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Green Planet

Environmental issues. The ozone hole. Tree hugging for fun and profit. Toxins in the air, water, and soil. Biotechnological foodstuffs.

101 ways to conserve resources
A General Economic Critique of Water Privatization by Dr. William J. Weida
 The differences between "privatizing" water supplies and the usual concept of privatizing government facilities or organizations create a number of difficulties when actual privatization of water supplies is implemented. For privatization to work, there must be real competition between service providers. Real competition implies a sufficient number of service providers so that no one provider can unduly influence the water market.
A Large Volcanic Eruption Could Damage Ozone by Philip Shabecoff
 Sulfuric acid spewed into the stratosphere may foster reactions.
Acid Rain Kills More People than AIDS by Merritt Clifton
 Acid Rain -- One of America's Worst Killers.
Activist Communications by Longwire
 Tools such as scanners, the worldwide web, cellular phones and new communications satellites give us capabilities once available only to the military-industrial complex. It is our belief that these tools are most effective when used in the Spirit of Peace for a focused purpose. Government security services, the paramilitary right, survivalists, and cop wannabes have been using this stuff for years - since the technology is morally "neutral", it is up to us to give it the power to do good.
Additive 951: The Sweet Poison by Shane Keane
 It’s most likely that you haven’t heard about the dangers of Aspartame before now. Why? Well the diet industry is worth hundreds of billions dollars to many corporations across the world and to keep profits flowing the “damaging” issues regarding Aspartame have been kept a well guarded secret.
Agent Green Over The Amazon by Jeff Conant
 Rumors of the impending release of a genetically modified fungus as part of the War on Drugs in Colombia have been raising concerns among environmentalists and regional officials that a grave ecological and social crisis may be unfolding in the region.
All About Ozone
 Whenever it occurs, ozone (O ) is a colorless gas, a form of oxygen. However, an ordinary molecule of oxygen contains two atoms while a molecule of ozone contains three atoms ( O + O = O3 ). Because of ozone's composition, it is reactive. That is, it readily combines with and oxidizes (breaks down) whatever materials it comes in contact with, including such biological substances as cells and tissues. Far above the earth, ozone forms naturally as oxygen produced from living things moves from the troposphere, the layer of air nearest the earth's surface, to the stratophere.
An Ice Age From Global Warming by Tom Slattery
 Previously published in now defunct "Serial Free Press" in early 2002, over a year prior to the movie "The Day After Tomorrow," this article is a new, different, and alarming hypothesis outlining how present global warming might soon cause The Next Ice Age.
An International Criminal Court for Transnational Companies? by Francois Rigaux
 Transnational companies (TNCs) are economic agents of private law and are subject in principle to rule of law and to the jurisdiction of its courts. The transnational group does not, in itself, possess an identity which can be distinguished from each of the entities that make it up, so that it can only be obliged to answer for its acts in a fragmented way, so that it benefits from the opposing interests of the States in which it operates.
Animal vs. Vegetable Protein by Tom Friedel
 Replacement of animal with vegetable protein in the diet will lower cholesterol and LDL and favorably influence both the onset and the course of arteriosclerosis.
Another view of the greenhouse effect
Antartica as a world park
Atoning for Environmentalism by Karl Grossman
 To PBS Frontline Producer, Scientists Critical of Nuclear Power Are "Flat Earthers". Rhodes and John Palfreman made their contribution to this pro-nuclear power "public education" with an hour-long Frontline program, "Nuclear Reaction".
Attacks on Greenpeace and Other Ecology Groups by Chip Berlet
 Environmental activists over the past few years have reported a series of incidents involving surveillance, police overreaction, and harassment that leads then to believe they are being targettedby a campaign to discredit them and hamstring their attempts to exercise their consstitutional rights.
Bio-Piracy in Chiapas by Bill Weinberg
 Despite President Vicente Fox's pledges to withdraw troops from Zapatista territory, many military positions remain in the Selva. The troops are ostensibly policing Montes Azules against drug traffickers and protecting it from deforestation. But the Zapatista base communities say that Montes Azules is not being protected for the resident indigenous peoples, but for trans-national biotech corporations that hope to profit from the region's genetic wealth.
