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Scams and Rip-offs

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

The best way to avoid being scammed is to know how to scam.

10 Commandments of Anarchy
20 ways to Sabotage School
4 free eats at Fuddruckers
A New Twist on an Old Scam
A Note on Shoplifting by Cameron
 After years of experience and working a year in retail, I've made a few notes on shoplifting.
A Practical Guide to Kidney Theft by The CID
 This file will tell you the step by step process used by Mexicans and Canadians alike to jack a kidney! Yay!
A Second Look at ATM cards
A bunch of GREAT Credit Card making/using texts
A chain letter designed specifically for Compuserv
A file about Automatic Teller Machines
A history of the ATM + info
A list of the most effective and hilarious ways to
A step- by- step guide to altering your own fingerpr
A way to card that does not need much brains
ATM Fraud
 Automatic Teller Fraud is not a particularly easy scam to pull off, as it requires either advanced hacking techniques (TRW or banks) or serious balls (trashing a private residence or outright breaking & entering), but it can net a thief up to $500 a day.
ATM Theft by The Raven
 How to rip off ATM's with out all of that technical stuff that you can't really use because most of the stuff are too hard.
ATM abuse
ATM fraud made easy
ATM fraud made easy
ATM fraud made easy
ATM hack
ATM hacking
About an Internet scam attempted by Benjamin Suare
Advance- Fee Loan Scams
Advanced Complaint Letters Scam by Janke
 Steps to obtain BIG BUX from virtually any company.
Advanced Complaint Letters Scam ? the other side. by Eamon
 I’ve just finished reading the ‘Advanced Complaint Letters Scam’ article, and thought people might like to hear the other side. This is so that readers may weigh both sides of the argument before submitting their scam complaints.
Advanced carding techniques
Airline FAQ (aka: Cheap Tickets) 1/2
Airline FAQ 2/2
An Easy Way to Steal Electronics from Wal-Mart or Target by Sara Smith
 A tried and true method for partners in crime to steal!
An old Discordian chain letter
Anti- modem weapon
Art Fraud
Auto Repair Scams: An Investigation
 Are Americans getting a square deal for the $65 billion they spend each year to maintain their cars? To find out, a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera sedan (one of the biggest-selling U.S. cars that year) with 20,000 miles on the odometer was used.
Auto theft - including tools, prices, and where to
Automatic Debit Scams
BREAK THE CHAIN - an expose on endless chain schem
Bank Fraud by White Knight
Bank card formats
Beginner's Guide To Shoplifting by scuzzy-elo
 This covers the basic procedure of shoplifting.
Better Homes and Trashing
Beware of Websites Offering Prescription Medications by Jack Page
 The false claims made by medication websites which advertise, 'Foreign pharmacies will ship you the medication you need!'
Billion Dollar Plastic Scam
Box Stuffing: Revisited by Ph.lab
 Box stuffing, in essence, is hiding one or more products within the box of a larger, inexpensive item, and paying for the inexpensive item. This textfile covers how to carry out such an operation, with added details to eliminate most of the common risks associated with it.
Breaking into phone coin boxes
Building/Restoring a good credit rating
Burglar alarms - Part 1
Burglar alarms - Part 2
Burglar alarms - Part 3
Buying a Car or Truck through Repossesion Auctions by Paul Dewey
 Some sound advice on buying repossessed cars.
CC Format
CC bust in Canada
CCG Scam by Evil Basterd
 How to counterfiet collecting cards for the purposes of making money.
CD or DVD Return Fraud by scuzzy-elo
 How to get free CDs and DVDs.
CTC #3 - Frauds and Scams volume one. Includes Ho
Cable for Free and Free Internet by LB CUBAN
 How to get free cable when you already have internet, and getting internet when you have cable.
Canadian Gemstone Scams
Car Shopping by scuzzy-elo
 Car Shopping the art of taking items from various automobiles. How to, tips, and technique.
Carding dos and don'ts
Carding made easy
Carding made easy
Carding, my way
Chain Letters by E- Mail
Chain letter for BBSers
Change machine fraud
Change your grades! Impress the parents
Charity Phone Scams
Cheat those change machines
Cheating AOL for a Master Screen Name by Vinnie D.
 How to scam AOL to get a free master screen name for 30-45 days (some C.Ds say 30 others 45) but it doesn't matter you can go ahead and make another one the same way when 30-45 days are up!
Check Fraud
Check Kiting by dr. damn
 Using the lag time between check cashing and clearing to generate illegal revenue.
Codes for GM Car Computers - Test Your Car
Coin Changer Fraud
Coin Fraud
Coin changer fraud
Coin changer fraud
Compact disc scam [cDc]
Complaint Letters Scam Writing Tips by DIzzIE
 Writing letters for fun and profit... well, mostly profit.
