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Cult of the Dead Cow

Before the cDc became a hacker's guild, churning out software such as Back Orifice, they were a text file authoring group, churning out more text files than any group that came before. Here is a collection of those text files, collected over many years, a labor of love.

A Child's Garden of Curses by Lady Carolin
A Day in the Life of Debbie G1bs0n by The Madwoma
A Visit to the Slaughterhouse by Transderm- Nitro
ANSI pictures of C0Ws - M000!
About a Boy by Franken Gibe. Mr. Gibe ponders a
Accessory by Orion. More real- life bad- business,
Alvin Harper, Teen Killer by Krass Katt. True ac
Amazingly True Things #2 by Swamp Ratte'
Better, Stronger, Faster by Omega & White Knight
Big Ol' Heaping Pile of Shit by Suicidal Maniac
Bovine Death (cDc)
CDC #281: President Reagan by Reid Fleming
CDC #283: Possibilities by Obscure Images
CDC #284: Sanford's Calico by James Cazamias
CDC #289: Can there be Artificial Intelligence?
Caught in the Spotlight by Peder Ast. He's naked
Chicken Hawk by Mark E. Dassad. Oh boy. Here's a
Clubbing by Xibo (Mr. Coates)
Condors, Ganja, Rah Rah Rah! by Clifton Royston &
Curious Lack of Vigor by Clench. Three crazy peo
Desert Road Dick Disaster by Lady Carolin & Renee
Dumb and Isolated by Franken Gibe. Autobiographi
Easy Rider II by Erik
 Yes, I remember the day she came rolling into town on her '54 panhead. The staccato of the bluish exhaust pipes piercing an otherwise tranquil morning. Much like the brass rings piercing her exposed nipples, which poked defiantly through her patent leather halter...
Eye- r0N- EE by Swamp Ratte'. This one's interesti
F23 by Obscure Images
Fecal George by David Humphrey. Another blech o
Fred, the Boy Everyone Hated by Allen Williams
Goodnight, Benjamin by Tequila Willy. Spooky, za
Hammers by Obscure Images. The ultimate industri
Helmet Interview: July 17, 1992 by G.A. Ellsworth
How to Break the Law by Anonymous
Hung Like a Horse by Krass Katt. Blech. Weird, k
Hybrid Vigor by Curtis Yarvin
ISDN: Fucking the Vacuum Cleaner Attachments by R
Info on cDc
Interview with Barbie by Clench. Barbie's got he
Interview with Greta Shred by Reid Fleming. Reid
Joseph Smith: Man, Yes; Myth, Maybe; Prophet, NEV
Life in General by Video Vindicator
Life in Wartime by The Deth Vegetable
List of cDc Text File Distribution Sites
Mall Death by Snarfblat. Story about a Dumb Girl
MaxiSpak Banana by R.M. Wood. It's about a new v
Me As TV by Franken Gibe
Mess o' Top Ten Lists by The Death Vegetable & I
Monster Jennifer, or Celibacy Can Kill You by Ome
My Shit, and How to Strangle It by Tequila Willy
One Wrong Move
Prophile: Future History by THE NIGHTSTALKER. It
RUSH TO JUDGEMENT - Why the World Won't End in Se
Sebadoh Interview: March 3, 1992 by G.A. Ellswort
Sickness by Franken Gibe
Simple Cryptology by Dave Ferret
Slowing by Tom Fawcett. Story about the time- com
Smurf Impalement by Tequila Willy
Somethin' by Franken Gibe
Spontaneous Combustion and the Aryan Parade by F
Sunday Night Inside the Net by Obscure Images
Tequila Willy's Position Paper by Reid Fleming &
That Which Strikes Terror Into the Hearts of Men
The 2:00 O'Clock Bus by Tequila Willy &
The B!G Envelope Stuffing Scam by Hanover Fiste
The Bird by Obscure Images
The Bishop by Curtis Yarvin. Father McKenzie, w
The Book of Cow (cDc)
The Briefing by Reid Fleming
The Evil Truth About Peter Pan by Lady Carolin
The False Prophets by Lady Carolin. It's kind of
The Fart of War by Havok Halcyon
The HoHoCon 1993 Experience by Count Zero. All e
The Krill File by O.H. Krill
The Media and Campaign 1992 by Lewis & Morgan
The Power of Art by THE NIGHTSTALKER
The bovine epic of creation (cDc)
The cow chronicles (cDc)
Time out for Pop by Malcolm D. Moore. Sad accoun
Truckin' an' Fuckin' by Omega
Vegas, 1976 by Mad Mac. Snortin' coke and jackin
What Color Is the Sky in Your World? by Tequila
_Beverly Hills 90210_ as Nostalgia Television by
cDc 001: Gerbil Feed Bomb
cDc 002: Wizardry Docs
cDc 003: Wizardry Spells
cDc 004: Rescue Raiders Docs
cDc 005: Renegade Cows
cDc 006: Assembly Fun
cDc 007: Slow Death
cDc 008: Book of Cow
cDc 009: Society Sucks
cDc 010: P.E.A.C.E.
