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2C-B Synthesis
 2C-B is not exactly easy to make, but it is pretty straightforward. There aren't any very tricky reactions or especially messy procedures and the chemicals are not particularly suspicious to obtain (anymore than anybody buying chemicals or lab equipment today is suspicious to the authorities). But, like any synthesis of this nature, patience and precision are most imperative. Be sure to make the measurements exact, keep temperatures precise and check the colors or consistency of all intermediates.
2C-B: The Erotic Empathogen
 2C-B should be ingested, preferably on an empty stomach. As mentioned above, 2C-B is extremely dosage sensitive, and the amount required is so small that a sophisticated scale is needed to accurately weigh a single dose. With "street" 2C-B it is hard to know exactly how much is in a capsule. This is likely to cause some unexpected heavy trips if 2C-B becomes a popular drug and dosage information and knowledge is not made available.
A Report of Five Deaths Associated With the Use of MDEA and MDMA by Graeme P. Dowling
 Since 1983, MDMA has become a popular recreational drug, especially among college students. It is also known as "XTC" and "Adam" and is sold as gelatin capsules or loose powder. Users report that the drug is a pleasant way to get in touch with oneself and that it does not produce hallucinations. Until July 1, 1985, MDMA was not a controlled substance and was legally available for use.
A Tale of Two Datura Ingestors by Mike
 A tale about a datura trip gone wrong.
A tight picture of the good old Liberty Cap shroom
A wonderful picture of the Bluing Psilocybe mushro
ALD- 52
 The table suggested that ALD might actually have advantages over LSD, reducing any side effects but achieving a stronger trip. Measurements of brain waves while people were taking the two drugs showed that while LSD produced brain waves associated with intense concentration and anxiety, ALD produced brain waves showing a more relaxed mental state.
Absinthe - Why It's All The Rage! by Vlad the Impaler
 Out of 'Shrooms? Try WORMWOOD, easily found at your local herb bar.
Abstracts Regarding Low Doses of LSD
 Double-blind studies on 14 healthy subjects confirmed that LSD fails to elicit a physiological response in doses less than 20 mcg. Dramatic psychic symptoms, e.g. deviations from normal in body image, thought, and emotion, occurred only with dosages in excess of 20 mcg.
Adventures in the Land of Else #1 by Doctor Murdock
 The Adventures of the Shroom Tracker.
Adventures in the Land of Else #2 by Doctor Murdock
 yET Another Moonie trIp to THE LAND OF ELSE. Chemical testing done by Doctor Murdock and Yule Tide joys from Space Ace. Shine On you crazy Psilocybin!
Albert Hoffman Foundation Newsletter V.1 Issue 1 by AHF
 We are pleased to present the first issue of our quarterly Newsletter, which is dedicated to Albert Hofmann. Future issues will keep you up to date on the Foundation's progress, announce upcoming events, and include articles, book reviews and more.
An Analysis of "Hearts", a Tablet Illicitly Sold as Ecstasy
 In recent months, observers have noticed an increase in the availablility of tablets sold illicitly as "ecstasy", supposedly methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), in Sydney. One form which has often been reported is known as "Hearts", and appears as a white tablet about 0.5cm in diameter, with a heart shaped emblem imprinted.
An Experiment in the Home Cultivation of Psychedelic Mushrooms by Dojah
 The following is an edited journal of my experience in the home cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms. When I finally decided to go ahead and try home cultivation, I found the archives to be lacking in information other than the basic "How to Grow" files. As a result, I decided to record the process with the hopes that others will find the information useful.
Andrew's Farm: A Psad Psilocybe Pstory by Donald Hipkiss
 The combination of Methamphetamine and his Dream/obsession made for a truly strange sequence of events. Those who knew him got incredible deals on their favorite drugs, at this time, and the first signs of his project coming to fruition were evident, as well.
Blotter Salvia by The_Stalker
 This method allows you to experience all the good effects of Salvia divinorum without the harsh smoke or bitter taste.
Conscious Dreaming and Controlled Hallucinations by Claude de Contrecoeur
 NMDA receptor antagonists give rise to disattenuations. How this exactly works is unclear but demonstrates that glutamate is involved in these phenomena. Disattenuations induced by NMDA antagonists are more oneiric-like than serotoninergic hallucinations and so reflect a higher metabolic activation than serotoninergic disattenuations. These hallucinations are completely similar to natural hallucinations arising when a person approaches death conditions.
