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NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

Bombs, rockets, and things that go BOOM!

10 Great High Explosive Mixtures
 Ten great high explosive mixtures that you can make at home.
A Balloon Bombing by Ovidio
 Bomb for fun with balloons. The most simplest easy way to have fun with fire making large explosions! Stuff that you can easily buy at your local Wal-Mart.
A Guide for Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation by NIJ
 Consistent collection of quality evidence in bombing cases will result in more successful investigations and prosecutions of bombing cases. While this Guide can be useful to agencies in developing their own procedures, the procedures included here may not be deemed applicable in every circumstance or jurisdiction, nor are they intended to be all-inclusive.
A Powerful Pipe Bomb by joem
 This is a quite powerful pipe bomb, similar to the CO2 cartridge and powder idea.
A Reliable Guide to Flash Powder by Infallible Prodigy
 A short, but reliable guide to the making of flash powder, a fast burning low explosive used often in exploding fireworks to produce a loud report. Includes Safety, Mixing, Precursors and Formulas.
Acetone Peroxide by 30-06
 Here is a faily detailed synth to make Acetone Peroxide (AP). Note this is a high explosive and should NOT be made by any inexperienced people.
Acetone Peroxide Detonators by Phoenix
 Acetone peroxide is a primary explosive that can be made from hair bleach (hydrogen peroxide), acetone, and sulfuric acid. This explosive is to be used in the fabrication of detonators.
 Amatol production is an excellent way of stretching an explosives supply, getting more bang for your buck, as it were. It is not as safe to make as some other high explosives since it uses molten TNT (very shock-sensitive).
Ammonium Nitrate
 Ammonium nitrate is used as a fertilizer and is supposed to be available from agricultural supply stores or perhaps well stocked garden shops. It may be increasingly hard to find due to its ease of use as an explosive, and especially from the Oklahoma City bombing. The government wants to make it less dangerous by coating the fertilizer pellets with a special chemical. It took me five minutes of research to devise a way of thwarting that method.
Ammonium Picrate Recipe by fellow_researcher
 This is a highly sensitive azide used in detonators. This information is for informational use, and based on true results.
Ammonium Tri-Iodide
 This stuff is so damn sensitive (if you use pure ingredients) when it dries that it will blow up with the slightest touch. DO NOT store this shit in your house, because it has the annoying characteristic of blowing up for no apparent reason, and this is a high explosive.
 AP was developed in the late 1880s as a replacement for black powder. Unfortunately, AP had two drawbacks that made it undesirable as a propellant.
An Aussie Beer Can Mortar by Andy
 A short story on a mortar that fires beer cans full of cement, because I can!
An Easy as Pie Incendiary and Flash Powder by 8-)
 Hot flames and quick flashes from materials found at home.
Artificial Meteor Showers by Dave Caulkins
 Here is an idea for a REALLY large-scale fireworks display, one which fits in with current politics: use to-be-destroyed ballistic missiles to produce firework-type displays in the form of artificial meteor (AM) showers.
 Astrolite is not a chemical compound but rather a two component high explosive mixture. Its claim to fame is it has the highest explosive velocity of all chemical explosives, a distant second only to a nuclear blast, a claim that is entirely false. Only that anarchist crap still thinks that Astrolite is super powerful.
Background and Basic Chemistry of Fireworks
 Fireworks effects are the earliest types of explosives known to man. The use of chemicals to produce heat, light, gas, smoke or noise originated several thousand years ago, probably in China or India. "Greek fire", the best-known ancient fireworks, was reported to have been used during the Arab naval siege of Constantinople in 673 AD.
Bacon Smoke Bomb by S-Jiggy
 Want Breakfast and a smoke bomb? This is for you!
Basic Explosives Theory
 There's basically two categories of explosives: high explosives, and low explosives. High explosives are also called detonating, and low explosives are referred to as burning mixtures.
Black Powder by Agent Boris_KGB
 Black Powder is a substance you cannot do without. It is used in mortars to launch Aerial Shells ,in Aerial Shells to ignite and disperse stars and so on, the list is endless.
