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Hardcore Dancing FAQ

by xantagonistx

What Is Hardcore Dancing?

Hardcore dancing is a form of enjoying the hardcore genre of music. Hardcore dancing is like any mosh, except rather than it be pushing it shoving, it is punching and kicking randomly. While this may sound like it looks funny, many are afraid to go near it. The other aspect is called the 2 step. This involves the swinging of the arms and a rhythmic movement of the feet, it is slightly less violent than its counterpart.

Who Does It?

Hardcore dancing is done by several people at hardcore shows. It is usually done during a part of the song called a breakdown.

Why do people do it?

It is a completely violent activity that is alright to do. Most people cannot be so violent anywhere else. It is also a great method of expression.

How do you hardcore dance?

There really is no right or wrong way to hardcore dance as long as you follow close to the general principles. However you can upset those around you by doing something different, or just plain rude, or ignorant. The best way to learn is to watch those participating.

Here are some basic Rules to hardcore dancing for the uninformed. The following is a guide on how not to get punched in the face at a show by a pissed off hardcore fan.

1. If you are new, you probably don't want to start the pit yourself, certain bands do not require any hardcore dancing, and plainly really don't call for it. Trying to start when such a band is playing will most likely piss other people off, and could get you punched, Or you will be the only person doing it, and no one wants to be that person.

2. Follow the general flow of things. The best time to start dancing is when a good number of others are.

3. Unless those around you are doing otherwise, do not punch and kick during a 2 step part. If you connect, you may offend that person and suffer his retaliation. You generally want to keep the punching and kicking to breakdowns, but in general stick with rule 2.

4. DO NOT mock hardcore dancing, this will get you hurt for sure. While you may think you're a funny guy and people think you're funny, you're actually pissing people off , and a punch in the face is imminent. So many people learn this the hard way.

5. When Girls Dance , you may dance but keep your distance, while they say they don't mind getting hit, its usually a different story once they do. You don't want an angry boyfriend or group of friends after you for punching a girl in the tit. Some hardcore kids will argue the contrary, however I think there is really nothing to prove by hitting a girl. It wont make anyone look tough.

Other Rules for everyone

1. Once you get a general feel for hardcore dancing. After a few shows, you may be able to start the pit. If you're in a scene that you are familiar with it might be a good idea. If you are in another town, you may want to make sure you have enough people who will participate (i.e. the friends you brought with you). If you don't have at least 4 people, it's probably not a very good idea.

2. Generally, in your hometown, anything goes. Unless no one you know is there with you, this however does not occur all that often. Most of the time, the people from the town choose how the dancing goes, if it is your town, you can get away with a lot more.

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