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But Can You Dance to It?

William Congreve once said that "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." Obviously this was in time before there were amplifiers.

'bah.music Opinions on likes and dislikes in the m
(LYRICS) Metallica, Enter Sandman
(LYRICS) Slayer, Live Undead
(LYRICS) Slayer, Spill The Blood
(LYRICS) The Misfits
4AD Gothic Music Label listing
A *COMPLETE* discography of nine inch nails. Every
A Brief History of Banned Music in the U.S.
 Ozzy Osbourne is forbidden from performing in San Antonio, Texas, after he is arrested for urinating on the Alamo. Osbourne's various legal troubles also prevent him from playing in several other cities, including Boston, Baton Rouge, Corpus Christi, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia and Scranton, Pennsylvania.
A Compleat Beatles Discography
A Few of My Favorite Drugs by Jeff Hunter
 Methadone, quaaludes, powder blue poppers, Acid taken in sheets and eye droppers, 200 proof liquids consumed in one glug, These are a few of my favorite drugs.
A Michael Jackson synopsis
A Sociological Examination of Heavy Metal Fanship and Suicide by Kent Axlander
 Heavy Metal music does address the issues of depression, loneliness, and even suicide in many cases, but there is no proof whatsoever that proves that Heavy Metal music creates these emotions and initiates actions in people.
A collection of deranged poems
A collection of random poems
A faq on ska music
A funny song about beastilism from Brit author Ter
A giant list of Nirvana bootlegs
A list of German gothic albums
A physics poem
A really trippy poem about addictions
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Adolescence by Tripp
 A poem I wrote in history class on drugs and psychiatry.
Album Reviews: Alice Cooper
Album Reviews: Colin James, Styx
Album Reviews: Damn Yankees
Album Reviews: Jeff Healey, King Crimson
Album Reviews: Kim Mitchell, Ronnie Montrose
Album Reviews: T.O. band The Partland Brothers
An Interview With The Band COIL
An interview with Blur's producer about Blur's upc
An owed to our better halfs
Angry Candy - Some of my poetry
Animals, by Pink Floyd
Another Goddess poem
Article by Genesis P- Orridge (Psychic TV) on pract
Ask yourself, why by Shiznit Skitzafrantic
 Poem about a girl, and her troubles with her boyfriend and his alcohol problem.
Back off Woman by Scartissue
 A short poem about an obsessed woman.
Basics of playing guitar
Beaming Dream, a poem by Tequila Willy (cDc)
Beatles Lyrics (w/ACID references)
Beavis and Butthead, pretty cool song that Butthea
Ben Weasel Skate Report (skate thrash review)
Bipolar Poem by med
 A bit nuts, i was in a mixed mood when i wrote this and mymood died down at the last line or two of the poem.
Bono on God & ACHTUNG BABY (1993)
Broken, a poem by Jester
Cabaret Voltaire Discography
Call it Dark Side of the Rainbow. Classic rockers
Capitol's Skinny Puppy arrested in an alleged vivi
Chasing U2
Chaucer's Miller's Tale- Adults Only
Christmas at Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic
Civil War Song Book
 Songs from the Civil War.
Computers and Music by Robert A. Moog
 Robert A. Moog is the inventor of the practical music synthesizer and president of Big Briar, Inc., a Leicester, North Carolina, firm specializing in the design of custom electronic instruments.
Contains all lyrics to Wierd Al's albums: Off the
Cosmic Debris Musician Magazine Dec. 1995 Vancouve
Crosley Bendix Discusses the U.S. Copyright Act
Cut- ups self- explained by Brion Gysin
Damage Inc. by Metallica.
Dark Side of the Moon lyrics
Dark poems
Dayglo Abortions: Feed us Fetus
 Lyrics to all of the songs on the Dayglo Abortions "Feed us Fetus" album.
