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Radio Scanner Frequency Lists

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
102nd Fighter Intercept Wing in Mass.
1991 Shortwave Frequency Guide
1994 CHP frequency list
6th Edition of scanner specs database
800- 1300MHZ Listening Guide
800mhz frequency guide
A Northern Cal frequency listing
A list of VHF/UHF Search and Rescue Frequencies by Civil Air Patrol
 Large events (i.e. missing aircraft searches) will sometimes have 5 or 10 active frequencies.----Sometimes the search and rescue event you are listening to is not a "real life" event! It may be a training mission.
AFCC/ARC freq. list
AWACS freq. list from Gulf
Air Force 1 Frequencies Nationwide
Air Force freq. lists
Aircraft Emergency Freq. (VHF)
Airshow Frequencies
All the Hams in B.C.
Am stereo directory
An unfinished guide to Victoria Police radio proce
Army corp. of engineers freq's (WV)
Atlanta- Hartsfield Airport freq. guide
BBS World Service Schedule
BC VHF Police frequencies
BRT- International Freq.
Bay Area Tatical and Investigator Freq. list
Bay area scanner frequencies
Beale Air Force Base freq. list
Beginners Guide to Scanning
Boeing Company freq. list
Boston EMS Unit Designations, Frequencies
Boston FBI freqs.
Boston Fire Department 10- Code Explaination
Boston Fire Department Frequencies
Boston Fire Department Unit Designations
Boston Police Department Frequencies
Boston, MA EMS and State freq.
Bush Gardens Freqs.
 Civil Air Patrol HF-SSB/VHF-AM/VHF-FM Frequency List (updated July, 2003)
CATV Freq. Allocation Chart
CB frequency listing
Cabell County 10 siganals and codes
Cabell County freq. list
Cellular phone frequencies
Charleston WV cellsite frequencies
Charlotte police 10 codes
Chemical emer freqs (Chas.WV.)
Christian Science Monitor schedule
Citizen band frequencies
Citizens' Band Frequencies
Civil Air Patrol Callsigns by Civil Air Patrol
 CAP Callsigns
Civil Air Patrol Radio Frequencies by Civil Air Patrol
 Here are all the frequencies used by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) nationwide
Civil Air Patrol VHF/UHF Frequencies by DarkStar VHF
 Nationwide Civil Air Patrol VHF/UHF Frequency List.
Complete MBTA Frequency List
Cop frequencies for Alameda and Contra Costa count
Cordless phone freq. list
Cruise ship freqs.
DEA frequencies
DEA frequencies
DEA frequencies
DEA scanner freqs.
Dade & Boward Counties Freq. lists
Davis- Monthan AFB freqs.
Des Moines freqs.
Deutsche Welle Frequency & Program Schedule
Disneyland in California Frequencies
 Disney Land in California Frequencies
Disneyworld scanner frequencies
EPA freq. list
East Coast Military VHF/UHF Frequency List
 Military frequencies for you East Coast scanner maggots.
Emergency codes
FACSFAC freqs.
FBI Frequencies in Buffalo, N.Y.
FBI Frequencies used in Massachusetts
FBI freq. list
FCC Band Plans 10kHz-300 GHz by Eric Monier
 I have mapped out the entire radio spectrum ranging from 10 kHz-300 GHz, check out these bandplans, please visit the link.
FEMA Frequencies
Fargo, ND Police Codes by Andrew Thorson
 Fargo Police Dispatch Codes
Fast Food Freqs.
Fax frequencies, mostly Wx
Federal Freq. for California
Federal Freqs.
Federal Government Freqs.
Federal aviation administration freqs
Federal frequencies in Sacramento area
Fire Service freqs.
Fort Hood Texas Scanner Frequencies by Michael
 This is a compiled and verified list of scanner frequencies for Fort Hood, Texas.
Freq. allocation for 0- 30mhz
Freq. allocation guide
Freq. for wireless theatre microphones
Freqs. for press TTY
Frequencies for Honolulu, Hawaii, Island of Oahu by RODNEY SOUZA
 Two-way radio frequencies used in the city of Honolulu.
