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NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

The cannabis plant.

10 Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know About Marijuana by The Family Council on Drug Awareness
 Dispels the myths surrounding marijuana.
A Look at the Hookah by Bud J. Jonser
 This ancient design still ranks among the most efficient smoking devices. It consists of a bowl connected to a tube which runs into a containter of water about 90% full. Another tube starts in the 10% of the container which is dry air and ends in the users mouth. When the user inhales, the smoke is cooled first through the tube descending from the bowl into the depths of the container. The smoke is cooled mostly by the next stage on its journey -- through the water itself as bubbles. Finally, the tube extending from the air chamber to the user adds even more cooling effect to the smoke.
A Marijiuana Planting Guide by Sir Mad
 For planting, first select some seeds that are of very good quality. To do this, just save some seed from some killer buds that you have sampled. Plant a buch of seeds in a flat. A flat is a big flat box filled with dirt.
A Tale of Two Hashish Eaters by Traditional
 He took his hashish three times a day: once in the morning on an empty stomach, once at noon, and once at sundown. Thus he was never lacking in extravagent gaity.
Absolutely the Cheapest Possible Bong You Can Make by Rob Robertson
 An idea from a Scottish friend of mine...
Aero-Hydroponics: The Method Of the Future by Lawrence Brooke
 A detailed summary of the history and practical uses of aero hydroponics as a method of root propagation. Aero hydroponics relies on a mist of water and nutrients with high levels of O2 from the air.
All You Need to Know About Bong Making by Ich
 First off, get a bottle.
Amotivational Syndrome
 It has sometimes been observed that when a young person starts smoking marijuana there are systematic changes in that person's lifestyle, ambitions, motivation, and possibly personality. These changes have been collectively referred to as the amotivational syndrome.
An Amazing Plant by Bill Leuders
 There aren't many things upon which long-haired radical Ben Masel, state Department of Agriculture official Erwin "Bud" Sholts, agronomy researcher Pat LeMahieu and corporate head George Tyson can be expected to agree. Among them: kicking puppies is mean, Drano should not be taken internally, and hemp - commonly known as marijuana - could become a major cash crop for Wisconsin.
An English Bong - Shottie Bottle by The Kat
 A friend of a friend told me about this over a cup of tea one night. An english bong for smoking resin.
BC Bud: Growth of the Canadian Marijuana Trade by DEA
 Canadian law enforcement intelligence indicates that marijuana traffickers there increasingly are cultivating cannabis indoors. Such indoor grow operations have become an enormous and lucrative illicit industry, producing a potent form of marijuana that has come to be commonly known as BC Bud.
BLUNTS: Respect, Roll, Smoke or Sell by Dr. BC Bud
 A guide to rolling blunts for yourself or for selling.
Bake Session Brownies by KellyO
 The REAL known and thorough way to make those special brownies.
 Bring the water to a rapid boil and pour into a clean teapot. Remove any seeds or twigs from the marijuana, add it to the teapot and cover. Let this brew for about 7 minutes. Now strain the water and marijuana through a piece of muslin cloth, collect the water and save.
 A refreshing drink for a hot summer day
Bible Verses That Fall on 4:20 by Zerataul
 Contains verses that fall on 4:20 and somehow, even if unintentionally, relate to marijuana.
Blazing Etiqutte by Steve English
 A guide to acceptable behaviour when smoking marijuana as well as ideas for fun stuff to do.
Bong Making
 There are a variety of bongs that can be made out of almost anything. Some are better than others and some require more amounts of time.
Bong Science 101 by Binky
 Smoke is a heated mixture of gasses, vapors and solids. The vapor is almost virtually all water vapor. The rest of it, at least in the case of ANSI issue marijuana circa 1975*, is as follows.
Building a Vaporizer for Under $5 by RedWasp
 Vaporizers! Conserve your Marijuana by using it efficiently!
BushyOlderGrower's Organic Grow Methods 2003 by BushyOlderGrower
 Everything you need to know and more about growing pot.
Cannabis Ettiquette by Omega
 I don't know about you, but most cannabis smokers are cool and cause no trouble, this is mostly beacause we are too stoned to see, let alone fight. But there are some stoners out there that, no matter what you do, who are complete cunts.
