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Irresponsible Activities

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

How to be a real pain in the ass.

10 Things To Do At a Wal-Mart by No clue
 So your wife or significant other is shopping around at Wal-Mart or any other "super store" and they drag you along. Your obviously going to be bored so this is the fire for you.
100 Ways to be a Better Asshole by Sinister Fiend
 #62. Chew other peoples pencils.
1001 Ways to Torture a Cat by Ares
 Many a time have I wanted to beat the shit out of that furry little bastard that always seems to piss me off. Either by taking a nice warm shit on my brand new carpet, or decided to use me as a clawing device.
20 Things to Do When You Are Bored in Class by MoneyBoxers14
 We have all been bored out of our fucking skulls in school from time to time. Here is a list of interesting and fun things to do I have compiled from my own personal list.
20 Ways to Sabotage Your School by Cosmic Charlie
 20 Ways to sabotage your school
22 Ways to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands by Big Bad Barbarian
 "Free my hands and I'll varnish this floor with your brains!" -- from "The Scarlet Citadel" by Robert E. Howard.
35 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbor by BrassMonkey
 "Love your neighbor" said Jesus. Fuck that shit, everyone has an annoying neighbor, these are some ideas how to piss them off.
A Hell of a Lot of Fun With PRANK PHONE CALLS!!! by Steekie + Bob
 We are skilled professionals at the art of Prank Phone calls. We know how to have some fun and keep on the safe side of things. So read this and start pissin people off.
A How To On Vending Machines by Dakota C.
 This is an article on how to access Service Mode on some vending machines.
A Pain in the Ass by Clarence Bodicker
 How to be a pain in the ass
A Tactical Manual for Nighttime Missions by HARDMAN
 An in-depth compilation of tactics for vandalism/spying/infiltration or anything that involves sneaking around your neighborhood at night.
Advanced Dumpster Diving Techniques by DIzzIE
 A compendium of tips and techniques for the seasoned dumpster diver.
Anarchist Phone Pranks I by The 0mega & Electronic Rebel
 The Telephone is possibly the most useful device ever invented for the Anarchist/Prankster. With it, you can effectively terrorize a person or permanently ruin his/her life forever, quickly, easily, anonymously, and without ever leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Anarchist Phone Pranks II by The 0mega & Electronic Rebel
 Here we are, in yet another episode of Anarchist Phone Pranks. This Volume will be substantially shorter than the last, but will still present some (hopefully new) useful little skits for your phone pranks.
Anarchist Phone Pranks III by The 0mega & Electronic Rebel
 Special Operator #337, may I help you please?
Anarchist Phone Pranks IV by The 0mega
 The 700 Club Game
Anarchist's Corner - CO2 Bombs by piro
 How to make and use a simple, tiny, and powerful bomb that I like to call the co2 bomb.
Anarchists Cookbook, don't use this book! by CatMan12
 Why the "Anarchists Cookbook" is a bad idea.
Anarchy in the Snow by The Ninja
 Everyone knows how much fun it is to throw a snowball at a car when it drives by. Well next time try it with a big rock packed hard in the center of the snowball. Boy will the driver get a surprise when the snowball goes right through his window!
Automotive Executions by The Clayman
 Some new ideas on how to ruin someone's pride and joy.
Axiom of a Warrior by Doctor Murdock
 In order to become a man of knowledge, one must be a warrior, not a whimpering child. One must strive without giving up, without complaint, without flinching.
Bananas and Sprite... Who knew? by LadyKobar
 "Hey, did you know that you could get high from bananas and sprite?" my friend told me. "You must be joking!" I replied. You've got to read the rest of this article.
Basic Trashing Manual by The Blue Buchanner
 Trashing is the act of sorting through trash captured from the garbage bins and cans of your local MaBell office. The trash often contains many valuable things which can range from office memos instructing an operator to carry out a special task (trace someone's line..etc) to actual working phones!
Beginner's Guide To Phoneline Destruction
 Simple guide to knocking out a phone system with an extension cord and a phone.
Being made redundant? Get payback! by Joe Ryding
 Angry at being made redundant? Then payback is due! This will only work if they give notice that you?re being sacked. If not then this is useless!
Being the Viet Cong by Roachy McBong
 A quick and easy look at how to conduct a full-scale guerilla war against your neighbors.
