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BAD Trip Off Benadryl

by cody drawdy

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OK so me and my friends have been popping benadryl and cough and cold for about a month.So my friend who i will name bob come over and we decide that were going to get some benadryl (b for short) and some sleeping pills and cough and cold from the local dollar store so we go and get it walk home we have 24 B 24 sleeping pills and 8 cough and cold.

So his little sister is having a birthday party and a whole bunch of little 12 year olds are around so we decide we wont do it now we will wait until the night rolls around. Then some of bobs friends come over and decide they are going to stay the night so were like fuck we cant do it but as night come people start going to bed and were like hey lets do it.

Then its about 4:00 am and we decide to go for a walk. So were walkin and I'm like hey i still have that b and all that stuff yall wanna do it everyones asleep anyway.So me bob and my other friend joe (he came l8tr after the party) decide yeah whats the harm joe as never done it before so he decides to try it. Joe only takes 8 benadryll while me and bob take 4 cough and cold 12 sleeping pills (each) and 8 benadryll (each). Then like 30 minutes l8tr were starting to feel drowsy and were really thirsty so we walk back to bobs house and get some water and continue walking.Then like 30 minutes l8tr were stumbleing around and we are so fucked up we lay down in the road and play this stupid idiotic game of hey lets stand up really fast. SO we do it and we stand up and were all stubleing around and joe turns to me and is like hey do u see those boulders danceing and stuff I'm like dude there arent any boulders. Then some how we lose bob and I'm thinking I'm seeing him in the bushes and I'm throwing stuff at him and in like dude get out off there u have the key and we need to get in side.

Joe my good friend is like dude im telling u hes not there and then i see him over by this big tree at laeths so im sprinting over there and hes there and im talking to him and siting next to him and joe is like who are you talking to im like laeth and i look back and hes not there. so i gte up and joe finds him just stareing into never land stiff as a rock. So joe shakes him and he snaps back and we go inside still tripin and stumbleing around and we decide to go to bed. Then were geting in our boxers and what not and bob does that little stareing thing again and joe says dude if your going to do that go some where else.Then he comes back to reality and we get in bed. While we are sleeping bob keeps like splaing him self and nailing joe in the back w/ him elbows and joe wakes me up and and says switch with me. I say ok we switch and then its early like 10 am and somehow bob wakes up and goes into the liveing room and he is triping worse than ever and he keeps seeing me behind the bar but

I'm still sleeping (hallucinations) and hes on the computer and his friend is over there w/ him and hes typing something and his friend is like what are you doing. Bob says I'm typing what does it look like and his friend goes theres nothing there and he looks back and there is nothing on the screen. For those of u who have direct tv u know about the channels w/ just music and a black screen . Well bob goes over to the tv and says duude did u see that guy bust the dance move. Then everyone in the room including his mom says WHAT!

Then bob starts screaming about spiders that are on him when they aren't. Then bobs friend come into the room where me and joe and sleeping and is like dude wake up.So I get up and I'm like what? is friend says dude what did u give him he is freaking out! and I'm like hu and bob walks into the room and was like hey have u seen my coconuts I'm like bob what coconuts and then he leaves the room. I go back to bed and i wake up and bobs mom is real suspicious and wants to talk to my dad so I'm like fuck and luckily shes sleeping. I take the opportunity and call me dad and I'm like pick me up now! so he comes and I'm eyes are huge just humungous and i get in the car like 30 minutes l8tr and me and joe have long hair so luckily it covers our eyes and i get home and i go right to bed and then my moms like get up were going out to eat so we go and I'm eating what little i can and bob calls me hes like DUDE my mom wants to talk to your dad either tell him or she is so I'm like damn so i tell them when we get home and they think im stupid and punishment is minimal but bob doesn't remember ANYTHING from 5 pm to 8pm the next day. so here is a word of advice if u do it make sure u keep track of your friends at all TIMES

here is a little reference

6-8 pills medium trip feels like your floating

15-24- hallucinations long and short term memory loss

DON'T mix pills with alcohol u can die

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