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Economic Documents

The dismal science.

"Natural Monopoly" Dies by Don Kimberlin
 One of the most propagandized statements the phonecos heap upon your eyes, ears and minds is a claim that "the phone business" is a "natural monopoly." The "natural monopoly" is so dead that anyone who tries to use it on you should be shamed.
Afghanistan's Energy Significance by DoE
 Afghanistan's significance from an energy standpoint stems from its geographical position as a potential transit route for oil and natural gas exports from Central Asia to the Arabian Sea.
Civilized Capitalism ---- Finally! by John K. Harms
 This manuscript represents proposals to improve what the author views as wasted resources with the present system; scarce resources that could be put to better use to serve humans and their basic needs.
Corruption and Transparency by Sam Vaknin
 "The actions of individuals, groups, or firms, both in the public and private sectors, to influence the formation of laws, regulations, decrees, and other government policies to their own advantage as a result of the illicit and non-transparent provision of private benefits to public officials."
Cybertek Magazine - Preparing for and Surviving an economic crash
Data From the 1990 Census, US Census Bureau
Draft NAFTA Tariff Phasing Descriptions
Economic FAQ about the Internet from 1994 by Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason and Hal Varian
 This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the economic, institutional, and technological structure of the Internet. We describe the current state of the Internet, discuss some of the pressing economic and regulatory problems, and speculate about future developments.
Economic Thought and the Role of the State in Late Development by Ralf Kroessin
 Political progress and economic development are normally thought to be facilitated through system of liberal democracy and market forces respectively, while the state is meant to play a subordinate role. However, the reality appears to be different: the nation state has increasingly become more influential in shaping ‘people’s’ ideas and perceptions about their collective destiny.
Economic Wargames by Dal Timgar
 Alternate view of economic behavior and economists' misleading information about current system.
Economics - Psychology's Neglected Branch by Sam Vaknin
 Economics - to the great dismay of economists - is merely a branch of psychology.
Enron's Giant Bandwith Scam by Stephen Pizzo
 At some point it dawned on the wheeler-dealers at Enron that selling real things - like gas and oil - had it limits. What they needed were products that had no physical limits. That's when Jeffrey Skilling discovered a product so ephemeral it bordered on metaphysical - bandwidth. This was the scam artist's Holy Grail and Enron declared it as its own. Here was the thrust of the scam.
Enron: Money For Nothing? by Caleb Hellerman
 Former CEO Jeffrey Skilling, for his part, accumulated roughly $66 million. Founder Kenneth Lay, having sold about $100 million worth of Enron stock before the company crashed, has now retired on a pension of $900,000 a year. Enron executives also received $320 million in bonuses just 10 months before the company went bankrupt; payments based on Enron's profits, which later turned out to be an illusion.
Free Trade and the Climb Out of Poverty by Dr. Stephen Horowitz
 The clear majority of the world's population, though better off than 100 years earlier, still have lives a far cry from those of even the poorest of the minority who live in the West and North. One of the most pressing questions of this century is how we can extend the bounty of last century to those who have not yet been able to enjoy fully the fruits of human improvement.
Freeing the Mind: Free Software and the Death of Proprietary Culture by Eben Moglen
 We are doing something else. We are changing what software is, not just how its made, but how it works in relation to all the other aspects of human intellectual production. We are doing that for a reason. The reason, which was sketched out by my colleague, friend, and client Richard Stallman in the early nineteen eighties, is to protect the ethical right to share information.
Gore speech on Information Superhighway & Whithous
Homeland Security, Homeland Profits by Wayne Madsen
 A phalanx of software companies, consultants, and defense contractors stand to reap billions of dollars over the next few years by selling surveillance and information-gathering systems to government agencies and the private sector.
How Japanese Cartels Destroyed US Electronic Industries by PBS
 This is really an absolutely shocking account of how Japanese industry organized itself to seek out and conquer several industries throughout the world via the use of cartels, illegal secret agreements, discipline and high quality, racism against non-Japanese(i.e. American) employees, government coercion, product dumping on immense scales and intents to avoid using non-Japanese suppliers.
How to bank at home
How to stop paying all income taxes
Intellectual Property and the National Information
Intellectual Property and the National Information
Interesting article concerning the negative side o
Interesting things about money
Knowledge is Money by Richard Sietmann
 Copyright Protection, Intellectual Property and the Exploiters of Rights
Life After the Oil Crash
 Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky conclusion of a religious cult, but rather the result of diligent analysis sourced by hard data and the scientists who study global “Peak Oil” and related geo-political events.
