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NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

4-methylaminorex by UNK
 Due to strangely increased demand for information on 4-methylaminorex chemistry and synthesis that I have received by mail, I decided to compile a short document with the cognate preparation of this interesting compound. This may become a full-fledged FAQ in the future, depending on user response and outside input donated where this will undoubtedly be deficient.
A Recipe for Cocaine Pudding by The New Larousse Gastronomique
 ZABAGLIONE -- A cream mousse of Italian origin which is used to coat hot puddings but which can also be served in cups or glasses, as a sweet.
A Synthesis of Desoxyephedrine
 I'm guessing here: but it may be simply a matter of adding the ephedrine or one of it's salts or variants to the HI solution. The reaction may proceed through the ephedrine iodide stage to the methamphetamine. Such is the reducing strength of HI solution.
A Warning for Meth Chemists by Freddy Fender
 A Warning for Meth chemists
A list of ideas for meth synthesis
A response to Joe Doe's "Myth Dispelling" by Tiny Comas
 John Doe has some seriously erroneous information in his text file, entitled, "Dispelling Drug Myths" which can be found in the Drugs Category, under the 'Speedy Drugs' sub-category.
About Cocaine
 Cocaine is an extract of the leaves of the coca plant native to Central and S. America. It is odorless, colorless to white in a crystalline or powdery consistency. It acts as a stimulant drug with a primary central nervous system action. It effects the brain and body as speed or amphetamine, though it is not chemically related.
Acid/Base Step-by-Step for the Novice by Jamiroquai
 This is your guide to how to do the Acid/Base process and the fundementals thereof.
Acidmelts Slacker Reaction by Acidmelt
 This reaction is brought about the same as every other push/pull rxn in the book. You have to know how to extract psuedoephedrine(E) and clean it, you have to know how to extract the red phosphorus(RP) off matchbooks (or where ever you get it from), and how to properly clean the red phosphorus.
Amphetamine Synthesis: Hydrogen Iodide Ephadrine Reduction by HeXeN
 Easy-to-follow tutorial on the Reduction of Ephadrine with Hydrogen iodide. The "Original Synthesis".
 Amphetamines act as a stimulant on the central nervous system. They do not produce energy as food does,but rather put into action energy that is already present in the body.
Amyl Nitrate Info by Sam
 Amyl nitrate is a rush. It is used as an antidote for cyanide poisoning. However the a local handbook on "Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory" says that it should not be administered unless the patient loses consciousness.
An excellent guide to the phenethylamine group of
CIA's Report on the Contras and Cocaine by Frederick P. Hitz, IG CIA
 October 23, 1996 - The Select Committee on Intelligence, United States Senate - Regarding Investigation of Alleged Connections Between CIA, the Nicaraguan Contras and Cocaine Trafficking in the 1980s.
Cocaine Synthesis
 Cocaine is not a phenylethyl-amine, but it produces central nervous system arousal or stimulant effects which closely resemble those of the amphetamines, the methylenedioxyamphetamines in particular. This is due to the inhibition by cocaine of re-uptake of the norepinepherine released by the adrenergic nerve terminals, leading to an enhanced adrenergic stimulation of norepinephrine receptors.
Cocktail by manica
 A cocktail of weed and speed (to be precise, ice) the inner workings of an inebrated cocktail taker.
Creating Guarapo Pasta by Nitrogen
 An excellant, cheap, easy to make, lower form of cocaine! And best of all you can smoke it easily!
Crystal Meth Ingredients
 There are only 3 main ingredients to making crystal meth.
Difference Between Ritilan and Adderall by mad scientist
 comparison between the effects of ritilan and adderall and a users guide to both
Dispelling Drug Myths by John Doe
 Finally someone tells the truth on several popular drugs and myths by an old paramedic.
Ephedra's Role As a Precursor in the Manufacture of Methamphetamine
 Meth from a plant that contains ephedrine.
Ephedrine by Solomon H Snyder
 Chen was curious about chinese herbal medicine, in particular ma huang. He and other Lilly chemists quickly isolated ephedrine, and verified that it widened bronchial passages. Since Adrenalin couldn't be taken orally, and had a hell of a side-effect, ephedrine seemed vastly preferable.
Half-ass Crank by freddy J
 Quick and easy way to manufacture low quality crank.
How Not to Make Meth the Nazi Way by Joew
 Commentary on posting, "How To Make Methamphetamine The Nazi Way" and similar postings.
How To Manufacture Meth -- True Iodine Recipe by MethodMan
 I've seen dozens of meth recipes on the net and this site. Some are close some are wrong this method is 100% correct everyone I know uses this method.
How To Properly Smoke Crank, Meth, Crisso, Wire by Some Dumbass
 So you have that little White, possibly yellowish, off-white, powdered, granular-like substance that may seem like it will forever keep you rolling. Especally if you dont frequently use the shit.
How to Cook Cocaine into Rock by jay j
 Cooking cocaine the proper way.
How to Cook Meth by Therealcook
 Learn from the best in this step by step article. This method is not a bullshit post, you will in fact result in meth if you follow these steps... I got sick of reading the chemical mumbo jumbo and reciepes designed to kill somebody! 100% guarantee you will get illegal meth...
How to Make Crack by Eye-No Phonez
 Crack! The newest innovation in flying without wings...
How to Make Crack Like a Drug Dealer by abcdrian
 Ok, I know you're not responsible for the quality of the materialon this site, but these recipes for crack are TOTALLY wrong. Here is how to do it correctly...
How to Make Methamphetamine the Nazi Way by Speed Rebel
 Here's the REAL Nazi way to make methamphetamine. WARNING: You will be using dangerous chemicals while producing this shit. This is not a fucking game, this is not something you do for fun, you MUST know what you're doing.
