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OTC Drugs and Household Items

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

Harsh drug laws don't make people stop trying to alter their brain chemistry, they just turn to over-the-counter drugs and other household items.

A Search for Legal Inebriants by Evil Basterd
 A list of OTC substances that can be used to acieve a state of intoxication. There is a moderately detailed description of each item in the list. Near the end of the document there is a compilation of "tid-bit" facts about various other drugs, these facts mostly have to do with health and safety regarding use.
Adderall: A Thrill Like No Other by Gurgg
 Adderall is a drug perscribed for ADD and ADHD, while it has beneficial effects on those with these disorders the effects rendered on a normal person can be rather great. I experienced this and this roughly details my 'journey' with Adderall.
Adventures with Nutmeg by cense
 This section will detail my own experiences while using nutmeg as a hallucinogen. Nutmeg, yes nutmeg, the household spice used for flavouring and aromasizing is also a powerful, depending on dose, drug. Yes, it tastes nasty to most people.
America's Favorite Drug by Michael Traub
 Caffeine is a carcinogen, but coffee contains numerous other ones, created by the high heat of roasting, such as creosote, pymdine, tars and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The darker the roast, the greater the potential hazard.
Another Nutmeg Adventure by James Lawrence
 A experience with a container of Tone's Ground Nutmeg.
BAD Trip Off Benadryl by cody drawdy
 As a young lad totse helped me get high off of over the counter drugs and i have been doing to for ages but this time it was different.
Camellia Sinesis by King_Nothing
 Camellia Sinesis? you may be asking yourself what in the hell is that? Well it is commonly know as Green Tea. Yes with green tea you can acheive quite a nice high.
Coffee Recipes
 Fuck you. Coffee is easily the greatest liquid substance on this planet.
Coma White by SomaSonix
 My experiences with Carisoprodol, better known as Soma.
Common Recreational Perscription Drugs by DimeBaggieWriter
 An impromtu and mostly accurate outline of commonly abuse RX drugs.
Convulsions on Dramamine/Dimenhydranite by dana foster
 How my night on dramamine ended up with me hearing voices, seeing imaginery people, and eventually going into convulsions for about 12 hours.
Cool text file on legal drugs and how to make them
Corcidin: Use, Dosage and Side Effects by CCCTard
 ..."about a half hour later I stand up for sothing or other and exprience somthing I have never felt before; the feeling of flying!"
Coricidin Cough and Cold Will Drag You Down by Bill Gustafson
 How Coricidin landed my ass in the hospital in the ICU for 3 days!
Coricidin Isn't Cool at All by Amy~
 I thought trippin' on core was the best until I knew what really was going on...
Coricidin Users Read This by C
 Anyone taking Coricidin recreationally needs to read this...
Coricidins Suck by Cyrus
 They can kill you.
DXM by Tigereyes
 A story about a sigma plateau DXM trip.
DXM - Alcatraz in a Bottle by TRJ
 Stay away from it, folks. It's like being poked in the eye with a flaming knife, but worse.
DXM - Just a few things you should know by emily
 Products such as coricidin cough & cold should be avoided due to all of the other crap found in them.
DXM 4th Plateu by AFuriel/AtPeace
 Information regaurding dosage I took to reach the 4th Plateu, bodyweight, etc..
DXM Polistirex by Chilo Metropolis
 Some statistically based paragraphs and collections as well as opinionative material on DXM and DXM polistirex.
DXM Polistirex Separation by SomeEverydayNobody
 How to seperate DXM Polistirex from the syrup.
DXM Polistirex Separation v. 2 by SomeEverydayNobody
 A guide to separating DXM Polistirex from cough syrup.
DXM or the Elusive Triple C's by Saiyanizim
 Juss a long story of the little red pills and my friends.
DXM: My Very Bad Choice by Mike
 Bad Experience for a Novice DXM user
Danger!!! DO NOT HUFF GLADE!!! by Terrafirma
 I have a short true story about a friend who huffed glade last weekend (June 6, 2003) and didn't end up too pretty.
Dilantin by Twist
 A substance that improves getting high - no more bad side effects.
Diphenhydramine HCL: Oh Yeah! by SaintFrancis
 I really love this stuff and I think I have some good pointers for those people who wish to experiment with OTC drugs.
Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride by leif
 I used to eat shitloads of benadryl and/or unisom every day for..., well, I'm not even sure how long. It really fucked my brain up. Don't do it unless you want to literally go insane. Trust me, it's not fun.
Diphenhydramine: To Hell and Back by T-zone
 An account of my terrible experience with Benadryl.
Dispelling Drug Myths by John Doe
 Finally someone tells the truth on several popular drugs and myths by an old paramedic.
Don't Smoke Green Tea by Timbo
 Smoking green tea doesn't get you high.
Don't do OTC Drugs! by John McClane
 Many of the stories on this website have articles about OTC's. well, I experimented and it made my life a LIVING hell!!!
Double Brewed Coffee by Floyd
 Coffee that will keep you up all night. Seriously. Not kidding.
Dramamine by The Crimson Angel
 A motion sickness pill you can pick up at your local grocery store has a new use!
Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet by Evil Clown
 If you are someone in need of a any kind of high these are they right stuff for you. But be advised the medicine ingridients give a very big high and can be addicting so please be advised and do at your own risk.
Extra Scheduled Prescription Drug scripts! by Adrian Monk
 Ever run out of Addies and feel like shit? Ever sell all your Xannibars and feel like killing someone? Then this guide is for you! Only for long term prescriptions. Get one or two extra prescriptions a month!
Extracting DXM from Robitussin Extra Strength Cough Syrup by U.S.9
 How to extract DXM in pure form from Robotussin Extra Strength Cough Syrup. Simple kitchen extraction, no chemistry knowledge needed.
FAQ on Legal Highs by Palmer Minor
 Here is a complete list of legal ways to get fucked up on household products.
FL Tobacco Discussion
Getting Blotto with an Oxygen Head Rush
 Here is a way to get a short high without drugs just using your body.
Glade Air Freshener by xxtool420xx
 I want to take a moment and talk about Glade Air Freshener. Glade Air Freshener is now a common means of getting high. Most teenagers put it in a Ziploc bag, and huff the fumes until they get tunnel vision.
Green Tea Blows by none
 Green tea does not get you high.
Guide to Using Cough Syrup As A Source Of DXM by runaway
 DXM is short for Dextromethorphan. It is a common cough suppressant, found in many cough syrups. In large doses it acts as a disassociative drug.
How I OD'ed On Dramamine by J.J. McFarlane
 This is the story on how I OD'ed on Dramamine. All true.
How I got High (quite high) on Nutmeg by Bacon
 How I got extremely messed up on Nutmeg!
How To Make Really Fun Coffee by Dj Sulphur
 If you have a coffee machine, and a coffee grinder. And you enjoy getting wired. Here some mind-fucking Coffee recipes for Ya..
How to Enjoy a Good Cigar
 Buy cigars ONLY that are kept in a PROPERLY MAINTAINED Humidor. Don't bet that the Tinder Box at your mall knows shit about cigars even though they have a humidor. Try a small Upman cigar from a place like that first. They move more small cigars like that. Never trust a cigar salesman at a mall unless they have a real severe spanish accent. Look for REAL tobacconists in your yellow pages, not the mall.
How to find sources
How to take Nutmeg by Romboy
 This article will tell you how to take nutmeg without gagging or anything.
Interesting way to obtain legal drugs
Kwells and Travacalm by THOR
 An easy method for getting smashed off cheap legal drugs.
Legal Highs by Adam Gottlieb
 20th Century Alchemist's Handbook.
List of legal drugs and where to find them
More Tobacco Discussion
My Diphenhydramine Experiment by Crispy
 I took the Benadryls and it fucked me up... wasn't really good or bad.
My Dramamine Trip by awkword
 My at first fun but then later bad trip on dramamine.
My Experiences with Coricidin(TM) or DXM by Scranduple
 Coricidin(TM) cough/cold pills contain DXM as most of you know. So one day i decided to take a short break from school and try to trip on them as ive seen a lot of my friends do.
My First Lortab Trip by unseeneyes
 My thoughts multiplied and were buzzing all around my head but at the same time they were fuzzy and unclear.
My Nail Polish Remover Trip by Wasted
 Nail Polish Remover is the best. I'm tripping so much right now.
My Nutmeg Experience
 My pleasant experience with nutmeg.
My Pleasant DXM Experience by Mr.Sleep
 My surprisingly fun adventure with DXM and the effects it had on me.