cDc 011: Suicidal Tendencies - Join the Army (lyrics)
cDc 012: Metallica- Master of Puppets (lyrics)
cDc 013: NPA List
cDc 014: UNIX Bible
cDc 015: Yellow Pages Vol.I
cDc 016: A Fucked Life
cDc 017: Gnu Christmas Story
cDc 018: Bunny Lust
cDc 019: The Cat in the Hat
cDc 020: Green Eggs & Ham
cDc 021: The Cold Truth
cDc 022: How to Card Shit, When You Live With Your 'rents
cDc 023: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
cDc 024: EZ Destruction
cDc 025: Method of Destruction - USA for MOD (lyrics)
cDc 026: The Phone Sex Scandal
cDc 027: Frankie's Fireside Phreak Primer
cDc 028: Yellow Pages Vol.II
cDc 029: Cow Chronicles #1
cDc 030: The Bovine Epic of Creation
cDc 031: A Feature on MONEY - Today's Monster
cDc 032: Dirty Rotten Imbeciles- Crossover (lyrics)
cDc 033: Fun With Traffic Lights
cDc 034: Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience...(lyrics)
cDc 035: Scarfing
cDc 036: On BLACK FLAG?
cDc 037: A Few Good Songs off of Eat Your Paisley
cDc 038: Area Code and Time Zone List
cDc 039: Fuck The World
cDc 040: Sex With Satan (dist.)
cDc 041: The Mentors- Up the Dose (lyrics)
cDc 042: Apple Shape Tables
cDc 043: Metallica- Kill 'Em All (lyrics)
cDc 044: Mail Fraud
cDc 045: Beaming Dream: a poem
cDc 046: Fun With Small Animals and Other Household Pets
cDc 047: Hacking Into Hell
cDc 048: Evil Poetry: Vol. I
cDc 049: The Queen is Dead: a poem
cDc 050: The Song of the Cow: a poem
cDc 051: The Day My Kid Turned Punk
cDc 052: Cross Of Iron 1.1
cDc 053: Cross Of Iron 1.2
cDc 054: Cross Of Iron 1.3
cDc 055: About Cross Of Iron #1
cDc 056: The Prophecy of Cow
cDc 057: History of the Bovinomicon
cDc 058: The Nameless Pasture
cDc 059: Interview With Neo-Nazi 'Ausderau'
cDc 060: Megadeth - so far, so good... so what! (lyrics)
cDc 061: Bovine Death
cDc 062: Scotty's Tale of Sex and Death
cDc 063: Sesame St. Possession
cDc 064: Death Angel- Frolic through the park (lyrics)
cDc 065: Agnostic Front- Liberty & Justice For...(lyrics)
cDc 066: Dayglo Abortions- here today guano tomorrow lyrics)
cDc 067: Thrasher's Metallica Interview Part 1
cDc 068: Thrasher's Metallica Interview Part 2
cDc 069: Testament- The New Order (lyrics)
cDc 070: The cDc compilation: volume one (Apple II/2 sides)
cDc 071: The *ONLY* Way To Get Telenet Thingies
cDc 072: Toxik- World Circus (lyrics) (dist.)
cDc 073: Visions From The Last Crusade
cDc 074: The Camping Trip
cDc 075: Metallica- ...And Justice For All (lyrics)
cDc 076: Institutionalized
cDc 077: Held Captive
cDc 078: Danzig (lryics)
cDc 079: The True Story of Cult of the Dead Cow
cDc 080: ...a Slayer kind of day?
cDc 081: Trail of Blood
cDc 082: Geek: The Saga Continues
cDc 083: Lyrics to Both Youth Of Today Albums
cDc 084: Big Black Interview
cDc 085: cDc core #1
cDc 086: Screwdriver Flippin'
cDc 087: A Tale of Two Sexes
cDc 088: Armageddon's Coming: a poem
cDc 089: The cDc compilation: volume two (Apple II/2 sides)
cDc 090: Cow-San
cDc 091: The Reel Way
cDc 092: Group Revue
cDc 093: Las Vegas Mutantz From Hell!
cDc 094: Fighting - The Clean Way!