Datura... a true story by trichocereus pachanoi
 If you have tripped on datura and enjoyed it you didn't do it properly.
DiMethylTryptamine (DMT)
 It begins as a "fore-lengthening" of visual perception, rather like looking down the wrong end of a telescope; the ceiling is suddenly further away than it was. I and many others also experienced auditory hallucinations of "wind" or "rumbling" during the first few minutes, probably due to the increase in blood pressure and resperation that accompany the psychic effects.
Dispelling Drug Myths by John Doe
 Finally someone tells the truth on several popular drugs and myths by an old paramedic.
Dutch Analysis of Ecstasy by Cooper
 Dutch Drugsadviesbureau (Drugs-advice-bureau) analysis of Ecstasy from 1994.
E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders
 MDMA was patented as long ago as 1913 by the German company Merck. Rumour has it that the drug was sold as a slimming pill along with comic descriptions of its strange side effects, although it was never marketed and the patent doesn't mention uses. The next time it came to light was in 1953 when the US army tested a number of drugs for military applications
Easy Extraction of Lysergic Acid from Morning Glory Seeds by Psiberspider
 A simple extraction method for Morning Glory Seeds.
Ecstasy in the U.K.: Recreational Drug Use and Cultural Change by Peter McDermott and Alan Matthews
 MDMA is a member of the phenylethylamine family of drugs, related chemically to both mescaline and amphetamine. Consequently, it is often described as a stimulant and/or an hallucinogenic, when in actual fact, it is neither. Subjective reports advise us that on an active dose of the drug there is no loss of control or contact with reality.
Extracting Mescaline From Peyote
 Obtain 50g of dried ground peyote and put in a 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask.
Facts and Misconceptions About LSD by Bayonet
 You see pink horses and cows when triping on LSD. FALSE! You see trails(extended movement, where an object glides across field of view, leaving its color and part of its shape behind) and dots and sometimes lines. Remember, druggies lie like hell, because they want you to think drugs are cool and they are privileged to use them.
Field Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms by F.C. Ghouled
 Of the fifteen domestic species known to contain psilocybin, at least three are found commonly in the southern United States, from California to Lousiana and South Carolina to Florida. One of these, the Ps. cubensis and Panaeolus subbalteatus will be found in the same area as they all grow on manure. The Amanita muscaria, a psilocybin mushroom, is also noted below, because it is sometimes found in the woodland areas of the U.S. South.
GHB Precautions
 After witnessing a number of GHB overdoses and thinking quite a bit about how to reduce the dangers associated with GHB use, we've come up with the following list of suggestions...
GHB... It can ruin your evening! by Flea
 My story about how GHB ruined the party for everyone!
Great picture of a shroom. Probably Fly Agaric. [G
Growing Mushrooms
 This is the procedure I follow for the rice-cake method of propagating psychedelic mushrooms. I use this method for a number of reasons. One is that my first ever batch consisted of 6 jars of manure medium and 6 of the brown rice medium, I found the rice cakes produced more 'shrooms, and for a longer period of time than did the manure-filled jars.
Guide to Datura by Hells Bells
 What made witches fly on broomsticks, commune with satan, and morph into animals? The answer my friends is Datura: the ancient, legal drug, whose trip can last days and "makes LSD look like coffee". And it grows EVERYWHERE!
How to Cultivate and Harvest Legal Psychoactive Plants by Hudson Grubber
 Propagation is the reproduction of plants, and is accomplished by two different means. One is by seeds or spores (the normal reproductive process of plants), the other is by vegetative propagation, which involves cuttings, layers, division, separation, or graftings.
How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis by The Seeker
 What do we need to grow magic mushrooms? Here is a list of all the necessary items to grow your own.
How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis in Your Own Home by The Seeker
 What do we need to grow magic mushrooms? Well here is a list of all the necessary items to grow your own.
How to Trip on Morning Glory Seeds by Bud J. Jonser
 Morning glory seeds contain something called Lysergic Acid Amide, not to be confused with LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, but you can easily see the chemical connection between the two. Unfortunately, the effects of LSA and the other groovy alkaloids contained in MG are not as potent as LSD.