Blowing up a Car by Lethal Industries
 The hardest chemical to get in this article is Potassium Permanganate. This nifty little substance can usually be found at sears in the plumbing department.
Bombmaking Information and the First Amendment by US DOJ
 In order to prove that a person disseminating bombmaking information did so as part of a conspiracy to commit a substantive offense, the government need not prove that the substantive offense occurred; however, the government must show, at the very least, that the disseminator (i) knew of the intended unlawful use of the information and (ii) agreed with other conspirators that an offense would be committed. And, as a general matter, the requisite agreement cannot be proved simply by demonstrating that a person has provided a product to another person knowing that the product would be used in the commission of a crime, where the provider of the product is indifferent to its subsequent use. "[A] conspiracy requires agreement, and there is a difference between knowing that something will occur -- even as an absolute certainty -- and agreeing to bring that same 'something' about."
Bombs For Beginners by Even Steven
 A bomb is an explosive filler enclosed in a casing. Bombs are generally classified according to the ratio of explosive material to total weight. The principal classes are general-purpose (GP), fragmentation, penetration and cluster bombs.
C-1 Plastic Explosive
 How to make C-1 plastic explosive
C-1 Revisited by Johnny
 The designation C1....the composition of this series of compounds has little effect in regards to explosive mixture
C02 Cartridge Bomb by Big_Kaboom
 Using an empty Co2 cartrige, any explosive powder, and some household tools, anyone can create a blast enough to blow up a mail box or anything an M80 could or even bigger. It only takes about 15 minutes to make.
CIA's METC Explosives
 The chief difference in METC unit (Multiple Explosives Transitional Container) design over traditional explosive devices moves away from a densely packed explosive core towards a large volume of highly explosive but low-density mass in the form of a gaseous cloud.
Calcium Carbide by C6~H3~N3~O7
 How to make Calcium Carbide from easly obtainable material.
Calcium Carbide: An Anarchist's Best Friend by AzUrE BLuE
 Calcium carbide and all its uses.
Cheap Diversion Bomb by The Vandal
 A diversion bomb isnt actually a bomb at all but it can be used for diversions.
Cheap, Quick, Easy Bomb & Cannon by RC boom
 Cheap, Quick, & Easy Bomb and Cannon for Everyone
Checking in with New Bomb Detection Strategies by Mike Ellenbogen
 Explosive materials can be easily molded into shapes that resemble common travel items such as food or plastic bottles. These substances are virtually impossible to detect with standard x-ray technology. Even the more advanced color x-ray inspection systems have proven ineffective for detecting explosives.
Chemical Suppliers
 A list of chemical suppliers in Contra Costa County, California (The East Bay of San Francisco)
Chlorate and Perchlorate Explosives by Dennis Fritsinger
 Of the chlorates/perchlorates that I've used, the most stable is the perchlorate group. The most active, but harder to get, is ammonium perchlorate. The least active seems to be sodium perchlorate. Potassium perchlorate is by far the most commonly available.
Chlorine Bombs Gone Wrong by Andrew D.
 How chlorine bombs can get you in deep shit.
Composite Rocket Fuels by PrimoPyro
 Composite propellants are solid rocket fuels that are composed of separate fuels and oxidizers mixed together in one homogenous mass.
Composition C-4
 This is the standard-issue plastic explosive used by the U.S. military. I recieved most of my early demo training in the army, which spoiled me for C-4. It retains its moldability over a wider range of temperatures and doesn't exude liquid (as does Semtex).
Construction of a Timed Electronic Detonator by Ziggy
 This essay will explain the procedure of construction of a timed electronic detonator. This contrivance is inexpensive to and easy to build. It is very simple.
Delay Detonator
 This detonator can also be modified to activate blasting caps for detonating Plastique etc. All of the parts are easily available at Radio Shack or other electronic stores.
Detailed Description of the Synthesis of Acetone Peroxide by unstable247
 Here is a powerful, relatively safe explosive that can be made with materials that nearly anyone can get hold of.
Detenators by Peter "Prints" Williams
 This is a perfect wat to place a timing detenator on a target while getting needed cover.
