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Political Spew

"Free Trade" Puts Democracy in Peril by Arnie Alpert
 Under the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, virtually any law that hinders international commerce can be considered a "barrier to trade." This new expansive view of trade puts democracy at risk, along with the rights of workers, the protection of the environment, and the health of communities.
1984: The Future by John Wesley
 A brief summary of what the world is becoming.
9/11 ? A Day of Reassessment for the U.S. by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 9/11 is the day of remembrance, assessment and reassessment for Bush and his policy-makers to start a new epoch for peace, justice, fairness and equality. This is the time for US to create a threat-free environment for smaller countries. This is the time for US to provide confidence to every other nation without the prejudice of race, colour and religion.
A Coup Against the American Constitution by Dennis Bernstein
 Since September 11th, we have seen one blow against the Constitution after another, after another. Recently, we ve had Ashcroft saying that he had, unilaterally, instituted monitoring of attorney-client communications without even informing anyone he just went ahead and did it, despite the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches and seizures without warrant and the Sixth Amendment right to representation by counsel.
A Discourse on Liberty by Punkerslut
 An analytical look at the development of rights and liberty for oppressed groups.
A New Punk Manifesto by Joel
 Punk has done important things in its short history. (It's done some really stupid things, too, but that's for someone else to chronicle.) Out of the waste heap of middle class values and shopping mall esthetics, we've built a culture that has allowed us to survive the postindustrial world while at the same time salvaging some semblance of our independence, freedom, creativity, and human integrity. As important as this is, it is now time for punk to enter a new phase. Punk has allowed thousands of youths to survive in this rat heap of a world through its music, zines, and communities; now it's time to change the rat heap itself.
A Parent's Plea by Prometheus Rex
 This letter reached me two days before I published. The event which it foreshadowed has never made to the news.
A Reason to Do Drugs by Punkerslut
 Explanation of the spiritual insight and philosophical enlightenment that may come with drugs, whether hard, soft, or psychedelic.
A Revolution in our Minds by Rebelde para Siempre
 Is a near perfect society possible? A perfect political system is only half of the solution to the problem of finding a perfect way of living; a way of living where every person is accepted, equal and free.
A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik by Bill Davidson
 Why did you say we are we invading Iraq?
A list of U.S. Government freebies . Things (book
A new constitution
ACLU and Planned Parenthood coordinate over 300 organizations to
Address List for Radical Organizers
Affirmative Action by SlutPrincess
 Affirmative action is based on the very fight for civil rights. It is based upon the fact that every human being, regardless of sex, race, creed, or other difference, should be given a fair and equal chance in all aspects of employment and education. By providing awareness of these other aspects of a person’s profile, affirmative action provides opportunities for equal employment, a diverse workplace and academic environment. It widens the market areas for the enrolment of the best talent. Affirmative action is still, by far, the most effective and meaningful process devised by the government for equal opportunity. Affirmative action has a strong and needy place in our cultural, political, and academic society today, and should be defended with the utmost respect.
America's Hit List by Shane Altmann
 After years of dealing WMD with Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s and bizarre encouragement of an Iran invasion anyone with valuable information must have been surprised when George Bush, Sr. started the first Gulf War, though the reasoning behind that conflict is now clear; the Iraqi military came too close to America’s oil rich friends in the dictatorship of Kuwait.
American Fascism by Eric John
 America is now a fascist state. Something must be done to put an end to this fascist way of life.
An Anarchists' Apololgia by J. Neil Schulman
 I have just registered to vote.
An Imposter Fools the Military, Some Fine Social Engineering
An In-Depth Look at Socialism by Tom Anderson
 An unbiased and detailed analysis of the meaning and effects of the trend(s) called Socialism.
An Introduction to A New Educational Reform by Vajlea
 Education in the US is sad. If we improve it, to these standards or any good ones, than maybe the rest of the world will follow the example.
Andrew's Course on Anarchy
 Anarchists are opposed to order arbitrarily imposed and maintained through armed force or other forms of coercion. They struggle for the order that results from the consensual interaction of individuals, from voluntary association. If there is a need, anarchists believe that people are capable of organizing themselves to see that it is met.
Announcement of Major Importance to all Unity Party Supporters by L. Nelson McAlexander
 This is a political initiative to support third party alternatives, Third Party Poltical Candidates, Independent Politcal Candidates, Non Political Affiliations Candidates and Ballot Initiatives and Referendums for the purpose of returning control of the government to the people.
Anti-School by Lord Revan Fett
 The current school system is oppresive and completely no good. No benefits come from it, only evils. Some serious reform is necessary.
Are We Being Destabilized? by Loise Neville
 But the U.S. has never, in its history, had a balanced budget. The government has made no effort to pay its international debt by organizing tax rates so the rich will pay their share, and there has been no recession since 1987. The '90s have actually been a growth period, a high point in our economy.
Are We Living Under the Communist Manifesto?
 "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known, and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor. He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in hearts of men. He rots the soul of a nation. He works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city. He infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A Murderer Is Less To Be Feared." Cicero, 42 B.C.
Argue the Pledge by anth0r
 That's right. Back to fuckin' around with current events. Nah. I'm too cool for that.
Ashcroft Following Nazi Example
 Since the "detainees" in Ashcroft's camps will have no constitutional rights, the government will be able to do anything it wants with and to them. Might the germ warfare scientists at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases be pleased to have some human guinea pigs on which to test their anthrax vaccines?
Assassination Politics by Jim Bell
 I speculated on the question of whether an organization could be set up to legally announce that it would be awarding a cash prize to somebody who correctly "predicted" the death of one of a list of violators of rights, usually either government employees, officeholders, or appointees.
Audit of the Pittsburg Police Department, Part 3 by Tom Flaterty
 One possible explanation for this lies in the OPS practice of initially distinguishing between serious and less serious citizen complaints. Complaints deemed to meet an appropriate level of seriousness were designated OPR and assigned to OPS investigators. Complaints deemed less serious were designated DR and sent out to zone commanders, who were then supposed to look into the matter.
Background and Shockwaves of 9/11: An Orwellian Nightmare by Bi?rn Ivemark
 The fearful atmosphere that hangs over the West is also the ideal opportunity to ram through measures that have met severe popular opposition for a long time. Jo Moore, special adviser to the British government, explained to her colleagues a few minutes after the first WTC tower collapsed that it was "a very good day to get out anything we want to bury". Her wisdom is understood in many circles. Everybody wants a share of the cake, while justifying it with all kinds of honorable and altruist aims.
Background info on CHARLES C. PLUMMER, Sheriff, Alameda County
Beat The Right With a Labor Party by FSP
 Instead of freedom, capitalism gave workers a steady decline in the living standard. Hope became disillusionment as the rich got richer and workers and the unemployed suffered. Stopping the right is a survival issue for millions.
Ben Franklin Biography - Bookman
Bill Clinton's Don't Ask - Don't Tell policy
Black Panther Party Program
 We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our Black Community.
Boycott the Voting Booth by Dick Rider
 Boycotting the election process is an interesting tactic, but let us save that discussion for another time. What I am suggesting is that you consider voting by mail using the so-called absentee ballot.
Bush Announces New Police State Measures by Kate Randall
 In the space of little more than a week, the Bush administration has issued a series of executive orders that amount to the most far-reaching assault on democratic rights in modern legal history. The directives violate protections laid down in the US Constitution and upheld by judicial precedent over many decades.
Bush Can't Protect Us From His Oil Buddies - Much Less Terrorists by Voxfux
 Solar and wind energy are ready now to solve many of our problems, but this truth is being systematically wiped out by the Oil industry which has been keeping close tabs on the "Alternative" energy models. Turns out that solar Isn't "Alternative" at all. In fact it's our primary source. But this information will imperil the fortunes privileges and destines of our industrial oligarch's... and they are fighting to keep thier fingers around our necks.
