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International Banking / Money Laundering

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

$230-Billion Offshore Bank Hughes Vault? by ShoreLines
 $230-billion offshore bank hides assets from CIA in Howard Hughes Nevada storage vault.
30,000 Demand Investigation of S&L Collapses, Contra Link by Christic Institute
 The Christic Institute today delivered to Congressman Tony Beilenson (D-Calif.) petitions from 30,000 citizens demanding a public Congressional investigation of evidence that CIA-sponsored covert operatives may have looted dozens of savings and loan institutions, funneling those monies into the illegal contra resupply operation during the time aid to the contras was outlawed by Congress.
BCCI, The CIA and Foreign Intelligence
 The relationships involving BCCI, the CIA, and members of the United States and foreign intelligence communities have been among the most perplexing aspects of understanding the rise and fall of BCCI. The CIA's and BCCI's mutual environments of secrecy have been one obvious obstacle.
Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro: Judicial Order, October 5, 1992
Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro: Kissinger Associates, BNL and Iraq
Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro: Testimony of Christopher Drogoul
Bank of Crooks and Criminals International? by Josh Rodin
 New York Times columiist William Safire calls it the ``megascandal of the underworld bank.'' Time magazine describes it as ``the largest corporate criminal enterprise ever, the biggest Ponzi scheme, the most pervasive money-laundering operation and financial supermarket ever created.
CIA Exec. Director Managed Firm That Handled "Put" Options on UAL by Michael C. Ruppert
 There is abundant and clear evidence that a number of transactions in financial markets indicated specific foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks. In the case of at least one of these trades, the firm used to place the "put options" on United Airlines stock was, until 1998, managed by the man who is now in the number three Executive Director position at the Central Intelligence Agency.
Con-man or Struggling Angel? Uganda’s Infamous Ex-pat, Van Brink by Victoria S. Gates
 International U.S. fugitive ex-CEO of bank with assets reportedly at $120-billion (USD) interviewed about intelligence reports labeling him a threat to national security and a federal indictment charging him with 140 criminal counts in January 2004.
Expatriate Dreamlands Curtailed By Intelligence Agencies by Paul E. M. Collin
 Expatriates seeking dreamlands curtailed by intelligence agencies.
Export Credit Agencies Explained
 Export Credit Agencies and Investment Insurance Agencies, commonly known as ECAs, are public agencies that provide government-backed loans, guarantees, credits and insurance to private corporations from their home country to do business abroad, particularly in the financially and politically risky developing world.
Federal Reserve Notes, Interest, and the National Debt by Edward Flaherty
 How does currency enter our economy? This is a common question that any curious citizen will eventually ask. Depending on whom they ask, they could get an alarming answer.
Federal Reserve Power
 After several attempts to push the Federal Reserve Banking Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson's campaign for President. In 1913, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas, when most Congressmen were on vacation.
Foreign War Gold Spies by ShoreLines
 Mossad Intelligence Dutch Indonesia Gold Assets.
Global Economic Brinkmanship - Part 5 by ShoreLines
 Van A. Brink offshore bank network tied to contract assets of $230-Billion included World War II Filipino and Indonesia gold wealth with Soekarno Family.
Intelligence Agencies Scoop Offshore Investments: Grenada, etc. by Paul Collin
 Millionaire Expatriates Netted With Criminal Prosecutions From Intelligence Agencies. Sheer ignorance amongst former citizens (expatriates) who do not provide formal oaths of renunciation in Embassies abroad, who fail to file and/or pay taxes in their country of original jurisdiction when trying to exercise offshore financial and investment freedoms, may face extradition for criminal prosecutions on crimes such as money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy, and in some cases even 'theft'. Case histories and examples of how intelligence agencies work offshore.
Marc M. Harris Executive Kidnapping by Paul Collin
 Multi-millionaire Marc M. Harris-Bosma (U.S. expatriate, but citizen of Panama) was abducted by Nicaragua agents, passed to U.S. agents kidnapping him (with no extradition treaty) flying him to a Miami, Florida prison for selling (in 1998) air conditioning refrigerant (freon) that the U.S. decided to ban, but the U.S. considers wire transfers of his own money "money laundering" even though Harris isn't even a U.S. citizen who now faces 20-years in prison.