Bondo: The Secret Weapon of Anarchy Nobody Knows About by Akira the Razor
 A cheap, legal, widely available substance that can cause the utmost of damamge to someones car, home, body, etc.
Bored in Class! by enigmatistic14
 This is some of the many ways you can keep yourself from being bored in class. We all have that one teacher that just doesn't know what the word "teenager" or "fun" means. Here's what I came up with.
Box Stuffing by scuzzy-elo
 One form of shoplifting is called box stuffing. This is when you take different items from a store, place them all in a large box with another item, and pay for the item.
Breaking into Buildings Under Construction by darkrob
 Half finished buildings can be alot of fun to mess around in at night.There is a boatload of construction tools to take, tons of places toexplore, and alot of great opportunities to fuck around and have agreat time.
Butane Balloons by 6ix+Cee
 Balloons that turn into a 5-foot high, 3-foot wide, fireball!
Bypassing Car Locks by scuzzy-elo
 In this text, I will discuss the creation and use of tools for entering a locked car without the key.
CASEIN - Superglue X 1000 by Rhesus Monkey
 Using three key ingredients (acetic acid, milk, bicarbonate of soda), you can make a very *STICKY* glue substance that can be a useful tool in pissing off your enemies! Have fun!
CD Knuckle Duster by -=Jaz2G=-
 Fuck buying one, make one!
Care and Feeding of a Category Five Hurricane by infintyshock
 Here in Florida we just got hit by two hurricanes in the past few weeks and a third one that is bigger than the first two is on its way here. It should be here Monday evening or early Tuesday.
Cement, Thermite, and Other Fun Car-killers by Fieldy
 Ways to fuck someone's car up BAD!
Changing Traffic Lights Green by Officer Jack Handy
 How to change traffic lights green like the police, ambulance and fire department do with things you can buy legally online and offline.
Changing your Fingerprints by Cameron
 Sometimes changing your prints isn't always a good idea... Here's some things you may not have known.
Cheap Living: Dumpster Diving by scuzzy-elo
 Guide to the art of dumpster diving.
Cheap Living: Flea Markets by scuzzy-elo
 Thoughts on acquiring very cheap/free items from your local flea market.
Cheap Living: Free Food by scuzzy-elo
 Thoughts on scams to acquire free food.
Cheat SCAN-TRON Machines
 Describes in detail on how to cheat on those scan-tron tests
Christmas Destruction by Anonymous
 It is very simple why many people do things like egging, or TPing houses. They want to either get back at someone or for the rush. When christmas rolls around and you need something a little more thrilling this is what one could do...
Civilian Espionage Forces by Ultimatum
 What exactly is civilian espionage? I like to call it “tangible hacking.” Basically, it’s the same thing as computer hacking, except a building represents the target computer and you represent the packets. There are many practical uses for civilian espionage. For one example, many bail bondsmen (bounty hunters, in other words) will hire civilian espionage forces to scout out the position of a mark. In return, the civilian espionage force gets a cut of the bounty.
Common Chemicals by Rat_Bastard
 A list of common chemicals and where to purchase them.
Cool Things to do at Kmart and Other Public Places by Spanky
 One of the best things to do in Kmart is to have fun with the intercom system. All ya have to do is walk up to an intercom, pick it up and start talking... Dont worry, no one will pay attention to you anyway cause all Kmart employees look like hoodlums. One of the best things to do is announce a blue light special. Normally this would be pretty lame, but not if you used Pee Wee Herman's voice...
Counterfeiting Money
 The process is this: a counterfeiter first creates actual-size photographic negatives of a note's front and back, then cleans up each negative with a jeweler's precision. The images on the negatives are burned onto a series of photosensitized aluminum plates, with each plate showing different details from the bill.
Creative Car Destruction by Good Boy 404
 A guide on how to destroy cars creatively.
Credit Card Fraud Made Easy by JimmyZ
 Finding a Credit Card Number, Ordering Items, Finding a suitable DROP, and Credit Card Formatting.
Cutting High School Classes by Keisersosay
 What to keep in mind when you want to play hooky for a few hours out of the school day.