Bush's Speech on Iraq October 7, 2002 by George W. Bush
 Bush's speech on why we should go to war with Iraq. While the President makes some interesting points, each of his statements about Iraq can also be applied to the United States. He says Saddam is addicted to weapons of mass destruction, isnt the U.S. addicted to nuclear weapons? He has tons of chemical weapons, but the United States has the largest chemical stockpile in the world. Don't we in the U.S. live in a country where the man who received the most votes for President was denied the office by an unaccountable body?
CAF News Volume 1, Numbers 1- 45
CAF News Volume 2, Numbers 1- 65
Capital, Power, and Ecology: Reasons for Optimism by Paul Hughes
 With a growing amount of power falling into the hands of individuals through internet resources, strong crypto, bioweapons, etc., the response of the capitalist has been to erode privacy and increase the level of intelligence and surveillance to find these potential threats.
Caseworkers ordered to give Miranda warnings
Censored Books
 List of books banned in various US locations.
Censoring Intelligence by Paul E. M. Collin
 The Offshore Informant website was removed from the internet based on a telephone call placed by an agent of the U.S. Department of Justice on January 29, 2004 ... that the OI website had "unlawfully invaded privacy pertaining to national security interests ...".
Censorship, Our Enemy by Punkerslut
 Providing decent arguments against the idea that a person has no right to say what they think, to express how they feel, to speak what comes to mind.
Centralism: A Sphere of Political Influence by Legoean
 Centralism is a partisan concept that promotes the idea of seeing Politics in relation to mathematics. People determine whether they lie to the left or to the right of a principle, which creates a graph of people's ideologies.
Changing Priorities: The US and the EU in the 21st Century by Vox
 From warmth to frigidity: transatlantic relations in the modern century
Civil Liberties Abstracts from CAF
Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act by Jonny S.
 Uncomfortable similarities between the Patriot Act and Nazi Germany's "Enabling Act."
Civil Liberty in Wartime by Chief Justice William A. Rehnquist
 I would like to talk with you this morning about the issue of civil liberties in wartime. I will focus on the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Generally, Chief Executives in wartime are not very sympathetic to the protection of civil liberties, and our experiences in these three wars demonstrate the point.
Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton
 There was a hundred million a month in cocaine coming in and out of Mena, Arkansas. They had a problem. They were doing so much money in cocaine, a hundred million. You, you create a problem in a little state like Arkansas. How do you clean one hundred million dollars a month?
Clinton and Gore on civil rights
Communism and the Miller Thesis by Sephiroth
 Arthur Miller's play, the Crucible, is today widely read accross America's highschool and college campuses. It makes up an intergal part of the curriculum for student's studying American literature and drama, and carries with it a powerful political message touching on oppression and hysteria in the modern world, and, allegedly, in the United States as well, but how strong is the book's message? How valid is the allegorical connection in makes to the present day?
Confessions and Pleas of a Straight Rights Activist by Sigma
 A work of speculatory fiction desribing a world in which being gay is the norm and how a striaght person reacts to this in the modern day.
Confessions of a Recovering Feminist by Carolyn Baker
 For more than 30 years, I have defined myself as a feminist. As a feminist, I not only struggled ardently for three decades on behalf of women's equality in every aspect of human existence, but more specifically, I believed that female values were more desirable than male values, and that patriarchy (a way of living based on power and control) was synonymous with masculinity and male values.
Congressman George Hansen: America's Most Famous Political Prisoner
 The idea of political prisoners and the abuse they suffer at the hands of their government is not a new one to the majority of the American public. The possibility that America would have such a thing as a "political prisoner" within its own borders would be, to the majority of this nation's citizens, considered the substance of right wing, militia or separatist paranoia.
Conservatism FAQ
Court Case studies from CAF
Dancing on the Graves by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 This is an aritlce in context of the downfall of Saddam Hussein and developing issues in Muslim world.
Declaration of Emergency: Mad Cow Disease in United States
 CWD is known to be endemic in free-ranging deer and elk in a limited area in the western United States. Officials have detected it in free-ranging deer and elk in southeastern Wyoming, northeastern Colorado, and southwestern Nebraska. State departments of wildlife are taking steps to conduct surveillance in the endemic areas and to control the spread of CWD in wild cervids.
Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America by Lynne V. Cheney
 The polls have been nearly unanimous 92% in favor of military force even if casualties occur, and citizens have rallied behind the president wholeheartedly. Not so in academe. Even as many institutions enhanced security and many students exhibited American flags, professors across the country sponsored teach-ins that typically ranged from moral equivocation to explicit condemnations of America.
Definition of crime
Delivered Into Hell by US War on Terror by Maher Arar
 I recently spent 10 1/2 months in a grave-sized cell in Syria, unsure why I was there, unsure how to get out.
Demonizing Dissent by Kit Gage
 Domestically, the government has stepped up its assault against homegrown dissent - as anyone who was part of Seattle, April 16 and the inaugural in DC, Philadelphia and Los Angeles knows. Likewise, those who read about or viewed it, particularly on the alternative media like Independent Media Center that covered it from the ground saw the spectacle of military style police assault.
Dichotomy of Conservative and Neo-Conservative Philosophy by Matthew Luther
 In Europe and even in Canada, politicians are so loyal to a centralised party platform that you can vote for the party and not the candidate, being assured that the policies presented in the platform will be faithfully carried out by their appointed leader, not so in America, our parties are big tents and disagreements sometimes disrupt the ideological continuity that defines us as Democrats and Republicans. In this dissertation I examine the difference between conservatism and neo-conservatism as practised in the Republican Party.
Dick and Jane Instigate a Popular Revolution by The Deth Vegetable and Iskra
 See Spot. Spot is the Aggressive, Imperialistic Fascist dictator of the country.
Diplomatic License Plate Codes
 Somewhere in the vicinity of 2500 Soviet and Eastern European officials live in the United States at any given time. The U.S. State Department estimates that 30% to 40% of them are spies.
Document of Peace by Mojo Hojo
 Sitting at my school's Remembrance Day (Canada) Veterens Day (America) Assembly on November 11, I thought about how they defined peace and freedom and considered how the people I am exposed to act to conclude with my version of peace.
Don't Waste Your Vote by Steven J. Alexander
 What does it mean to cast a "wasted" vote? Why your vote is always valuable.
Drugs: Typical Alternative Route by Chilo Metropolis
 I find that many talented, beautiful people, have spun themselves out of control. Their valid ideas and talents have been long thrown away, because they are controlled by the government with drugs.
Emperor Norton - Sanest Man Ever
 Joshua Norton, or as he preferred to be called, Norton I, proclaimed himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico in 1859.
Entropy by Ko-chan
 An important tactic in imperialism is to keep unrest at home in control.
Essay on Slavery by Gerald E. Murphy
 The Kansas-Nebraska Act, also in 1854, allowed for popular sovereignty, and the possibility of slavery in those new states. As an example of some of the emotions of the time, pro-slavery settlers sacked Lawrence, Kansas in May of 1856, and abolitionist John Brown, a white man, led anti-slavery forces against Missourians at Osawatomie, Kansas, in August.
Evoenix on the Reform of Social Security by Vajlea
 An outline of possible ideas for reforming social security to be far more effective and useful.
Ex-Bush Speechwriter: I Was To Provide A Justification For War by Stephen Gowans
 His request to me," recalls David Frum in his new book The White House in The Right Time: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush, "could not have been simpler: I was to provide a justification for a war."
Excerpts from The Myth of Male Power by Dr. Warren Farrell
Extremism, A Badge of Honor
 The FEMA was initially chartered to protect and serve the American public. Nixon started the ball rolling by signing Executive Order 11490 which allowed federal departments and agencies to draft plans for emergency preparedness functions. By 1979, the avalanche of paperwork that this order created caused the birth of a new government agency known as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
FBI / CIA: Worthless Pigs? by A. Shemonia
 The United States government spends billions of dollars each year on intelligence gathering to thwart terrorism. Let's save the money and just replace them with a messenger service.