Money Laundering: A Framework for Understanding U.S. Law Enforcement Efforts Overseas by GAO
 Money laundering is the act of converting money gained from illegal activity, such as drug smuggling, into money that appears legitimate and in which the source cannot be traced to the illegal activity. It is a global problem that needs to be fought collectively by the international community.
My Personal Research on the Federal Reserve by Thomas D. Schauf
 Even as a nationally known CPA who has conducted over 100 seminars to CPA's discussing banking and the economy, I was confused and surprised concerning the FED. I spent much time researching the FED and this is what I learned.
Real Freedom by Sam Bouman
 In reality, we can't actually pay any debts anymore because all of the real money has been extracted from society. All we can do now is discharge debts. All we have to do it with is fake money or counterfeit money. Federal Reserve Notes are counterfeit money.
Robbing Russia Blind by Eric Moebius
 Insurance contingency reserve accounts are being used to launder embezzled funds, world wide. This facilitates US foreign policy, and is protected by the authorities.
Robbing Russia Blind by Anonymous
 USA mutual insurance carriers use contingency reserve accounts to launder money from foreign embezzlement. This has been the case with the massive embezzlement from Russia, since the fall of the USSR. The article is a plea for further research.
Snuff Money Laundering by Sydney Carlton
 My experience as a fugitive from the snuff money laundering system in the United States.
Soldier Of Fortune Dies After Talking To Investigators by Vince Bielski and Dennis Bernstein
 A county coroner in Los Angeles has yet to announce the cause of death of Steven Carr, a 27-year-old U.S. mercenary who has provided Congress with much of what it knows about weapons shipments to the contras.
Some Notions about the Federal Reserve
 Black's Law Dictionary defines the "Federal Reserve System" as, "Network of twelve central banks to which most national banks belong and to which state chartered banks may belong. Membership rules require investment of stock and minimum reserves." Privately-owned banks own the stock of the Fed.
Suicide of BCCI Journalist by Loring Wirbel
 Casalero was in WV to interview someone said to have evidence linking the Reagan administration directly with the seamier part of the BCCI scandal that has to do with the bank's involvement in the Iran/Contra Affair.
Surrounded by Death
 This file is the "Boot Hill" of the liberty forum. It contains a listing of suspicious deaths/suicides surrounding Clinton, BCCI, Inslaw, and the Ives/Henry murders. The names have been segregated into three categories.
The Courts and the Federal Reserve System by Edward Flaherty
 Are the Federal Reserve System and the currency it issues constitutional? Some factions have asserted that only gold and silver coins, gold and silver certificates, or currency issued directly by the U.S. Treasury are legal tender, aka, "lawful money."
The Federal Reserve - A Corrupt Institution by McFadden
 Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, herinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt.
The Still Before the Storm by Ken Cook
 Don't be lulled by the mainstream media, which has been hard at work pooh-poohing these corruption charges and doubts about the official "suicide" of former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster. This is just the eerie still before a storm.
The Truth of the Federal Reserve System by Don J. Grundmann
 The biggest financial crime in the history of the United States
The World Conservation Bank: Money Engine for the Next Long Wave?
 With this article, the Project ventures into the minefields of economic prediction. However, our predictions will not be made with the usual arrogance, buttressed with appeals to greed and fear, that is usual in the investment newsletter business.
Who Owns the Federal Reserve? by Edward Flaherty
 Is the Federal Reserve System secretly owned and covertly controlled by powerful foreign banking interests? If so, how? These claims, made chiefly by authors Eustace Mullins (1983) and Gary Kah (1991) and repeated by many others, are quite serious because the Fed is the United States central bank and controls U.S. monetary policy.
Who's afraid of the Bilderbergers? by Lawrence Wilmot
 Mainstream news organizations boastful about their no-holds barred investigative exploits, have been strangely reluctant to lift the blackout curtain hiding a major event: the Bilderberg group's secret annual meeting for the world's most powerful financiers, industrialists, and political figures.
Worldwide Goverment Agencies That Deal With Money Laundering
 The following is a list of government agencies that have responsibilities in the money laundering field in their home countries.
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