Dead II: A musical in 5 parts
Dead Kennedys- Give Me Convenience [cDc]
Deranged poem about a forest fire and gerbils
Diabolus in Musica by David Cherubim
 Diabolus in Musica is Latin for the Devil in Music, and it is a name for the mysterious Tritone (tritonus), the interval of the augmented fourth or diminished fifth (also called the tritonic fourth and tritonic fifth), which spans three (whole) tones.
Do YOU hate New Kids On The Block?
Dread Zeppelin
Dropping Out in Style by Elijah
 An open form poem expressing a student's anger towards America's public school system.
Email adresses and usegroups for tons of musicians
Entertaining interview with Kathleen Hanna, lead s
Eternal Darkness by katie
 a dark poem about the coming of death in dreams
Evil poetry from cDc
Excerpts from Frank Zappa's Z- Pack
FAQ about the alt.music.alternative on the interne
Fair Use by Negativland
Favorite Things , the alt.tasteless theme song. D
Fractal (Algorithm- Generated) Music
Free verse poem about the October quake
Front 242 8x10 article
George's Christmas Carol by Anearfull
 Sing to the tune of "Must Be Santa".
Ghosts in the Machine
Grateful Dead profile
Greatful Dead lyrics
Grindcore: An introduction to the most extreme for
Guitar Tablature for NIN's _A Warm Place_ off of D
Guitar Tablature: How To Read It by Yngwie
 It's easy once you know what you're doing.
Hardcode album reviews (cDc)
Hardcore Dancing FAQ by xantagonistx
 A guide to the crowd activities of modern hardcore shows.
Hate- rant poem about college boys
Heart beat [poem]
Heavy Metal: The Unsuppressable Voice of Truth
Helmet Interview [cDc]
How to Sing the Blues, by Uncle Plunky
How to Write a Song by eprime
 I've only written a few songs in my life but there are way too many crappy songs out there and if children are our future then here's a guide to help you not to make over-produced bullshit.
How to get Grateful Dead tickets
I Believe, a poem by Jester
I Raped You Last Night. Weren't You Aware? by sift
 A poem about someone raping someone else while they slept.
Info on no Grateful Dead in the director's cut of
Interview with Skinny Puppy
Interview with They Might Be Giants (Throttle)
Introducing Tha Baud Boyz! by Pavement
 So, the rap "color barrier" has been broken. That got me thinking. Can it be long before computer geek rappers get played on MTV and the radio?
Iron Maiden FAQ
Issue #1 of PTV4UNE, the official Psychic TV ezine
Jazz improvisation primer
Judas Priest's Subliminal Suicide Trial
Leah Sublime [poem]
Led Zeppelin - House of the Holy ALBUM
Led Zeppelin - III ALBUM
Led Zeppelin - IV ALBUM
Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti ALBUM
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin Report
Lots of Cure Lyrics
Lyrics for Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia
Lyrics for Front 242 songs
Lyrics for Two Princes by Spin Doctors
Lyrics from Led Zeppelin 1
Lyrics from Led Zeppelin 2
Lyrics from Meat Beat Manifesto
Lyrics from a McKenna/Shamen song
Lyrics to 2 new Weird Al songs- Gump (Lump) and Ami
Lyrics to A Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd
Lyrics to Appetite for Destruction by Guns 'n Ro
Lyrics to Brain Damage by Pink Floyd
Lyrics to Brujeria Songs by Jose "Archeoptrix" Macall
 Raza Odiada, Brujerizmo, and Mextremists; translated. This is Death Metal in Spanish. I know this isn't perfect, but it was pretty good try I'd say.
