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Fringe Science

A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting
 How to Catch a Lion in the Sahara Desert
A Hard Look at Intelligent Design by Meade Fischer
 Article takes on Intelligent Design as not scientific, and exposesthe semantics game proponents play to make it soundreasonable.
A New Theory of the Gravitational Force by Dali
 A unique theory of Gravity and the Gravitational force. This theory outlines the fundemental notion that gravity in itself is not a force but rather an effect. If this theory could be proven, it's law could result in the Grand Unified Theory of Science. Included are my thoughts on the constructs of the meta-universe and those relative implications.
A new quantum- physics twist on Zeno's paradox of m
A new twist on Cold Fusion - reproducible experime
A quick look at Andrei Sakharov's work
Acupuncture and Tai Chi
Admiral Bird's hidden diary and log. Reveals disco
After a bunch of babble about chaos theory, these
All about alchemy
Analysis of Keely's discoveries by Dr. Daniel Brin
Archaeological hoaxes?
Astro MetaPhysics and Thermodynamics in an Alternative Universe 1 by Mickey G
 Crazed ramblings of a seemingly normal, timid young man. These are the ones you need to watch out for...
Bay Area Skeptics Info Sheet #1
Bay Area Skeptics Newsletter - December 1989
Brain Bomb
 How to make a BRAIN BOMB to blow up the WORLD. All it takes is a little magick, monkey angels, urine and blood...
Brain Machine Interfaces by DARPA
 New materials and device design and fabrication methods that embody compliance and elastic principles, and that capture force dynamics that integrate with neural control commands
Build it yourself method to increase gas mileage b
Build the ultimate particle collider in YOUR solar
Can Sound Induce Orgasm?
 Psychoacoustics, as art and science, allows technology to create sounds that can either fool the brain into false perceptions of its environment or cause the brain to react on a subconscious level to what the ears perceive. But an area of psychoacoustics that has never been explored in any depth is that of sexual stimulus.
Cold fusion energy breakthrough
Cold fusion paper
Collisionless Shock Waves in interstellar matter,
Color theroy
Controlled generation of ball lightning
Critique of Nanotechnology: A Debate In Four Parts by Eric K. Drexler and Simson Garfinkel
 Nanotechnology is a mind set, an ideology, a way of solving big problems by thinking small - thinking very small. My first exposure to Nanotechnology was several years ago when I was a student at MIT.
Discourse on the likelihood of inventing a time ma
Don't have any hair, get this
Dr. Andrija Puharich's vibratory method of breakin
D?j? vu? A Reversible Multiverse by The Escherian Mind
 I want you to use your imagination. You do remember what that is, don’t you? It has been exemplified in Calvin and Hobbes, in the US television show Muppet Babies, and is the source of joy for every little kid who has an invisible friend named “Fred”, who mommy just sat on. Like a muscle, imagination atrophies like a muscle - if you don’t use it, it shrinks and becomes brittle, likely to snap if put to too strenuous a challenge...
Effects of Sleep Deprivation by Phlab
 This is a journal I wrote while undergoing 5 days of no sleep.
Electrochemically induced nuclear fusion of deuter
Elements, qualities, and humours. Science in the o
Experiment in time travel based on Einstein's theo
Extropian Principles
FAQ on Scientific Pantheism
GEnie messages about Scientific American, Creation
Genesis and the Big Bang: Can Science and the Bible agree? by Jonathan Ante
 I wrote this article to confound the ignorant morons out there who think that to believe in God is uncouth and dim-witted. I am prepared to challenge anyone with a half a brain to a duel to the death! This article will present an educated perspective that will force both the Christian and the Agnostic to consider all the evidence and not just their narrow point of view. The vast majority of my references were from skeptics and atheists alike. I wrote this in an attempt to remain unbiased till conclusions could be drawn in the end.
Genocide and Darwinism by Theodore D. Hall, Ph.D.
 Where did the "biomedical vision" of Hitler and his party originate? The primary sources were: Darwinian biology and evolutionary theory; Social Darwinism, the evangelistic dissemination of Darwinism; and a pseudo-science called "eugenics." In the first several decades of the twentieth century, eugenics was considered by many as humanity's best hope for the future.