Computer Anarchists Underground #1
Copying Money
Counterfeit cash
Create new AMEX CC's from old ones
Credit Card Algorithms
Credit Card validation center info
Credit Carding Part I
Credit Carding Part II
Credit Carding Part III
Credit Repair Scams
Credit and Charge Card Fraud
Credit checks
Da ART of Burging by BaKiE
 Yo, im hookin you up wit my newest shit i wrote! Itz bout how to burglarize without all the cops, worry, and trouble. If ur a big time burglar, dont read this. This is da fun way!
Dave Rhodes FAQ /Flame
Desktop Counterfeiting by Phlab
 Ever wonder how most amateur counterfeiting is done today? This article outlines some do's/don'ts of basic at-home "Funny money" creation.
Dirt Pile phony mining share scams
Do you know someone who's collecting pull tabs fro
Double Your Money!
Driver's License cheat info
Drivers License Requirements
Dumb Store Clerks - And How To Fool Them by KEBman
 How a friend of mine got a whole supermarket storage of cigarettes in broad daylight.
Easy Way to get Free Arcade Games by Trippin
 That's right, a fool-proof way to get free games! The only tools you'll ever need is a pool stick and the knowledge from this article!
European credit card scene
Everything you ever wanted to know about CC's
Explained in detail: How magstripes are encoded, i
FBI agent Melvin Purvis 's post re chain letters
Fake Gas receipt, in WordPerfect format for a lase
False ID
False identification (Fake ID)
Fast cash, almost legal?
Foolproof Free Foods by RoAcH_420
 Hungry? Want some fast food and short on change... Well this can get double what you are getting free and hassle-proof.
For use with Columbia House when ordering tapes an
Forging Signatures Made Easy by DragonSpirit
 A way to forge anyones signature, for those who dont have carbon paper or tracing equipment. Ideal for you out there still in school who want to forge your parents or teachers signature.
Fraud Artists Target The Elderly
Fraud Warning for Seniors
Fraud at my Rite Aid by Ich
 I work at a Rite Aid, and we got ripped off for about 50 bucks.
Free Airline tickets
Free DVDS from Blockbuster by Chris
 Blockbuster is dumb. Take your money back the bad way.
Free Electricity
Free Microsoft Hardware by neospektra
 Easy Failproof Way to get Microsoft Hardware FREE.
Free Microsoft Products by Bridge 0
 An easy way to get free Microsoft products just by getting access to the product number
Free Movies by Loki
 How to get away with free DVDs.
Free Movies
Free Norton Anti-Virus Updates by j0hns0n
 Are you wirus defininitons out of date and update subsciption expired? Read this to find out how to get the updates for free.
Free Stuff At The Movies by icp666
 So you have a couple bucks and want to see a flick?
Free Stuff From Canada by redrooster
 Very easy method of stealing from unsuspecting Canadians.
Free Tapes and CDs
Free money & sodas from pop machines
Free money from ATMs
Free postage
Free postage (from TAP)
Free video games
Fun with Billboards by David Foreman
 It is important to remove billboards. It is also important not to get caught (so we can remove more billboards). I have always felt that burning billboards (particularly in desert situations) is most effective. But it is somewhat "revealing" when a 50 foot high sign explodes in front of your very eyes, and those of who-knows who else, lighting up everything around for half a mile. But there's a solution...
Fun with automatic tellers
Get Free Drinks or Cash by Damifoo
 This is probably the easiest scam there is.
Get Free Pizzas by Skaffa Man
 This is the best way to get free pizzas! It really works!
Get Friends Into The Movies For Free by Preston
 Ticket scam.
Get Some Free Time on XBOX LIVE by CYRiX
 Now this is extremely easy, and I'm doing it right now, so I do not know exactly how much time you exactly get...
Get this if you want to win $$$ playing slots
Getting More Slurpee ? For Less by SmiLe
 If you're a cheap-assed bastard, and you like Slurpee, this article is for you.
Getting PSP's for free by Evils Bitch
 How to get psp's for free from those big department stores.
Getting into Amway in Britain (where MLM is illega
Getting money from pay phones
Gold and Platinum card scams
Grocery Stores: Coupon Scam by captnjay
 Well, this ain't really a scam but more of a "method" of shopping SMART using coupons and coupons for shit you don't even buy.
Guide To Credit Fraud by KoRn_Munky
 Tells you how to make a lot of money fast with a small chance getting caught!
Guide to Car Shopping by Diehard
 If your behind on your rent, and need quick cash, whats the logical thing to do? Steal a car stereo.