DC Area Sniper Letter, Unredacted
 The Washington area sniper letter
Defeating Shoplifting Security Tags by Oran
 Generally, three types of security tags are used, Radio Frequency tags, Electromagnetic Strips and Acousto-Magnetic tags.
Disabling CCTV / Video Cameras by JimBot
 A simple, inexpensive way to make sure you aren't being watched by those pesky surveillance cameras.
Disposing of a Body by untrue_thoughts
 16 steps to disposing of all those bodies you have lying around your house. Purely hypothetical, of course.
Do it Yourself Clitoridectomy by anonymous
 This will cover two well know methods of removal of the clitoris that you yourself can do at home.
Don’t Listen to 0083RPHR33K by Vajlea
 He told you crap about shoplifting from Target and Wal-Mart Based on stupid, childish assumptions.
Dont Do Stupid Shit Like Me by PureEvil
 Commen sense, my dear friends, learn it the easy way.
Easy Bank/ATM Scam by DEEP BLUE
 This is an easy scam, and from what I can find, I guess I came up with it, since no one else I talk to or read has heard of it. It's fool proof, easy and safe. All you need is a checking/savings account at a bank.
Easy Way to Cheat Parking Meters by Dali
 If you live in any city or busy town, you probably get jacked quite often for an expired meter. In my city those parking enforcement bastards are writing you up seconds after the meter expires.
Ebay Scam by Jason
 Big Ebay Flaw that's great for Buyers and Sucky For Sellers, and Ebay doesn't seem to care.
Escaping by canadiananarchyinjapan
 OK you have committed your anarchial deed; and now are being pursued. Almost anyone can pull it iff but getting away with it is different.
Euthanasia: Still a Crime
 Discussion on humane killing and Roswell Gilbert
Fake ID's for the Moronic Teenager by MP Nesto
 Okay, in light of recent events, people asking me to make them ID's, people being stupid, and me having to much time on my hands, I have decided to write this guide for you, the moronic teenager who wants to make a fake ID.
Fake Identification by Confuzious
 A method of making fake identification cheap, with materials that the average person can actually afford.
Fifth Chicken Prank by Jenson
 A kaniving chicken run.
Fight to Maim: Non-Lethal Hand to Hand Combat by A Voice in England
 In real life you must expect your opponent to be stronger than you when you study combat.Your study should be how to over come their advantages.
Fingerprints by *Ace*
 Here is a way to disfigure your fingerprints without shedding any blood...
For Mischief Masters Only by Biocore
 Most Mischevious stunts are pretty easy, or pretty lame. This is a guide to creative havoc and chaos that should only be attempted by those intelligent and experienced enough to pull it off.
Forest Bases by Galvaplex
 Ever plan an attack on one of your enemy's homes? Ever get caught because your parents found your supplies and plans stashed under your bed? Then you my friend, need a base in the forest.
Frame Someone Using the SPCA, Press, & Cops by Blue Adept
 If your mark is an oily cuss with a credibility problem you should easily pull off this stunt. It involves a cop, reporters, SPCA folks and some farm animals.
Freaky Stuff Revenge Tactics by George Hayduke
 This text was taken from the book Make 'em Pay by George Hayduke. If you are a truly spiteful person and like revenge this book is for you.
Free Housing for Dummies by Quasar Bob
 In depth look at methods of gaining entry to abandoned houses, and there many wonderful uses, for exaple, a drop spot for suspicious orders.
Fun At Construction Sites! by DIzzIE
 Before you actually penetrate into the sacred lands of a construction site you must first achieve complete (or, at least partial) enlightenment. Spend a day or two with a stopwatch, a notebook, and some binoculars, observing the construction site.
Fun With Arnold by Madhatt3r
 Adventures of an Arnold Sound Board in the small Mormon town of St. George, Utah.
Fun With Other People's Cars by buddycole
 Want to have fun at night with other people's cars?
Fun at the Suburban Shoreline by Towelie 4:20
 Well, the shore I live next to has a seawall. People love to build little patios on those seawalls. Let's fuck with them.
Fun with Alka Seltzer by Uncle Wiggly
 During the night (or when they're not home) take 10 packs of the old Alka-seltzer and drop it down his hose, then fill the open end up with Glue (a caulking gun works best). Then wait till he tries to water his lawn and watch the hose explode in his face.