Cannabis Legality Issues in the UK by The High Priest of Apathy
 The state of legal issues surrounding marijuana in the UK.
Cannabis Medicines Banned by Jack Herer
 While embracing wine as a Sacrament, and beer and hard liquor as okay, The Roman Catholic Church, during the dark and medieval ages, came out directly against cannabis ingestion.
Cannabis Pasta by cheeseontoast02
 How to make cannapasta....a pasta with canabis in it.
Cannabis for the Gentleman Smoker: A Proper Treatise by Rabid Tangerine
 Cannibis is a thing for gentlemen, something shared between brothers who understand that refinement is always a necessity. These are the very basic manners one should observe when indulging in cannabis.
Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana Complete F.A.Q by Brian Julin
 This document contains straight answers to tough questions about hemp and marijuana. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, and sources, if not provided, are available by request.
 The first step in cooking magical cannabis-laced foods is extracting the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and many many more) from the plant matter, usually in a oil/fat/butter-based solution, since the cannabinoids do not readily dissolve in water.
Changes in Cerebral Blood Flow After Smoking Marijuana
 In experienced marijuana smokers, marijuana smoking was accompanied by a significant bilateral increase in cerebral blood flow (CBF) especially in the frontal regions and cerebral blood velocity.
Cheap Two-Chamber Bong by Derek
 This involves a 2-liter bottle, a one liter bottle (preferably mountain dew), duct tape, a straw, aluminum foil, and whatever kind of long hose you can scrounge up (straw, empty pen, plastic hose...), and it would help if it were close to a foot long.
Cheap Water-Bottle Pipe by Breakthrough
 If you have some weed, but don't have any papers, this will be of great interest to you.
Cheapest Way to Smoke Marijuana by Richard
 Here is the absolute cheapest way to smoke your marijuana.
Cocktail by manica
 A cocktail of weed and speed (to be precise, ice) the inner workings of an inebrated cocktail taker.
Dope Prices In England by om3ga
 A cup of tea? Sing a song, or have a bong, in Merry Ole England...
Drug Czar Hypocrite Bans Medical Marijuana
 The more things change, the more they stay the same...
Economize Your Weed! Smoke Poppers! by Dustbuster
 How to get the most stoned off of the smallest amount of weed.
Facts About Marijuana. Text from a pamphlet of (mi
Footlocker Cultivation
 I've been exploring hydroponic gardening lately, and thought y'all might be interested in hearing about my setup
Frequently asked questions on bongs
Ganja Coffee by om3ga
 I don't know about you, but every site I go on about drinking/eating cannabis in coffee/tea/yogurt tells you to use oil. I tried all these methods, using oil, and can safely say it tasted like shit.
Green Fields by Jay Molotov
 Drugs became conveniently availiable for all the kids.
Grow Lights FAQ
 The purpose of this FAQ is to help limit the spread of misinformation regarding effective artificial lighting systems, and help those who choose to grow plants under artificial lighting make an informed decision before buying a lamp.
Grow Your Own by the Phixer
 Well, we all know what a great drug marijuana is. Nobody I know truly HATES it, which is more than I can say for any other intoxicant. Also, weed is cheaper on a per-buzz basis than just about any other euphoric known. BUT: That's not good enough for me. I want FREE weed. Sure I get more wasted on ten bucks worth of weed than ten bucks worth of Jack's, but I am a CHEAP motherfucker, and so are many of my buddies, and thus this file. Besides, if you grow more weed than you wish to smoke, then you can always set up your own little business in the parking lot of your local high-school...
Grow your own - Part 1
Grow your own - Part 2
Growing Marijuana
 Marijuana is a deciduous plant which grows from seeds. The fibrous section of the plant was used to make rope. The flowering tops, leaves, seeds, and resin of the plant is used to get high.
Growing Marijuana as a Teenager by Dr. BC Bud
 How to grow marijuana in suburbia and/or while living with your parents.
Growing Primo Sensimillia
 You cannot judge a pot seed by it's cover. Squeeze a seed gently and if it breaks, it was harvested before the seeds matured. Get as large of a variety of seeds as possible. Seeds from dirt weed look sometimes just like the seeds of primo killer mo-jo weed, so get a large variety of seeds.