I Met Myself by Sidney Cohen
 The following narrative report is from a young man who came into the laboratory, was checked over, and in due time was given LSD. He was just one of a series of subjects, nothing extraordinary about him. His reason for volunteering to take the drug? He was a psychology student, had heard about the visual effects, and thought it would be interesting to see what they were like.
Jesters, Polygon Dogs, and the Bad Vibe by mushroomaster
 A brief description of my intense trip after dosing 9 hits of high power acid.
Journey Through Living-Room Walls by Doctor Beard
 I think it was about 7pm on that mentally fatal Saturday evening that we dropped the first lot of LSD. The music was blasting, distorted from the speakers positioned on the floor. The room flooded with soft dimmed lights, candles creating just enough extra light for your mind to really go to work on you.
LSD - My Problem Child by Albert Hoffman
 Numerous accounts of the discovery of LSD have been published in English; none, unfortunately, have been completely accurate. Here, at last, the father of LSD details the history of his "problem child" and his long and fruitful career as a research chemist. In a real sense, this book is the inside story of the birth of the Psychedelic Age, and it cannot be denied that we have here a highly candid and personal insight into one of the most important scientific discoveries of our time, the signiflcance of which has yet to dawn on mankind.
LSD - My Problem Child: Chemical Modifications of LSD by Albert Hofmann
 When a new type of active compound is discovered in pharmaceutical-chemical research, whether by isolation from a plant drug or from animal organs, or through synthetic production as in the case of LSD, then the chemist attempts, through alterations in its molecular structure, to produce new compounds with similar, perhaps improved activity, or with other valuable active properties.
LSD - My Problem Child: Forward by Albert Hofmann
 I have no idea how long I stood there spellbound. But I recall the anxious concern I felt as the radiance slowly dissolved and I hiked on: how could a vision that was so real and convincing, so directly and deeply felt - how could it end so soon? And how could I tell anyone about it, as my overflowing joy compelled me to do, since I knew there were no words to describe what I had seen?
LSD - My Problem Child: LSD in Animal Experiments and Biological Research by Albert Hofmann
 After the discovery of its extraordinary psychic effects, the substance LSD-25, which five years earlier had been excluded from further investigation after the first trials on animals, was again admitted into the series of experimental preparations. Most of the fundamental studies on animals were carried out by Dr. Aurelio Cerletti in the Sandoz pharmacological department.
LSD - My Problem Child: Use of LSD in Psychiatry by Albert Hofmann
 Soon after LSD was tried on animals, the first systematic investigation of the substance was carried out on human beings, at the psychiatric clinic of the University of Zurich. Werner A. Stoll, M.D. (a son of Professor Arthur Stoll), who led this research, published his results in 1947.
 Generic name for the hallucinogen lysergic acid diethylamide-25. Discovered by Dr. Albert Hofmann in 1938, LSD is one of the most potent mind-altering chemicals known. Effects are highly variable and begin within one hour and generally last 8-12 hours, gradually tapering off. It significantly alters perception, mood, and psychological processes, and can impair motor coordination and skills. During the 1950s and early 1960s, LSD experimentation was legally conducted by psychiatrists and others in the health and mental health professions.
LSD Survey
 Answers given to an LSD Survey.
LSD- My Problem Child: How LSD Originated by Albert Hofmann
 Time and again I hear or read that LSD was discovered by accident. This is only partly true. LSD came into being within a systematic research program, and the "accident" did not occur until much later: when LSD was already five years old, I happened to experience its unforeseeable effects in my own body - or rather, in my own mind.
LSD-25 Synthesis
 Place one volume of powdered ergot alkaloid material in a tiny round bottom flask and add two volumes of anhydrous hydrazine. An alternate procedure uses a sealed tube in which the reagents are heated at 112 C.
Lighthearted Rules for Fun and Safe LSD Trips by Amy
 Nobody can tell you are tripping till you tell them "I'm tripping".
MDA, The Love Drug by Andrew Weil
 MDA is known as the love drug in the American subculture because of its reputation for producing loving feelings in groups of people. The initials stand for 3,4-Methylene-dioxy-amphetamine and the drug is a straightforward derivative of amphetamine, first synthesized in Germany in 1910.
MDMA by Jerome E. Beck
 California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs report on MDMA.