 An electric detonator consists of the same detonator as above but now an electric match is inserted in place of the fuse and sealed in with a waterproof seal. The wires for the detonator are twisted together or somehow shorted together to keep stray radio signals from causing premature detonation.
Don't Blow Yourself Up by Gobbels
 Ever wondered whether the Anarchist's Cookbook is dangerous???? HMMM... LET'S THINK ABOUT THIS...
Dry Ice Bomb by The Dalai Lhama
 A fun noise-making dry ice bomb
EMP Bomb by Farc_Supporter
 Recently there has been a lot of hype based on the EMP - the Electro Magnetic Pulse. On the Matrix we saw these blasting away robots trying to subdue the humans. In real life their uses are often more to do with electronic warfare.
Easily Obtainable Flash Powder by Knot133
 An easy way to get your hands on good quality flash powder.
Easy Access to Gun Powder by TempestDoom
 A place to get quite a bit of gun powder in a short amount of time for the average pyro without supply hookups, the beginning pyro or the plain dumb dumb who didn't think of this as a source.
Easy production of Sodium Chlorate by philthemn
 So many people go to the ends of the earth to create explosives, but here is a simple guide to create a very powerful explosive from only salt water.
Electrical Delays by PrimoPyro
 To produce delays in the ignition or detonation of pyrotechnic devices, chemical, electrical, and mechanical devices can be used. In the electrical family there are many ways to make a delayed ignitor. A long delay device can be made from a simple relay and a few batteries.
Electrical Time Delay Detonators by mach8r/lynxtor
 There are two types of detonators here, both need an analogue clock or watch.
Electro-Magnetic Pulse(EMP) Bomb by wouse101
 Harmless to humans, DEADLY to electronics, EMP bomb!
Emulsion-containing Explosive Composition by lpumsunpiyush
 This method relates to explosive compositions comprising a sensitized blend of a water-in-oil emulsion and solid particulate inorganic oxidizing salt, mostly ammonium nitrate, also sodium nitrate will do he work. Use any thing that is good oxidizers of those of my liquid oxidizer will also do the work.
Explosive (ANFO Type) by lpumsunpiyush
 An explosive composition consisting of an oxidizing agent such as ammonium nitrate and a fuel material that may include a fuel oil and which also comprises a solid fuel such as rubber particles or polystyrene. It has been found that by substituting some or all of the liquid fuel oil with a slower burning solid fuel, the time during which the pressure builds up during detonation is lengthened.
Explosive Paper by lpumsun
 An excellent absorption explosive can be made from a solution of PETN, acetone and mineral oil. When any non-gloss paper i.e. newspaper, paperback books,corrugated cardboard, etc... is dipped in a explosive solution and when removed and allowed to dry, the paper will retain its original texture and appearance along with a microcrystaline high explosive incorporated into the fiber content of the paper. This produces a disguised explosive that can be carried into a target area without arousing suspicion.which is the major advantage of the explosive.
Explosives Made by Nitration by lpumsun
 In the three examples of nitration, mixtures of nitric and sulphuric acids have been employed as nitration medium. While the nitric acid is always the active reactant, various other procedures are frequently followed.
Explosives and Pyrotechnics by nb
 If you are just getting started, try to get hold of as much information on the subject as you can, and read it carefully. If it is explosives you are interested in, make sure you read up on the theory behind explosives. There is a lot of misinformation in movies etc. regarding explosives, so it is important you get a good background from a reliable source.
Extremely easy way to make Hydrogen Gas by rossi
 All you need is liquid plumr and aluminum foil.
Fertilizer and HTH Mix by Smoooooth Joe
 Mix two common household chemicals together and get a large BANG!
Field Manual: Explosives and Demolitions by U.S. Army
 Two types of systems for firing explosives are in general use--electric and nonelectric. Both have their individual priming methods and materials. In addition, detonating cord may be used with both systems to make them more efficient and effective.
Fishing with Sodium by Quad
 Going away for a weekend vacation and doing a little fishing hu? Why not blow something up while doing so with out getting your ass busted by the game warden or the cops?
Flames from Non-dairy Creamer
 Easy to make, combined with the right ingredients from around the house.