Growing Weed with Aluminum Foil by coldfry
 I read alot on breeding forms for the pretty plants. So let's leave it at this, plants need light to grow... SO THERE SHALL BE LIGHT... and light is very fast... so this will just take a sec.
Hash Oil: Making Use of Bowl Resin and/or Weed Resin by MuNK3
 Alright, i read somewhere on here how to make hash oil and there was some useful info; too bad they didn't say acetone was the main ingredient in nail polish remover. Nor did he say that you could use bowl rez too to make hash oil. He also tried to make has oil sound like it was acid. Like it would knock you on your ass. It works. But in all the ways of smoking it this is still not so. So now let me break it down for you.
Hash Sprite by Happy Hippo
 Want to get stoned on a drink? First get a matchbox...
Hashish: The Exotic Elixir by Ezrider
 Only two basic types can be produced. These are either pollen or resin Hash. Resin is gathered by hand-rubbing the Cannibis Indica, which is the Asian variety of marijuana. Proper care must be taken when rubbing the plants to insure maximum quality. More and more rubbing produces a sufficient amount of beads to be formed into balls or fingers of pugnent Hash.
Helping A Dying Marijuana Plant by Will M
 If the leaves are turning brown or wilting you may be over fertilizing it.
Hemp FAQ by Brian S. Julin
 Hemp is any durable plant that has been used since pre-history for many purposes. Fiber is the most well known product, and the word `hemp' can mean the rope or twine which is made from the hemp plant, as well as just the stalk of the plant which produced it.
Hemp For Victory - Coverup by Jack Herer
 For the last fifteen years the USDA, its library, and the Library of Congress have told or written the media and all other interested parties that no such movie was *ever* made by the USDA or any branch of the US government.
Hemp For Victory - Transcript of USDA Film by USDA
 Long ago when these ancient Grecian temples were new, hemp was already old in the service of mankind. For thousands of years, even then, this plant had been grown for cordage and cloth in China and elsewhere in the East. For centuries prior to about 1850 all the ships that sailed the western seas were rigged with hempen rope and sails.
Home Growing Guide
 An indoor garden will produce about 16 ounces of grass every six months. The gardens are really quite simple to build, the only technical knowledge being the wiring of a fluorescent tube. Basically, you just hang a fluorescent light that can be raised and lowered over some pots with a good soil mixture.
Homemade Gravity Bong
 This bong is extremely powerful. A single hit from this bong can cause sickness and vomiting. Lightweights should not use this bong.
How To Boost Your Grass by Stainless Steel Rat
 If your dope is weak,or it's good and you'd like to make it better, there are two ways that I know of that can boost it's potency.
How To Grow Really Good Pot
How to Grow Marijuana by Farmer Ted
 Marijuana is a deciduous plant which grows from seeds. The fibrous section of the plant was (has been replaced by synthetics) used to make rope. The flowering tops, leaves, seeds, and resin of the plant is used by just about everyone to get HIGH.
How to Grow Pot by Mr. Crue
 Everything you need to know to grow pot.
How to Make a Bucket by brit bucket
 This was the method I used in my first encouter with resin and I still use it today.
How to Make a Gravity Bong by Shaggy's Tweaked
 An easy way to make a gravity bong and how to use it.
How to NOT get Busted when Stoned by CatatonicHandGrenade
 My advice towards being one of the young stoner kids who still has to report back to mommy and daddy after smoking, from an 18 year olds perspective.
How to Roll A Blunt by B-Real
 Muggs taught us how to get blunted. It's an East Coast thing; one of his friends introduced him to it. All you need to roll a blunt is a Phillies Blunt cigar and a decent quality of the Buddhas
How to Smoke Oils without a Bong, Pipe or Papers by SirSmokesAlot
 This is a great way to smoke the resin once you scrape it.
How to Smoke Weed by The Smoke
 After reading a couple articles on this site and meeting a few Americans I've come to the conclusion they can't smoke weed properly so here's how...