Family Conflict and Suicide Rates Among Men by Dr. Hazel Mcbride
 Transcript of Dr. Hazel McBride's presentation on the relationship between family conflict and suicide rates among men.
Fax numbers for all US Senators
Federal Government License Plates
 Some states issue their own license plates to federal vehicles, but many vehicles also use the standard white/blue plates issued by the government. Undercover vehicles use state-series plates that aren't listed in MV computers.
Federal Regulations on Wiretapping/ECPA of 1986
 Whoever intentionally accesses without authorization a facility through which an electronic communication service is provided; or intentionally exceeds an authorization to access that facility and thereby obtains, alters, or prevents authorized access to a wire or electronic communication while it is in electronic storage in such system shall be punished as provided in subsection (b) of this section.
Federal Times Newsletter Article on Taxes
Feminist Complaints and Men by John
 Feminists have long complained that only women are treated as sex objects. Advertisers, for example, often promote their products by identifying them with the female body. If things were reversed, and only male bodies were used to promote products
Free Thoughts by Sponge
 Thoughts about this government being a failure loom in our minds. Yet, we do nothing to change it. Thoughts of a better paradise are exiled to our mind never able to escape its clutches due to some power we have little control over.
Freebies, given by the Government
Freedom Philosophy...and It's Fools by Eric Schwabe
 To understand this mystified concept of freedom one must look at its simple core. Freedom is the exemption from external control, interference, regulation, et cetera. Blaming this lack of freedom upon the state would be futile for while factions form social contracts by trading in liberties for safeties they gain new freedom.
From the Bottom, Looking Up by AJ Reeves
 Over a period of 3 hours, one 17-year-old male from Sydney, Australia vents his aggression in a form that is socially acceptable
Future by Lyricyst
 Laziness makes people happy. Lust gives people hope. The people veiwed as the most succesfull all carry the traits that all people since the beginning of time have seen as negative traits. Cant you see the end to all this? Society kills itself.
George Washington Biography - The Early Years
Governmental Age Restrictions by Dead_Revolutionary
 Why is it that the government uses, of all things to determine peramaters of a persons rights, their personal celebration of their life?
Hackers vs Politicians by J. Orlin Grabbe
 Politicians are those annoying people who--drink in hand--can stare at a uuencoded file for hours, fall into a sexual reverie involving ASCII entities, and then weave their way to the nearest TV camera to pontificate about pornography on the Internet.
Historical look at Robert Hanna, 19th cent. American statesman
How Government Was Invented by A. Sherman
How the Constitution was a cause of national disunity in the USA
How to Overthrow A Country by Senator Bunker
 Subjugation of a nation is a tremendous undertaking requiring foresight, ingenuity, and careful thought. The first task of many is to decide whether the country is a suitable candidate for a drastic and sudden change in government.
How to Win a Political Trial by Refuse & Resist!
 A political trial is not an ordinary trial. It is one where the government has a political reason for prosecuting and wants to get a conviction, no matter what. That is, the government is out to get you big time, and the normal tactics for criminal trials will not work.
How to sign up for electronic releases from the White House
Huge list of the government's pork barrel projects
Human Evolution in the Modern World by Jackinmyhat
 A proposed solution to social problems such as drug/alcohol abuse, homelessness, and mental disability.
Hypocrites Who Deceive God by Osama Bin Laden
 The latest from Osama Bin Laden calling for a polarised world -- Muslims versus the West -- was telecast on Al-Jazeera on Saturday November 3, 2001. The date and location of the recording was not given.
Ideas and Their Effect on Cultural Evolution by Brad Fenwick
 Hello, this is an essay I wrote recently on a topic I would like to share with the people on this newsgroup. It concerns real issues that all the people of the world are currently dealing with. A sort of rough user manual for thinkers, writers, and all interested people living in our fast changing 90's and beyond.
If we have the right to health care, why don't we have the right
Inching Toward Metric in the U.S. (about time, peo
Infinite Ignorance by Andrey Zubko
 When applied on a massive scale ignorance becomes a vital tool of a power hungry regime. Ignorance is the tool of past, present, and future leaders. Consequently, it is the base of futurist utopias or anti-utopias, the modus operandi of the modern mass media, and a crucial piece of one of the most popular Sci-fi Television events of all time.
Info about the Social Security Number
Info about your Social Security Number
Info on drive to expand public access to LEGIS
Info on how to order a guide to Govn't Auctions
Information and Communication in Contemporary Anti-Capitalist Movements by Steve Wright
 Mass actions by networks that identify themselves as anti-capitalist have prompted both extensive mainstream media coverage and broad public interest in recent years. Nor has all of this attention been drowned out by what Matthew Fuller calls the current ‘war over the monopoly on terror’. As is proper, the anti-capitalist potential (or otherwise) of such movements has been widely debated.
Information, addresses, and phone numbers of the Contra Costa Cou
Intelligence Services Unaccountable and Out of Control? by Keith Parkins
 For most people it comes as a shock to discover that the intelligence services are being used against the domestic population as much if not more than against a foreign power, but a moments reflection would show this is to be as expected. In most countries today, that power is in the hands of a corrupt elite.
Intelligence and Your Adversaries by F. C. Miller
 Make no mistake however... your adversaries are using Intelligence! Not all opponents are as inept or unprepared as we'd like to believe. If you think that all the bad guys are nothing more than a loose assortment of misfits running around your city, your country or around the world just charged full of emotion and empty heads, think again.
Internal Revenue Service Crimes Against the People by Peter Sears
 Only the I.R.S can attach 100% of a tax debtor's wages and/or property. Only the I.R.S can invade the privacy of a citizen without court process of any kind. Only the I.R.S can seize property without a court order. Only the I.R.S can force a citizen to try his case in a special court governed by the I.R.S...
Iraq, The Ant-Christ, UFO's, and oh yes, Elvis, too! by Timothy Goodness
 A common sence look at some of the crazy ideas thought to be behind the pending war with Iraq.
Is Democracy On The Decline? by Robert David Merchant
 This essay is an exploration, an introspection, as well as an observation of recent phenomenon, both economic and social, that seems to have already taken root in the world, and seems to be going strong today.
Is Education a Public Good? by Sam Vaknin
 Education used to be a private good with positive externalities. Thanks to technology and government largesse it is no longer the case. It is being transformed into a nonpure public good.
Is Mexico Reconquering the U.S. Southwest? by Art Moore
 Illegal immigration fueling aims of Hispanic radicals.
It's Official: Women Rule America by Brad Bixby
 How men have completely lost their rights in the U.S. to feminist man-hating lesbian legislators.
JFK's Hero: Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas by JFK
 Paraphrase from "Profiles in Courage" -- the chapter on Edmund G. Ross, most courageous of those profiled.
Jackie Thorne's Story - persecution of a transvestite (by his ex-
Jacksonian Democracy 1830s- 1840s by Colin Lieberman
 The 1820s and 1830s in America were times of sweeping change. Jacksonian democracy brought more power to common citizens, and engendered ideals of wide spread liberty. Jacksonian democrats believed that they were guardians of the Constitution, political individual liberty, and economic opportunity. Although their beliefs did not apply to the Indians that they displaced, they were correct in their evaluation of themselves.
Jacksonian Democracy's Influence on Democracy by Shock
 In response to a free-response topic listed on the 1996 AP American History exam, I present a short paper on how Jackson's economic policy and westward expansion affected the ideology of democracy as it stands today.
Jihad by Sparrowhawk
 IF in fact, we are slaves. If we are prisioners. If I am in fact to no avail, what is it that keeps me bound? Why do you follow? We have a choice in the matter, but first the restraint must be seen.
