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Chain-link Fences

by Olethros

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this was something a few of my friends and I figured out when making "visits" to someplace with a big fence around it. one of my friends wasn't so good at climbing fences, so we found a different way through.

first, there are a couple ways, but mostly all you need is a pair of pliars to get you started, not needlenose.

now depending on the company supplying the fence, it may be sectional, usually the case in a temporary fence like at a construction site, where it won't be needed for long. these are just big frames with the fencing covering the outside, and they connect them together as needed. these are the fastest to fly through, all you need to do is disconnect the sections, easy as removing two or three bolts. the frames are thick metal, and the connectors are thinner things that come in three parts, two identical metal plates curved into a u shape at the ends and bent forward in the middle where a bolt goes through to hold the plates together. remove these bolts and the frame will swing open like a gate. for a longer term fence, things you'll find around large institutions and schoolyards, they aren't so easy, and nowhere near as fast.I recomend starting near somplace with some cover if it's near a road, and never start this without being sure of the common traffic around the area. find one of the poles there to keep the fence upright, not hard, they have to be pretty close together. now, the whole fence is just a bunch of wires woven together, so all you have to do is take ten or fifteen minutes, start at the bottom, and unweave the wire. it's hard at first, which is why you need the pliars, you have to unbend the end, usually just twisted around the wire next to it, and push it through the spaces between the wire, very hard at firs, but it gets easier as you have more slack. eventually you'll have a nice A-frame opening you can easily duck through, and even conceal for future use by tying the bottom of the sides together. this is usefull if you intend to bring anything large or heavy in or out of the fenced area, or if you just don't feel like jumping the fence.

and remember, Carpe Noctum!

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