How to convert hash oil into pure THC
How to get a KICK-ASS VAPORIZER for CHEAP! by shoobie
 Ever heard of an "oil burner"? Its a device which vaporizes fragrance oils and can be bought fairly cheap. It works almost as good as any commercial vaporizer for smoking herb!
How to make blunts
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
Indoor growers guide (book)
Info about growing pot and getting caught
Inhale a Hit! by FilmStud17
 One of the easiest pipes you can make! But with an inhaler? Short and sweet!
Inside the High-Flying Pot Industry by Gordon Witkin
 Illinois State University criminologist Ralph Weisheit found that most growers were active, productive members of their communities, such as real-estate agents and engineers. California busts have turned up teachers and a county supervisor. And, of course, it has become a salvation enterprise for many farmers who were devastated by the past decade's agricultural crises.
Interview: Jack Herer by Steven Hager
 Jack Herer is the patron saint of the cannabis protest movement. His landmark study, "The Emporer Wears No Clothes," was the first book to document the environmental consequences of hemp prohibition. Although hundreds of thousands of copies of the book were distributed in the mid-80's, the book went out of print in 1988.
Isomerization of Tetrahydrocannabinol
 Dissolve the hash oil in absolute ethanol or pure methanol in the ratio of one gram extract to ten grams solvent. There must be no water in this solution, as the next step is the addition of one drop of 100% sulfuric acid per gram of extract.
Joint & Blunt Rolling by Schitzophreniac
 An easy no hassle way to roll your smoke perfectly.
Joint rolling
Kinds Of Southern Bud by David
 Bud Sold in the South
Legalization of Marijuana Long Overdue by William F. Buckley Jr.
 My own judgement is that it is as stupid for the person who does not use marijuana to experiment with it as it is for the non-smoker to take up tobacco. But those who don't take my advice should not be sent to Sing Sing.
Marijauna recipes
Marijuana FAQ
Marijuana Myths by Paul Hager
 "The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason." -- Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason
Marijuana Prices 2001-2002 by spliffroll
 These are the real black market prices of marijuana 2001-2002.
Marijuana Smoking Guide by Reefer Man and the Chamelion
 I recently realized that there aren't any GOOD files out here on smoking Ganja, so I decided to write this. Enjoy.
Marijuana Update - May 1994 - National Institute o
Marijuana Wine! by Gandalph
 How to make Marijuana Wine!
Mary Jane guide
Masking Odors Associated With Pot Smoke by Gurgg
 Many people such as myself have uptight parents, getting caught smoking is not an option so here is list of useful tips on masking those odors that may get you in trouble
Modern Morocco
 Before hashish cultivation, kif cultivation used only approximatly 500 square miles. Now, cultivation covers 10,000 square miles and nearly every terraced field with a source of water is filled with kif plants from spring to late summer.
My Experience Cooking It
 Eating pot brownies and living to tell the tale
My First High by Sean
 Before the begining of that summer, I'd only tried mary-jane a few times, but it never really worked.
My First High by kitcer
 It all happened when I was 10...
NORML's Bad Trip
 Around this time, the group did what political organizations do best--it split into factions. It was, as Stroup biographer Patrick Anderson wrote in High in America, the "classic conflict between middle-class reformers and the people who thought they were fighting the revolution,' that is, the professional pre-yuppie lawyers against the tie-dyed peace'n love hippie activists.
Nice file on how to grow weed really well in your
Once you Pop you can't Stop... by mmmmmmpie
 A Pringle can bong.
Operation Green Merchant: The First 18 Months by Peter Gorman
 When Operation Green Merchant first broke 18 months ago, no one was sure of where it was going or what the extent of it would be. Now we know that its ostensible aim was to shut down this country's burgeoning indoor marijuana-cultivation industry; that during its execution the government decimated several of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
Out of Weed? Roast that Bowl! by Howard W. Campbell Jr.
 If you have a bowl get high without green.
Outdoor Growing by Urban Suburban
 Choosing the best strain is probably more important then the ultimate location. You can take the worst genetics and place it in ideal conditions and get a good outcome, but if you place the ideal or perfect genetics into its ideal conditions, you will get amazing and flabbergasting results. On the other hand, great genetics still do very well in less than ideal conditions.