Frequencies for Major Airlines - Emergency Airline
Frequencies for Police/Emergency Services in Clark
Frequencies for Police/Emergency Services in Detro
Frequencies for Police/Emergency Services in Miami
Frequencies for Police/Emergency Services in Michi
Frequencies for Shortwave Listening
Frequencies used around the Foxwoods Casino & Reso
Frequencies used by various utility companies, inc
Frequency List of Drug Enforcement Agency in Buffa
Frequency List of FBI in Buffalo, NY Area
Frequency List of Secret Service in Buffalo, NY Ar
Frequency List of some Federal agencies
Frequency Spectrum 0- 30 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 108- 136 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 136- 144 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 144- 148 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 148- 153 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 153- 160 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 160- 174 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 174- 216 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 216- 400 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 30- 88 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 400- 420 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 420- 450 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 450- 512 MHz
Frequency Spectrum 512 MHz and up
Frequency Spectrum 88- 108 MHz
Frequency list for Monterey county
Frequency listings of Virginia Sheriffs
Frequency spectrum below 30 MHz
German Radio Frequencies
Gigahertz frequency alocations
Goodyear Blimp freq.
Government Scanner Freq's (WV)
Government radio frequencies in Michigan
Govt. freq. list HF/VHF/UHF
Govt. freqs. in Hawaii
Guide to shortwave radio listening
Gulf region english broadcasts
HAM / RAIL frequencies
HAM / RAIL frequencies
HAMNET Scanner Searchers Guide
HAMnets search guide
HF Aircraft Frequencies
HF Frequency List for June 93
HM Electronics Wireless Microphone Frequencies
Hartford, CT Frequencies
Hawaiian freq. list
How do you find those Scanner Frequencies? by Bob
How to use a scanner
Huge List of Space Shuttle Frequencies Nationwide
Illinois dining freqs.
Indy- 500 Frequencies
Info for beginners on how to find freqs.
Info on online weather info in NC
Info on the 242- 270mhz Milsat band
Interesting Frequencies for Hurricane Season
KY list of Freq.
Kansas City Freq. List
Kuwait/Iraq War Broadcast Radio Freqs.
LOTS of scanner frequencies, Victoria BC area
List & description of Scanner Freq's from 00000.5
List of Federal Government Frequencies
List of NASA unpublished radio frequencies
List of Shortwave bands
List of common satellite frequencies
List of radio stations in Texas, 1/3
List of radio stations in Texas, 2/3
List of radio stations in Texas, 3/3
List of the uses of all frequency bands; satellite
Listing of airport freq.
Local Charlotta Area scanner freqs.
Low band Mil feq.
MA police freq. list
Many frequencies - TV, CB, shortwave, EBS
Marine Freequencies
Military Aircraft freq. list
Military VHF/UHF bands
Misc National Freqs.
Misc scanner freqs.
Misc. Ohio Federal Freqs.
Misc. government freqs.
Mobile Phone freqs.
Monitoring the Emergency Aeromedical Service
More Federal Freqs.
More cellular phone frequencies
More shuttle frequencies
Myrtle Beach freq. list
NASA radio frequencies
NE Illinois freq. list
NE Ohio radio freqs.
NE Ohio radio freqs. 1/4
NE Ohio radio freqs. 2/4
NE Ohio radio freqs. 3/4
NE Ohio radio freqs. 4/4
NY Federal Freq. listing
NY Maritime VHF freq. list
NY telco & IBM service truck freq's
NYC Metro Area Railroad and Transit Police Freqs.
Nascar Frequencies
Nashville, TN area scanner freqs.
NavTex 518 Khz Listing by Geographical area.
NavTex 518 Khz Listing by Station callsign.
Nellis AFB red flag listing
Norcal scanner frequencies by county
North American Aerospace Defense freqs.
Northern California scanning frequencies - complet
Nuclear Regulatory Commission freq. lists
Official U.K. Brevity Codes
Offutt AFB freq. list
Oil Rig freqs.