Jobs held by spouses of Congress members
Johnny Ashcroft: Supporting Constitution Aids Terrorism by DekalbCity.com
 Are you saying that anyone who talks about civil rights, civil liberties and the freedom that makes us Americans is a traitor in this undeclared but loudly proclaimed war?
Judgement by The Physkotic
 Who are we to be life's judge who are you to be life's judge. Who is guilty, the man who has killed a pollitical leader, or the leader for being corrupt and greedy?
Just War and the Construct of the West by Dr. Sam Vaknin
 As international law evolves beyond the ancient percepts of sovereignty, it should incorporate new thinking about pre-emptive strikes, human rights violations as casus belli and the role and standing of international organizations, insurgents and liberation movements.
Justice Blackmun questions capital punishment
Labels We Can Understand
Lack of Father's Rights by Alykorn
 The lack of father's rights and how they get screwed when they get divorced or try and lower child support. This is one example of why men run like hell from anything to do with marriage. This is written from a womans perspective of how men get screwed by outdated laws.
Latest phone number and FAX numbers for your Congress Critter (as
Leaderless Resistance by Louis Beame
 Col. Amoss first wrote of Leaderless Resistance on April 17, 1962. His theories of organization were primarily directed against the threat of eventual Communist take-over in the United States. The present writer, with the benefit of having lived many years beyond Col. Amoss, has taken his theories and expounded upon them. Col. Amoss feared the Communists. This author fears the federal government.
Legal Restrictions on the use of your Social Security Number by Barbara Bennett
 SSA has continually emphasized the fact that the SSN identifies a particular record only and the Social Security Card indicates the person whose record is identified by that number. In no way can the Social Security Card identify the bearer. From 1946 to 1972 the legend "Not for Identification" was printed on the face of the card. However, many people ignored the message and the legend was eventually dropped.
Legalizing Crime by Sam Vaknin
 The state has a monopoly on behaviour usually deemed criminal. It murders, kidnaps, and locks up people.
Leonid Ilych Brezhnev
 Biographical timeline of the life of Leonid Ilych Brezhnev, former President of the Soviet Union.
Let's Change the World! by Steve Mathe
 Change the World's governing systems to serve the 'greater good of Mankind' instead of the vested interests of the Corporations, and of their henchmen/servants
Liberals vs. Conservatives by PK
Liberatarian Socialism Guidelines by Anonymous
 Here are some basic guidelines of a type of government called Liberatarian Socialism
Liberty, Schmiberty! by Greg Wells
 Four political idealogies the United States isn't usually compared with and one it far too often is. This short essay was an article in my anarchist rag, Sinister Words.
Limbaugh out to lunch on Ozone
Limbaugh's Reign of Error
Live Free Or Die! by Christopher Mark
 At this point in time, if you have chosen to embrace apathy in the face of enormous evidence supporting a worldwide conspiracy of corruption, hegemony, genocide, and controlled chaos aimed at ushering in regional governments and eventually a single world government, then you, my friend, have made your choice. Sit back, crack open a beer, read some banal magazine, or watch the brainwashing, mind-deadening pap and propaganda device known as TV—and enjoy a front-seat view of the destruction of the American Republic as it unfolds in front of your uncaring, unpatriotic, and/or ignorant eyes.
Locking out the Immigrant
Louis Farrakhan Decodes ID4
Misconception, Racism, Prejudism, and Modern Culture by Chilo Metropolis
 A large number of minorities are still being treated as second class citizens who have been manipulated into an Americanized variation of their individuality.
Modern Imperialism by master5570
 While the Vietnam War is an excellent example of U.S. imperialism, some recent incidents seem more relevant to the idea of U.S. imperialism today.
Must You Pay Income Tax? by Bob Huebner
 Before World War II, individuals' wages were not considered to be subject to income taxes. During the war a "Victory Tax" was imposed on wages as an emergency measure to help pay for the war. The people did not realize that government could not constitutionally impose any tax directly on them, so they assumed that individuals and their earnings could be taxed directly.
Nam Vet, Vol 3, No. 12, an on- line magazine for Vi
Native American self- goverment vs. sovereignty and nationalism
New Law Enforcement Powers Include Secret Searches, Internet Spying and Assassinations
 In an example of how the new laws will be used to punish suspected "terrorists," Long Island activist Connor Cash was officially charged with "providing material support to terrorists," in connection with property damage claimed by the Earth Liberation Front on Long Island late last year.
No Excuse for Second-Class Justice by Joseph I. Lieberman
 President Bush's Nov. 13 order authorizing military tribunals to detain and try foreign nationals accused of committing terrorist acts against the United States unleashed a firestorm of criticism, most of it suggesting that military trials grossly violate America's commitment to civil rights and civil liberties.
No to Bush's War: The Military Face of Globalization
 George Bush wants to inflict an even greater horror upon the inhabitants of one of the poorest countries in the world. He has enlisted the support of a gaggle of the world's most unscrupulous career politicians, oppressive regimes, military dictators and absolute monarchs. In tow are thousands of professional sycophants, $150 a line journalists, TV commentators hoping for easy honours, and armchair generals, all urging us to relish a vengeance which will cost the blood of people who had nothing to do with 11 September.
Non- Discrimination and Affirmative Action by Professor Jan Narveson
 We must begin by asking a question about discrimination that is not asked often enough: what is it? There is, by now, a satisfactory short definition: Discrimination is treating some people less favourably than others for morally irrelevant reasons. (The word arbitrary can be used equivalently to irrelevant.) The notion thus defined calls for considerable comment.
On the separation of church and state
Our Rights by martinc54
 The limits on rights of Americans and people all over the world.
Outsourced Tyranny: The Use of Private Companies to do Governments' Dirty Work by S. Leon Felkins
 As with nearly all government activity in these times, contractors are involved extensively in all aspects. They provide people, equipment, and many forms of support. In fact, it is obvious that a major force in continuing and expanding the "Drug War" is the profit motive for government contractors.
Overcoming the Trickster: Media Wars of the 21st Century by Roger W. Wicke
 To do this successfully in the realm of truth-finding, we must know the tactics and strategies of our opponents in the great media wars of the 20th and 21st centuries; then, we must change our own behaviors and strategies so that we are no longer susceptible to these techniques.
Pat Buchanan's speach at Rep. Convention '92
Patriot Act by Nat Hentoff
 What the PATRIOT Act is really about...
Patriot Act II: The Globalist Grab for Absolute Power by Kevin Newsom
 The second Patriot Act, given the harmless title of the “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003” is currently in draft form, and is reported to have been sent to Speaker of The House Hastert and Vice President Cheney in early January. This act contains substantial cuts to civil liberties, personal privacy, and decimates several amendments listed in the Bill of Rights.
Phreaking the Electronic Town Hall - H. Ross Perot
Poem: What is a Deathocrat made of? [Rush Limbaugh]
Police State: Soldiers, Cops and Rampant Ignorance by Al Lorentz
 Recently I had the displeasure of having to sit through a Federal Court as a trial consultant and to endure the noxious, officious and high handed manner in which our public servants conducted themselves. I got the distinct opinion in dealing with everyone in the Federal Court system from judge down to the Federal Marshall Security force that I was a lesser peasant in the presence of high nobility.
Political Correctness and the Closed Society by Richard M. Ebeling
 Every community possesses a set of shared, core values. The members of the community are either born or drawn into it; they are taught that community's core values; and they cherish them as the basis of their sense of identity and belief. And these core values also structure the way members of that community think about themselves and the world in which they live. To challenge seriously or threaten them is something that no community can reasonably accept or stand for. To undermine these core values is to undermine the foundation of that society.
Political Repression in the United States
 Covert police methods have been used against progressive social movements since the founding of the country. Undercover operatives disrupted the historic efforts of rebellious slaves and Native American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican resistance. Dissident journalists, insurgent workers and farmers were arrested on false charges and jailed or hung after rigged trials.
