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Mind Control

MKULTRA, the CIA's brainwashing experiments, are just one example of mind control. Almost as sinister... try advertising.

1977 Senate Hearing on MKULTRA by U.S. Senate
 Perhaps most disturbing of all was the fact that the extent of experimentation on human subjects was unknown. The records of all these activities were destroyed in January 1973, at the instruction of then CIA Director Richard Helms. In spite of persistent inquiries by both the Health Subcommittee and the Intelligence Committee, no additional records or information were forthcoming. And no one -- no single individual -- could be found who remembered the details, not the Director of the CIA, who ordered the documents destroyed, not the official responsible for the program, nor any of his associates.
20 Year Old Mind Control Victim
 What would you say if there is a FBI dossier opened on your name just because you listen to punk music? Or just because your mother lives in Germany? Or just because your grandfather used to make a practical joke on current political situation which upset regime?
20th Century Brainwashing: What's Hidden in Microsoft's Logo by Dr. Lechnar
 Advertisements bombard every minute of our lives. The advertising industry has penetrated into every aspect our this society. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I hear is my radio blaring out the latest ad for Sears or the Penn State Bookstore. At night, the last thing I see is the latest peroxide innovation on the toothpaste tube.
A Mind Control Letter to the President of the USA
 Let me introduce myself as the man who came to the USA in 1976 to seek a new life for my family from Canada as I was being persecuted both by management and the unions here because I said their methods were useless and had suggested alternatives. I did not know the persecution was done by Mind Reading.
A Reason Why American's Did? by Phlubylypert
 The idea being driven at herein is how Iowa Governor of Terry E. Branstad calls upon Iowa's army reservists to spend time around southern California at precisely a timeliness when DEA special agents were conferring with me about respective hospitals utilizing mind-adulteration drugs for displacing individuals' unalienable rights.
Alterations in Imaginings and Suggestibility During Brief Magnetic Field Exposures by Christine F. DeSano and M. A. Persinger
 Male and female subjects were exposed to alternating magnetic fields of 1 and 4 Hertz which were applied across their mid-superior Temporal lobes. In addition, a green light was pulsed in phase with the magnetic field while the participant was instructed to imagine an encounter with an alien.
America's Secret Police by Jim Hobson
 This document is based on evidence that has been collected from victim testimonies, intelligence sources, information databases, and personal observations. After compiling the information, we must conclude that the U.S. Government is on a small scale torturing, experimenting upon, and murdering innocent men, women, and children with ultrasonic and infrasonic weapons on American soil.
BRAIN-WASHING: How to become All-Powerful! by Quasar Bob
 By inducing the human subject into a state of hypnosis, you can easily manipulate their thoughts and actions as well. Hell, it worked for the CIA and Charlie Manson!
Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy by Son Of Gomez
 A Cypherpunk convicted of death threats against Bill Gates is shown to be part of a much larger conspiracy than the court records indicate.
Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today by Dick Sutphen
 Any study of brainwashing has to begin with a study of Christian revivalism in eighteenth century America. Apparently, Jonathan Edwards accidentally discovered the techniques during a religious crusade in 1735 in Northampton, Massachusetts. By inducing guilt and acute apprehension and by increasing the tension, the "sinners" attending his revival meetings would break down and completely submit.
CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children by Jon Rappoport
 In unpublicized sessions, New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf introduced two of her patients who had uncovered memories of being part of extensive CIA brainwashing programs as young children (in one case, starting at age seven). Their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death threats.
CIA Mind Control Experiments: Building the Manchurian Candidate by Dr. Colin Ross
 Lecture given at 9th Annual Western Clinical Conference on Trauma and Dissociation, April 18, 1996, Orange County, California.
CIA Report on Communist Brainwashing
 Brainwashing, as a technique, has been used for centuries and is no mystery to psychologists. In this sense, brainwashing means involuntary re-education of basic beliefs and values. All people are being re-educated continually.
CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing At Stanford Research Institute by H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D.
 In July 1995 the CIA declassified, and approved for release, documents revealing its sponsorship in the 1970s of a program at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA, to determine whether such phenomena as remote viewing "might have any utility for intelligence collection" [1]. Thus began disclosure to the public of a two-decade-plus involvement of the intelligence community in the investigation of so-called parapsychological or psi phenomena.