Fun with Billboards by David Foreman
 It is important to remove billboards. It is also important not to get caught (so we can remove more billboards). I have always felt that burning billboards (particularly in desert situations) is most effective. But it is somewhat "revealing" when a 50 foot high sign explodes in front of your very eyes, and those of who-knows who else, lighting up everything around for half a mile. But there's a solution.
Fun with Cars & School by Skittles
 Teen based fun that has to do with messin' with cars, and trashing your school! LOL! Easy ways to avoid being caught too!
Fun with Dry Ice by destroyeverything777
 Dry ice can be very fun in unlimited ways. Truly an all purpose material.
Fun with Food Additives
 Syrup of Ipecac, Cascara Sagrada, Vinegar for Visine, it's all good!
Fun with Paper Mache by Biocore
 Thought paper mache was for kids? not anymore. use it to create bombs, rockets, armor and other cool and mischevious stuff.
Fun with Paying Bills by rubyblood
 Ways to have fun paying bills and maybe even piss a few people off while doing it.
Fun with Pornography
 This tactic is best used against bluenose censors and others who would impose their own personal beliefs upon you under penalty of law.
Fun with VersaTeller Machines by Terrorist Tactis
 Here's some neat fun to have on versatellers in your city. Call the versateller network center and tell them the machine is dammaged. Tell them you have a problem with the machine... if they put you on hold tell them the machine is handing out 20.00 bills right and left. Tell them someone just walked off with $2000.00.
Fun with locusts
 It's that time again, people, when all the locusts come out once more to wreak havoc in your backyard. They get in your trees, your clothes, your hair, and your baby sister actually wants to play with these things! What fun is there in a bug who can barely fly?
Fundamentals for a Compound Hideaway by Global Dominator
 There are only so many things you can do to protect yourself in a time of need, but the last problem you’ll need at a time like that is a safe place to go that has the supplies necessary to get you by until things are better. But if the economy tanks, the stock market slides into the crapper, and millions are put out of work and on the street (and you’re one of them), this might help.
Funny Money by Karl Ritter
 Counterfeiters are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the largest currency launch the world has ever seen. Nearly 15 billion banknotes and 50 billion coins will begin changing hands on Jan. 1 next year, as the Euro becomes legal tender overnight in 12 member states of the European Union.
GTA At It's Finest by Dephiler
 Ok, let's say you have managed to get into a car either because it was unlocked, or you learned a way to get by the lock (not very hard-a brick, key, slim-jim, or picks will do the job). Now what do you do?
Garage Shopping by farsh
 For a few years now me and my friends have been doing soemthing that we like to call garage shopping. The basic idea is that you go out at night and find any open garages. I suggest you dont do this in your own neighborhood.
Get Booze... the Easy Way by BaKiE
 So you don't wanna mess aroud with some liquor store man trying to convince him you're 21 even though you're clearly not? You dun wanna steal dat stuf from a place were you'll clearly get caught? Then you came to da right place my friend!
Getting Caught Stealing from Wal-Mart by Joe
 What happens when you steal from Wal-Mart, and make a stupid mistake like myself, and countless others?
Grand Theft Auto by XF2001z
 First pick a car, this is simple, use common sense, you obviously wouldn't break into a car that's parked right underneath the owners window, or one with a blinking light on the dash (unless your experienced and know how to get around the alarm), or one in a train station with cameras on the parking lot.
Hair Stink Bomb by RedAnarchist
 Learn how to make a stink bomb in the cheapest way possible...
Hiding Stuff From Your Parents by hybridDarkness
 This is for people who live with their parents and are sick of them going through all their shit.
Hitting The Fan by Chris P Bohn
 What really happens when the shit hits the fan
How To Become An Assassin by The Propagation
 To become an assassin, you must be a hunter. You must know the patterns and routines of your prey so that you may strike when they are most vunerable. To be an assassin, you must learn the way of the wizard, so you may stop the world and see with the eyes of God. The assassin must live in the shadows, have no true identity and exist in the common world on a deeper level.
How To Fuck With People by TRF
 A detailed but amusing guide to revenge, compromising getting the right mindset, the best plan (includes examples) and how not to get caught.
How To Steal Things Without Removing The Magnetic Strips by D.J. Matlock
 This is called the "Magic Bagg" cause all you do is walk in the door stick something in the "Magic Bagg" (without anybody seeing you), walk out and presto, No Beep!