Blue Gold: The Global Water Crisis and the Commidification of World Water by Maude Barlow
 As the water crisis intensifies, governments around the world ? under pressure from multinational corporations ? are advocating a radical solution: the commodification and mass transport of water.
Bugs, Taps And Infiltrators: What To Do About Political Spying by Linda Lotz
 During the last five decades, many individuals and organizations were spied upon, wiretapped, their personal lives disrupted in an effort to draw them away from their political work, and their organizations infiltrated.
CHP's Hazardous Waste Investigative Unit
Capital, Power, and Ecology: Reasons for Optimism by Paul Hughes
 With a growing amount of power falling into the hands of individuals through internet resources, strong crypto, bioweapons, etc., the response of the capitalist has been to erode privacy and increase the level of intelligence and surveillance to find these potential threats.
Chief Dan George, an excerpt from My Heart Soars
Cleaning up the U.S. Environmental Superfund by Creators Syndicate, Inc.
 The entire Superfund effort is mired in litigation, regulation and delays. The original Superfund law was supposed to force polluters to clean up hazardous sites, including the infamous Love Canal in New York, where chemical wastes are suspected of causing miscarriages, birth defects and cancer.
Debunking myths about the ozone hole and greenhous
Deforestation Hits Home: U.S. Forest Service Levels Our Landscape by Karen Franklin
 Year after year, regardless of which party controls the White House, the U.S. Forest Service runs its timber program with indifference to the enviromental consequences.
Demonizing Dissent by Kit Gage
 Domestically, the government has stepped up its assault against homegrown dissent - as anyone who was part of Seattle, April 16 and the inaugural in DC, Philadelphia and Los Angeles knows. Likewise, those who read about or viewed it, particularly on the alternative media like Independent Media Center that covered it from the ground saw the spectacle of military style police assault.
Direct Action by Nemesis
 Direct action is heard about all the time in anarchic circles; magic words that solve all problems. We don't embrace political parties -- we support direct action. What is it?
Don't Ask, Don't Know: The Biotech Regulatory Vacuum by Ben Lilliston
 No labeling is required for genetically engineered foods in the United States because in 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided that engineered foods were substantially similar to conventional foods and thus did not need to be labeled or tested for safety. The FDA has determined that in the case of genetically engineered foods, a "material fact" exists only if a food contains a known allergen, or decreases the nutritional value of the food.
EPA eats it again
Earth First! - Tree- Spiking as a tactic (because t
Eco- warrior groups in the U.S.
Electrostatic Precipitators for Pollution Control
 Project Recoup was a program for applying advanced technology to the solution of a problem shared by a growing number of U.S. communities: how to dispose of refuse in areas where acceptable landfill sites are scarce.
Enviromental Crimes
Environmental Crimes Prosecution
Ethics of Vegetarianism by Deepak Trivedi
 The ethical arguments favouring vegetarianism using the animal rights and environmental perspective.
Excerpts from the California Green Party political
FAQ on the 'Toxic Lady', and the Incident at Riverside Hospital
Fast Track to Contaminated Water by Martin Wagner
 In response to this threat to California's water supply, Governor Davis ordered MTBE removed from gasoline by 2002, but that plan may be thwarted. The Canada-based Methanex Corporation, producer of one component of MTBE, is using expansive rights granted to foreign investors under NAFTA to demand the U.S. government pay one billion dollars - the amount of profit the company claims it would earn from MTBE sales - if California insists on banning the chemical.
Fast-growing Trees Eat CO2
 Plants are nature's oxygen machines. They keep our atmosphere breathable by taking out the carbon dioxide and putting back oxygen. That's why the killing of the world's forests is such a critical problem. That's also why the work of two scientists at Syracuse's State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry is so important.
Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect by Tom Gray
 The California Energy Commission (CEC) has issued a report on how global warming may affect the Golden State.
Groundwater and Contamination
Hazardous waste incineration assessment
How to Track Nuclear Material Transport by Data Line
 Nuclear material doesn't magically appear at plants that make missiles and bombs. It has to be transported by truck or train. The media has seen fit to portray a totally false picture of the security surrounding the operation. Getting enriched Uranium or Plutonium is seen as marginally difficult, just force a lone semi off the road and loot it. I hope to give the true picture of the task and of the equipment.