Can Mind Machines Build Up Our Brains? by Caroline Hall Otis
 Nautilus, Universal, Nordic Track -- machines that strengthen and delineate our pecs and glutes have passed beyond mere fad to become a way of life. But how irksome it is to have a Ferrari of a body topped by a Pinto of a brain. Time for the next twist in workout equipment: exercise machines designed to pump power into our cerebral muscles.
Conditions for Mind Control by Dr. Margaret T. Singer
 In a thought reform program the self concept is destabilized, the group/leaders attack one's evaluation
Excitement of Glee by Harbinger
 As Saddam’s statue was being pulled down, one with discerning eyes could see delta-T antennas mounted on the psychotronic warfare units that were deployed around the square. The American soldiers and embedded press wore their battle helmets of course, special units lined with aluminum shields and helmholtz coils, keeping the powerful psychotronic pulses from affecting them.
Government Research into ESP & Mind Control by Tom Porter
 Hypnosis, drugs, and psycho-surgery; separately and combined, were the tools of this quest for the ultimate truth serum on the one hand, and the capability to create an agent who could not have his or her mission tortured out of them, or even be aware that they were carrying secret information given to them in an altered state of consciousness. More and more sophisticated drugs were experimented with, such as LSD, Ketamine, and Psilocybine.
Healing The Effects of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Experiments by Robert Lingenfelter
 Those who have done even cursory reading into the subject of mind control have heard of the CIA's 1960s project, MK-ULTRA, or its predecessor, ARTICHOKE. These cold war programs gave the CIA carte blanche to explore the possibilities of controlling the human mind. Virtually every reference to such experiments includes documentation of these two programs as proof of our government's willingness to do things that most of us would not approve.
Hypnosis Comes of Age by G. H. Estabrooks
 This psychologist reminisces about his long career as a hypnotist: how he "programmed" American spies with hypnosis: how he helped businessmen and students with his skills.
Illegal Mind Control Experimentation
 Please look at these death certificates of postal employees and please have it investigated - these are mirrored-images of murders of postal employees by our very own intelligence.
Induced Submissive Behavior and Gender Dysphoria in Biologically Normal Males by R.B. Taylor
 This article attempts a dispassionate outline of practices normally dealt with only in sensationalistic literature: namely, the induction and maintenance of hypersubmissive behavior in biologically normal male humans, including induced fetishism, transvestism, and eonistic (transsexual) states.
Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and Recording in Completely Free Patients by Jose M. R. Delgado
 During the last few years, methodology has been developed to stimulate and record the electrical activity of the brain in completely unrestrained monkeys and chimpanzees. This procedure should be of considerable clinical interest because it permits exploration of the brain for unlimited periods in patients without disturbing their rest or normal spontaneous activities.
Is Someone Doing Devious Things With Your Mind? by Robert McGarvey
 Jeff Johnson has just been brainwashed, and it has happened so undetectably that there is absolutely nothing he could have done to prevent it.
Jonestown, the CIA & Mind Control
 In 1973, just after the CIA's redirection in the next stage of testing and development of the M.K. ULTRA and related operations, it was decided that religious cults best represented a new and virtually fool-proof operations platform in which to further Mind Control technologies. Several religious "sects and cults" were examined by the Agency for their possible utilization by the CIA in Top Secret studies of Mind Control operations.
Methods Used in Brainwashing
 The process of making people immune to attempts to change their attitudes by initially exposing them to small doses of the arguments(opposition) against their position. This process gives explanations to behavior, arguments, and beliefs of opponents. The explanations may be highly biased and inaccurate but depending on the source of the misinformation may significantly add to credibility of a belief system.
Michael Egger Mind Control Lawsuit by Michael Egger
 On Monday afternoon, September 10, 1985 I was coming from a shower in a bathroom on the first of the Hawthorne hotel -- to my room, also on the first floor. One of the maids (a somewhat overweight black woman) said to another woman maid (to the best of my memory also black): "Well I don't care if you do or you don't." The other maid said, "She say that sounds like Lennon -- someone who got out of hand."
Microwave Harrassment by Unknown
 I have known for a long time that people employed at TELIA in Sweden, during many years probably since the early 80's, without authorization has conducted microwave hearing experiments.