Old MA State PD Frequencies (most still active)
Oregon State Police High Band Repeater Frequencies
Over 30mhz Freq. list - Cincinnati
Paging Frequencies
Part 2 of the above
Pennsylvania State Police Freqs.
Phazar and Wizard Satellite Codes Feb 93
Pittsburg Freq. list
Police Radio Codes in Berkeley
 Police Radio "10" Codes
Police and military radio frequencies
Police radio codes
Public Band FL freqs.
Puget Sound freq. list
Race car freq. list
Radio Beijing Freq. list and programming
Radio Canada International English Language Schedu
Radio Frequencies used at NASA
Radio Netherlands Freq.
Radio Netherlands Program Info
Radio Sweden Broadcast Schedule
Radio station call letters and info on every stati
Railroad frequencies sorted by railroad
Railroad radio frequencies
Rochester, NY freq. list
Samson and Nady Wireless Microphone Frequencies
Satellite audio services
Satellite codes for various TV stations and networ
Satellite freq. list
Scanner Frequencies for Maui, Hawaii
 Police and Fire Department trunk frequencies and miscellaneous other frequencies for Maui, Hawaii.
Scanner Frequencies for Walnut Creek, California by Qwerty316
 Frequencies and who uses them in Walnut Creek.
Scanner Frequency Guide Sources
Scanner Guide - Charleston, WV
Scanner freq (mi/ms)
Scanner frequencies
Scanner frequencies for Monterey
Scanner frequency list for the Detroit area
Scanner/channel listing for Milwaukee
Search & Rescue freq. list
Search Bands freq. guide
Secret Service Frequencies
Secret Service WH freqs.
Secret radio frequencies
Secret service frequencies
Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Frequencies
Short wave allocations
Short wave frequencies
Shure Wireless Microphone Frequencies
Shuttle mission frequencies
Shuttle support frequencies
Some satellite codes
Sony UHF Wireless Microphone Frequencies
Sony VHF Wireless Microphone Frequencies
Sony Wireless Mike Frequencies
South Carolina Frequencies
South Carolina freq. list
Space Communications Freq. Allocations
Space Shuttle Frequencys
Sparky's FM DX E- layer skip target list
Sparky's high frequency list
Sporting Event Frequencies
Sports Frequencies
Sports Stadium Frequencies
Spy and number frequecies
State Police Frequencies
Steve Wright jokes.
Swedish DX news - 5/91
TV Channel Freqs.
TV and Cable Audio freq. lists
Tampa Police Department Freqs. and codes
Tatical Air Command Freqs.
Telephone Scanner Freq's (WV)
Telex Wireless Microphones #1
Telex Wireless Microphones #2
Text File of Scanner Frequencies for Michigan.
The Freq. Spectrum as allocated by the FCC
This file is most of the Bay Area cities Police Fr
Top 100 Freqs.
Toronto area freq. lists
Tri City freq. listing
Tuning in the DX bands
U.S. Coast Guard frequencies and usage schedules
U.S. Customs HF Frequencies
U.s.a.f mars frequencies
UHF frequency alocations
US Customs/CG/DEA Radio Freqs.
US DCA high frequency single sideband mystic star
US Government Frequencies
USAF freqs.
USAF frequency listings
USAF/USN SatComm Channels
USCG and Maritime freqs.
Updated federal scanner frequency guide
VLF- Microwave freq. list
Vancouver area scanner frequencies
Vega wireless microphone frequencies
Vhf and uhf frequency alocations
Voice of America Transmission Schedule
Voice of America frequency list
WV State Police 10 codes
WV freq. list
Walt Disney and Orlando Florida freq. lists
Wefax frequencies part 1
Wefax frequencies part 2
Wells Fargo Nationwide Frequencies
West Virginia scanner freq's (local)
Western Australia police freqs UHF
Zephyrhills Florida Scanner Frequency List by Legend813
 A up to date frequency listing for southeast Pasco County Florida.
misc freqs. 26.96- 940.0125
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