How To piss people oFF !!!!! by Meecrob Master Blake
 How to piss people off when you're 13.
How to Break Into Cars by Xavier Fay
 This file is a compilation of methods I have seen and heard of being used and also methods I have read about over the net. I am conveying information that I have collected through different sources.
How to Create a Power Outage Device by ShootMeImAnIdiot
 This article details how to create a simple device to create a power feedback loop which results in a power outage or "blackout" in the area of effect. In addition to being easy to make, its also very easy to conceal and is extremely hard to prevent.
How to Create a Power-blackout Plug by ShootMeImAnIdiot
 A "power-blackout plug" is a device which when place in a power recepticle (power socket) will cause an electronic feedback loop which results in the main breaker fuse to blow, causing a temporary but non-harmful power-outage
How to Defeat/Reactivate EAS Tags by dss sgport anerkyst
 Defeating EAS store magnetic tags.
How to Ditch Your Class and Not Get Caught
 It is very easy to ditch your class with the right materials...
How to Fuck Over the Banner Sites
 Hate false warez that seems to crawl the internet? Hmmm.... me too. BUT there is an answer to this plague.
How to Fuck Up a Mailbox by lazyman
 Hypothetical of course, here are a few ways to fuck up someone's mailbox.
How to Fuck Your School Up by walkon
 This works best if you happen to have alot of derelict friends, as I do...
How to Fuck with Someone's Car by midzmasta
 how to strip the paint off someones car.
How to Get Anything on Anyone by Toxic Tunic
 Every city has one or more offices dedicated to assigning numbers to the telephone wire pairs. These offices are called DPAC offices and are available to service Reps who are installing or repairing phones.
How to Get Back at the Asshole Next Door by dirt
 Use your own garbage to pollute your next door neighbor.
How to Get Lost by Chris Masters
 If you wanted to dissappear and stay missing here are seven steps to do it.
How to Have Fun at Kmart! by The Daredevil
 Well, first off, one must realise the importance of K-Marts in society today. First off, K-Marts provide things cheaper to those who can't afford to shop at higher quality stores. Although, all I ever see in there is minorities and Senior Citizens, and the poor people in our city. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead in there. But, once, I did.
How to Lead a Revolution Against a Teacher
 Is a Teacher, Neighbour, Parent really pissing you off? Piss them off in a few short steps.
How to Overthrow a Country by Senator Bunker
 Subjugation of a nation is a tremendous undertaking requiring foresight, ingenuity, and careful thought. The first task of many is to decide whether the country is a suitable candidate for a drastic and sudden change in government. The degree of difficulty varies with size, population, political awareness, and literacy.
How to Piss Off KFC Employees by Ikilluslo
 When you feel like pissing off the kids of the Colonel, you've come to the right place, my friend... Here's a list of 20 ways to fuck KFC employees right off
How to Piss Off Lunch Ladies by devils_little_minion
 Easy and fun ways to see your school lunch ladies go crazy.
How to Piss Off McDonalds by Milk Man
 Ever wanted to piss off McDonald's staff for bringing your shit late or cold or getting it wrong? Well, here's how...
How to Really Piss Off a Wallgreens or a Dominick's by Dr. Nitemare
 Have you ever been in a drug store, such as Walgreens, and found that you were out of money and really hungry? Or maybe you were just in the mood for some fun. I've always been a mischief fanatic myself, and thought I'd share with you some experiences I've had at Wallgreens and Dominick's.
How to Scam Scanners and other Hardware by DIzzIE
 Just like the title says, a howto on scamming scanners, printers, and other miscellaneous hardware
How to Smoke in Airplane Lavatories by DIzzIE
 Bypassing Smoke Alarms without employing electronic sabotage
How to Start a Mafia Family by Matthew "Lenny the Bookie" Lorenzo
 Need Protection? Need Money? Need Women? Need the law to give you a break? Need Respect? Want the easy life? If you answered yes to at least half of lease your ready to star a Mafia family.
How to make Ricin by InfernoMDM
 Ricin is a deadly drug used in assasinations... it's deadly to make too. If you try to follow this recipe you will probably kill yourself.
Improvised Stillbuilding And Distilling by Crimson Knight
 The building and usage of an improvised still.
