on Monday dealing with the UFO mystery and cover-up.
Area 51 Closed?
Area 51: Secret test site - Part 1
Area 51: Secret test site - Part 2
Groom Lake Desert Rat 24
Groom Lake Desert Rat 25
Groom Lake Desert Rat 26
Groom Lake Desert Rat no 1.
Groom Lake Desert Rat no 2.
Groom Lake Desert Rat no 21.
Groom Lake Desert Rat no 22.
Groom Lake/Area 51 Security Manual by US Government
 The following may be the Air Force manual mentioned in recent news articles about the ongoing Groom Lake hazardous waste lawsuit. The plaintiff's lawyer, Jonathan Turley, says the Air Force is seeking to classify this previously unclassified document, and he fears that government officials may soon seize his files relating to the case as a result. This appears to be the first time that the government has sought to increase the security classification of an already-public document to prevent its introduction in a lawsuit against the government.
Info on the Roswell film on an alien autopsy filme
Interview with a 3- star general about UFO's
Military gravitational research?
PINE GAP: Area 51 in Austrailia
Possible Locations of Classified Military Facilities by Paul McGinnis
 I've been thinking about an interesting question lately -- are there other places that are as classified as the secret U.S. Air Force air base at Groom Lake, Nevada, and, if so, how would someone know where to start looking for such a place?
Report of UFO in Air Force test range
The Air Force Roswell Report
The Roswell UFO Testimony
The Testimony of Brazel, One of the Two Witnesses
The Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range
 The Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range (TPECR) is a substantial, but publicly little known, facility of the Nellis Complex. It's located on Pahute Mesa, about 3 miles northeast of Tolicha Peak, and about 2 miles north and slightly west of Quartz Mountain. It is at least 20 miles south of the southerly boundary of the Tonopah Test Range.
UFO may be stealth aircraft
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