Guitar Theft: Mars Scam by scuzzy-elo
 I will discuss a method of obtaining a free guitar from Mars, "The Musician's Store".
Hacking credit card codes
Hacking credit card codes
High Tech Investment Scams
Hints on protecting your vehicle from being stolen
Home Equity Loan Sharks
How To Make an Artifical Finger
 How to make an artificial Finger.
How To Score Free Change by M Dizzle
 A Way to get free change from soda and vending machines.
How To Steal Meat from A Grocery Storre by The Butcher
 This will work for any meat/deli product that is packaged by the grocery store.
How to "Liberate" Books from the Library by lesteR the HuuT
 Two easy ways to to bypass the alarm at the exit of the library... or any other place using similar alarm-systems.
How to Beat Wal-mart by Pillhead504
 In your Wal-mart you don't have money, or you don't want to spend it this is for you. How to beat Wal-mart, this should answer everything for you about it.
How to Blackmail Someone by Zapata
 The difficult thing about blackmail is how to get the money in a safe way. I have found one. It works for sure.
How to Card Shit (When You Still Live with your Parents) by L.E. Pirate
 How to Card Shit when you still live with your parents [cDc].
How to Check Polaroid Photos for Fraud
 How insurance companies use the code on the back of a Polaroid photo.
How to Counterfeit
How to Get Free Drinks Easily by EbolaMonkeys
 A how-to guide that works 100% of the time, guaranteed.
How to Get Free Drinks from Subway by EbolaMonkeys
 Here's an easy way to get free drinks from your local Subway.
How to Get Free McDonalds Drinks. by Enefsedy
 Here's a description of how to get free drinks from McDonalds.
How to Get Free Netzero and Juno Access by Emilio The Star
 A new way to have free Netzero and Juno -- since they use the same software it's easier.
How to Get Stuff For Free: The Art Of Warez In The Internet Today by Herb311
 The art of warez and getting information on anyone you want.
How to Get a Free Yu-Gi-Oh Deck by Kensen Clain
 A scam to trick a store to give you a free Yu-Gi-Oh deck, or two, or if ya have the balls, three and a cash refund.
How to Mess with Your Power Meter
How to NOT "Liberate" books from the library by ggggg-unit
 Why you shouldn't steal from a place that offers the books free in the first place. Share!
How to Pick Pockets by grandmastathief
 A man takes his wallet out and pays for a newspaper. He puts his wallet back and turns to leave when someone brushes past him muttering "Excuse me". It's a crowded place so the man thinks nothing of it... at least until he's about to get into his car and notices his wallet is missing. He looks back to where he had been bumped, but the man is long gone...
How to Remove Ink Tags by DivineSuffering719
 An easy way to remove inktags for you shoplifters out there. All you need is a lighter!
How to Remove Inktags by divinesuffering719
 You can use a lighter to remove inktags, if there is no way of getting the merchandise out of the store without getting caught.
How to Rob a Bank
 Well, now. You say that you want to go and rob a bank, eh? You say that you need easy money, eh? This entertaining little text file will give you information and tips about how to easily rob a bank, and get away with it.
How to Scam Calling Cards by ic0n
 Getting free calling cards using bogus call refunds.
How to Score Free Booze by steve budget
 My adventures at a Jonnie Walker tasting.
How to Steal a Bike
How to build the Tron box
How to card with Discover (but do you get cash bac
How to cheat videogame coinboxes
How to choose a body shop to do repair work on you
How to disappear and start over
How to gag a vending machine into coughing up free
How to get ALL Premium Stations!!
How to get credit
How to get free CD's and cash
How to get money from change machines
How to get money from payphones
How to hack a Pepsi machine
How to hack a coke machine
How to make an FM bug
How to make concert tickets
How to make fake money
How to make free copies
How to make money
How to make money for nothing
How to make your own valid American Express number
How to open cars
How to rip off BMG Music Club
How to rip off Business Reply Mail companies
How to rip off Pepsi machines
How to rip off banks
How to rip off coin machines
How to rip off coke machines and make money
How to rip off food machines [BAR]
How to rip off some English ATM's for you guys on
How to rip- off a soda machine
How to rip- off certain coin/change machines
How to rob stuff
How to scam
How to scam coke machines
How to screw America Online
How to steal CD's/DVD's from Wal*Mart by confused masses
 Guide on how to easily steal from Wal*Mart.
How to steal Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Infront of Someone by arcanedragon_2004
 Ever wanted to steal a Yu-Gi-Oh cards from someone who you dislike but has the card you want? Well, here is the solution for you! (NOTE: Do not attempt on the really, really, really rare cards, they will know. Act casual in all of this.)