My dimenhydranate (Dramamine) Trip by Classified
 A story about how I tripped on Gravol.
Natual Highs are NOT Safe by punkindrublic
 Natural highs such as making yourself pass out from lack of oxygen or blood to the brain are NOT COOL and NOT FUN, read and I will tell you why.
Never Take Coricidin by SaintFrancis
 Never take Coricidin, they only amount to pain and suffering. Stick to Robitussin Maximum Strength cough syrup, it is the best source of pure DXM.
Non-chemical Altered States by Jeff Hunter
 Almost all methods used to create altered states using non-chemical means rely on changing the most powerful frequency at which the brain operates and synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain so that they both oscillate in phase.
Nutmeg by tERMiNAl jUNkiE
 Why is this idiot writing about a fucking spice?
Nutmeg FAQ
 Frequently Asked Questions about nutmeg and its effects.
Nutmeg Messes You Up, In A Very Bad Way by stoners_paradise
 Nutmeg is nutty! It will mess you up, in a bad way! My experience with nutmeg wasnt exactly something I'd like to repeat.
Nutmeg: A Sickening High by Jon
 The high was cool, not the effects.
Nutmeg: For when your booze runs out by landfill
 With a bit of effort, you can get a nice mild high off nutmeg, and hopefully not feel like I did in the morning!
Nutmeg: The Legal High by Californiay
 A different way to use nutmeg to get high.
Nutmeg: The Spice-Rack Hallucinogen by T-zone
 Nutmeg is a really nice high. Here is my experience with it.
Nutmeg: The Worst Experience of my Life by Burn it up
 This is what happened to me when I ate a whole tablespoon of powdered nutmeg.
Nutmeg: the Legal Marijuana by willtf78
 Answering the age old question, "Can nutmeg really make you intoxicated?"
Nutty-mega by KittyMan89
 Krazy nutmeg dream vision.
Obtaining Licit Drugs Hella Cheap by The Azure Mage
 I was thinking about but Chemical Intoxication. That's right. Drugs. Neural Death in a pill. Your gateway into the Land of Else.
Over the Counter DXM
 Ever wanted to know which brands had the most DXM (Dextramorfan Hydrobromide) without looking at every single box? Well now you can!
Paxil Trip by shibby9669
 This is another Paxil story - this was a stupid thing to do, but it did have a good side effect.
Poppy Seed Tea by fuckface
 Intructions and experience on this wonderful tea which I have been using once a week for the past year or so.
Poppy Seed Tea - A Cheap, Effective Morphine High by sinewriter - aka remix0ne
 A quick simple recipe for making an opiate tea.
Prescription Painkillers by J. Rocker
 Pill names and what they do.
Psychoactive Pharmaceuticals
 An almost complete list of all perscription drugs that will get you buzzed, stoned, high etc. The list the DEA doesn't want you to see!
Ritalin:Helpful or Hurtful by Marijane
 The negative effects of Ritalin.
Sleepinol by Balian
 Sleepinol, an OTC sleep-aid can cause extreme hallucinations without much risk of dying.
Symptoms of Diphenhydramine HCl Intoxication by leif
 How to tell if someone is fucked up on benadryl. Just some of my personal observations.
The Big Red C by CapitanMunch
 Crazy-C/cough and cold/Core/whatever you kidz call it (clorocidin).
The Evil Delsym: Another Dumb DXM Story by MrOblivious
 This is why i don't like cough syrup anymore.
The Whomp Whomps by RedAnarchist
 The worst thing to do standing up.
The World's Easiest, Cheapest High by John C. Pyles
 Learn all about caffeine and what it does to people.
Trippin' Hard by Shoe Button Eyes
 A story about "Triple C's"
Weird Drugs by Pa Bell
 Weird drugs made from ordinary household items.
What I Discovered about Myristicin by codeboy105
 I tripped real bad on myristicin and I apparently only remembered half of it. There is more to nutmeg than meets the eye!
Xenadrine by joey jojo junior shabadoo
 This is a diet pill that's totally legal.
You Can Get High off Poppy Seeds! by fuckface
 Out of luck with gettin any drugs this weekend? Why not go to the local bulk store and get some poppy seeds!
dont make the same mistake please learn from me by misfits
 it all started the first year of highschool when i got a sheet on nutmeg and then later tried dxm etc. and more trouble followed.....
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