Politically correct dating
Politics and the English Language by George Orwell
 Political language -- and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists -- is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
Portland Cops Caught Spying Illegally On Local Dissidents
Postal Service Under Fire by Creator's Syndicate, Inc.
 The U.S. Postal Service is a huge and beleaguered organization. It's the nation's second largest employer next to the military. In retail sales, the Postal Service ranks 11th among United States corporations, public and private. Last year, 171 billion pieces of mail moved through the sys- tem. That's expected to rise by 3 percent this year.
Postwar occupation plans (news from the Pentagon)
Preferential Balloting - A More Democratic System? by Richard Hennick
 The present winner-take-all system for the election of candidates has several drawbacks. It encourages the marketing of image and charisma, and leads to polarisation on issues (if issues are dealt with at all), to domination of elections by major parties with large amounts of money, and to a lack of media and public attention to "minor" candidates. It takes no account of either the widespread public recognition of the need for compromise and the "middle way", or the order of preference which voters may feel, especially for those minor candidates.
President Bush Wacker by Donald R. Engen
 Totally out of control. When will it end?
President Bush's Remarks in Allentown, Pennsylvania by George W. Bush
 President Bush's Remarks in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on October 1, 2004.
President Bush: An International Perspective. by John Pyles
 While America approves of President Bush's policies, very few other countries do. Find out why.
Press Release by the Parti Rhinoceros
Progressive News - Political news with an alternat
Propaganda by Aaron Delwiche
 Propaganda can be as blatant as a swastika or as subtle as a joke. Its persuasive techniques are regularly applied by politicians, advertisers, journalists, radio personalities, and others who are interested in influencing human behavior. Propagandistic messages can be used to accomplish positive social ends, as in campaigns to reduce drunk driving, but they are also used to win elections and to sell malt liquor.
Racism: Public and Private
Real Conformity by slasher_13
 Do you know what terrors lurk beneath the surface of reality? The reality in which we live, injected full of such meaningless superfluous garbage that we are expected to employ in our everyday lives.
Real Freedom by Sam Bouman
 In reality, we can't actually pay any debts anymore because all of the real money has been extracted from society. All we can do now is discharge debts. All we have to do it with is fake money or counterfeit money. Federal Reserve Notes are counterfeit money.
Reflections on Representative Government by Punkerslut
 An inquiry on the system of representative government, as an improved authoritarian system from the monarch system, but ultimately, still not freedom.
Replacing Capitalism with Networks of Free, Autonomous and Self-reliant Spaces by autonomous
 The slaves of the 21st century don't need to be hunted, transported and auctioned through complex and troublesome commercial networks of human flesh. There are plenty of them lining up for an opportunity to work away their lives for a salary of misery in the export-processing zones of the South, most of which prefer to exploit young women.
Resisting Bush's War by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
 The following is a speech that Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Congressman from Cleveland, Ohio, gave this past weekend at the University of Southern California. Rep. Kucinich is the leader of the Progressive Caucus and a longtime defender of free speech, civil liberties and international peace. This speech makes him the first member of the United States Congress to openly repudiate President Bush's war rationale.
Resisting the Che Guevara Craze by AoxomoxoA
 It's all too common. Pictures of Che Guevara are on t-shirts, stickers, watches and other crap. He's often pictured on such items as noble revolutionary, the symbol of the inner rebel inside us. Worst yet, many who wear the clothing don't even know who he is or what he stood for.
Rights of the individual vs. rights of the majority
Rise Above: Georgia and Freedom of Speech
Ron Paul's 9/25/01 Address on the Floor of the House by Ron Paul
 Last week was a bad week for all Americans. The best we can say is that the events have rallied the American spirit of shared love and generosity. Partisanship was put on hold, as it well should have been. We now, as a free people, must deal with this tragedy in the best way possible. Punishment and prevention is mandatory. We must not, however, sacrifice our liberties at the hand of an irrational urgency.
San Francsico's attempt to keep Chinese people out in 1886 (legal
Sanity vs. participation in war
School Shootings, Workplace Violence and Guns by The Eggman
 Something has changed, and it's not the guns!
Secessionist Strategies by Carol Moore
 Those who signed the Declaration of Independence clearly stated that people have the right to "alter or abolish" any government which does not suit them and create another form of government. In effect, they held that any governmental form is merely an experiment.
Secret Sessions of Congress: A Brief Historical Overview by Mildred Amer
 "Secret" or "closed door" sessions of the House of Representatives and Senate are held periodically to discuss business, including impeachment deliberations, deemed to require confidentiality and secrecy. Authority for the two chambers to hold these sessions is implied by Article I, Section 5, of the Constitution. Both the House and the Senate have supplemented this clause through rules and precedents.
Seperation of Church and State by anagnorisis
 They say that the government is in now way, shape, or form favoring any certain religion. Never in my life have I heard a bigger load of bullshit.
Sept. 11: Will the Military Take Over? by Andrea Prichett
 We share a belief that freedom and access to information make a nation strong. We also believe in the fundamental rightness of the vote and civilian rule, and so we view with grave concern the recent moves to militarize our system of governance and to deny our democratic tradition.
Sex, Fraud, Money Laundering: All Roads lead to Rome by Jonathan Levy, Esq.
 Attorneys in the Vatican Bank lawsuit (Alperin v. Vatican Bank) seeking restitution of Nazi loot laundered through the Vatican Bank after World War II have asked the United States District Court in San Francisco to coordinate all pending lawsuits against the Vatican.
Should We Have Gone to Iraq? by JCX
 Essay detailing why we should have left Iraq alone.
Smallpox: An Attack Scenario by Tara O'Toole
 Smallpox virus, which is among the most dangerous organisms that might be used by bioterrorists, is not widely available. The international black market trade in weapons of mass destruction is probably the only means of acquiring the virus.
Social Commentary by Sparrowhawk
 Walking around school today, I saw things that amazed and astounded me. Ideals that, if were not drove into our heads we would never think twice about. A living hell that we refuse to see.
Social Security Number
Socialism F.A.Q. by Agent Boris_KGB
 What if the world were a place where everyone had the comfortable essentials of a full life, including satisfying work, housing, food, clothing and health care? Plus the opportunity to learn and develop into all she/he could be? A world where neither the environment nor people were exploited? Democratic Socialism is the exciting, life affirming idea for a world that works for everyone, a vision whose time can come.
Socialists push Big Government - YOU will pay for it, sucka!
Society's Trap by Rebelde para Siempre
 The media and our society have turned us into passive, mindless slaves. Only concerned with the material solutions to 'modern day living', trying to make our meaningless lives easier, trying to define us as people with consumerism and commercialism.
Some important information about term limits
Standards To Live By (Before You Become Brainwashed And Forget) by AngryFemme
 An oath, creed, constitution, bible or manual for surviving the New World Order.
State of the Union Address, 2004 by President George W. Bush
 The promises and claims made by both this statement and the Democratic rebuttal will all have a part to play in what may be one of the most important Presidential terms in the history of the United States. Agree or not with the assertions and statements made here, the policies behind them (and those arrayed against them), will affect not only the citizenry of America, but of the rest of the world for years to come. If it is wise to learn from history, it is even more wise to learn from the present.
Subversion for Fun and Profit by Roachy McBong
 A brief discussion on the finer points of small-scale political activism.
Tax funded, institutionalized gender hatred
Test shows which common products are made in the U
Text of Feinstein's Bomb Amendment
Text of The Clinton Chronicles
The 10 Cannots by Reverend William John Henry Boetcker
 The "Ten Points" appear every February 12 in newspaper ads honoring Abraham Lincoln. In fact, these aphorisms are from the pen of Reverend William John Henry Boetcker (1873-1962).
The 1st 10 Amendments updated for our time
The American Lenin? by L. Neil Smith
 It's harder and harder these days to tell a liberal from a conservative -- given the former category's increasingly blatant hostility toward the First Amendment, and the latter's prissy new disdain for the Second Amendment -- but it's still easy to tell a liberal from a libertarian. Just ask about either Amendment.