Just Desserts by Crapflinger
 I used to work as a maintenance tech. at an apartment complex. Anyway, since it was a luxury complex, we had a fence that went around the whole thing. There is a high school next door attended by many of the spoiled brats that live at the complex.
Kick-ass Trick or Treating. by TVHenjin
 Trick or treating is not some "cute" thing that stupid little kids do for fun! It's about adventure, free candy, and survival of the fittest!
Kill Spiders by Mojo Hojo
 Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders which can lead to insanity. That would include me on my vacation but that's another story. The little things run fast and are just about everywhere. Here I will talk about my methods of dealing with them and how I kill them when they get nasty.
Killing Canines the Coven Way by Mephisto
 It's Saturday morning... 4 AM... You were supposed to be in 3 hours ago, so you are sneaking in... And no matter what you do, whether it is try to quietly open a window or slowly open the door, the damn dog your mother loves so much starts barking like hell. Parents wake up, and you're busted. They finally go to bed, wake up the next day, and find Fido splattered in the Microwave. Damn mutts.
Killing Chickens
 The time honored way to kill a chicken is to lay its head on a chopping block and chop it off.
Locked Window? Fear Not! by JakeF
 This is an EXTREMELY simple way you can make a primitive tool to bypass the security system known as "a locked window".
Magic Bag by Modega
 I've noticed lately a lot of questioning about the magic bag. Being a person who has used it himself, I am going to explain it to everyone in detail.
Mailbox Bomber's Manifesto by Lucas Helder
 Prior to going on his mailbox-bombing spree, Lucas Helder sent this letter to The Badger Herald, a Madison, Wisconsin school newspaper. His idea is that fear of death is used as a tool to force people to conform to standards that the powerful want them to follow. Well DUH! This is his "big idea" that makes it worth killing people? Sounds like another typical raving schitzo to me.
Mailbox Info by Poetic Psycho
 As I found out, Destruction of Mailboxes is a FEDERAL OFFENSE because the postal service is a Federal service and since the boxes hold Federal property (your mail, believe it or not) any damage to them is considered damage to the Federal Government.
Mall Trashing Part II by Midnight Maniac
 The Trashing series continues. Yes you, the would-be Anarchist and full time Non-comformist Terrorist, have followed us through our many escapades... Trashing Neighborhoods, Trashing Malls, Trashing Supermarkets, Trashing Hotels...
Masters of Mayhem Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War by BANANDIT
 Paintballing, Banana Throwing, Banana In Mailboxes, Banana on Cars, Propaganda Making, Explosive Making, Smashing Mailboxes, Stealing Mail, Blowing Up Cars, Screaming Obscenities, Paintball Assault, CRAZY SHIT THAT WE HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH THAT WE SHOULDNT HAVE.
Merritt Clifton and Samisdat by Gary S. Trujillo
 Merritt Clifton is one of the few people around who can trace the history of the small press movement back to the days when Stephen and Rebecca Day hauled the first printing press from England to the American colonies. He's also an independent publisher in his own right. In 1973 he began putting out _Samisdat_, a digest sized magazine whose stories, poems, essays and reviews explore what he calls "the inexorable trend toward self reliance, conservation, live and let live anarcho-libertarian politics and transcendental philosophy".
Money Laundering by PyroPete
 Money laundering is how criminals clean up "dirty" or stolen money. There are all sorts of ways to do this, most of which I don't know.
More Notes on How to Annoy Someone by Shooting Shark
 There are three things you need on someone in order to really annoy them.
Mutant Insects by Jason Tyler
 Mutate insects to aquire an immuntiy to common commercial pesticides/insectices.
Nicotine Poison by selion nixon
 How to kill someone with simple cigarettes.
Offend People at Electronic Stores by clunt
 A few easy ways to offend people involving cameras.
PRANK CALLING IS A MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by chris
 This is a story of some prank calls that i made that could put me in juevy.
Phun at Dinner by Mr Mullins
 How to have fun at your parent's dinner party.
Pick Pocketing by anonymous
 A relatively short (but very full of good information) about ways of pickpocketing.
Piss Off Drivers with Children's Toys by Total Pyro
 Piss off drivers with Dart Guns, tennis balls, wagons etc. with minimum damage to the toys and maximun to the car.