Partnership for a Drug-Free America Lies About Marijuana
 You are correct, marijuana use does not make one stupid. Furthermore, I hereby accuse the PDFA of lying on this issue. In the December 13, 1968 issue of SCIENCE (vol. 162, pp1234-1242) you will find an study entitled, "Clinical and Psychological Effects of Marijuana in Man". The "chronic users" showed either very little impairment or an actual improvement in their test scores.
Pot Recipies
Pot moves inside - on indoor Marijuana Cultivation
Reasons for vaporizing w/plans
Reefer Madness by Abbie Hoffman
 It is time to rethink a complex problem like drug abuse and disregard the simplistic nonsense of the Reagan antidrug campaign, which has ignored scientific evidence and overridden fundamental values of privacy and due process.
Refuting "Drug-Free" Propaganda on Cannabis by Paul Hager
 The "brain wave" anomalies Heath apparently claims to have found do not comport with studies done of human subjects, which have shown that cannabis increases alpha waves (often associated with a meditative or creative state). This effect lasts only as long as the cannabis intoxication. No lasting effect has ever been scientifically validated.
Rockwool for Growing
 Rockwool is inert, sterile, porous, non-degradable and offers plant roots firm support and good oxygen access! It also is lightweight and ideal for hydroponic growing - where the grower has complete control of pH levels and nutrients at all times.
Saving Trees with Grass by Aldis Ozols
 Visitors to Toulouse, France, are confronted by the sight of more than 8,000 hectares of lush marijuana plants waving gently in the breeze, while in the central USSR, over 40,000 hectares are under cultivation. These are not the hallucinations of terminal dope-fiends, but government-backed plantations used to supply raw material for paper manufacture.
Saving Trees with Marijuana by Aldis Ozols
 Visitors to Toulouse, France, are confronted by the sight of more than 8,000 hectares of lush marijuana plants waving gently in the breeze, while in the central USSR, over 40,000 hectares are under cultivation. These are not the hallucinations of terminal dope-fiends, but government-backed plantations used to supply raw material for paper manufacture.
Saving the Farm Economy with Hemp by Ben Masel
 Hemp outyields trees at least 3 to 1. Because of its higher cellulose content, hemp requires less chemical processing, and thus has lower costs and pollution, according to the Dutch Studies.
Scraping Pipes by st0n3d m0nk3y
 So you've run out of weed ey? Well if like me, you occasionally like to smoke your ganja in a pipe, then here's a great trick to getting stoned.
Selling Marijuana: A Beginner's Guide by panthrax
 Selling marijuana is relatively easy if you know how to do it. Everyone has their own way of going about doing things but they are all based around a common method of selling.
Short Article on Growing Hemp
Smokeless Marijuana by August Salemi
 How to make awesome THC pills.
Smoking Hash Oil by Xero
 Get an amazing high from hash oil. How to get it, and how to smoke it.
Some interesting facts on Pot
Strange Ways to Smoke Weed by That Kid
 Ever smoke weed out of a water melon?
T.H.C. Synthesis by DELTA-9
 A few words about synthetic THC.
THC Extraction by Matt Thomas
 Extracting very potent hash oil from pot using acetone
Telling Your Parents That You Smoke Weed by Miki
 Telling your parents that you smoke weed... without part where they freak out and try to send you to rehab.
Text of the Colorado Hemp Production Act of 1995,
The Angry Man's Guide to Growing the Good Stuff by The Last Angry Man
 This is short primer on how to grow organic marijuana indoors using florescent lighting.The instruction is written in clear and plain english with little technical jargon with an eye to growing the cheap way.
The Art of Making Bongs
The Art of a Good Bong by Evan Hughes
 The art of bong making dates back at least a few decades. Fortunatly for us, it is still here. The night this was written/submitted, I was feeling creative, in an engineering sort of way (believe it or not, not an oxy-moron). I decided to design a bong that is a mix of the two that I know, and a Hookah.
The Assassins by Philip K. Hitti
 In pursuit of their ends they made free and treacherous use of the dagger, reducing assassination to an art. Their secret organization, based on Ismailite antecedents, developed an agnosticism which aimed to emancipate the initiate from the trammels of doctrine, enlightened him as to the superfluity of prophets and encouraged him to believe nothing and dare all.