The American's Creed
The Anti-War Speech by Eugene Debs
 Prominent labor organizer and political activist Eugene Debs delivered a speech at a Socialist Party convention in Canton, Ohio, on 16 June 1918. Because of it, he was prosecuted under the Sedition Act for interfering with the draft, leading to a 10-year prison sentence and the stripping of his US citizenship. (He ended up serving 2 years and 8 months in the slammer; President Warren G. Harding commuted his sentence.)
The Bankruptcy of the New Socialists by Chris R. Tame
 It is, I suppose, a tribute to the revival of liberal and libertarian ideas that they had previously consigned to the dustbin of history that many contemporary socialists are now rephrasing their arguments in libertarian terms, conceding certain criticisms or admitting a "role" for the "market mechanism".
The Bill of Rights, a Status Report by Eric Postpischil
 How many rights do you have? You should check, because it might not be as many today as it was a few years ago, or even a few months ago. The amount of the Bill of Rights that is under attack is alarming.
The Boston Massacre
The Breakdown of a Lie
 The fear of nuclear attack they generated is a major reason why some sections of people in the U.S. supported a war. In October 2002, Congress voted to give Bush the power to launch his war. The charges were a lie.
The California People's Proposition by J. Neil Schulman
 The purpose of this Act is to curtail the ever-increasing transfer of power away from the people and to political bodies controlled by narrow interests.
The Cure for Goverment Corruption by Peter J. Celano
 The analogy between cancer and the corruption of our government is a profound one. Anybody who is intellectually honest has to admit that something is terribly, terribly wrong with our nation. Even a little bit of research will reveal corruption that seems to permeate all levels of our government.
The Downfall and Rebirth of Society: A Brief Summary by Shadow88
 Many people have tried to distance us from the civilizations of old, saying that with our modern technologies we shall not, nay, cannot fall. No matter what the level of technology a society possesses, they cannot outrun themselves from this truth as long as there are humans behind the technology.
The E Generation by ph0sphene
 This is a call to the neo-beats, the guerilla artists, the truth-addicts, the hacker, and the transcendentalists! This is a call to the black bloc, the anti-fascist, the business owner, the underground leader, and to all those in the general mass who still find beauty in the sunrise!
The Encroachment of the Public by Sam Vaknin
 As Aristotle and John Stuart Mill observed, the private sphere sets limits, both normative and empirical, to the rights, powers, and obligations of others.
The Encroachment of the Public by Sam Vaknin
 As Aristotle and John Stuart Mill observed, the private sphere sets limits, both normative and empirical, to the rights, powers, and obligations of others.
The Epidemiology of Fear
The Failure of Arrogance as a Foreign Policy by Vox
 We are at war, and the Bush administration plays poker with our soldiers' lives and ignores the most important lessons of our history. Why we need to reevaluate our strategy in Iraq, and the consequences if we do not.
The Famous Slaughter House Cases!
 The legislature of Louisiana, on the 8th of March, 1869, passed an act granting to a corporation, created by it, the exclusive right, for twenty-five years, to have and maintain slaughter-houses, landings for cattle, and yards for inclosing cattle intended for sale or slaughter.
The Fascist Tradition Introduction by Hayden V. White
 "What is the "true" nature of fascism: is it something radically new to political experience, a unique creation of the twentieth century; or is it merely old tyranny possessed of new, more efficient techniques for gaining and holding power?"
The Fast Food Project by ethereal
 Getting fast food service desired without the lawyers.
The Federalization of Criminal Laws
The Final Argument of Kings by Vox
 The Unpleasant Truth About Defense Against Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism
The Formation of Political Parties and American History by onasis
 An short analysis of American Political Parties
The Frivolous Dawn by Chilo Metropolis
 Submit to pro life, or pro choice?
The GOP Blockade Against Appeals Court Nominees by PFAW
 Calls by Attorney General Ashcroft, Republican senators, Religious Right groups, and right-wing legal activists for quick action on President Bush's nominees, and their efforts to discourage substantial inquiry by the Senate Judiciary Committee, display remarkable chutzpah, if not outright hypocrisy. Right-wing organizations demanded, and right-wing Senators implemented, a delaying campaign of unprecedented scope against Clinton administration judicial nominees, particularly for the appeals courts.
The Good, the Beautiful, and the Ugly by Nicholas Philip Keesing
 Physical beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, I assure you. Sociologists say otherwise, soothing propaganda to justify their egalitarian agendas. To find the real truth, one has to follow the money that always reflects human will and desire.
The Individual in Society by Ludwig von Mises
 In the frame of society everybody depends upon his fellow citizens. Social man cannot become independent without forsaking all the advantages of social cooperation.
The Inevitable Decline by Chilo Metropolis
 Regarding the corporate parasite.
The International Proletariat and War by Alexandra Kollontai
 The workers know that behind the threat of war there stands the capitalist state that wants to burden the people with new taxes, there stands the war industry that wants to increase its profits.
The Justification of the Stamp Act of 1765 by Anonymous Rebel
 After the Seven Years' War, the British had accumulated an extremely large debt. The maintenance of a military force in America had become quite costly. The British government felt that it was only logical to tax the Americans in order to compensate for the expenses.
The Last Word on Welfare by G.Fitch
 The original purpose of welfare was never to benefit the poor but to protect the middle and upper classes from what was seen as a public health problem with associated aesthetic elements. In fact, the early attempts to deal with this problem were draconian by modern standards and have afforded scandalous material for many a novelist.
The Legacy of Wounded Knee by Bruce Elison
 I was raised to believe in the importance of our democracy and our fundamental rights to free speech, freedom of association, and freedom to seek redress of grievances. From what I have seen over the last 25 years, Native Americans have many legitimate grievances, as do others in this country.
The Lie of the Christian Right Wing by Sax Allen
 Because these rightwing noodle heads are so fond of making up their own "factoids" and because they're currently pumping out a bunch of malarkey about America supposedly being a "Christian" nation, and because as proof of this they're making up religious lies about some of our most intelligent presidents...for all these reasons I thought you'd enjoy hearing a few hot words from our founding fathers themselves.
The Long Road to Baghdad by Ian Boyne
 Ian Boyne a veteran reporter explains the motivation behind the United States recent war path.
The Majority Vote System by W.C. Realph
 If your organization is truly for the people and environment, then you will know this system is the only real way to save the future of the planet.
The Manifesto Of A New World by Vajlea
 I am Eveonix. We are Eveonix. We want to help change the world in a drastic and ultimately beneficial way.
The Manual of Animal Rights by David Cowles-Hamar
 Meat eating is certainly among our most ancient practices but then so are slavery, murder and war. The antiquity if a practice is neither a guarantee of its morality nor a justification for it.
The Meaning of Life by Impact
 A realistic look at our society following some very bad times involving people very close to me.
The New Authoritarians, by Lazarus Long
The New Generation of Capitalists by Abraham Gorilla
 What hope does this world have?
The New York Plane Crashes by Mark Marsh
 The whole world stood still in dumbfounded shock as two planes, one after the other struck the World Trade Centre in New York City, while a third plane hit a side of the Pentagon. A totally heinous act against humanity with no moral justification at all, the world, whether it is officially declared or not, is in a state of war, and we are the pawns, the cannon fodder, the easily expendable resource at the Government's disposal.
The Party's Over: Mopping up from Tuesday's election by Ozymandias
 Why would leftists even bother registering when they can see that the power struggle between Democrats and Republicans is just kept up for appearances sake and that the two parties are now just part of an unannounced merger. Democrat v. Republican, Bush v. Daschle, Coke v Pepsi, - at the end of the day it’s all the same.