MDMA Drug Abuse Fact Sheet, 1987 by Jerome E. Beck
 As the N-methyl analogue of MDA, it is related to both mescaline and the amphetamines. Although often referred to as a hallucinogen, this association is somewhat erroneous. The effects of MDMA dramatically differ from those of LSD and other psychedelics, with a notable lack of the perceptual distortions usually associated with these substances.
MDMA Frequently Asked Questions, Updated by Jon M. Taylor
 The physical effects of MDMA are pretty much the same as the physical effects of amphetamines (that is, general potentiation of the nervous system). These include euphoria, hyperexcitability, extreme nervousness, accelerated heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, restlessness, insomnia, tooth grinding, incessant talking, and other effects.
MDMA Neurotoxicity and Safety
 Anecdotal evidence from years of legal and illegal use suggests that this is not of much concern for most people. Some folks, however, report periods of depression after using MDMA, on rare occasion severe depression. Considering that a primary action of many antidepressant drugs (MAOIs, SSRIs) is to increase brain serotonin levels, a connection between MDMA use and subsequent depression is not unbelievable.
MDMA: Neurological and Behavioral Considerations by Jason Graine
 Slightly dated (2001) research paper outlining the general scientific assumptions surrounding use/abuse of MDMA. Some more current supporting evidence is now available, but the general implications of the paper are still valid.
Magic Mushroom Dosage by PHONICZ
 How much shroom makes a dose?
Making LSD In The Laboratory
 I have provided a simple and convenient method of preparing lysergic acid amides, which comprises reacting lysergic acid with trifluoroacetic anhydride to produce a mixed anhydride of lysergic and trifluoroacetic acids, and when reacting the mixed anhydride with a nitrogenous base having at least one hydrogen linked to nitrogen. The resulting amide of lysergic acid is isolated from the reaction mixture by conventional means.
Medical Uses for Hallucinogens by Rich Hartman
 Is a substance a danger to the public even if it is not a psychological or physical danger to the individual? The government seems to think so. It has banned hallucinogens, even though these drugs have helped generate numerous scientific breakthroughs. Psychology and science would benefit from the legalization of hallucinogens for research.
Mescaline Extraction by Edward Anderson
 Several methods are available to isolate and identify mescaline within plant or animal tissue. Extraction is accomplished by methanol; this initial stage is then completed by filtration of the extract and its evaporation to dryness. The extract is then treated with chloroform and 0.05 N hydrochloric acid in a separatory funnel.
Mescaline FAQ
 Mescaline FAQ, including information on how to synthesize mescaline from San Pedro cactus.
Mescaline Trip Report by Jack Robot
 A trip on a peruvian torch cacti (about 1 foot long 3 inches in diameter)
Mushroom Effects
 Reports of effects vary widely, as is to be expected from a natural psychoactive. The mental effects may become apparent within half an hour, but more usually take an hour. The duration seems to be anywhere from four to ten hours. Euphoria, ataxia, and sensory alterations are characteristic, particularly alterations of hearing and taste.
Mushrooms and Hurricanes: An Experience to Never Forget by HustlinTrees
 This is more or less a trip report of a night I had picking and consuming psychedelic mushrooms. It includes no real useful information but it is a good read none the less. If you're a Hunter S. Thompson fan you will most likely like my writings.
My Shroom Trip by Andy "Darkus" Pugmire
 The world is full of wonderful mind-altering substances. Namely in my case -- the psilocybin mushroom.
Note on Using MDMA Many Times
 Most users of MDMA who have taken the drug many times report that after a certain number of sessions, varying by person from a few to a few dozen, the desirable effects of the drug are no longer as pronounced.
Of The Jungle by OTJ
 Bringing these things together has been part of many years travel along rain- forest paths and garden paths, down archive corridors and nueral corridors. As always, the plants remain the real teachers. They are heuristic by nature, enabling seekers of truth to find their own answers. Growing a plant can be a profound spiritual exchange.
Prolonging MDMA with SSRI's? by Matt
 Probably not. One of the ways (if not THE way) MDMA enters the 5-HT (serotonin) neuron is through the serotonin reuptake transporter. By blocking 5-HT reuptake, you also seem to significantly block MDMA's entry into the cell, thus probably reducing its effects.