cDc 095: Impresario: Malcom McLaren and the British New?
cDc 096: Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters (lyrics)
cDc 097: Twisted Reality
cDc 098: On The Porch Swing by Suzy Rust
cDc 101: cDc core #2
cDc 102: FUGAZI lyrics
cDc 103: cDc core #2 1/2
cDc 104: Gun Control
cDc 105: POetRIE
cDc 106: Dream Tripped
cDc 107: cDc core #3
cDc 108: The End
cDc 109: A Feeling of Electricity In the Air
cDc 110: The Flesh Man
cDc 111: Jack and Jack
cDc 112: Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #1
cDc 113: The cDc compilation: volume three (Ap2/2 sides)
cDc 114: cDc core #4
cDc 115: Bear Trap of Love
cDc 116: A Slight Miscalculation
cDc 117: Lost Love
cDc 118: A Moment In Time
cDc 119: Retrospective Rock
cDc 120: The Bus Driver
cDc 121: Ultra Trendies
cDc 122: David and Goliath: Goliath's Point of View
cDc 123: Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #2
cDc 124: It Hurts and Won't Make You Better
cDc 125: Sunday
cDc 126: Stud Muffin R0dent
cDc 127: Double Feature
cDc 128: Death and The Bovine
cDc 129: Credit Card Fraud Ideas
cDc 130: My Day With The Dentist
cDc 131: The Three Cows
cDc 132: The Wild One
cDc 133: White Rodent's Short Story Lump
cDc 134: cDc core #5
cDc 135: Trickledown
cDc 136: The Coming of Angels
cDc 137: Mourning in America
cDc 138: Life Sentence
cDc 139: Bert: The Poem
cDc 140: The Burn Turns Two Into One - Part 1
cDc 141: Smothered Hope
cDc 142: Fatal Attraction for Real
cDc 143: Inject Me
cDc 144: Whose Morality?
cDc 145: Sanctified
cDc 146: Mudhoney Interview
cDc 147: Dance of the Cow
cDc 148: The Burn Turns Two Into One - Part 2
cDc 149: Rural Hell
cDc 150: INJUSTICE FOR ALL: A Guide to U.S. Pot Laws
cDc 151: Sex, Ecstasy and the Psychedelic Drugs
cDc 152: cDc core #6
cDc 153: Excerpts from BLADE BARRIER Book #3
cDc 154: The Jolly One
cDc 155: No Experience Necessary
cDc 156: The Happy Machine
cDc 157: Jack and Jack (revised)
cDc 158: That Dirty Beach
cDc 159: Boredom and Innocence
cDc 160: Story of an Alternative Lifestyle
cDc 161: A Kinder, Gentler Nation
cDc 162: Until the Next Time
cDc 163: UPSetting
cDc 164: BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL - A Contemporary Interp?
cDc 165: Winnie the Pooh - Part 1
cDc 166: Silent Applause Part 1 of 2
cDc 167: Silent Applause Part 2 of 2
cDc 168: Bank Fraud
cDc 169: Amerika's Most Wanted
cDc 170: My Grey Matter
cDc 171: Clockwork
cDc 172: Wet-Mount Slide
cDc 173: Urban Womb
cDc 174: Self Defense
cDc 175: Fuck You, Swamp Rat
cDc 176: cDc core #7
cDc 177: Feed 'Em to the Lions!
cDc 178: How Do I Love Thee?
cDc 179: Hip-Hop Primer
cDc 180: Amazingly True Things #1
cDc 181: Life Lost; Prosperity Gained
cDc 182: Woooaaahhh, Nelly!
cDc 183: cDc core #8
cDc 184: It Looked Back at Me
cDc 185: The Future
cDc 186: Hip-Hop Primer #2 Part 1 of 2
cDc 187: Hip-Hop Primer #2 Part 2 of 2
cDc 188: The Illusion of Motion
cDc 189: My Circumcision
cDc 190: The Greater of Two Evils
cDc 191: The Jesus Lizard Interview
cDc 192: Compact Disc Scam
cDc 193: Butch
cDc 194: SatanTrek
cDc 195: Earth Goo
cDc 196: Interesting Things to Do With a Scanner
cDc 197: Ruth
cDc 198: Some General Observations
cDc 199: Presumed Guilty
cDc 200: The cDc #200 Higgledy Piggledy Big Fat Henacious Mega Mackadocious
cDc Files Listing
cDc Update #1
cDc Update #11
cDc Update #12
cDc Update #13
cDc Update #2
cDc Update #3
cDc Update #4
cDc Update #5
cDc Update #6
cDc Update #7
cDc Update #8
cDc Update #9
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