The People's World Peace Initiative by Global World Peace Foundation
 We are asking all people, globally, to take a personal vow to not participate in violence toward other human beings. We believe that Humanity can collectively transcend most violence, especially organized violence such as war.
The Perfect Storm by Michael C. Ruppert
 There are few things more closely connected to or identified with Bush family power than globalization and the Rockefellers. He has most likely failed both of them and both have the power to remove him.
The Power Elite: Just Plain Folks by Vaustein
 Inspired by a reading of the Keith Parkins article about intelligence agencies, which was really a socio-political thesis on the power elite. This is my response, not to the particular article which was fact-based and articulate, but to power elite theorists in general.
The Preparation for Next in Line by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 This article is regarding the aftermath of Sadam's regime and recent US accusations and warning to Syria about harbouring Saddam's men and developing Chemical weapons.
The Problem With Modern Education by Barry Wickham
 Essay about why teens are in a rut of miseducation and not receiving enough education.
The Problems of our Country (and what to do about it) by blackflagsociety
 So you are a pissed off person because of the recent actions of the U.S. So am I.
The Questionable Doctrine of Preemption by Senator Robert Byrd
 I find the speech remarkable both for its content and elegance of expression - it strikes me as an oasis of cool reason and eloquence in a desert of relatively incoherent and ugly grunts that have been emanating from American political leaders and commentators recently. I find it also remarkable that, to date, this speech seems to have been almost completely unreported in the mainstream press. For example, it appears the New York Times has seen fit not to report the speech at all. At the very least, Byrd's speech demonstrates that it should be possible to question the motives and wisdom of the Bush administration's plans for war in Iraq without having to fend off accusations of crude anti-Americanism. It deserves to be much more widely published and read - I believe it has the potential to materially lift the level of the debate on the impending war in Iraq.
The Rise and Fall of Society: A Brief Summary by Shadow88
 Whether by external or internal, man-made or natural causes a society or civilization will ALWAYS fall. As the Romans and the Mayans, the Greeks and the Mongolians all taught us, power is brief and ever fleeting.
The Silent Revolution of Federal Regionalism - Part 1
The Social Security Number by Barbara Bennett
 The SSA has continually emphasized the fact that the SSN identifies a particular record only and the Social Security Card indicates the person whose record is identified by that number. In no way can the Social Security Card identify the bearer. From 1946 to 1972 the legend "Not for Identification" was printed on the face of the card. However, many people ignored the message and the legend was eventually dropped.
The Social Security Number by Barbara Bennett
 Information regarding the assignment of social security numbers and the numbering system behind it.
The Spectacular Achievements of Media Control by Chuck Dodson
 Basically this is a serious magnification of Noam Chomsky's 1991 "Media Control, The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda" speech about the war against Iraq and the broader issues behind it and leading up to it. With this paper, I compare Chomsky's insights into the culture that promotes and allows a continual *parade* of foreign enemies, and show how the same phenomenon happens at home with a *parade* of domestic enemies, especially focusing on the continual hype against persons called "pedophiles".
The Still Before the Storm by James Norman
 How a group of "Fifth Column" hackers have initiated a campaign to clean up political corruption, resulting so far in the announced retirement of over thirty politicians (who have received packages of information detailing their financial shenanigans). Norman calls this group "CIA computer hackers", though in fact the group is totally outside government.
The Strange Origin of the Pledge of Allegiance by John W. Baer
 Every class day over 60 million public and parochial school teachers and students in the United States recite the Pledge of Allegiance along with thousands of Americans at official meetings of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Elks, Masons, American Legion, and others. During the televised bicentennial celebration of the United States Constitution for the school children on September 17, 1987, the children as a group did not recite any part of the Constitution. However, President Reagan did lead the nation's school children in reciting the Pledge. Yet probably not one of them knows the history or original meaning of the Pledge.
The Struggle for Pro-Choice by Ashes
 I am working in a university clinic that deals with sex related issues. Contraception, STD information, the practice of 'safe sex', premartial sex and abortion are just a few of the issues that I cover in my day to day life. This article may not be filled with anything but personal opinion but it is important for me to put my opinion out there so that the young girls that are subjected to the hate filled actions of religious and anti-abortion groups have something to think about from the other side.
The Stuatue of Liberty
The Theory of Advanced Mechanization and Automation of Modern Society by Shadow88
 Because people will no longer need to work in order to survive anymore, or even work to increase their power over other humans, this will leave the species as a whole psychologically impacted on a deep level.
The Tyranny of Structurelessness by Jo "Joreen" Freeman
 Contrary to what we would like to believe, there is no such thing as a "structureless" group. Any group of people of whatever nature coming together for any length of time, for any purpose, will inevitably structure itself in some fashion. The structure may be flexible, it may vary over time, it may evenly or unevenly distribute tasks, power and resources over the members of the group. But it will be formed regardless of the abilities, personalities and intentions of the people involved.
The Unibomber Manifesto by Ted Kaczynski
 Shortly before he was caught, Ted Kaczynski, aka "The Unibomber", released this manifesto of his philosophy, thoughts, and assorted nonsense that was pent up inside his head. Excerpts of his manifesto appeared in newspapers across the country. This is the complete text of his manifesto, unedited, as written by the bomber himself.
The Unibomber's Manifesto (incomplete)
The United States of Hypocracy by Rebelde para Siempre
 The United States is the largest criminal in the world, controlling and influencing every other nation through force and violence. And then the citizens of America ask themselves "Why are we hated in this day and age?". Well my unenlightened friends, I will tell you why you are hated.
The War: Big Business for US? by Sadhan Mishra
 Facts about the War... Economic Facts.
The Way of the World is Force by Charley Reese
 If someone puts a .45 to your head and pulls the trigger, you are going to die. Laws, public opinion, ethics, ideals, treaties, Geneva conventions and personal preferences will not prevent your death.
The World Must Unitedly Denounce US Power Phobia by Syed Atiqul Hassan
 There is no more disparity among the European and Eastern capitals except the two knots of the US, the UK and Australia - who unfortunately failed to maintain yet their own vision of world politics but to follow Washington DC blindly - on the issue that going to war in Iraq is not just the only option.
The World Needs a Hero by Sparrowhawk
 I'd like to take this article to take a more specific look on life. Tyranny. What do we have to lose from oppression? Why don't we stand up against oppression? What will end this hell? Ignorance is bliss?
The abolition of Work!
The cost of regulation and bureaucracy
The crimes of Ronald Reagan
The dotCommunist Manifesto by Eben Moglen
 Where are the advocates of freedom in the new digital society who have not been decried as pirates, anarchists, communists? Have we not seen that many of those hurling the epithets were merely thieves in power, whose talk of ``intellectual property'' was nothing more than an attempt to retain unjustifiable privileges in a society irrevocably changing?
The great Chicago Flood of 1992
The man George Bush fears most - Lyndon LaRouche
The numerous species and mutations of Leftism
The political status of Native Americans in the U.S. system
The price the founding fathers paid
The role of women in Native American liberation struggles
Theory of Demonstrations, Demonstrations of Theory by Dr. Frederick M.D.
 When people are going to be in the streets trying to make things happen, the rest of us have two options: we can leave them to struggle on their own, imagining that our absence will speak for our qualms, or we can seize the opportunity to shape the event. We should view demonstrations as a chance to create the situations we want, not just to vote with our presence or absence for some particular method of organizing.
Thinking Like A Wolf: A Thirty-Something Thought Criminal Speaks by Christopher Mark
 When I was 13, I happened upon a book entitled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” by the late Senator Gary Allen. As many readers may be aware, the book was a good primer regarding the incestuous relationship between international bankers and politicians throughout the world. Subsequently, I have learned to think like a wolf, when it comes to the world around me, carefully scanning the “media” horizon and scrutinizing the “information” meals to be found in the vast disinformation “forest.”