Psilocybe Cubensis Cultivation Techniques
 Prepare each jar by punching tree small holes through the bottom of each lid, just inside the periphery of the rubber sealing edge. Fill th jars with the flour mixture 3/4" from the top. Add straight vericulite until there is a flat surface even with the top of the jar.
Psilocybin Beer! by Dr. Atomic
 How to make Psilocybin Beer!
Saliva Divonorum by Modega
 A short explanation on the drug Salvia. I looked through the Drug section of totse and didn't see any. Heres a little information on the wonderful drug.
Salvia Divinorum Extraction by silver dragon
 In-depth look on how to extract active compounds in salvia divinorum.
Salvia Divinorum: In Brief by Tingleleaf
 SALVIA DIVINORUM is a plant used for religious, meditation and other purposes as a hallucinogen with powerful psychoactive effects.
Salvia Trip Report by Royboy
 Here is a trip report from RoyBoy's first salvia hit
Salvia trip by jimi hendrix
 I've never done anything else but weed, although I can't imagine how much more powerful other hallucinogens could possibly be.
Salvinorin-A Isolation by menthol_man
 Our own assays of this extract process shows that it produces basically the same potency as standardized extracts of similar strengths, but it should be remembered that, unlike standardized extracts, the quality and potency of the end product is proportional to the quality and potency of the starting material.
Second Thoughts on MDMA Neurotoxicity by Charles Grob
 The data reviewed suggest that fears of MDMA neurotoxicity may have been exaggerated and it may well be significantly less toxic than a very widely used medication, fenfluramine. In view of its purported unique psychoactive properties, it may be appropriate to pursue clinical trials of MDMA.
Sex, Ecstasy, and Psychedelic Drugs
 History records few human quests as unremitting or as widespread as the search for a harmless, effective sex stimulant. Recent claims - such as those made by Timothy Leary - that LSD is the greatest aphrodisiac known to man, have excited much interest in the sexual potential of psychedelic drugs.
Shadow Men In The Masonic Temple by El Supremo
 While meditating under the influence of LSD one night I am telepathically contacted by unknown forces who convince me to come to them by following their telepathic leads to their location on the horrific night. They also warn me that at any moment in my quest to find them they may decide to kill me. This is a true story.
Stem Distillation of Sassafras Roots by Madchemist
 Once you have found the plant and have dug up the roots, it's time to extract that valuable precursor. This is accomplished by a process called steam distillation.
Sulfurous Samadhi: An Investigation of 2C-T-2 & 2C-T-7 by Murple
 I first heard of 2C-T-2 in the summer of 1998, when I began to hear stories about a new 2C-B replacement being sold by smartshops in the Netherlands. PIHKAL deepened my interest. I began looking around and found several online companies based in the Netherlands and Sweden selling the pills, but none were willing to ship to the United States, citing as a reason that that the drug is illegal in the United States.
Supreme Court Deals Devastating Blow to Native American Church by Steve Moore
 In the case of "Oregon Department of Employment v. Alfred Smith," Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for a five member majority, held that a member of a religious faith may not challenge under the free exercise clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution a legislature's criminal enactment of otherwise general application which produces infringement on a particular religious practice.
Synthesis for P.C.P. (PHENCYCLIDINE--"Angel Dust") by Hawt Panda Sechs
 Lab instructions for Phencyclidine, A.K.A. "Angel Dust".
Synthesis of MDMA by Lamont Granquist
 MDMA is a semi-synthetic compound which can be made relatively easily from available precursors. Synthesis instructions exist which can be followed by an amateur with very little knowledge of chemistry. However, people with less than 2 years of college chemistry experience would probably not be capable of sucessfully synthesizing MDMA, and would either botch it in the best case or kill themselves in the worst case.
Tale of a Nutmeg Trip by Dj Sulphur
 So you've heard nutmeg can be a hallucinogen eh? Yeah, well if you ask me... it's a pile of crap. Stick to LSD.
The CIA, LSD, and The 60's Rebellion by Beatrice Devereaux
 A review of the book "Acid Dreams" by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, publisher, Grove Press.
The Collective Ecstasy by Gerlado Reichel-Dolmatoff
 Some men, usually the younger ones, still do not have well-defined hallucinations but only see lights and feel nauseated: in that case they withdraw, followed by the deprecating laughter of the women whose function consists in animating the men.