Microwave Harrassment and Mind-Control Experimentation by Julianne McKinney
 The methods reportedly employed in these harassment campaigns bear a striking resemblance to those attributed to the CIA and FBI during Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO. The only difference now is that electronic harassment and experimentation also appear to be (more blatantly) involved.
Mind Control in Berkeley by Richard Dorrance
 Here is a copy of some flyers that were handed out by one Richard Dorrance. I could go on about his problems but it is probably best to let him speak for himself. In typing them, I have retained his original layout, (usually correct) spelling and punctuation.
Mind Control in the U.K. by Tim Rifat
 Torture is alive and well in the UK. MI5, the UK's secret police, regularly use Non-Lethal Weapons on any dissidents.
Mindshare by Martin "Eudoxus" Hlavacek
 The branding of our youth to instill corporate ideological meaning
Motives for Mind Control by Allen Barker
 Cointelpro actions are covertly undertaken to harass and discredit people who, for whatever reason, are "in the way." Frank Donner, in his 1980 book Age of Surveillance, makes this point with example after example. In his phrase, convert surveillance and harassment has become an unspoken "mode of governance" in the U.S.
Movie-Goers Can Think for Themselves by Tibor R. Machan
 Subliminal advertising in movies.
My Card Was On The Table by Tom Meyers
 A story of the original manchurian candidate
My Experiences as a Involuntary Subject of Directed Energy Weapon by John Hughes
 Within the scope of being under surveillance and being harassed by an organized body with highly advanced technical methods, the purpose of this document is to summarize the events and thoughts and to categorize relevant occurrences and to consolidate my journal entries.
NSA's Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts
 Subliminal implanted posthypnotic suggestions and scripts using acoustically delivered and phonetically accelerated posthypnotic commands without somnambulistic preparation in the subject for intelligence and counterintelligence applications by the United States National Security Agency.
Nazi Experimentation / Current 'Communipulation' Sciences by Francois Gueret
 Today's media and politicians are pulling hot keys in our minds. Advertising brought this new science of communication/manipulation to the awareness of the mighty. We are brainwashed by default, and free only upon resistance efforts.
Nazi Propaganda Techniques in Use Today... On YOU! by Doan Boal
 A comparison of Nazi propaganda techniques and those used by the powerful anti-firearms-ownership movement in America and disseminated by our national media.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Applied Magick by Brandy Williams
 One reason I suggest everyone I know become familiar with it is that they've taught this stuff to salespeople, managers, Pentagon employees; I see their techniques on television commercials and read about them in seminar descriptions. NLP is a people manipulator par excellance, and I think it's important others are made aware of this.
Operation Third Chance - Army's LSD Interrogation Techniques
 We will probably never know the full story on at least nine people, refered to as foreign nationals, whoe were subjected to the Army's LSD interrogation project, Operation THIRD CHANCE.
Paranoid by Jerry Gordon
 Why millions want to see what I type on my browser
Pentagon Testing of Electronic Signal Weapons by Josie Stone
 It was reported by CNN and USA in 2001 that the Pentagon had been testing the use of electromagnetic signals for the purpose of crowd control. Having been an involuntary subject of that testing, I feel it necessary to warn others of the sympltoms that are manifested when this technology is utilized
Propaganda in Theory and Practice: How Does It Work?
 Slogans like "the iron curtain" helped audiences to visualize the "danger." And by the 1950s, bomb shelters and air raid drills were added to the psychological arsenal -- orchestrated not so much to protect the country as to bring about active participation and thus to raise the level of hysteria.
Psionic Training Guide by Xirokoto
 A little bit of everything you could ever want to know concerning the wonderfull world of psionics!
Psychic Seduction by Ross Jeffries
 Notice how some people "just seem to have it?" And strangely, many of them are average looking. Their manner of dress may be nondescript. Physically, they have unremarkable features. But somehow... an aura of appeal, charm, dominant sexuality emanates and draws others like flies to a honey pot. These men and women are naturally endowed with mental powers that subconsciously draw others to them. But don't despair that you're missing out on the fun...
Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy: The Secret Arms Race by Mojmir Babacek
 The Russian Federation and the USA Built Radar Systems That Could Enable Them to Control Minds of Whole Populations; Scientific Informations, Military Documents, Warnings by Civilian and Military Researchers
Psychological Operations in the Gulf War
 The 4th PSYOP Group began broadcasting the "VOICE OF THE GULF" radio network which on 19 January 1991. It operated continuously through 1 April 1991 with more than 210 hours of live broadcasting and 330 hours of prerecorded programs. A total of 2072 news items were aired along with 189 PSYOP messages.
Psychological Operations/Warfare
 Psychological Operations or PSYOP are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals.
 This book was used in underground schools, and contains the address of Beria to the American students in the Lenin University prior to 1936. The text in the book in general is from the Communist Manual of Instructions of Psychopolitical Warfare, and was used in America for the training of Communist cadre. The only revision in this book is the summary, which was added by the Communists after the atomic bomb came into being.
Radio Waves & Life by Tom Jaski
 These projects are being carried out at our major universities, each specializing in one particular frequency. For example, the project at the University of California, under the direction of Prof. Charles Susskind, is primarily investigating the effects of 3-CM radar energy. Test subjects are mice, ants, and yeast cells.
Reflect Conspiracy Forum Story by Reflect
 This is about covert psychic mind control experiments. These experiments are funded by goverment black operations. Psychics disguise their research programs as self improvement courses. The psychics use subjects to master their paranormal powers in ESP, remote viewing, telepathy, moving matter, controlling others and spiritual possession. Psychics are part of the illuminati eye of the pyramid scheme. Claiming to have everyones answers. Saying they have a super consciousness knowledge of higher realites. Psychics claim to have descended from Atlantean aliens that came to Earth to develop human beings. Psychics have a NWO goal of creating a new Atlantis. They keep followers in a trance dreaming of new dimensions while being made into alien hybrids.
Remote Control Electronic Brain Punishment by David James Fratus
 I am currently involved in a crisis of a bizarre nature which I'm sure will be of utmost interest, providing you can find credence in what I relate and not summarily dismiss me as being a fantasy-stricken space case.
Satellite Tracking and Criminal Nuisances by Jacques Vuillod
 The damages on people are again worse…Why do we have (or do I have) such an U.S. tracking and locating system by radar satellite with very big receptivity/sensitivity and with permanent execrable sound/voicing effects.
Shadow Men In The Masonic Temple by El Supremo
 While meditating under the influence of LSD one night I am telepathically contacted by unknown forces who convince me to come to them by following their telepathic leads to their location on the horrific night. They also warn me that at any moment in my quest to find them they may decide to kill me. This is a true story.
Shawnee Unit - A Control Unit For Women by Silvia Baraldini
 The history of the use of control units against women, including the current federal incarnation, the Shawnee Unit at Marianna, Florida, was ignored. A false picture was projected - that women are exempt from placement in control units; that Shawnee is not a control unit because it does not use the same physical brutality as men's control units.
The Battle for Your Mind by Dick Sutphen
 Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today -- The Birth of Conversion/Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735. The Pavlovian explanation of the three brain phases. Born-again preachers: Step-by-Step, how they conduct a revival and the expected physiological results. The "voice roll" technique used by preachers, lawyers and hypnotists. New trance-inducing churches. The 6 steps to conversion. The decognition process. Thought-stopping techniques. The "sell it by zealot" technique. True believers and mass movements. Persuasion techniques: "Yes set," "Imbedded Commands," "Shock and Confusion," and the "Interspersal Technique." Subliminals. Vibrato and ELF waves. Inducing trance with vibrational sound. Even professional observers will be "possessed" at charismatic gatherings. The "only hope" technique to attend and not be converted. Non-detectable Neurophone programming through the skin. The medium for mass take-over.
The CIA's Thought Detection Machines by Alan Yu
 My name is Alan Yu, a former lieutenant colonel in the Taiwan National Defence Department. I have since immigrated to the United States ten years and naturalized as an U.S. citizen. I am writing this letter to inform you of a grave thereat to the civil rights of American citizens and the very ideas that this nation was founded on (Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. This threat is a device known as the "Thoughts Detecting Machine".
The Classic Mind Control Operation Revealed by Julianne McKinney
 Many of the overt harassment tactics discussed below are surfacing in cases which (so far) have not involved discernable forms of electronic harassment.