Go insane answering these ponderances
Gravity, Wormholes and UFO's by Larry L. Burks
 What place in the universe is the force of gravity being produced? And by what particle? And in what way is the force being produced? Where is the source of the force?
HAARP - The Cold, Hard Facts by Biffnix
 Recently I heard about the U.S. Air Force's new "doomsday machine" called HAARP, for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. From what I understand, the Air Force plans to experiment with blowing a hole in our ionosphere by directing intense high-frequency radio waves at it from somewhere in Alaska...
Hard- wiring the brain
Healing wounds with microwaves and histamine
Hollow Earth Theories by Brian
 There are several Hollow Earth theories. The most prevalent one holds that there are great but hidden openings at both the North and South poles, and that it is possible to enter those holes. Some - including the respected Admiral Byrd - claimed to have entered those holes. According to the legends, other civilizations live within the Earth on it's inner surface, warmed and lit by an interior sun.
How Many Bytes in Human Memory? by Ralph C. Merkle
 Today it is commonplace to compare the human brain to a computer, and the human mind to a program running on that computer. Once seen as just a poetic metaphore, this viewpoint is now supported by most philosophers of human consciousness and most researchers in artificial intelligence. If we take this view literally, then just as we can ask how many megabytes of RAM a PC has we should be able to ask how many megabytes (or gigabytes, or terabytes, or whatever) of memory the human brain has.
How to Make Slime by L.E. Pirate
 ok..Practically everyone knows about that shit that's all slimy and gooey, and doesn't stick to anything? The "EVIL HOARDE SLIME" is one of the many brands. In our conquest to discover various ways of making this Gooey Shit (GS from now on), we came across what is closest to this stuff. Now let's make it...
How to go about reporting fireballs
How to tell if your head is about to blow up [Week
Human Engineered Earthquakes
Info on new type of heat pump
Information on Mineral Disintegration
Information on ancient applications of particle be
Information on the use of SASERs. Using resonant f
Information to help you grow hair for those going
Is the Universe computable?
Israel's secret magnetic weapon
John Keely's 40 laws - describes an alternative vi
Keely's theory of neutral center
Keely's vibratory physics
Kinetic Energy Weapons
Kirlian Photography
Larry Spring's Spherical Electromagnetic Quantum
Learn how to use your runes
Logos = Universal Algorithm by Russell E. Rierson
 Universal DNA
Man who reads records with his finger!
Mind and body relationships in healing
Mini- bio of Ernst Chladni: Keely used Chladni figu
Mom's recollections on electrotherapy
More on the Tachyon Field
Nanites in the 20th Century!
Nazi plasma weapons 1/2
New Perspectives for Unlimited Longevity by Tom Anderson
 Life extension and biotech science could have great implications on our lives and futures. This article answers the question: Can we be immortal?
New age thoughts and ideas
Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter by Dr. S. E. Jones
 We have observed deuteron-deuteron fusion at room temperature during low-voltage electrolytic infusion of deuterons into metallic titanium or palladium electrodes.
On reality: The Universe as a Hologram
Our Physics Connection
Outlaw Tech Journal beta #1
Patio Fusion
Pentagon Testing of Electronic Signal Weapons by Josie Stone
 It was reported by CNN and USA in 2001 that the Pentagon had been testing the use of electromagnetic signals for the purpose of crowd control. Having been an involuntary subject of that testing, I feel it necessary to warn others of the sympltoms that are manifested when this technology is utilized
Piri Reis maps indicating sophisticated flight and
Planet X by Mike Lewis
 Discusses the evidence for and against Planet X (Nibiru) the planet the Sumerians predicted would destroy Earth in 2003.
Plasma as an energy source - an article on HOT fus
Playing fast and loose with time: It's not quite i
Psi Energy/Bioplasma - The Fifth State Of Matter by Anonymous
 Using the results of these experiments, he suggests the existence of bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter.