Flash Powder
 Flash powder is powder that burns so fast that it looks like it just flashes out of existence. However, if approximately 4 ounces of the stuff explodes together, you will notice that the flash is accompanied by quite an explosion.
Floating Fireballs by ncrock64
 Easy-to-make fireballs that fly using balloons.
Formulas for Colored Smoke Screens by Mr. Crue
 Chemical makeups for different colored smokescreens
Fractional Crystalization of Potassium Chlorate by ALLUPNYA
 Potassium Chlorate is a powerful oxider and has many pryotechnic uses. Here's some information on it.
 How to make fast and slow-burning fuses.
Glossary of Explosives by Agent Boris_KGB
 A quick glossary for explosives and pyrotechnics
Ground Bloom Flower Bomb by Pyro Phreak
 How to take a ground bloom flower and turn it into a little bomb.
Gun Cotton
 How to make gun cotton.
Hardware Store Flash Powder by Evil_Tree
 Flash Powder from items I found at my local ACE.
Hexamethylenetetramine Dinitrate
 Dissolve the hexamethylenetetramine in 100mL of water in one of the beakers (it will help if you heat it up, to around 80*C). Put it into the fridge after it's all dissolved, and cool it to around 5*C.
History of Japanese Fireworks
 Fireworks! How fantastic they are. How fascinating to the eyes and minds of children. When it comes to fireworks, even adults suddenly find they still have the eyes and minds of children. Even small fireworks--squibs and roman candles and Catherine wheels--hold us spellbound for the brief time they are alight and moving.
Home Made M-Class Explosives by Infectedgoose
 How to make M-80, m-50, m-100 type explosives very very easily with things most people have or can buy easily. For the people who dont have chemical supply places and gun stores. Cost = max of 15 depending on how you want to make them.
Homeland Security Information Bulletin
 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Materials and Effects
Homemade Fireball by michael prince
 These are the easy steps to making a harmless fireball with things that everyone has.
Household Chemical Equivalency List
 Chemical equivalency list of household items
How To Tweak Most Lighters by Mike
 This will tell you how to tweak a lighter to make the flame extremely huge or really small for all you pyros like me out there!
How to Build a 60 Second Timer by russ_vin
 How to make a timer that will cause an electrical charge.
How to Make 3.5" Floppy Disk Bombs by Fieldy
 Wanna fuck over one of your friends' computers? These will blow the hardware to hell and back.
How to Make Ammonium Nitrate by The Reflex
 Some Militants who don't have much dynamite use ammonium nitrate. This can be bought by anyone at $3.75 for an 80 pound bag. It is fertilizer.
How to Make An Atomic Bomb
 On August 2nd 1939, just before the beginning of World War II, Albert Einstein wrote to then President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Einstein and several other scientists told Roosevelt of efforts in Nazi Germany to purify U-235 with which might in turn be used to build an atomic bomb. It was shortly thereafter that the United States Government began the serious undertaking known only then as the Manhattan Project. Simply put, the Manhattan Project was committed to expedient research and production that would produce a viable atomic bomb.
How to Make Egg Based Gelled Flame Fuel by The Unabomber
 An egg and petrol gelled fuel
How to Make Electrical Timers by Fletch
 The Dripping Tap Timer, Relay Timer, Hourglass Timer, and Thermometer Timer.
How to Make Pure Sodium by Kyle Aguirre/Bobby Jones
 Pure sodium explodes in water so have fun.
How to Make Your Own Ball Mill by chris pierce
 A ball mill is device that can be used to grind chemicals much more easily and to a finer consistency than can possibly be done by hand with a mortar and pestle. It is often usefull to grind chemicals in order to increase their surface area. This will generally increase the rate at which they react in a pyrotechnic composition and make mixtures more homogenous which results in a steady burn rate. For making good quality black powder at home a ball mill is essential, and black powder is needed in very many pyrotechnic devices.
How to Make a Bomb From a Battery by Ryan
 If you take apart a regular alkaline battery, doesn't matter what size, and collect the black stuff surrounding the inner core, called magnesium oxide, and mix it with hydrogen peroxide, it creates a shit load of oxygen. If you put it in a 2 liter bottle, you have yourself a nice bomb.