Thomas Jefferson - Biography by Morton Borden
 Jefferson was born at Shadwell in what is now Albemarle County, Va., on Apr. 13, 1743. He treated his pedigree lightly, but his mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson, came from one of the first families of Virginia; his father, Peter Jefferson, was a well-to-do landowner, although not in the class of the wealthiest planters.
Threats to Your Rights: A Factsheet Five Special Report
 I still believe -- perhaps somewhat naively -- that the plain English of the U.S. Constitution means what it says. Unfortunately a lot of other people apparently have different opinions, and many of these people work for the government.
Time Out of Mind ; a timeline of the countercultu
Timeline of Historical Events
Totalitarianism Nears by Glen T. Martin
 As long as they are free to shop in department stores and have traffic in the streets (with automobiles burning oil stolen from dying Iraqi children), they do not care. And to a greater degree every day, those few who do care about our liberties and rights are too terrified of our government to speak out.
Toxic waste stuff - what companies?
Tracking White-Collar Crime -- Big Brother is Listening by Robert D. Hersshey Jr.
 High-tech lab helps IRS sniff out tax cheats.
Transcript: The Flowers/Clinton Tapes by Accuracy in Media
 The Star, a tabloid newspaper, published some 2,000 words of transcripts of telephone conversations between Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers, a woman who asserts she had a 12-year sexual affair with the ex-President. Our media decided you didn't have the right to read these transcripts. The Washington Post published a meager 59 words. The Associated Press, the wire service which supplies news to most American dailies, transmitted only 24 words. The New York Times, arguably the most influential paper in the country, ran two sentences, both pertaining to derogatory remarks Clinton was heard making about Gov. Mario Cuomo.
Two Kinds of Democratic Civilization by Charles Knight
 A satire on the new 'democratic' imperialism
U.S. Goverment Agency Acronyms by Dale Goudie
 Acronyms used by U.S. government agencies.
U.S. Presidential cycles
US Unilateralism Shocks the World by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The article on the current clouds of US-led war on Iraq.
USA Gender Facts
Unauthorized biography of George Bush
United Nuisance: The U.N.?s Inability to Handle Globalization by LowLife
 Is the U.N. capable of leading the world or is it becoming irrelevent to world affairs?
United States vs. Wong Kim Ark
 I think it follows that the children of Chinese born in this country do not, ipso facto, become citizens of the United States unless the Fourteenth Amendment overrides both treaty and statute. Does it bear that construction; or rather is it not the proper construction that all persons born in the United States of parents permanently residing here and susceptible of becoming citizens, are not prevented therefrom by treaty or statue, are citizens, and not otherwise?
Violence Never Solves Anything by The Hell Spawn
 America in the last one hundred years has brought about its own problems.
Violence and Abuse within the Family: The Neglected Issues by Dr. Ian Begg
 I have sat in hockey dressing rooms when someone mentions a person is charged with molesting a child. Soon after somebody else will say "I would like to be alone with that b*stard for two minutes", and everyone else will nod and say "me too". My gut reacts the same way, but that doesn't make the accusations true.
Wake up, America! by redguard
 Would you drive if you were drunk? How about blind? This great mass of ignorant fucks is expected to be piloting the NATION through a serious obstacle course, one where the lives of countless millions hang in the balance, and ninety percent of the people you ask opinion in the street will still come back with a witty retort like: “Sorry, I don’t do politics, tee-hee.”
We Do Have a Purpose by Scott
 We are all one big brain, telling lies to stop from going insane.
What Is To Come? by Keith Parsons
 Have you ever wondered what the future will bring? Just sat back and thought and thought about the future of humanity? It is an interesting and challenging question. Here are some of the facts about us that need to be considered when you ask yourself. It only serves to improve our destiny to think about our fate and consider what we should do differently.
What It Takes to Build a Militia by General Falco
 Many people feel that their purpose in life is to achieve a certain goal that seems impossible to achieve. These goals might be, say, forming one's own country, taking over an existing country, reviving the Confederate States, & cet.
What Price National Security? by Nick Fielding
 This session on the nature of national security, the first speaker will be John Wadham director of Liberty who wants to speak primarily about the Official Secrets Act and set the basis for the discussion. He'll be followed by David Shayler who doesn't really need an introduction but I think it's safe to say that he is largely responsible for igniting a large part of this debate about national security.
What is Vital is Not Always Humane by Firestarter
 What is the meaning of civilizated people ?
What is a Patriot? A list of URL's and resources for people inter
What the fuck is an Aryan?
 Some people beleive that aryans are people descended from satanic giants from the time of genesis.
What to do when they ask for your Social Security Number by Chris Hibbert
 Many people are concerned about the number of organizations asking for their Social Security Numbers. They worry about invasions of privacy and the oppressive feeling of being treated as just a number. Unfortunately, I can't offer any hope about the dehumanizing effects of identifying you with your numbers. I *can* try to help you keep your Social Security Number from being used as a tool in the invasion of your privacy.
What was politically correct 100 years ago? by Ronald Mahler
 One letter writer recently compared the Playboy ad that appeared in the Daily to "racist and anti-Semitic propaganda," while another insisted, "The subtext... is, of course, rape." I was immediately reminded of a speech delivered in 1880 by feminist Susan B. Anthony in which she denounced anti-woman attitudes in Minnesota. Her speech illustrates how the "subtext" of political correctness can change over time. In Anthony's time, it was what we now call bourgeois cultural imperialism.
What you should know about daycare for children
What's Best for My Child by dabombmom
 Well, in reference to the submissions regarding women and what they do to men after they have their baby. It makes me ashamed to share the same female gender. I've told my son, “Be careful with whom you are intimate with, they could possibly own your life.”
What?s between the Matrix and Jonathan Pollard by Ben Yam
 An essay on the lack of virtues in a virtual reality.
When U.S. Joint Chiefs Planned Terror Attacks on America by Edward Spannaus
 According to documents that were intended to have been destroyed almost 40 years ago, top levels of the U.S. military proposed carrying out acts of terrorism against the United States in the early 1960s, in order to drag the United States into a war against Cuba.
Where the Boys Are by Spy
 A Spy dialogue with Joe Powers, spokesman for the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
Who Makes Sure We Live Healthy? by Incognito Octavian
 A relevant, revolutionarily fomenting piece of "pissed-off" perspective...
Why Conform? by Evolved
 Then we leave school. We must get into university to get somewhere and become someone in life. Someone that is important to everyone. So we find jobs, and work from 9am until 5pm and find out that school wasn't so bad after all. We work hard for that promotion or that pay-rise. We work overtime and weekends. We pay off mortgages and loans. Then we retire at 60.
Why Janet Reno should never have been made U.S. Attorney General
Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein
 "We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."
Why We Need A New Constitution by Barry Krusch
 as the Third Millenium approaches, more and more Americans are beginning to feel that in many critical respects, the form of our government is "out of joint" with modern times. We have had, in Hamilton's words, "an uneqivocal experience of the inefficacy of the subsisting federal government." Our problems have steadily mounted, and it is becoming increasingly clear that our government will not, or cannot, deal with these problems.
Why the Department of Energy Security Sucks by mad dog
 Why the department of energy security division should update their rules and regs to help people not fuck them in the ass. This is a true story.
Why the US is fucked up
Will Food Become Illegal?
 The U.S. war on food? Will the FDA get Big Brother powers?
World Paradise or War? by Novicegod
 The world could quickly become a paradise once again if humans would begin planting food producing trees and plants everywhere (Like Johnny Apple Seed so no one would go hungry) and if they would breed responsibly.
You always knew that NY was unsafe...
Your (revised) Miranda rights
Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov
 Biographical timeline of the life of Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, former President of the Soviet Union.
Zoned Out: Legally Enforced Segregation
freedom! by alffilop
 {description of freedom as it was meant to be- Redeclaration of american independence- the Impotence Of War- the contradiction of sending people to fight for freedom- description of universal freedom- Declaration of Freedom for Everyone.}
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