The Day 'Sherbert' Melted by Rob Boston
 The high court ruled 6-3 that day that Native Americans do not have a constitutional right to use the drug peyote during their religious ceremonies. Smith, one of the plaintiffs who helped bring the case before the nation's highest court, is angry--angry enough to take his fight to the polls.
The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley
 It was in 1886 that the German pharmacologist, Louis Lewin, published the first systematic study of the cactus, to which his own name was subse quently given. Anhalonium lewinii was new to science. To primitive religion and the Indians of Mexico and the American Southwest it was a friend of immemorially long standing. Indeed, it was much more than a friend. In the words of one of the early Spanish visitors to the New World, "they eat a root which they call peyote, and which they venerate as though it were a deity."
The Mushroom Identifier by David Pegler and Brian Spooner
 Apart from the cell poisons, the most dangerous species are those which contain substances that affect the nervous system. Strictly speaking the hallucinogenic species also affect the nervous system, but the disturbances in this case are usually restricted to sensory distortion. Mushrooms containing nerve poisons can cause more serious symptoms such as convulsions, irregular breathing and, in severe cases, death through heart failure.
The Nexus Factor: An Introduction to 2C-B by Anu
 Nexus has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, usually causing a slight rise in blood pressure and a quickening of the heart rate. Objects may appear to have an `alive' quality to them, often with patterns flowing across them, and emotions will be considerably magnified. At high dosages, there may be hallucinations and general disorientation.
The Peyote Religion Among the American Indians by Patty Yuen
 Peyotism seeks a more satisfying way of life for Indian individuals in this world, in spite of the difficulties that confront Indians. Peyotism's only organized efforts at institutional change are those aimed at altering the legal status of the practice itself.
The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, Richard Alpert
 A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness. The scope and content of the experience is limitless, but its characteristic features are the transcendence of verbal concepts, of space-time dimensions, and of the ego or identity.
The Psychedelic Model of Schizophrenia: The Case of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine by Gillin, Kaplan, Stillman & Wyatt
 In 1956 Szara found that the effects of DMT on 20 normal volunteer subjects were similar to those of LSD and mescaline: visual illusions and hallucinations, distortions of spatial perception and body image, speech disturbances, and euphoria. A striking finding was that the effects of DMT began within 5 minutes and ended within 1 hour after injection.
The Rice-Cake Technique by Dr. Steven H. Pollock, M.D.
 This technique is extremely easy and highly recommended for its convenience in growing Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. All that is needed is a pressure cooker, some canning jars, uncontaminated live mushroom starter (mycelia), and brown rice.
The Use of Datura In a Shamanic Trance State by Trichocereus Pachanoi
 the effects felt while under the influence of Datura are not, in fact, hallucinogenic... the shadow creatures which all who use it witness are in fact REALLY THERE.
Total San Pedro Paper Mescaline: A Psychedelic Catalyst for Healing
 It is interesting to note that the shamans who use the plants claim that much of the knowledge is gained directly from the plants. This is found with San Pedro using shamans, Ayahuasca drinkers in the Amazon, the Mazatec who use hallucinogenic mushrooms, and the Huichols who use Peyote. The key hallucinogenic alkaloid in the San Pedro cactus is mescaline.
Trip To Remember by 5150
 Full explanation of my trip on 3 hits.
Understanding Timothy Leary's 8th Circuit Model of Consciousness by Paul Clark
 Timothy Leary came up with this theory- or I guess model or map would be better terms - for human consciousness. I get the impression he started working on it early in his LSD involvement, though I haven't yet been able to find where he first started talking about the ideas (I suspect there may be a reference in 'High Priest', but I haven't waded all the way through yet).
Waterworld by alreadypoisoned
 Floating through my first Salvia trips, and picking up weird vibrations along the way. What's the worst thing that could happen to somebody trying Salvia for the first time? Getting a prank phonecall.
Wavy Writting , Unseen People, and the Pretty Frisby. by LMB2001
 This is my pill trip-out.
a TRIP in to the unknown by rutledge
 It was new years, I was grounded, I had some grass, a pink floyd album, and about 8 hits of pure LSD. And some recently discovered XTC which I joyfully recovered in my car floor.
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