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Artistic Endeavors

These people may not know anything about Art, but they know what they like.

Almost Invisible Art by Martin Knutsen
 AIA is Art made for the sake of its own, without any explanation or excuses. AIA does not seek publicity and is not made for the sake of money. AIA is experiemental in its approach, and seeks to approach complexity in its own terms. AIA is about Action, notRe-Action, the Self of the Artist having Control over the production, working with hirself and others. AIA seeks to play with the idea of Invisibility.
An Introduction to Graffiti by cross-one
 It takes about 2 years of nonstop everyday filling all your notebooks with tags until you can even think about not being a toy. Toy is tagger slang for someone who doesn't know shit, or a poser. We also don't call ourselves taggers, we call ourselves writers.
Blessing by Princess Erlymnya
 A sick poem I wrote about my ex. It describes how i miss him and the things he used to do to me (even the insane shit)and how i'd do anything to get him back. I have the kind of love for him where he makes me feel happy and like shit at the same time.
Description of an Event by Survival Research Labs by Rusty
 Wayne and Vince (aka the Flame Thrower guy) were there already in their Bright Orange Jump Suits(tm). (Wayne, Andrea and I had come by earlier while they were setting up but we all left to take care of things, Vince had been there almost since Saturday Night)
How To Get Someone To Watch Your Amateur Film by lewb
 If you are an amateur film maker and you want people to watch your film -- check this out!
Information on the Industrial Dude Ranch by Steve Michel
 Computers are our Horses and The Mind Is our Weapon!
Lightwave 3D FAQ by Michael B. Comet
 This is the Frequently Asked Questions posting for the Lightwave 3D Mailing list and Newsgroup. This posting is sent every so often to answer general questions that users of the 3D rendering software, Lightwave 3D by NewTek may have. It is aimed toward all users, especially newcomers to the program.
More on the Industrial Dude Ranch by Steve Michel
 As you know (or may not) a lot has happened since I last spoke months ago: Walls have crumbled, Tyranies are falling and presently Corporate America is undergoing changes... Shit continues to hit the fan
Tattoo machine, how to make one, cheap, easy by Konradus Maximus Us Amillion
 Bored?, to young?, wanna do something cool?, then read this article about how to cheaply, easily and quickly make a tattoo machine, very good if you wanna make some extra cash in prison.
The When, Where, and How of Model Releases
 Getting a model release is a simple thing AND it will keep your ass from getting sued for being a retard. (Includes sample model release form.)
Want to be a DISNEY Animator? Read THIS! by Tammy Jackson
 A list of all sorts of organizations, companies, and schools that work with animators.
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