How to steal books from the library
How to steal from the UPS
How to win at blackjack
How to wipe out debts, beat the system, and get yo
How you can make money from the weather
How- To card CBI International
IBJ's Shoplifting Guide by infamous big j
 A guide to shoplifting that I wrote, using my own personal experience. Intended to teach you how to act and prepare rather than how to physically conceal the item like most other guides.
Identity Hopping by VV
Information on Automatic Teller Machines
Interesting Credit Card Info!
Interstellar Times V10 - How to Fool PG&E
Invention Promotion Scams
Jackpotting - breaking ATM machines
Job Hunting: Should You Pay?
Job ads, Job scams, and 900 numbers
Krackmaster's info on calling/credit cards
Land Sales Scams
Lawn and Garden: A Thieve's Utopia by insanitarium
 A wacky scheme!
Legions of Lucifer: Radio Shack ICST scam
Like Water For Cash by Donica
 Forcing the man to recycle your water bottles (and profiting from it).
Lindenwold Fine Jewelers - a Suarez you have al
Literal and distilled versions of Canadian Crimina
Lost Baggage Scam
 Ripping off airlines.
Lots of ripoffs!
MAKE.TENURE.FAST (Another parody chain letter)
Magstripe Card Copier Text/Schematics by c0
Mail / Telphone Fraud - Volume #1
Mail fraud
Mail fraud
Mail fraud [cDc]
Mail/Telephone Fraud
Make fake ID's
Manipulate Token machine for Tickets
Medicaid Fraud
Medicaid Fraud
Modeling Agency Scams
Money Laundering
Money Paper by Emperor
 Don't do this at home or attempt to try it cause you could face time in prison.
Money from Payphones
Money laundering - how it's done
More Free Electricity
More on credit card fraud than ever before
More than you need to know about credit card fraud
N.A.R.C. #9: How to find credit cards
NAP/PA text file on Carding.
NIA #1 - ATM's Part 1
NIA #2 - ATM's Part 2
NIA #8 - ATM's Part 3
NIA #9 - ATM's Part 4
NICE ways of getting rich by using check phraud
No- Fail Carding
No- fail carding techniques
Odometer Rollback Schemes
One good way to find anything on anybody
Online Investment Schemes
Payphone scam for spare change
Phone Cloners Busted!
Phone Cloners are Listening
Popping Pop Machines by Krayzie K
 Quick access to drink machines...
Postal Fraud
Postal fraud
Private Psychiatric Hospitals (the U.S. Health car
Procurement Directory
Promises of Fame and Fortune
Purses and Watches Pickpocketing Technique by White Taipan
 To perform this unique strategy of pickpocketing people, basic knowledge of how to pickpocket is highly recommended. You must need to know what a pickpocket is and how a pickpocket mind works.
Ray Normandeau on Chain Letters (including where t
Real Fake ID
Reloading and Double- Scamming Frauds
Renegade Legion Carding in the '90s
Reverse Chain Letter (parody)
Rip College Bookstores by pushit
 As every college student knows, colleges and book stores rip the crap out of us with these expensive books. Read inside to learn how to rip them off and make $$ of the books.
Rip- off on contact lenses?
Ripping Internet Sportbooks by jsenza
 This text is for the addicted gambler that doesn't feel like losing all his/her money. The purpose of this text is to be able to place bets for football, baseball, basketball or whatever sport people prefer to bet on, without the risk of losing money if the team loses.
Ripping Off your Friends with a Pyramid Scam
Ripping off soda machines
Rob vending machines
SCAM! Magazine - Issue #1
SCAM! Magazine - Issue #3
Safe money stealing
Scamming 25cent Candy Machines by The Mad Bomber
 This is a really cheap tricky but if you're hungry (and very poor) you can use it to get some smarties, M&M's or skittles...
Scamming ATM's
Scamming French Trains by Toni Truant
 Luxurious and fast, and you can even smoke on board!
Scamming Large Stores by quandary
 Instead of stealing merchandise, just walk around downtown unitl you find a cash register receipt someone's just dropped.
Scams and Con Games by Curious
 Have you got a pack of cards?
Screwing Public Utilities
Secrets of the US Post Office
 Postal chiselers used to mail letters unstamped in the knowledge that they would be delievered anyway--postage due to the recipient. You had to be a real cheapskate to mail personal letters this way, but many people did it on bill payments. So the post office changed its policy. It stopped delivering letters without stamps. A letter with a stamp--even a one-cent stamp--is delivered (postage due if need be). A letter with no stamp is returned to the sender.