Psychotronic Weapons: Myth or Reality? by Lt Col V. Pavlychev
 People with extrasensory perception were used to detect enemy troop and armament concentration areas and also to search for hostages. A special program of the U.S. Navy was mentioned, with the code name Aquarius, during which "clairvoyants" supposedly helped "locate" Soviet submarines.
Quantum Holonomy
Quantum Magic - what is reality?
Quantum magic: Reality described by quantum mechan
Quick reference for medicinal herbs
Real Life Death Rays
Relativity and the Physical Universe
Review & Outlook: Post- relativistic concepts in Ph
Review & Outlook: Post- relativistic concepts in Ph
Review & Outlook: Post- relativistic concepts in Ph
Safer Nuclear Reactors: Dare we build them?
Scanning Masers for Information Retrieval
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence
Self Healing
Several Looooooong messages on Cold Fusion
Short article on 570% efficient engine
Solar energy primer
Some background on the Nazi method of converting c
Something about cold fusion. Interesting
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Spontaneous combustion info
Still MORE on the Tachyon Field
Still more on reproducible Cold Fusion experiments
Stones of Fire and Pre- Adamite Civilizations
Storing energy in massive underground rings
Text on the legendary lost continent of Atlantis
Text questioning Dr. Ronald Crowley on Parapsychol
The Art of Vampyrism
The Brethren of the Free Spirit - divine amorality by Paul Harrison
 A history of pantheism and scientific pantheism.
The Credo of Scientific Pantheism
The Death of Cold Fusion research in the U.S
The Dubious Pleasure of Discovering the Fundamenta
The Enigmas of Physics and the Beast of the Apocal
The Experiment of Existance
The Future is Biological by Paul Hughes
 Our biosphere is the most complex system in the known universe, a product of self-organization and natural selection. Although we haven't found any others yet, I suspect our universe contains an unlimited number of complex systems equaling or exceeding our own.
The Genesis Factor by George Merkl
The Greatest Terrorist Target In The United States by David Healy
 A description of the greatest Terrorist Target In the United States Of America. If you find this interesting, you should check out my web site.
The Magnetic- Field Menace
The Mark of the Beast: 666, Bar Codes and Microchi
The Meaning of Life by Sam Khanbhai
 Theory of Dimensions as Information Subsystems
The Moray Radiant Energy Device
The New Physics and the Anthropic Connection
The Principles of Scientific Pantheism
The Revelations Syndrome by The notifier
  World to end ??? How I believe Atlantis sank plus countless other ancient cities during a previous Earth flip and soon will rise again with the impending flip!
The Secrets of the Neolithic Revolution by Gearoid Carey
 The Neolithic revolution occurred ten thousand years ago with the invention of aggriculture. It was the start of civilisation. This article shows why it was also the start of the cultural/organisational pathology presently occuring in the human species.
The Tachyon field
The Tevatron particle collider
The Void Theory
The World is Flat by Fuck
 The times are changing and more and more paranormal events are taking place in the world. According to science some of these things have been proven. Although, The fear and doubt of human beings are retarding their evolution. Just remember, the same skeptical people believed the world was flat.
The X- Ray Riddle: Cosmic background radiation is s
The capture of Antimatter
The cosmology and historical interpretations of Im
The hoopla paper - only in Utah
The illusion of motion [cDc]
The right beam for the job
The risks of revolutionary science
The secret of the Faraday disc by Bruce DePalma
The strangest Fortean events of 1994
The theory of Fascist Metabolism
The universal hologram - Part 1
The universal hologram - Part 2
Theory and Formula of Aqueous Disintergration
Time Travel: A Discussion by Howard Ullman
 Time Travel and the problems associated with it.
Time Travel: My Attempt by LoHIOff
 Time travel is a very complex and unmistakably hard to understand and work with topic, it is nothing like the talked about in books and movies of the simplicity like as displayed in the Back to the Future series of movies.
Timothy Leary on SKIPI
Transcription of Terrence McKenna's Alien Dreamtim
Treatise on Dimensional Physics by Ian Pinsker
 A short shower-induced treatise on the 8 dimensions, as I see them.
Ultrasonic machine tools
Vampires on My Street
Why did the Dinosaurs disappear? Asteroid theory d
Your Horoscope
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