Pissing Off People in Cars by Dr. Nitemare
 In this file I will discuss the various techniques used by myself and companions to bring the susceptible driver to the point of actually leaving his car and chasing us.
Pool fun by Long John Silver
 Fucking up swimming pools.
Prank Call Pickup Artist by Kung Pow
 How to meet women over the phone that you may not have had a chance to do in the Real World.
Purses and Watches Pickpocketing Technique by White Taipan
 A new way to pick pocket the tourists!
Radio Shack and Verizon by sysinit
 All the code info you need to mod with Radio Shack and Verizon
Running From The Police
 How to do evade and escape the long arm of the law.
Salting Lawns by Fa'ad
 How to make someone's lawn die in the pattern you see fit.
Simple Stink Bomb by Nemitor
 Make a stink bomb with two household ingredients.
Siphoning by Pyros The Leprechaun
 What type of dirty scumbag steals oil? Me.
Skateboards and Methadone. by Doctor Beard
 An account of a night on Methadone in the early ninties in Derby, England. Stands as quite an accurate account of life in England at that time, well the subculture anyway.
Slow Death by Swamp Rat
 Creeping death, starting at your ears... they ring... and feel numb and then fall off like you've got leprosy... you start to bleed from your ear sockets...
So I Broke my Neck by proofisoutthere
 I got drunk, climbed a tree, broke my neck -- the op and recovery.
Some Interesting Ways to Kill a Friend (or Enemy) by The Gremlin
 Some interesting ways to kill a friend
Spin a Car 180 Degrees
 How to perform a fast 180 degree turn in a car.
Stealing Library Books by LoneWolf
 So you wanna take library books huh? I've done it seveal times and I guess I better teach your stupid ass.
Stinky Bomb by matt
 Make anyplace unenterable due to the strong odor that will fill the room.
Stuff to do When You're Bored
 Twenty-five things to do when you live in the South and you're bored.
Survival Supplies List by Zilith
 Just a list of items to help you if and when the world ends.
Swimming Pool Lockers by om3ga
 These used to be refundable, but some capitalist bastard thought it would be a good idea to charge the swimmers 50p every time they wanted to go in their locker. So a friend of mine told me this trick on how to get the key out every time without filling a narcs pocket with beer money.
Target by Dr. Santa
 This is first hand knowledge from someone that not only used to work for Target, but was an Assets Protection Team Leader (LP manager) for several stores. First off, a lesson in the Assets Protection structure at Target.
Target II by Dr. Santa
 The first article explained the basic security structure at Target. This article will give some more tips on shoplifting, along with some more Target policies that you can use to your advantage.
Target Pics by wunhunglo
 Target takes photographs of shoplifters
Techniques of Harassment: How the Underdog Gets Justice by Victor Santoro
 All of us have, at one time or another, wanted to "get" someone. For various motives, such as jealousy, revenge, the desire to right some injustice, we wish to see someone harmed or at least to be made to feel extremely uncomfortable.
Telus/Bell Phone Box Cracking by CerealKillah
 A way to open Telus/Bell phone box, without the use of brute force.
The 10 Commandments of Revenge by George Hayduke
 This text was taken from the book Make 'em Pay by George Hayduke. If you are a truly spiteful person and like revenge this book is for you.
The 100 Best, Most Clever, and Most Disturbing Ways to Kill Yourself
 #14 Shove a Chef's knife up your butt. #17 Have your best friend run you over with a steamroller.
The Anarchist's Cookbook - Explosives by William Powell
 Explosive recipes from the Anarchist's Cookbook
The Anarchist's Guide to Civilian Warfare by The Tracker
 Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage
The Anti-Authoritarian's Guide to the Liberation of Kinko's by The Senator
 You've seen the commercials. Some guy running to Kinko's at 2 A.M. because he has to have three hundred copies of this brochure in full color in four hours or his boss will be really pissed or something like that. So, I figure it's fair to assume that the main reason Kinko's exists is to save Yuppies' jobs.
The Art And Science of Burglary by Rogue Leader
 I'll make this short and sweet: a dark car will do best, that keeps a low profile. Make sure your car is reliable, simply for the fact that while leaving the scene of the crime, you don't want to be observed because you are stuck. A full gas tank is probably a good idea too, it will help, and I'll tell you why later.