Lyrics to Cannibal Corpse
Lyrics to Caress of Steel by Rush
Lyrics to Chronicals by Rush
Lyrics to Dear Momma by 2Pac Shakur
Lyrics to Distant Early Warning by Rush
Lyrics to Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
Lyrics to Fish Heads by Barnes and Barnes
Lyrics to Green Day's Dookie
Lyrics to Greenday's Dookie
Lyrics to I Feel Ya by Scarface
Lyrics to I'm A Player by Too $hort
Lyrics to I'm Black by Scarface
Lyrics to Justify My Love (Lenny Kravitz and Mad
Lyrics to Kill em' All by Metallica
Lyrics to Lay All Your Love On Me by Information
Lyrics to Motorbreath by Metallica
Lyrics to Murder Avenue by Geto Boys
Lyrics to Pearl Jam song Black
Lyrics to Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason
Lyrics to Rancid's first album (Rancid)
Lyrics to Rush - Fly by Night
Lyrics to Sex by Berlin
Lyrics to Six Feet Deep by Geto Boys
Lyrics to Straight Gansterism by Geto Boys
Lyrics to Terrible Lie by Nine Inch Nails
Lyrics to Time by Pink Floyd
Lyrics to Today Was A Good Day by Ice Cube
Lyrics to We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
Lyrics to Weird Al's Smells Like Nirvana
Lyrics to all songs on Pink Floyd's Meddle
Lyrics to every REM song, from the 1st album to 'O
Lyrics to the Cure's Killing an Arab
Megadeth's Dawn Patrol
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Metallica's CDs '83- '91 lyrics
Metallica's Dyers Eve
Metallica- Master of Puppets lyrics [cDc]
Ministry Discography. Neat- oo
Ministry biography
More Lyrics from Wierd Al's third album!
More poems
Most of the political- punk lyrics from this band E
Music from Top Gun - Danger Zone by Kenny Loggin
My Life... by Zack Pulver
 Written after a huge mental breakdown.
Nazi Home on the Range (song)
Negativland's Fair Use... Based on what happened t
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails Discography (off the net)
Nitzer Ebb lyrics
Nitzer Ebb: Analog synths and ambient samples put
Nothing to Show For by seven sinner
 This poem I wrote at a time when I was abusing every pill under the sun and I would go on these writing stints. It began as writing about someone I had once known, but the next day when my mind was not so clouded I re-read what I had wrote and it turned out the person was me.
Obsidian Beauty by Adam "Hex" Hansen
 A short little poem I wrote awhile ago under the handle Hex of Rockford. It's essentially about human's destructive nature not being a hinderance to nature, but a part of it as we just add another cause to matter changing from one form to another. This is edited slightly from the original to fix a couple of typos.
Oh How I Love To Love My Heather by Bud The Budwierser Person and Sir Death
 Oooh wee, I love my sweet thang. Oh I love to love my Heather. I love to love my Heather more than I love my pickup, houndogs and beer all put together.
PC HALLOWEEN poem to the tune of The Raven by
Pick Up by Maru Dubshinki
 Being a short description and sampler thereof, the T'ang Dynasty Chinese Poet Pick Up.
Pink Floyd - The Wall lyrics
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here lyrics
Poem about impressions
Poem by Henry Rollins about Madonna
Poems and more poems
Poems from Jester
Psycick TV Discography (snatched off the net)
Quotes from Albert Einstein
Quotes from The Smiths
REM Lyrics
RIAA Membership List by Vindicatus
 A complete list of all of the record companies that are members of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
RUSH - Lyrics to HEMISPHERES. (1978) Full info on
Residents Discography 2.6
Reviews of various hardcore bands (cDc)
Revolting Cocks biography
Ridiculous claims from the PMRC
Robert Dylans, Blowin' in the Wind
Rocky Horror Picture Show lyrics
Rocky Horror Picture Show lyrics
Ronnie James Dio
Rules for stage diving - Can you score 30 points?
Rush - 2112
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
Rush - Grace Under Pressure
Rush - Hemispheres
Rush - Moving Pictures
Rush - Moving Pictures
Rush - Permanent Waves
Rush - Power Windows
Rush - Presto
Rush - Rush
Rush - Signals
Sheet music for Folk Implosion
Sick poetry from cDc
Smiths' mottos
Some bio and info on The Bangles
Some cool lyrics to 5 Satuday Night Live songs (th
Song of the Usenet newbie. Very good. Really, trus
Star Trek poem
Story from Information Society - Peace and Love, I
Strange Days, by the Doors
Strange poem about the Floob people
Suicidal Tendencies- Join the Army [cDc]
Sunshine Pills by Alex Charsky
 A poem about benzodiazepines.