How to access environmental database
How to get involved in the 'Cool it' project
Ignored Epidemic: Birth Defects and Learning Disabilities. by Aubrey A.Garcia
 All humans and their technology take in matter and produce waste. When the waste is not disposed of properly, recycled, it builds up and the waste/pollution contaminates if not destroys the food/elements, causing them to be less nutritious and/or makes the food, water, unhealthy life threatening to consume/ ingest and land environment unfit to live on.
Information and Communication in Contemporary Anti-Capitalist Movements by Steve Wright
 Mass actions by networks that identify themselves as anti-capitalist have prompted both extensive mainstream media coverage and broad public interest in recent years. Nor has all of this attention been drowned out by what Matthew Fuller calls the current ‘war over the monopoly on terror’. As is proper, the anti-capitalist potential (or otherwise) of such movements has been widely debated.
List of contact numbers for national parks
Lists of books about survival. Besides a dry list
Living Green by Mary-Clayton & Christopher Enderlein
 101 things you can do to promote green values.
Living Green: 101 Things You Can Do to Promote Green Values by Mary-Clayton & Christopher Enderlein
 101 things you can do to live green.
Locations Of Lake Superior Shipwrecks
Long List of Various Activist Groups by Ken Cheetham
 A directory of about 1000 nonprofit and activist organizations in the counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay, plus additional links to other progressive sites elsewhere.
Microwaves for Toxic Waste Treatment
 IIT Research Institute in Chicago has developed a process which can literally cook toxic waste right out of soil. The soil is heated to temperatures as high as 350 degrees F.
Monsanto Moves to Control Water Resources in India & the Third World by Vandana Shiva
 Over the past few years, Monsanto, a chemical firm, has positioned itself as an agricultural company through control over seed - the first link in the food chain. Monsanto now wants to control water, the very basis of life.
More EPA messing with your mind
More reasons not to trust the nuclear age
NORML's Bad Trip
 Around this time, the group did what political organizations do best--it split into factions. It was, as Stroup biographer Patrick Anderson wrote in High in America, the "classic conflict between middle-class reformers and the people who thought they were fighting the revolution,' that is, the professional pre-yuppie lawyers against the tie-dyed peace'n love hippie activists.
Names and addresses for several environmental/ pol
Naval Station Dumping Truck Loads Of What At Midnight by cimmarron
 The Naval Station at Grand Praririe , Texas dumped truck loads of something at a dump site.
New Measures to End Illegal Ivory Trade
New information about banning DDT worldwide
No Freedom in Freedom Plaza by Shawna Bader
 The unjust, undemocratic, and illegal arrests of protestors, supporters and observers in Freedom Plaza on Friday, Sept 27 are a perfect and terrifying example of how dissent is being squashed in the post-September 11 United States.
Nuclear Information Services - list of publication
Nuclear strategy redefined
Nuclear testing information
Oceans Swell from Greenhouse Effect? by Thomas H. Maugh II
 Experiment leads scientist to suggest Earth warming faster than once believed.
Oil - The Fuel that Doomed Us by Janus
 Over the last 100 years we have become dependent on a fuel for our survival, now it's running out, and we will run out with it.
Peak Oil by Dark_Magneto
 The imminent end of the age of oil and subsequent collapse of modern civilization.
Policy Enforcement of African Ivory Ban
PolyVinylChloride toxicity
Profits of companies endangering the environment
Racism, Resources, and Nuclear Weapons: Some Refle
Refrigerants and the atmosphere
Saving Trees with Marijuana by Aldis Ozols
 Visitors to Toulouse, France, are confronted by the sight of more than 8,000 hectares of lush marijuana plants waving gently in the breeze, while in the central USSR, over 40,000 hectares are under cultivation. These are not the hallucinations of terminal dope-fiends, but government-backed plantations used to supply raw material for paper manufacture.
Saving the Trees by Robert Eggleton
 Outdated practices of the publishing industry are not environmentally friendly and restrict the marketplace.
