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In this article we will attemt to explain the use and manufacture of a powerful blow-gun and making darts for the gun.

The possestion of the blow gun described in this article IS a felony. So be carefull where you use it. I dont want to get you all busted.


1. Several strands of yarn (About 2 inches a piece)
2. A regular pencil
3. A 2 1/4 inch long needle, hopefully with a beaded head. If not obtainable, wrap tape around end of needle.
4. 2-3 1/4 foot pipe. (PVC or Aluminum) Half a inch in diameter

Constructing the dart.

1st- Carefully twist and pull the metal part (Along with eraser) of the pencil till it comes off.

2nd- Take Pin and start putting about 5-7 Strands of yarn on the pin. Then push them up to the top of the pin. But not over the head of the pin (or the tape).

3rd- Push pin through the hollow part of the head where the pencil was before.

4th- That should for a nice looking dart. (see illustration)


# is the yarn

> is the head of the pencil

- is the pin it-self

Using the Darts

1st- Now take the finished dart and insert it in the tube (if it is too small put on more yarn.)

2nd- Aim the tube at a door, wall, sister, ect.

3rd- blow on the end of the pipe.

4th- Sometimes the end of the pipe may be sharp. When this happens I suggest you wrap it with some black electrician tape.It should feel a lot better.

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