Tablature of Johnny Be Goode by Chuck Berry
Test your rock n' roll knowledge
Text file on the Gothic philosophy
The Boy who Couldn't Sleep by Liam Sullivan
 This is a poem about my elder cousin who used a lot of drugs and now suffers from schizophrenia, he is 28. Coco was his younger sisters horse. He now lives in a sea side town in the south of england.
The Cult Of Knowledge by TheSellOut
 A poem about blind faith.
The Cure, 17 seconds album lyrics
The Decline by NOFX
 Just a little background information, this song took NOFX 6 months to produce. NOFX have been around for almost 20 years and despite a number of lineup changes, their music is always genuine. Along with the usual fare of punk songs, NOFX tackle a lot of political situations, and this song, which was made at the turning of the millenium was to express all the evils in the world. It runs for around 18 minutes, but its really a lot of littler songs all just linked together as one song.
The Decline of Society Through Pop Culture by Anarchy476
 A brief summary of the past 30 years of rock and roll music, its influence, and how the past 10 years have taken a drastic turn, explaining the problems it inflicts upon society.
The Doors discography
The End by Jim Morisson
 Lyrics to the Song by the Doors entitled The End
The Hafler Trio Discography (THIS is the band Bob
The History of the BBS User: A musical in 5 parts
The Internal Life [POEM]
The Mentors- Up the Dose (lyrics) [cDc]
The Pink Floyd Phile
The Software Hillbillies (Funny song that's sung t
The Stars and Stripes of Corruption - Song by the
The Stone Age - Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
The Techno Revolution
The chords to Nirvana's About a Girl
The complete lyrics to Iron Maiden's Charlot the H
The latest version of the Nine Inch Nails FAQ
The lyric's for most every iron maiden song
The lyrics for two Jane's Addiction Songs
The lyrics to Aerosmith's Amazing
The lyrics to Front 242's F U C K Up Evil
The lyrics to Will Smith's Men In Black
The most frequently asked questions about Nine Inc
The words from Nirvana's Nevermind
These are the tabs for Blind Melon's No Rain son
This is the lyrics to EAZYE's REAL MUTHA****'in G
Those wacky Revolting Cocks!
Throbbing Gristle Discography
Tool Video Description
 I have seen the Tool videos and here is my opinion on what they are about. Each video takes place in a different room, each room exists in your mind. How Maynard came to see these rooms is something I do not know. Also I do believe Tool greatly affects the mental perception of yourself and others in your mind.
Tool, and Why They're Not Evil by Paulo Gomes
 This article is written to clear up some misconceptions that a previous article submitted to totse had in it. Tool is singing about eastern religions and metaphysics. They're not evil, or "false prophets" except from a close minded point of view
Trading Bootleg Concert Tapes by Booger. Wanna tra
Tunings! by crow4523 & Chuckie
 Ever wondered "Hey, how do I tune this vihuela?" Heres the answer!
U2's Mysterious Way's from Achtung
Uses of Various Psychedelics in Writing Music by Author
 This report is written as novelty and for the sake of wierd knowledge. Sobriety, study, meditation, physical and mental health, practice, and eagerness are always the best tools for writing widely enriching or appealing music.
Vivi Sect VI - Skinny Puppy
Why Are Straight Edgers Such Dicks? by Jim Testa (
Will Gnuttella get Morpheus Back on Track? by John Borland
 A glitch this week that locked millions of people out of the most popular file-trading network since Napster's fall is raising new questions about the future of the Net's free-music bonanza.
Wish You Where Here, by Pink Floyd
Worst 100 singles of the past 25 years
cDc Core #7 Original Music Reviews by The Pusher
cDc code #8: original music reviews [cDc]
cDc core #6: original album reviews [cDc]
depeche mode music catalog
kurt.is.DEAD, the one shot net zine' edited by Tho
winter frost by senecablood
 Verse that explores the idea of personal hell.
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