Secured Credit Card Marketing Scams
Shoplifting FOR REAL by RayMan
 The Real way to shoplift shit Never Been Caught While I Was Sober.
Shoplifting: The Purseout by Krystal meth
 Want a lot of free shit? This is the method for all of you who don't have the balls for the pushout.
Shopping for FREE food
Slow Down Your Power Meter by covenant_grunt_slayer
 Want a (mostly) free way to slow down your power meter, without any disassembling and unscrewing? Then this is the article for you.
Some people broke into an ATM network
Someone Looking Over Your Shoulder
Steal Stuff Easily from Target/Walmart by 0083RPHR33K
 Just when you thought they were watching from those black domes.
Steal from music stores easily!
 How to beat the magneto-acoustic anti-theft tags on CDs.
Steal newspapers from newspaper vending machines
Stealing Bicycles by DIzzIE
 Some tips on bicycle theft.
Stealing Bikes: An Expert's Advice by aplz
 Are you either bored, in-need of money, need a bike, or some other shit? Let me tell you how.
Stealing SuperTarget: How to Hit the Bullseye by Xap
 A thorough guide to shoplifting from SuperTarget, written by a former long-time member of their security department.
Stealing from Sears by Corinthos
 Stealing from Sears and getting away with it.
Stealing money from ATMS
Step by Step Carding
Stock Market Scam by 6C
 Yeehaw! Wanna make some quick cash???
Storage My Ass! by YRUH8N415S
 This is a VERY easy way of taking things from other poeple without them knowing. It's also inexpensive.
Sweepstakes Scams
Swindlers are Calling! Alliance Against Fraud in
THis file kicks @$$! It tells the downloader how t
Taking Advantage of Christianity by scuzzy-elo
 Thoughts on Christianity and how you can rake in millions from it.
Ten little known secrets to receiving FAST CASH
Texas Hold 'Em by Ignotum Per Igotius
 Harder than it looks. Thinking about getting into it because it's easy? Well it's not.
Text file steroids - beat U/D ratios!
The 4 Reports scheme in full text
The ATM File
 Everything you ever wanted to know about ATM machines.
The Andrews, Barton & Blaine Sweepstakes Scam
The Civil Service Practice Test Scam by Steve budget
 How I got screwed by some dude outta 75 bucks.
The Dummy Payload Return Scam by Dizzie
 To summarize briefly, this scam will allow you to get free electronics as well as other boxed goods (anything from widescreen television sets and computers to office chairs and stereos) by replacing the box’s contents with a dummy payload and then returning it.
The Gem Trade by Video Vindicator
 Very informative info on the gem trade and the manipulation of it.
The Highway Scam
The New Credit Identity Credit Repair Scam
The Rent-a-Center Scam by greenlantern
 This was thought up on one of my many tweaking binges,
The Telemarketer Scam by X-MaliK-X
 This is a guide to pretending to be a Telemarketer and getting a)Some Cash or b) A CC number.
The Thorough Guide to Shoplifting by Jesus Christ
 The obvious shoplifting techniques expanded on, and how not to get caught.
The U.S. Post Office on chain letters
The basics of carding
The basics of carding by The Metallian
The biggest hoax of 1992 is being pulled in the ne
The fair debtors - Beat collection agencies
The inner workings of the credit industry
This is the first of a NEW Newsletter on scams and
Tickets to Nowhere (Airline Ticket Scams)
Tips on Eating at McDonalds! by Msi435
 Have you ever wanted a Big N' Tasty for free! How bout some nuggets! Well read on some of my tips for eating at McDonalds!
Truck Driving Scam Schools
UPSetting [cDc]
Understanding the numbers on VISA cards
Unproven Medical Treatments Lure the Elderly
Update to N.A.R.C. #7: Credit Card Prefices
Vending machines
Wal-Mart Jacking by The CID
 This is a story about an experience I had scoring big-time at Wally World! Yipee, hurray!
Walmart Scam by scuzzy-elo
 How to acquire a large amount of merchandise form Walmart.
Walmart and Shoplifters by leonardo777
 After reading an article on what happened to one writer, I thought that as a former Walmart LP, I would shed some light on things.
Water Testing Scams
Way to cheat coin machines
What to do with a lost ATM card
What's Up Dockers? Great Idea... Too Bad It Wasn't Yours by Hood Ornament
 I heard from a friend of a friend of a "Kentucky fried mouse story". I checked out the patent numbers and everything checked out and this is the article showing how industry can still screw you and your wasted patent money.
Where to get IDs trough the mail
Work At Home Scams
Yellow Pages invoice scam
alt.business.multi- level FAQ (Frequently Asked Que
cDc #129: Credit Card Fraud Ideas
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