Igniting without Fire by Professor Phadrix
 A file about a way to build an incendiary compound and ignite it without the direct use of fire.
Improvised Explosives
 This explosive and explosives of similar composition were used in WWI as the main explosive filler in grenades, land mines, and mortar rounds used by French, German and some other forces involved in that conflict. One should strive to make sure these explosives are free of sulfur, sulfides, and picric acid.
Improvised Incendiaries
 Chlorate-Sugar mix, Potassium Permanganate And Sugar, Improvised Napalm, Molded Bricks That Burn, The Fire Bottle, Molotov Cocktails, and Thermite.
Incendiary Shot Gun Shells by Evil_Tree
 How to make a great fireball.
Injuries Associated with Nuclear Blasts
 Many films that you see about the effects of nuclear weapons are based on the experiance gained from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some people say that there is nothing to be learned from there since today the weapons are hundreds and thousands of times more powerful. Those films can be informative IF you understand that a bomb is a spherical phenomenon.
Iodine Crystals
 How to evaporate the alcohol from 2% Iodine tincture to create Iodine crystals
Iodine Crystals by Dr. Mabel Rodrigues
 Explains how to make iodine crystals.
KMnO3 Incendiary
 Flammable, easy and cheap.
Kitchen Improvised Plastic Explosives by Tim Lewis
 In a nation of free people, the right to know and the freedom of information are essential to the evolution of freedom. This knowledge should never be curtailed. I advise my fellow Americans to be watchdogs looking and fighting the coming regulation of such knowledge. This loss will mark the reduction of our freedoms and liberties that our forefathers sought to obtain for their descendants. In a police state, this regulation is another way to control the people. This book can be the beginning of low cost blasting, demolition and explosives as well as many new manufacturing applications.
Liquid Bottle Rocket by Even Steven
 How to make a liquid bottle rocket from everyday items.
Low-Grade FlashBangs by Pojo
 Thought those Missle Batteries only shot in the air and whistled? Think again!
M500's by Phil Rudd
 How to make fireworks. Loud ones!
 How to open your own M-80 Factory.
MSAC Explosive by Ystic
 MSAC(Methanol Salt Aluminium Charcoal)
Making Cherry Bombs by Roger Waters
 A cherry bomb like no other.
Making Rockets That Really Fly by Richard J. Kinch
 This is a summary of home-made small rocket craft as practised by me during the summer of 1993. I will mostly be telling you about what I know works, because I did it, instead of just theorizing about and reorganizing what someone else thought about the subject.
Match Bombs by Brian
 This document will show you how to make two kinds of bombs using mainly "Strike-anywhere-matches"
Mercury Fulminate
 When filling blasting caps with mercury fulminate, do not use copper, brass, or aluminum jackets, as these metals react with mercury fulminate. Instead use stainless steel, glass or paper.
Microwave Bomb by Predator
 A simple way to make something blow the F*ck up!
Mines by PrimoPyro
 This file contains information on making a replica of a German WWII mine known as a pepper pot.
 Crude 2,4,6 TriNitroToluene can be prepared from less concentrated, more commonly available, easily produced acids. The process is a modified three step nitration: Toluene is converted into MonoNitroToluene, Dinitro, and finally Trinitro by the addition of fresh portions of Mixed Nitric/Sulfuric Acid.
Napalm by cdark
 Learn about making a simple kind of Napalm.
Napalm Perfection and Variant by Black Stabbeth
 How to make exceptionally good simple napalm and a variant.
Nitric Acid Manufacture by 6C
 Secton I, No.4: TM 31-210: Nitric Acid imrovised.
Oxidizers by psycho_hoon
 A list of chemical suffixes that are oxidizers. Oxidizers are chemicals that release oxygen when burnt, and have endless uses for pyrotechnics.
Oxy/acetylene Balloons by nitrox
 Highly explosive gas mixture.
Oxygen Balance
 Oxygen balance is an expression that is used to indicate the degree to which an explosive can be oxidized. If an explosive molecule contains just enough oxygen to convert all of its carbon to carbon dioxide, all of its hydrogen to water, and all of its metal to metal oxide with no excess, the molecule is said to have a zero oxygen balance.
