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Locks and Security

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

Various methods of locking and securing things -- and ways around them.

A List of All Simplex Lock Combinations by DecimatoR
 A list of all combinations for Simplex locks - the kind Federal Express uses to "secure" items put in drop boxes. These locks can usually be broken into in under 10 minutes, if you know what you're doing.
A Weakness in Cheap Imitation Combinations Locks by B|u
 My definition of a cheap lock is a lock that is not a Master lock. Usually the easiest way to tell if the lock is cheap is when the dial on the lock is a different color than black, such as blue or red or yellow.
A cool lock pick for Masterlocks
ALT.LOCKSMITHING answeres to frequently asked ques
Alarms by Broken English
 The most common alarm system is the EAS system known as 'tags and towers'. It is, simply put, towers by the doors and 'hard' and 'soft' tags on the goods in the shops. EAS is easy to get round...
Another lock- picking tutorial
Automobile Security from the Thieves P.O.V. by Eckstahsee
 Who better to inform you on how to protect your automobile than an ex-thief.
Beating Tubular Locks without Damage by Lord Mixtur
 Ever try to find pages telling you how to pick tubular locks? Notice how a bunch of the articles tell you how to do it with regulation picks? What a load of crap! No one wants to spend $20 for a tubular lockpick! Beating a tubular lock will be explained for those who want it...
Break into houses with computer parts
Breaking a Master Lock by Richard Rastetter
 Quick way to get it opened.
Bypassing Physical Computer Locks by The Insane Hatter
 You steal a computer, and it is perfect, except for one thing. It is one of those goddammed computers with physical locks on it! Yes, some computers do still have those key locks right next to the power switch.
Chain-link Fences by Olethros
 Need to get through a chain-link fence easy? A little time and effort and fences are as an open door to you.
Complete transcript of a book on picking locks
Cool locksmithing techniques
Cracking a Safe by Whirlwind
 How to crack a safe with nothing but a phone!
Defeat Several Types of Master Locks by zekk
 Master lock is one of the most intimidating names in cheap security. However many locks have an easily exploited problem.
Different Types of Walls and Security by Alutrius Xavier
 fences and walls and other types of security
Disabling Alarm Systems Using a Paralizer
 Fry the electronic control system by using a paralizer (electric shocker that produces 250000V).
Disabling Surveillence Video Cameras by John Markoff
 One dollar in equipment to disable surveillence cameras
Doors - How to Get on the Other Side of Them by Psychlonic
 Think you need to take up lockpicking to get past a locked door? Actually, you probably don't. Ever.
Electronic Locks, and How to Beat Them by as if
 "To beat your enemy, you must know your enemy."
Everything you wanted to know about Lock Smithing
Explains the workings of 3 new high security locks
Figure out combination locks
Fun with Alarms
Getting into locked cars
Guide to Simplex locks [2600]
Guide to picking locks
Guide to picking locks
How to Fool Fingerprint Scanners with Residual Prints by Anonymous
 How to fool fingerprint scanners, having only a residual print of an authorized finger.
How to Make a Good Tension Wrench by Chris
 How to make a good cheap tension wrench without distroying a good screwdriver.
How to Pick Master Combination Locks
How to Pick Master Combo Locks
How to break THE CLUB
How to crack combination locks
How to crack safes (house safes)
How to get Anything on Anyone
How to get/make master lock keys
How to impression a key lock
How to open a Master combination lock
How to pick Master combination locks
How to pick a Masterlock
How to pick locks
How to pick locks
How to pick locks
How to pick locks & other bypass methods
How to pick master locks
Impact of Artificial "Gummy" Fingers on Fingerprint Systems by Tsutomu Matsumoto
 Gummy fingers, namely artificial fingers that are easily made of cheap and readily available gelatin, were accepted by extremely high rates by particular fingerprint devices with optical or capacitive sensors. We have used the molds, which we made by pressing our live fingers against them or by processing fingerprint images from prints on glass surfaces, etc. We describe how to make the molds, and then show that the gummy fingers, which are made with these molds, can fool the fingerprint devices.