Secret Documents Reveal Danger of Nuclear Accident
 Nuclear safety did come under fire last year, however, when the mainstream West German weekly DER SPIEGEL published 48 of the more than 250 secret nuclear reactor accident reports compiled by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Security Guidelines for Movement Activists
 Be careful to avoid pushing a new or hesitant member, or one facing personal, financial, or legal problems, to take risks beyond what that person is ready to handle, particularly in situations which could result in arrest and prosecution.
Short List Of N. American Endangered Species
Social Protests in the 1990s: Planning a Response by Gary A. Allgeyer
 Pro-life organizations have their own intelligence groups in operation, gathering similar data on clinic employees, doctors, and patients. The police department uses this intelligence information to plan its response to demonstrations and other protest activities.
Supervolcano in Yellowstone Park by Anonymous
 Yellowstone National Park is one of the biggest volcanoes in the world, and it is building up pressure. If it explodes, the whole U.S. will be devastated. But we don't have to sit still and wait for it; it is an opportunity, also.
Test Tube Republic: Chemical Weapons Tests in Panama by FOR
 In the small isthmian nation of Panama, the United States had an active chemical weapons program from at least 1930 until 1968. From 1930 to 1946, this program focused on canal defense. From 1943 until 1968, the program aimed to test chemical munitions under tropical conditions. Dozens of tons of mustard gas and phosgene were stockpiled at a number of sites in Panama, particularly from the 1930s to the 1950s. Unused and dud chemical munitions were also abandoned in Panama.
The EPA bans it's own consumer handbook!
The Ecology of Environmentalism by Sam Vaknin
 The concept of "nature" is a romantic invention. It was spun by the likes of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 18th century as a confabulated utopian contrast to the dystopia of urbanization and materialism.
The Effects of Wood Smoke by Larry
 If you thought automobiles were a source of pollution, wait until you read about the effects of wood smoke!
The Fringe: You Too Might Be A Terrorist! by David Case
 If you've ever given money to an environmental organization, if you support the movement's agenda, then you're probably part of a grand conspiracy that's degrading life in America. Worse yet, you might even be a terrorist, or at least an accomplice. At least that's what Nick Nichols seems to think. Nichols acts under the pretext that, "If environmental groups cost business money, then they're eco-terrorists," says Dan Barry, of the Clearinghouse for Environmental Advocacy and Research
The Grand Jury Report on Environmental Abuse at Rocky Flats
The Heat Is On: Global Warming Threatens the Natural World by Norman Myers
 Everyone knows that we are pushing countless plants and animals to the brink of extinction. And we all have heard about our role in raising the Earth's temperature -- the infamous greenhouse effect. But we don't hear much about how the two are connected. In fact, global warming may prove to be the single greatest threat to our fellow species. At the same time, this connection may provide the incentive for a global solution to our most serious environmental crisis.
The Toxicity of Environmentalism by George Reisman
 The premise of nature's intrinsic value extends to an alleged intrinsic value of forests, rivers, canyons, and hillsides -- to everything and anything that is not man.
The True Price of Oil by Marc Ries
 This month, the U.S. imported over 50% of it's oil from foreign sources. The price we pay for this oil at the pump doesn't begin to reflect the billions of dollars of our (YOURS and mine) taxpayer dollars spent on U.S. military "presence" in foreign oil ports and related (destructive) societal costs. That $17 barrel of Middle East oil currently is estimated to actually cost us NO LESS than $49/barrel.
The USA's environment
The World's Largest Incinerator
 Facts on the world's largest incinerator, in Detroit.
The hazards involved in the transportation of nucl
The toxicity of environmentalism
US Military to Target APC in "Netwar"? by Chris Bailey
 A study prepared for the US military on what they call "Netwar" concludes that they must center attention on countering the activities of NGOs using Internet communication.
Uses for hemp - why it should be legal
WTC Collapse Due to Environmentalism? by Jon E. Dougherty
 The collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center shortly after being struck by airliners occurred because New York City banned the use of asbestos as a fire retardant during the buildings' construction, one industry expert has alleged.
We Do Have a Purpose by Scott
 We are all one big brain, telling lies to stop from going insane.
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