How to Make Methamphetamine the Proper Way by Speed Raver
 There've been a lot of synthesis methods proposed on UseNet for synthesizing methamphetamine. Thus far, I haven't seen one that I imagine would work.
Informative info and FAQ about Methcathinone. Use
Intelligence Report: Methcathinone by Illinois State Police
 In January 1991, the Michigan State Police learned of a new drug being sold in the city of Marquette. First thought to be the legitimate substance ephedrine, the drug was later determined to be methcathinone, a central nervous system stimulant. (Contains detailed synthesis procedures)
Iowa: Home Of The White Buffalo by onepercent
 You see those farms keep this state going, no I'm not talking about agriculture homes, those farms keep the underworld going here. For it is on those rolling farmers fields that we hunt the great white buffalo, watching for them, creeping to them, then killing them. These Great White Buffalo are no midwest folklore, they are real and everywhere, in the form of Anhydrous Amonia tanks. This chemical is a crucial ingredient in our claim to fame, Methamphetamine capitol of the world.
Legal Methamphetamine by Jamiroquai
 Let me see a show of hands of those of you that know a pharmaceutical corporation manufactures methamphetamine? That's what I expected. Abbott Laboratories is the manufacturer.
METH! How to Make Speed by Chewbacca Darth
 NOTE: the techniques described herein are potentially dangerous. It is highly recommended that the physical and chemical properties of the reagents used and the reactions employed be given further study by persons unfamiliar with them before the synthesis is attempted. The publishers therefore disclaim responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from the improper handling of the chemicals and techniques described.
Make Crack from Coke by BiteMeProbation
 A fast and easy way to smoke your dope.
Making Crack
 Crack! The newest innovation in flying without wings...
Making Speed by The Leftist
 Have you ever heard of speed? Now, you can make this very same drug, in your own dangerous kitchen.
Making a Bulb to Smoke your Meth by Me
 This is an even better, and more efficient way to make a light bulb into paraphenalia.
Making a Dish (from a bulb) to Smoke your Meth, Made Easy! by Acid-Killer
 A text how to make a easy dish to smoke your meth from, minimum requirements!
Making a Good Meth Pipe by PremiumWood
 How-To make a good pipe for smoking Methamphetamine in a short amount of time.
Meth Synthesis W/ephedrine, HI, Red Phosphorus by Cousin Singe
 All you people who want an easy meth systhesis - They don't exist! You have to know some chemistry. Learn some (yes it takes some discipline) or be doomed to fail.
Methamphetamine: Just the Basic Facts by Infrared
 A detailed, factual post regarding what methamphetamine is, how it works, how to ingest it, positive/neutral/negative effects, and risks of usage, among other information.
Methamphetamine: The Easy Way. by Joker_187
 Easy method of making methamphetamine.
 This synthesis is very forgiving. Substitutions of potassium hydroxide for sodium hydroxide, sodium dichromate for potassium dichromate and similar subsitution will not have an impact. I wouldn't substitute anything for the sulfuric acid, however. HCl is used to make the drug salt because it is so easy to evaporate the excess off. Any method of making drug salts you are familiar with should be satisfactory.
Methcathinone and Ephedrone
 Initially reported as a street drug in the former USSR as ephedrone. Reports of the use of "Jeff" leading to "numerous" overdose deaths were, it seems, covered up by the former Russian authorities. Methcathinone is related to cathinone as methamphetamine is related to amphetamine, i.e. by N-methyl substitution.
Methods for Synthesis of Methamphetamine by Yogi
 Making it from ephedrine or pseudoephedrine is possible. The only difference between methamphetamine and (pseudo)ephedrine is that damn alpha-hydroxy group. Reacting your ephedrine with thionyl chloride replaes the OH with Cl to produce N-methyl-alpha-chloroamphetamine as an intermediate.
Problems with Amphetamines (Ritilan, Concerta, Adderall) by irishCRAZY91MO
 I've done meth, LSD, cocaine... the drug that i have had the most problems with is a perscription amphetamine... read this and beware.
Revised/Edited Iodine Methamphetamine Recipie
 Making Meth Without the Complicated Labs, Easy to Follow Instructions. Revised And Edited By Silent Evil
Ritalin: The New Drug Epidemic. by rootno9
 People love ritalin.
Smoked Cocaine: Pulmonary Consequences
 The inhalational route of administration of freebase and crack cocaine exposes the lung to their combustion products, raising concern about possible adverse pulmonary effects.
Speedy Dreamers 12 min dream by SpeedyDreamer
 12 minute synth for meth.
Subject: Methamphetamine by Justina
 Every time there is something on television or in the newspaper about rave clubs, the drug ecstasy is brought up. Ecstasy may be a common drug in the clubs because it comes in pill form and can be taken easily, but crystal meth is just as popular and much more dangerous.
Thanksgiving by Ma
 One Northern California family's apparently unending trip through Hell, thanks to meth.
Ultimate Guide to Psychostimulants by dopeman420
 Stimulants are a class of drugs that "speed up" the nervous system. Positive effects include a boost in energy, heightened interest in stimuli, and euphoria. Negative effects are not surprising in their nature; they include racing heart, jitteriness, anorexia, and insomnia.
Various Recipes, Tips and Articles on Synthesizing
Who Has Hallucinations on Crank/crystal? by Im just a girl
 I do, I do! I have tripped on crank dozens of times, with many different people, for many years now. I have never met anyone who hallucinates like I do. I do not mean crank shadows, I am talking full blown hallucinations! ANY ONE ELSE DO THIS???
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