Intel: Security Incident at the Oregon Facility, 1
Lock Picking
Lock Picking (Key Locks)
Lock Picking by Black Cobra
Lock Picking: Cylinder Lock Picking Guide by scuzzy-elo
 Basic guide to picking a common cylinder lock, or tumbler pin lock.
Lock picking
Lock picking
Lock picking by Black Cobra
Lock picking by Nightwing
Lock picking course - Part 1
Lock picking course - Part 2
Lock picking course - Part 3
Lock- picking - variations on a theme (i.e., reinv
Lockpick Making by B0b3rt
 Ever wanted to get a nice set of picks but dont want to drop 30$ or more for a set? This is the easiest way to make picks for under 5$ for up to 6 picks.
Lockpicking by Cobra
Lockpicking manual
Locks and picking stuff (how and where)
Locksmithing textbook
MIT Guide to lockpicking. Includes gif's
Make Lock Picks by cornchip
 This is a simple, concise guide to making lockpicks.
Making Tension Wrenches from Keychain Rings by Pyrosteve
 Really simple way to make lock picks or tension wrenches from keychain rings.
Master Combo Lock (By a Locksmith!)
Master Lock Drilling by m2mike
 Acquire the combination to a Master padlock by drilling the back cover.
Miracle Lock Picking by Samurai Cat
 While the basic themes of lockpicking and uninvited entry have not changed too much in the last few years, some modern devices and techniques HAVE appeared on the scene...
More on picking locks
Open locks
Opening locks, doors, vending machines, more
Personnel Security: Pass and Security Clearance Da
Pick locks
Picking Combination Locks by The Byte Byter
 First of all, let me tell you about the set-up of a lock. When the lock is locked, there is a curved piece of metal wedged inside the little notch on the horseshoe shaped bar that is pushed in to the lock when you lock it...
Picking Combo Bike Locks by phracked
 A guide to picking those combo bike locks.
Picking Master Locks by Smippy
 Some masterlocks cannot be cracked using d4ftv4dd3r's "Solving Pre-1996 Master Locks". Ones with the serial number "Vxx" (x's can be any number) on the back are one of them. Luckily the "geniuses" are the masterlock company who made the Vxx locks left a keyhole on the backs of them.
Picking combination locks
Picking locks
Picking locks #1
Picking locks #2
Picking locks #3
Picking tumbler locks
Prints out all possible combos for Simplex locks
Radio Shack Passwords by The Script Kiddy
 How to find the computer passwords and combination lock combinations for your friendly local radio shack.
Redefining Security (including Classified, Secret,
Room entry and lock picking techniques continued
Room entry and lock- picking techniques
Room entry: lock picking techniques
Rust-proofing and Making Metal Stronger by Twoolie
 How to rust-proof metals such as iron and steel.
Schematic for an Optoelectronic Keylock
Secrets of lock picking
Solving Pre-1996 Master Locks by d4ftv4dd3r
 How to "solve" master locks, safely, quietly, and quickly.
Spy Equipment by Sovietski
 A list of spy and security related equipment providers that will come in handy.
Still more on picking locks
Subject Area Indicators and Key Word List for Rest
Surreptitious and Covert Entry by kodierer
 The truth about locks, and manipulating them without evidence of your presence.
Text for easy beginning lock picking
The ALT.SECURITY FAQ file. Straight from USENET
The Absolute Lockpicking Guide for Beginners by mr_whackamole
 Learn locksmithing and lockpicking. EZ for anyone.
The Art of Lockpicking v1.0
The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions List) from alt
The MIT lockpicking guide in Word for windows form
The MIT lockpicking guide, complete with GIF diagr
The alt.locksmithing FAQ. Lots of info!
The art of lockpicking
The best file ever on how to pick locks (includes
The science of picking locks
This is a FAQ sheet on general locksmithing. Very
Tubular Lock Picking (vending machines) by Prodigy
 How to use a tubular lock picking tool to open tubular locks.
Where to get Thermite by Nickolai
 Breaking into many hard to break into safes and such things is much more easily done with thermite.
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