Partial review of the KA-FUCKING-BOOM text files by DavidThePyro
 Reviews the articles here to try to separate the crap from the good information.
Permanganate Explosive by mett
 With 3 items a small, cool-looking explosion can be achieved.
Plastic Golf Ball Bomb by John Sitters
 This is the easist way to make something that will actually explode.
Plastique Explosive from Aspirin by lpumsunpiyush
 This explosive is a phenol derivative. It is toxic and explosive compounds made from picric acid are poisonous if inhaled, ingested, or handled and absorbed through the skin. The toxicity of this explosive restricts it's use due to the fact that over exposure in most cases causes liver and kidney failure and sometimes death if immediate treatment is not obtained. That is why the picric acid may not be available easily.
Potassium by Aphotica
 Wanna make the metal that combusts when it touches metal?
Preparation of Contact Explosives
 The contact explosives we will be describing use only a few chemicals. Some do need extra caution to keep from causing trouble.
Preparation of Contact Explosives
 Pyrotechnic preparations and explosives are, by their very nature, unstable, and subject to ignition by explosion or heat, shock, or friction. A clear understanding of their dangerous properties and due care in the handling of ingredients or finished products is necessary if accidents are to be avoided.
Preparation of Octogen (HMX)
 Octogen (HMX) is formed in the nitration of hexamethylenetetramine(`hexamine') and is a by-product of production of cyclonite (RDX). W. E. Bachmann and Sheehan developed a method of preparing RDX containing a small quantity of HMX. The method involved nitrolysis of hexamine with ammonium nitrate-nitric acid solution and acetic anhydride.
Press Conference On World Trade Center Bombing(First)
 Transcript of Press Conference On World Trade Center bombing
Purifying Flame by Harry Nopers
 You know that instant hand sanitizer? A bottle of it can be endlessly entertaining, especially for those with a pyromaniac bent.
RDX or Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine
 Also referred to as hexogen, RDX is a white crystalline solid usually used in mixtures with other explosives, oils, or waxes; it is rarely used alone.
 RDX itself stands for Royal Demolition eXplosive and comes from Great Britain, cyclonite is the American usage, Hexogen is for Germans, and T4 is Italian. RDX is a very powerful military explosive that can be stored for long periods of time and handled safely. RDX is usually mixed with other explosives and plasticizers to make a variety of useful compositions for military and civilian use, C-4 and Semtex are two such compounds.
Raging Rockets by Ryan
 Rocket engines from model air planes can be very cool.
Remote Control Detonators by Night Crawler
 How many times have you wanted to seriously scare someone or better yet, throw flaming projectiles at their house, but didnt want to get caught? Well, Now you can! By modifying certain remote control toys you too can hide up in a tree and blow up things by just pressing a button.
Rocket-powered Flaming Substance Spreader by Protoclaw
 A simple rocket that spreads an umbrella of fire at apogee (peak).
Rockets for Rookies by Even Steven
 Rockets are distinguished by the means used to produce exhaust material. The most common type of rocket engine obtains its high-pressure gases by burning a propellant. This propellant consists of both fuel and oxidizer and may be solid or liquid.
Safe Procedures for Fireworks by Global Dominator
 Safety is paramount, don't be in a hurry, don't smoke while working, don't work anywhere there may be an open flame, and NEVER forget that friction is your enemy. When you are playing with the kinds of chemicals we are talking about here your first mistake most often is your last.
Safer Chlorine Gas Bomb by kjun666
 A much safer alternative to the Chlorine & Ammonia bomb.
Simple Napalm by JimBot
 A simple way to make your own incidiary gel.
Smoke Bombs by Timby
 3 methods of making simple smoke bombs.
Suicide Bombers will not enter Heaven by Vincent Bemowski
 The day is coming when the people of Iraq will be truly free. Terrorists will be punished for their cowardly deeds.
Synth of HMTD by bynumbers
 HMTD, or hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine, is an unstable primary explosive compound. Its extreme sensitivity to heat, shock, and friction make HMTD a poor choice for an unskilled home chemist. This is how it's synthesized.