The Berserk by !_Nihil_!
 History on the berserk and methods to achieve the infamous state of mind.
The Definitive Guide to Infiltration by Infrared
 An outline of basic knowledge and equipment necessary for successful stealth infiltration.
The Definitive Vending Machine File by Fixit
 A guide for opening up vending machines, no matter how modern. These ways really work, unlike some of the other methods.
The Effects of Over-Sheltering on a Child by Katie Olson-Schmidt
 Although every parent want to shelter their child from things that are (deemed by society as) "bad," sometimes this valiant attempt can backfire and create a situation that the parents never intended for. Here you will read the account (based on a VERY true story) of what happened to one sheltered, homeschooled, Christian child who was never prepared for society before being placed into it.
The Flooding House by bogsmasher
 This story tells about how I flooded a house.
The Legacy Of PAUL by DumFux
 The birth, death, and need of ressurection of the prank phone calling fun with a man named PAUL.
The Miniature Arsonist Set by Good Boy 404
 The absolutely minimal gear.
The REAL Rules of Carding! by Dr. Chip of Red Sector
 Credit card fraud
The School Stopper's Textbook - A Guide To Disruptive Revolutionary Tactics by E. Goldstein
 Revised edition for junior high/high school dissidents.
The Terrorist's Handbook by Even Steven
 The classic text file that's been kicking around the net in various formats for years and years. A collection of all sorts of Bad Ideas that you should never actually try under any circumstances.
The Transcendental Shotgun by Ben Orioli
 The Gauntlet of Immorality.
Thirty-five Ways to Get Rid of Boredom in Class by Dylan Use-a-Bell
 35 ways to help you have more fun in school.
Top 10 Illegal Places to Skate in Arcata, CA by Sammy P. Kearns
 There are always those silent controversies that never end, yet don't get the attention they deserve. No, I'm not talking about explicit television or the drug war. I'm talking about skateboarding the wonderous and spamtastic streets of Arcata, CA. I have cogitated up a list of those places us skateboarders will cherish in our hearts.
Twenty Ways to Disrupt School Assemblies (cDc) by Sid Vicious
 Basically anti-social, anti-establishment? Hate school? Who doesn't! Here's 20 things to screw up those JOCK-O-RAMA pep rallies and various other senseless assemblies in your fascist school... just TRY to have fun...
Untraceable by gern blanston
 A non-physical wire tap and tape.
Using Candy for Revenge by George Hayduke
 This one may take some getting used to, and you may not even want to read it... it's pretty yucky. But it came in and is sworn to as true by the perpetrator. It shows me how far people will go when they are frustrated or screwed over by someone else. Our source here is a man who wants to call himself The Phantom from Whitman's Samplers. You'll see the cogency in a moment.
Video Case Swapping by Catalyst
 Days later it started to hit me; I was now without pornography. Underage and too embarrassed to ask a friend, I had absolutely no way of purchasing my beloved smut. It was time to get dirty. On a Sunday at 6:10 PM I went for a several minute walk down to a local video store, not Blockbuster or any major label, just an independent store renting everything and anything.
Wal Mart Theft: Spy Shoppers by Destiny
 This is my getting caught shoplifting at Wal Mart story.
War Tactics
 How to kill using bamboo rods, hand to hand combat, the bog trap, and the Johnny (Fatman) Campo Bomb.
What to do on a Clear Summer Night by Cablecast 0perator and Pyro Maniac
 Ya! School is finally out! It's a warm 70 degrees with no wind, the stars are bright, and the moon is full -- not a cloud in the sky! Since the BBS's aren't able to be logged on to until after everyone is asleep, why not get a friend or two and go outside?
Why Syngress.com Needs Hack Proofing by DIzzIE
 Exploring a common weakness in e-commerce websites dealing in virtual content. Or why directory structure is of pivotal importance.
You can be a Peeping Tom without Getting Caught by Brutus Maccabee
 Ok, you're a normal guy with normal needs. Your girlfriend won't put out; you don't have enough for a whore. Pornos and Playboy just don't cut it anymore. You want real live sexual activity before you. Fucking the Dead is one way. (Someone wrote a file on that didn't they?) But this way maggots don't eat your cock off while you're a-fucking.
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