McDonalds in the Australian Economy by Evolved
 The following is an attempt to show an unbiased look at McDonalds contribution to the Australian economy. Feel free to make your own judgements on McDonalds based on these facts. Also, this article does not reflect my own personal beliefs about McDonalds.
More on the controversial NAFTA.
NAFTA Documents
Nike Personalised Shoes - A Case Study by Johna H Peretti
 An e-mail dialouge between Johna Peretti and the multi-national cororation Nike.
Nobel Prize in Economics Winners through 1994
Our Fake Energy Crisis: What Really Happened in California by Harvey Wasserman
 Hiding behind the rhetoric of free enterprise, major campaign donors to George W. Bush have reaped billions of dollars from the president's refusal to cap wholesale electricity prices during California's deregulation crisis. They stand to make billions more at the expense of consumers and the environment.
Protectionism threatens U.S. prosperity
Real Freedom by Sam Bouman
 In reality, we can't actually pay any debts anymore because all of the real money has been extracted from society. All we can do now is discharge debts. All we have to do it with is fake money or counterfeit money. Federal Reserve Notes are counterfeit money.
Seeking Law & Justice to Judgment on US Treasury & Citibank by Harry Tan
 Prove Debts of Federal Reserve Bonds issued by Federal Reserve Bank New York against Gold Deposited with an American National Bank (current known as Citibank) in early Twentieth Century (1934s) under President Franklin Roosevelt New Deal Currency Policies.
Show Business Scam defensives- offensives from Norm
Text file on PKware's filing of chapter 11
That Which Is Seen, and That Which Is Not Seen (1850) by Frederic Bastiat
 One man's keen insight into how economic systems really work. Read this and maybe the politicians won't fool you the next time they make promises that can't be kept.
The CCA & Prison Realty Trust Story
 Investors are angry that PZN lost its REIT status and the related dividend; they are filing class actions suits against Prison Realty for false claims on Securities and Exchange Commission documents. Specifically, they are concerned about the non-disclosure of payments by PZN to CCA.
The Case for Public Subsidy of the Internet by Sandra Schickele
 A particular good, such as the Internet, can only be efficiently produced through the free market, according to the theory of price, if the good's production and consumption meet the first nine conditions listed below. If the production or consumption of the good does not meet these conditions the good cannot be efficiently produced through a free unregulated market.
The Information War by Peter Lamborn Wilson
 Information may not always be "free", but there's a great deal more of it available than any one person could ever possibly use. Books on every conceivable subject can actually still be found through inter-library loan. Meanwhile someone still has to grow pears and cobble shoes. Or, even if these "industries" can be completely mechanized, someone still has to eat pears and wear shoes.
The Minimum Wage: An Unfair Advantage for Employers by Donald J. Boudreaux
 While Congress and the Bush Administration are squabbling over how much to raise the minimum wage, they should keep in mind that all minimum-wage legislation creates a buyers' market for unskilled labor. And as in all buyers' markets, buyers (employers) enjoy an unequal bargaining advantage over sellers (unskilled workers).
The Morality of Child Labor by Sam Vaknin
 Abusive child labor is abhorrent and should be banned and eradicated. All other forms should be phased out gradually.
The Oil Weapon by George Hulshart
 The US Supreme Court ruled narrowly in the 1991 case "Ali Boureslan vs. ARAMCO" to fit into the Reagan strategy to bankrupt the Soviet Union. Clarence Thomas played brilliantly along and received a better job. One US citizen values his personal liberty and tells the story in one page. A book could be written.
The Resurrection of the Second Amendment by Peter Alan Kasler
 It is no longer intellectually credible to deny that the Second Amendment guarantees to every responsible, law-abiding adult the right to own handguns, rifles, and shotguns. These days the only people who deny the individual right to arms are the under- or ill-informed and the anti-gun lobby.
The complete text of the Uruguay round of the GATT
The dotCommunist Manifesto by Eben Moglen
 Where are the advocates of freedom in the new digital society who have not been decried as pirates, anarchists, communists? Have we not seen that many of those hurling the epithets were merely thieves in power, whose talk of ``intellectual property'' was nothing more than an attempt to retain unjustifiable privileges in a society irrevocably changing?
Unfair Japan or Unfair Accusations? Destroying the
United States Census Figures Back To 1630
Why Software Should Be Free by Richard Stallman
 A friend once told me of working as a programmer in a bank for about six months, writing a program similar to something that was commercially available. She believed that if she could have gotten source code for that commercially available program, it could easily have been adapted to their needs. The bank was willing to pay for this, but was not permitted to--the source code was a secret. So she had to do six months of make-work, work that counts in the GNP but was actually waste.
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