Synthesis of PETN by Dr Pyro
 How to make Pentaerithrytol tetranitrate.
TNP by chris pierce
 In my endless journey for knowledge in the field of energetic materials, I tried to make some trinitrophenol, also known as picric acid. So I went out of my cosey little house, and got me 20 aspirins, (each containing 0.5 grams of acetylsalicylic acid) from the good people at bayer. Once I got home I purified these using warm acetone.
The Biggest Banger by Ryan Garcia
 The bottled hydrogen bomb will not actually destroy anything - it will just make an extremely loud noise; far louder than any shotgun if made correctly.
The Explosive Power of KClO3 by johny_bmb
 I wanted to make a cannon using a mixture of KClO3 and sugar but the cannon exploded -- throwing the back end 50 meters away.
The Facts Behind M-80s by Evil_Tree
 The real truth about your mother's worst nightmare.
The Hot Car by Tokey Mc. Poksmotr
 Wait for your hapless little victim to start the car, and when he turns on his head lights, KABOOM!!
The MRE Bomb by Crispy
 Using those heaters from MREs, you can make a fun and next to harmless bomb!
The Poor Man's Electric Detonator by Good Boy 404
 Guide to build an electric detonator from cheap materials.
The Terrorist's Handbook
 Gunzenbomz Pyro-Technologies, a division of Chaos Industries (CHAOS), is proud to present this first edition of The Terrorist's Handbook. First and foremost, let it be stated that Chaos Industries assumes no responsibilities for any misuse of the information presented in this publication. The purpose of this is to show the many techniques and methods used by those people in this and other countries who employ terror as a means to political and social goals. The techniques herein can be obtained from public libraries, and can usually be carried out by a terrorist with minimal equipment. This makes one all the more frightened, since any lunatic or social deviant could obtain this information, and use it against anyone.
The True Combustion Cannon by Ghetto_Smurf
 The first 'easy-to-understand' cannons for dummies text file.
The Water Bomb by Ragamuffin
 Those of you with any knowledge of electrochemistry will know that application of an electric current to water will result in the separation of it's elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Water is actually explosive!
Third-Generation Nuclear Weapons
 By altering the shape of the nuclear explosive and manipulating other design features, weapons could be built that generate and direct beams of radiation or streams of metallic pellets or droplets at such targets as missile-launch facilities on the ground, missiles in the air and satellites in space.
 An easy-to-make timer to detonate everything from fireworks to rockets to bombs
Timers and Primers for Explosives by Captain Corcoran
 Timers for explosives are much more readily availible now than several years ago. Primers are a small explosive devise to set off a larger explosion.
Trinitrophenol by Punisher
 This explosive is a phenol derivative. It is toxic and explosive compounds made from picric acid are poisonous if inhaled, ingested, or handled and absorbed through the skin. The toxicity of this explosive restricts its use due to the fact that over exposure in most cases causes liver and kidney failure and sometimes death if immediate treatment is not obtained.
 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, or just TNT, is the oft used military and industrial explosive that may be the among the best recognized explosive around.
Ultimate Smoke Bomb by Sir Francis Drake
 Do the cooking with a kitchen oven, candles DO NOT work at all, and camping stoves are better but hazardous. Filmcans work, but aren't the best because of the plastic and the small size.
Water Gel Explosive by lpumsunpiyush
 The gel is made by mixing the liquid nitro paraffin, preferably nitro methane, in an aqueous oxidizer salt solution in the presence of a gelling agent for the aqueous and a gelling agent for the nitro paraffin. The entire mixture is then mixed where the nitro paraffin and salt phases are simultaneously gelled. Once the desired predetermined viscosity is reached, the mixing is stopped and the gel is ready.
Where to get Thermite by Nickolai
 Breaking into many hard to break into safes and such things is much more easily done with thermite.
Your Own H-Bomb
 Making and owning an H-bomb is the kind of challenge real Americans seek. Who wants to be a passive victim of nuclear war when with a little effort you can be an active participant? Bomb shelters are for losers. Who wants to huddle together underground eating canned Spam? Winners want to push the button themselves.
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