The Benefits of Cannabis
 Cannabis hemp is the longest, most durable, and longest lasting natural fiber known to exist on the earth. Ninety per cent of all ships sails were made from Cannabis hemp since before Christ until the 1930s. The word canvas is the Dutch pronunciation of the Greek word cannabis.
The British Shottie Bottle by Shottie Builder
 A better description of how to build a shottie bottle, a Brit-born pipe/bong.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Rolling by One Crazy Mutha
 A step by step guide detailing the refined process that is rolling.
The First Toke by DutChMaSta-MuRpH
 I had tried weed twice before but it had no effect. Then like a gift from buddah it hit me.
The Gravity Bong
 I am a senior mechanical engineering student. My specialty is design and prototyping. I have worked for several companies learning how to prototype, and this comes in really handy for some of my "other" projects. I was introduced to the gravity bong by a friend. He told me the full name as described to him was the "Afghanistan Gravity Bong".
The Grow Lights FAQ
 The purpose of this FAQ is to help limit the spread of misinformation regarding effective artificial lighting systems, and help those who choose to grow plants under artificial lighting make an informed decision before buying a lamp.
The Industrial Uses of Marijuana
 The marijuana plant is one of the great unused economic resources in America today. The successful commercial exploration of the marijuana plant will bring about a renaissance in the Americas that will dominate the next century.
The Iron Lung by peterpan
 How to make a marijuana smoking device that is similar to a gravity bong but involves no water...
The Marijuana Capsule Pill by SNAPS
 keep marijuana on hand in an undetectable and conveniant way. useful for quick joint rolling and eating if desired. read on to see wot i mean
The Marijuana Grower's Guide by Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank
 Nurturing and watching these beautiful plants as they respond can be a humanising experience. Marijuana farmers know their plants as vital living organisms. If you already are a plant grower, you may understand. If not, read through this book, imagining the various decisions you, as grower, would be making to help your plants reach a full and potent maturity.
The Marijuana Grower's Guide by Lord Kagesama
 An interesting subject that they don't teach in school is Horticulture. Everyone, most likely has once in their life tried some Pot. It sure can be a different experience. One big problems with smoking Pot is that it can get to be very expensive. This problem can be easily solved, by growing it yourself.
The Port-A-Closet by Ed Rosenthal
 No, not a toilet, but a portable skunk factory. It's neat and discreet and capable of producing six ounces in less than four months.
The Real Special Brownie Recipe by John Lange
 The real way to make pot brownies.
The Shotty by Whiteboy
 A truly British bong.
The Sustainable Possibilities of Hemp by Ric Jomarron
 Hemp has been used in everything from papermaking to food production for over 6,000 years.
The complete entry for HEMP from the Encyclopaedia
The marijuana growers handbook
Things To Do While You're Stoned by J.Hoffa
 There are a few standard things to do when you get stoned. Eat, Laugh, Sleep, or watch tv/play video games. Everyone knows this.
Three things marijuana doesn't do - no brain damag
Tips for the Marijuana Smoker by MartinStaper
 A handful of handy tips for those who smoke Cannabis!
Vapor Bong
Vaporizer Principles 101 by The BonJ
 This file details the construction and operation of a vaporizer. A vaporizer (for our purposes) is a device which raises the temperature of mj high enough to cause the active ingredient (THC) to vaporize, but not enough to induce combustion.
Waterfalls by Zonko
 The true art of stoning.
Waterless Gravity Bong
 It's a great I dea if you're looking to get stoned off your ass and it only takes a few minutes to make if you follow the instructions right. Everyone I've ever seen hit has been knocked on their ass before clearing half the smoke.
Weed Cigs by thegreatamericansmokeout
 Producing cigarettes that get you stoned.
Willy Wonka's Bong Factory by om3ga
 How to make waterfalls, bucket bongs, lungs and space helmets...
World History of Commercial Cannabis Hemp by John Birrenbach
 Cannabis use can be documented as far back as 2700 BC in ancient Chinese writings. These writings tell us that cannabis was used by the Chinese for a variety of uses.
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