The Controllers by Martin Cannon
 For decades, "spy-chiatrists" working behind the scenes -- on college campuses, in CIA-sponsored institutes, and in prisons -- have experimented with the erasure of memory, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestion, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-ionizing radiation, microwave induction of intracerebral "voices," and a host of even more disturbing technologies.
The Hidden Face Behind Advertising by Chris McLean
 Is it only me, or have others become aware of new techniques being employed in advertising? Advertising in essence isn't wrong - it's a way in which we are informed of new products. But, and this is a big but, more and more advertising is infiltrating our everyday lives, we cannot open our eyes in the morning without some form of advertising staring back at us.
The IBM 2020 Neural Implant Chip
 The control of crime will be a paramount concern in the 21st century. We must be ready with our security products when the demand for them becomes popular. Our Research and Development Division has been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the California Department of Corrections, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Massachusetts Department of Correction to run limited trials of the 2020 neural chip implant. We have established representatives of our interests in both management and institutional level positions within these departments.
The Mind Has No Firewall by Timothy L. Thomas
 An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism.
The Neurophone by Bob Paddock
 Transmitting information directly to the brain.
The Psychology of Torture by Sam Vaknin
 The victim wishes to forget the torture, to avoid re-experiencing the often life threatening abuse and to shield his human environment from the horrors. In conjunction with the victim's pervasive distrust, this is frequently interpreted as hypervigilance, or even paranoia. It seems that the victims can't win. Torture is forever.
The Quickest and Easiest Way to GET OUT of Psych Wards by ChibiMiko / SigmaHex
 This is a guide for children -- if you're an adult and you're in a psych ward you are in deep shit, a child can be sent to a psych ward for simply yelling at their parents, you can be arrested under the mental health act for basicly anything (this is Canadian law).
Thoughts in Captivity by Anonymous
 Imagine, for a moment, that you wanted to create a memetic virus - a belief or system of beliefs of your choosing that would spread from person to person, instill its targets with specific thoughts or opinions of your choosing, and be almost impossible to eradicate once it had taken root in a mind.
Totalism in Today's Cults by Jan Groenvald
 Studies have shown that today's cults use a stronger form of control than those of 50 years ago. The advent of new psychological experiments in the 60's and 70's have produced the modern methods of mind control which are far more sophisticated than the BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION TECHNIQUES and THOUGHT REFORM developed by the Chinese. To understand mind control you need a basic understanding of BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION TECHNIQUES.
Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation by H. Michael Sweeney
 There are specific tactics which disinfo artists tend to apply, as revealed here. Also included with this material are seven common traits of the disinfo artist which may also prove useful in identifying players and motives. The more a particular party fits the traits and is guilty of following the rules, the more likely they are a professional disinfo artist with a vested motive.
UltraSonics: America's Secret Police
 A secret police force operating above the law, conducting illegal surveillance, and acting as judge, jury, and executioner exists in America. This secret police force consists of private American citizens who have access to extremely sophisticated surveillance, harassment, and non-lethal weapons technology.
Unclassified Documents on Mind Control
 This text details how Electro Magnetic Pulse Generation could be used to transmit subconcious media for the purpose of mind control and manipulation.
War.com: The Internet and Psychological Operations by Angela Maria Lungu
 Although current international law restricts many aspects of PSYOP either through ambiguity or non-currency, there is ample legal room for both the U. S. and others to conduct PSYOP using modern technology and media such as the Internet. Existing policy and legal restrictions, however, must be changed, allowing military PSYOP forces to both defend and counter adversarial disinformation and propaganda attacks which impact on the achievement of military objectives.
White Paper on Information Dominance
 Information dominance is a delta: the difference between the aggregate of information available to each of two opposing military commanders. But its more than just information: Its the difference in understanding of information in the context of some specific purpose that is the crux of the definition. Information dominance then refers to a difference in what is termed Battlefield Visualization...
Will You Survive Interrogation? by Master Of Impact
 Doing what we do best always carries the risk of someone, somewhere, wanting to hold you for questioning. In this article I hope to give those persons who never have been exposed to this type of thing a little insight to the methods that are in use (and are in no ways happen to be all new), that can give you the edge you need to come away "sin faulta". In fact, these interrogation practicies are used a lot by teachers, local police, the FBI and Secret Service girlfriends, wives, parents, etc. to obtain information from you that you probably don't want to give out.
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